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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 361


Joseph ASH 1856-1930
of Matlock

Joseph ASH was born 1856 of William and Eliza ASH (nee HAYES), married 1855, of George HAYES and Hannah. Joseph first married Clare TURNER, then Emma SLATER (see photo 360). Browse the following Census links: 1841, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1881, 1891, 1901,

Photo taken:
Source:Rose Kelland, South Africa

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Rose Kelland writes

The earliest ancestor I have is JOSHUA ASH who died in 1718.

But taking it from WILLIAM ASH (born 1832) who married ( ) ELIZA HAYES (born 1830) Children JOSEPH (born 1856), GEORGE (born 1858) and WILLIAM (born 1860.

JOSEPH married (in 1879) CLARE TURNER (born 1859 died 1881) Children MAUDE LYDIA (born 1879) and EDITH (born 1880 died 1886)

JOSEPH married second wife EMMA SLATER (born 1854) Children FREDERICK (born 1886), GERTRUDE (born 1888), WALTER (born 1889 died 1973) and BERTHA (born 1893)

WALTER married (in 1913) LYDIA REBECCA HAWLEY (born 1888 died 1976) Children MARJORIE (born 1914 died 2004), EVELYN (born 1916 died 2003), MABEL (born 1919 - my mother, still living), RAY (born 1921 died 1998), JOSEPH (born 1923 died 1998) and EILEEN REBECCA (known as Betty. Born 1925 died 1979)

MABEL married (26 Dec 1942) ALBERT DOUGLAS STREET (born 1920 died 2002) Children ALLEN (died a few hours old - still don't know exactly when), MALCOLM DOUGLAS (born 1944), JUDITH ANN (born 1948), ROSEMARIE EVELYN (born 1958) - that's me!!!

Therefore JOSEPH ASH is my great grandfather!

This is what my mother wrote about her father's father - Joseph Ash: "Dad's father was a local preacher in the Methodist Church. He was short with white hair and a little goatee beard. Grandma was his second wife, I saw her as a rather distant aristocratic lady." "We used to sit with Grandad Ash in church on Sunday evenings and he gave us strong peppermints to suck and made rabbits with his handkerchief to keep us quiet!"

Other photo's I have are: ALBERT PERCY STREET (born 1887 and my grandfather on my father's side) and MARGARET DAISY (nee ASHFORTH) taken around the 1950's.

WALTER ASH (born 1889 - my grandfather on my mother's side) and LYDIA REBECCA (nee HAWLEY) taken early 1900's.

Crich Carr School class photo taken around 1928 - 1930,

Matlock County Junior class photo (with names) taken around 1934

RAY ASH (born 1921) son of WALTER & LYDIA ASH in military uniform - not to be confused with the Ray Ash who has submitted photo's to other websites!!

JOSEPH (JOE) ASH (born 1923) also in military uniform.

Maybe you can help me out with this question : In the 1960's my parents worked with the well-known evangelist Ken Terhoven and his PROJECT EVANGELISTIC CRUSADE. They operated from what we called WOODLANDS CONFERENCE CENTRE. According to the history he wrote it was a private school which closed down owing to the ill health of it's principal. It had been a Spa Hotel and during the war years had been taken over by the RAF as a base. It had 70 rooms, and dormitories, several self-contained flats, dining room, and lounges. It was situated on Wellington Street spanning to Chesterfield Road at the back - this road led to the Duke of Wellington pub. There has been a lot of mention of various hydro's etc in various websites and I wondered what this original building was called and it's history. About 10 years ago Ken told me that I would be very disappointed to see it now as part of it was broken down and was a parking area (?) I will try and scan a couple of photo's through tomorrow - if I remember! It is one of the 'memory lanes" I will walk down in few weeks time.

thank you for your interest and great help and time!

Rose Kelland (nee STREET)

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