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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 375


375a Unposted, back reads: "copies from Edgar Wright, Grand Pavillion, Matlock Bath". 30 people shown, 26 adult women, 1 child, 1 man, 1 male driver plus male standing outside charabanc. 6 doors, 2 acetylene lamps, front wheel pneumatic, rear solid. Folding, sliding (partial?) soft top. Vehicle behind is "Tilling-Stevens, Maidstone, number DB 5096".

375b Unposted, back reads: "Further copies from Edgar Wright, Starkholmes, Matlock". 29 people shown, including 1 man, 2 boys, 1 girl. 5 doors, solid wheels, folding, sliding, full length soft top, acetylene lamps.

375e Unposted, by Edgar Wright, Speedwell Cottages, Upperwood, Matlock Bath.
Sign reads:Fish Pond Hotel, Dining and Tea Rooms.

347a The Charabancs often used to park at the side of the Pavillion, next to the Fishpond.

375h No photographer's name on back, but almost certainly outside the Pavillion with Temple Walk in the background.

375i Unposted, taken by Edgar Wright, Speedwell Cottage, Upperwood, Matlock Bath, utside the Pavillion, Matlock Bath. Solid tyres, 6 doors, 15 passengers, 13 lookers-on, folding roof, Air Horn, Acetylene lamp, 2 steps up, Speed 8 mph

375j Outside Pavillion, Upperwood address.

Herbert Briddon ran waggonettes and charabancs from the Fish Pond to nearby beauty spots. The business was taken over by his sons Fred and Cecil about 1900, and Herbert and his wife Elizabeth retired to Aberystwyth where they died (Herbert in 1921 aged 77 and Elizabeth in 1913 aged 67)

Photo taken:1925?

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Charabancs at Matlock Bath.

Any help with tracing details of these magnificent charabancs or the photographer Edgar Wright is most welcome. Please contact

The first motor charas were open in all weathers and ran on solid tyres: passengers could experience cold, wet and bumpy rides even in summer. However, by the middle 1920s the first pioneering vehicles were being replaced by versions offering more comfort. Charas with soft tops became available at extra cost. Were passengers limited to one gender?

375c Unposted, back reads: "Further copies from
Edgar Wright, Speedwell Cottage, Upperwood, Matlock Bath". 27 adult women (all wearing fashionable hats), 2 girls, 2 boys, 1 child, 1 baby and the male driver. Solid tyres, large acetylene lamp, pneumatic horn, 6 doors on a side, 6 supports for soft top (tarpaulin folded at rear), Badge reading "B & C" in cursive script on side, Folded pushchair on step (for baby I guess). Weight limits on side: *.A.W 4.8.0, *.A.W 6.8.0, U.W.4.5.0.

375d Unposted, back reads:
"Further copies from Edgar Wright, Starkholmes, Matlock". Location is same as in Photo X375a (top left). 30 people shown, all adult men, 1 man standing in street behind. "Y-Type" chassis Registration No. L6436, manufacturer AEC. 28 seater charabanc based on ex-War Department chassis, powered by a Tyler 4-cylinder petrol engine, introduced about 1920. Solid tyres at front and back, cursive logo "H C Ltd" on nearside front door, acetylene front lamp, folded hood at rear, 5 door handles shown, starting handle, front towing hook.

375f Unposted real photo, back reads: Further copies can be obtained from Edgar Wright, Speedwell Cottage, Upperwood, Matlock Bath. Vehicle has 29 passengers, 7 doors. Same location as X375b.

375k Charabanc outside Pavillion, Matlock Bath. 1930 Gilford 168SD, reg no WX3567, was new to Fred Oade of Heckmondwike West Yorkshire, now owned by Dave Jones of Lowestoft who sent the photo, kept at East Anglia Transport Museum at Carlton Colville.

375n Upperwood address, endorsed on back as taken 3 Jul 1924. Vehicle from Bulwell, Notts.

375o Outside Pavillion looking towards Cromford. Royal Hotel and church in background. Back shows 'Edgar Wright, Grand Pavillion, Matlock Bath.

375g Unposted, taken outside The Pavilion, Matlock Bath. Charabanc has 6 doors, 33 people, "speed 12 mph", hard tyres, Acetylene lamps, air horn, open bonnet showing 6 cylinders. Unusual having mixed passengers (14 men, 11 women, 2 girls, 3 boys, 3 infants). Back shows 'Edgar Wright, Speedwell Cottage, Upperwood, Matlock Bath.

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