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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 394


Posted 1904


Derby Road, Cromford

Seems to be a bridge over a railway, could this be Lea Road next to Cromford Station? Could the boy pushing the 3-wheeler be taking parcels from the station to Cromford? A fine picture of a 2-horse coach full of young ladies in big hats and long skirts. A lovely rural scene, can it be identified today?

Mike Spencer writes:
This is the A6 going towards Whatstandwell, road right up to Cromford Hill, road left, Mill Lane or Road going towards Cromford Bridge.... The coach has actually stopped outside my house just off picture, and I am waiting for Patricia (wife) coming down Cromford Hill where she lived....

Thanks Mike, so the photographer is looking South East.

Dates:Posted 1904
Photo taken:
Source:The Wrench Series, No 5530

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