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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 427


Another longcase clock made by John Cotterill of Wirksworth.

List taken from:
"Clockmakers & Watchmakers of Derbyshire"
by Roy G Hughes & Maxwell Craven
ISBN=0-9523270-6-6 Price £24.99

Cleal, William              fl c1830-40
Cotterill, Joshua           fl 1815-49
Evans, Robert               1862
Evans, Thomas               fl 1853-5
Hill, John                  1835
Marshall, R                 1836
Nelson, Robert              fl 1876-88

Barton, William             fl 1749-63

Blackwall, John             1702-3
Kiddy, Joseph               fl 1848-60

Adie, Thomas                1876
Barnwell, Henry             fl 1884-1916
Bown, James                 b1787 fl 1829-46
Bown, James                 fl 1764-72
Bown, John                  b1763 fl1800
Brown, James                1762
Calow                       c1795
Cobb, Ralph Burton          fl 1928-32
Evans, William & Son        fl 1895-1928
Hope, Joseph Jackson        1884
Ingemore, John              1775
Matlock, Mark & Co          1876
Mellor, William             fl 1853-60
Morris                      1925?
Muir, John Gilchrist        fl 1880-1930
Proffit, Edward             fl 1922-5
Shenton, Richard            fl 1891-1928
Smedley, Lindsey            fl 1876-84
Tollday, Dallor             1884

Croft, Wilfred              fl 1895-1932
Hockin, Herbert E           fl 1903-19
Ogden, Francis              1884
Smedley, Lindsey            fl 1876-84
Smedley, Robert             1888

Adams, Robert               fl 1780-8
Atkinson, John              1816
Blount, A                   1903
Blount, Henry James         fl 1884-95
Bowmer, William             1908-1922
Brown, Abraham              fl 1860-76
Cotterill, John             fl 1805-48
Evans, John                 1860
Evans, William              fl 1852-95
Fowkes,                     c1790
Hodgkinson, William         fl 1798-1804
Holliwell, William II       1770-1835
Larard, Edward              fl 1792-5
Millington, Thomas Spencer  fl 1895-1928
Shaw, Edward                fl 1828-57
Shaw, Hugh                  fl 1822-3
Simpson, Robert             1791
Smith, Benjamin I           fl c1742-74
Wells, Stephen              c1775
Wigley, Thomas              c1760
Winstanley, John            fl 1768-80

John COTTERILL, Wirksworth (1780-1862)

John Cotterill was born in Bakewell in 1780, and is listed in Trade Directories for 1821-27-35-46 and 1831 as being established in Coldwell Street, Wirksworth, as a watch and clockmaker. In 1807 he married Elizabeth Griffin. Elizabeth died in 1835 aged 67, but John lived on another 27 years, dying at Wirksworth in 1862 aged 82. He can be followed in the Census at: 1841, 1851 and 1861. Also see Ince's Pedigrees page 026d. John was born before photography, so examples of his handiwork must stand in place of a cabinet card.

    An oak and mahogany 8-day longcase clock

    This 8-day clock was recently SOLD by Ho Ho Bird Antiques.
    You may still find it on their website at www.hohobird.com under 'Grandfather' clocks'.
    An attractive longcase made by John Cotterill of Wirksworth. Cotterill was working 1805-1848 and this clock was made around 1835-1840. Standing 88 inches high, the case is mainly of oak, with mahogany panels to the hood, trunk and cross banding to the base panel and panel below the trunk door. The trunk to base, and trunk to hood mouldings are of a complicated design typical of a North West style case. There is boxwood and ebony stringing to the hood, and also to the panel above the trunk door. The wavy shaped door top, the infill between the swan necks, the canted corners on the base and the small ogee bracket feet are also North West of England features. The painted iron dial measures 13½ inches by 19. The calendar is a dummy, never having any wheelwork or drive flag to operate the hand. The corner paintings are an unusual design. The clock strikes the hours crisply on its original bell. Inside the original nail for holding the winding key is still in place.

    See a description of: Longcase clocks and the origin of the name "Grandfather clock"

The dial with the name and abode of the maker.

The dial, hood, and corner painting.
The clockwork drive behind the face.
The painted arch above the dial. Is it generic or a real place?


 Francis     1713    Hannah
  |        |        |
 1720     1722     1724
 Silence  Francis  George
          Francis     1749    Grace
 |      |    |       |      |       |       |
1750   1752 1754    1755   1756    1758    1761
Joshua Ann  Dorothy Joshua Francis Dorothy Benjamin
                    1755                1745
 Martha     1775    Joshua      1777    Phebe
              |                   |
              |                   |
            1777                 1780
            Martha               John        1807    Elizabeth
                                 1862                1835

1 Joshua and son John were clock and watchmakers

Photo taken:
Source:A descendant of John Cotterill

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2. Anna's grandfather

Full length
Top panel

Hi John, I have been reading about the Cotterill Grandfather Clocks on the Wirksworth PC web site. I have a clock made by John Cotterill and thought you might be interested to hear about it! I was extremely excited to find the pages on your site with so much information about John Cotterill!
It was bought (I think from new, but not totally sure) by my Great Great Grandmother's sister and her husband (therefore, I think he was my Great Great Uncle), known in the family as "Uncle Ashmore". They lived at The Four Alls pub in Greta Bridge, near Barnard Castle and the clock lived there for some time. My Great Grandparents married in 1905 and honeymooned with Uncle Ashmore at The Four Alls where Great Grandma Derby fell in love with the clock.
Uncle Ashmore and his wife did not have children so on his death it was passed to Great Grandma Derby and came down the line to her daughter (my Gran), and then to her daughter (my Mum) and now to me as Mum hasn't really got room for it in her small house any more!
It is uncannily similar to the one on your web site on the page: http://www.wirksworth.org.uk/X427.HTM (fourth photograph) - the case is exactly the same. The movement is also the same although mine is somewhat dirtier than the one in the photograph! Sadly, my Gran decided the clock face was a bit dirty and took to it with a bottle of Vim, so much of the paint has been taken off, including the black paint depicting the maker. You can just still see it though, when you hold it to the light.
I am attaching some photographs of the clock face and the case and do hope these are of interest. If you have any further information about the clocks or John Cotterill that you didn't put on the web site I would be very very interested to receive it.
Kind regards, Anna Bailey

3. Another Cottrell grand

The dial is inscribed "Cottrell, Wirksworth" with a stately home painted in the arch. Probably John Cottrell (1780-1862) of Coldwell Street.

4. A Cotterill from Holland

Hello John,
Compliments for your websites! On wirksworth.org.uk I found the maker of our antique clock: John Cotterill. We have a John Cotteril Grandfather Clock in a very good condition. See the attached pictures. We live in the Netherlands in the north, in the province of Groningen. The clock was bought at an auction in 1964 in Middelburg, in the province of Zeeland, the place where I grew up.
My mother loved to attend auctions and I liked to join her. She had the clock in her home until 2007, when she had to move to a single room-appartment in an elderly resort. The clock and the case needed to be repaired. I found a "clock-doctor" an expert in ancient clocks. He totally renovated the clock and had the case fixed up by a cabinetmaker. So now it proudly stands in the hall of our house in Veendam, Groningen.
How our clock found its way from the UK to the Netherlands is not known. Probably it was imported by an antique dealer who took in furniture in England.
When I googled "john cotterill wirksworth" the first hit was your site. I was excited to find out about John Cotterill and to see that there are some other owners of his work. If you ever find more details of John Cotterill and/or his clocks please let me now.
With Kind Regards,
Pim de Bruijne , Veendam, The Netherlands

5. A Cotterill from Ebay

"Here for sale is a nice pagoda topped longcase grandfather clock fitted with an original dial & movement by John Cotterill of Wirksworth who was working between 1770-1835, a respected & talented clockmaker. This example was made about 1816, it is in good working order striking the hours on a bell, it is a chain wind with a cast iron weight & pendulum. The case is made of mahogany & is a later contruction but made to a high standard it has a pagoda top with a blind frieze to the top see photo, also a shell motif to the long trunk door, the hood & trunk door have working locks & keys, the case is all in good condition, no woodworm, the clock stands at 8 ft tall please note it is 96" inches tall!! & is slim in proportion, the dial is a 12" arch."

6. A Cotterill from Walsall via Derby

427w Note old spelling of town.
427z Shepherd and angler opposite a mill
Thanks you for your reply. I have attached some photo's of the grandfather clock. I have not found a date so far, but will have a look in more detail next time it gets a dusting inside (probably over the next weekend or so). History-wise: as I previously said it has been in the family since around 1850 on my mother's side; Matthews, nee Barton living in Derby. From what I can remember, my mother said it was from her mother's side of the family too. I will need to dig out my maternal grandmother's maiden name if you want to know more.
This is a little sketchy I'm afraid, but the clock has spent all but the last 7 years in Derby. We live in Walsall, so it has not gone too far. Would you also like some photo's of the mechanism? If so, I can do that this weekend: it will also give me the chance to see if there are any dates anywhere. There may not be though as it has just has a major clean and refurbish (400) and the repairer asked if I knew how old it was, so I would have thought if there was a date, he would have seen it during the refurb.
Kind Regards
Neil Bennett

7. A Cotterill from Vancouver via Derby

Photos of this clock expected
I was just looking at your website on John Cotterill. We have a John Cotterill grandfather clock, which has been in our family since it was made - passed down to the eldest son. It started in Heanor I think, then moved to Middlesex, then Cheltenham with my grandfather and is now in Wolverhampton with my mother. My father passed away a couple of years ago so we plan to move it to our house in Vancouver. The face has a picture of a windmill, a canal boat and something else (I forget). My grandfather used to say that those were the equivalent of Concorde and an Apollo rocket in their day!
Nick Hawley, nick@hawleyconsult.com, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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