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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Stuart Flint writes:
Hello John
I have recently been researching Manystones Quarry which is at Longcliffe, Brassington, as Thomas Brittain of my wife and my own kin by marriage owned Manystones Quarry in the 1870s - Joseph Bankes was at one time Foreman I believe at the quarry my wifes 3XUncle William Thomas Needham Slack of Brassington General Manager at Manystones.. Joseph Bankes being of my distant kin I believe via marriage to my own Smith family of Carsington..

Captain Bankes related to Joy Owen was a friend of my father Harry Flint who was a Grocer at Middleton.. Dad made deliveries into Brassington, Carsington Hopton and Kirk Ireton and among his customers were members of the Banks family... I believe the Bankes family lived for a time at Manystones House now demolished which was part of the quarry land upon which were also Lime Kilns which are still visible from the High Peak Trail

Thomas Brittain married Mary Colledge who was daughter of George Colledge who owned Baileycroft Quarry Wirksworth later a partner of The Dale Quarry when it was, I believe, known as Wirksworth Stone and Mineral Company..Manystones may have been part of the company.. George Colledge was nephew to my 3XGrandmother Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge..Thomas Brittain's daughter Sarah Matilda Brittain married Alfred Fox Clerk Wirksworth Railway Station, his father Luke Fox Station Master at Wirksworth for a time then I believe at Matlock Station ..Luke Fox was brother to my wifes 2XGrandfather George Fox Building Contractor of Cromford Road Wirksworth (He built some houses on Cromford Road once known as Fox Houses..my wife and I lived in one of his houses when we married in 1969) George Fox married Emma Blackham daughter of Ambrose and Harriett Blackham nee Street, Horse Nail Maker of Wash Green his Forge opposite my 4XUncle John Colledge's Inn The Ship Inn Wash Green, John was father of George Colledge who at first was a Master Tailor, who was an Apprentice to the Barker family of my allied kin on Coldwell Street, then a partner at Backdale Mining Co. Hassop and Longstone Edge, then breaking into Quarry Ownership at Baileycroft which was managed by my wifes 5XGrandfather Benjamin Street father of Harriett who married Ambrose Blackham..Harrietts sister Rachel Street married Joseph Flint son of my 4XUncle Joseph Flint Mining Agent at The Bage Lead Mine, Bolehill and others at Rise End Middleton ..Ambrose Blackham was also Grand fore bare to Jack Doxey of The Dale who wrote a book about his life lived around Greenhill and The Dale..Ambrose also Grand fore bare of a friend of mine who lives at Langley Mill today.. The Else family of Mr Doxey's wife's family were also of my kinship

Just below Blackhams forge in the early days of Killers Quarry being formed in 1850s at Middleton was a Stone Saw Shop owned by my 3XUncle William Killer the founder..his sister Mary having married Samuel Flint they my Gr Gr Grandparents.. (William Killer's 2nd wife after the demise of his first wife Mary nee Willans was Anna Brownson daughter of my 2XAunt Elizabeth Brownson nee Walker sister of my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker..Their son Samuel Thomas Killer married into the Mather / Doxey family of my wifes kin..Mather / Doxey's also of my own family)

George Fox my wifes 2XGrandfather on Emma's demise remarried Mary Anne Barker nee Jepson widow of Amos Barker of Ilkeston Blacksmith / Engineer at High Peak Junction Workshops .near Holmesford Cromford & High Peak Railway ..Mary Anne nee Jepson was daughter of Timothy Jepson of Cromford, Railway Manager, Cromford & High Peak Railway...Timothy Fox of my wifes kin married into the Killer family also..

As usual, I have wandered of the original subject my apologies..

Regards Stuart G Flint

Stuart Flint writes again:
I have found more information about the Manystones Paint Shed.In 1888 the firm was known as High Peak Paint & Colour Works, Manystones (Hopton Stone) Quarry Company.. which may mean that Thomas Brittain and Joseph Banks were fellow Directors.. Joseph possibly in charge of the Paint Works ? In 1883 the firm was known simply as Manystones Quarry.

Thomas Brittain and Mary nee Colledge had children Sarah Matilda who appeared to live with her Grandfather George Colledge at Greenhill Wirksworth..She married Alfred Fox.. of my wifes family, whilst her brothers George, Thomas and William lived with Thomas and Mary for a time at Bradford Street Aston Birmingham..which is a little coincidental as some of my Flint family also lived at Aston in the same era.. (also at Darlaston ) Thomas Brittain born 1839 Christened at St Phillips Church Warwick Birmingham originally a Die Sinker (Engineer) was son of Henry and Anne Brittain nee Vincent married at St Mary's Church Handsworth 1833.. Henry also a Die Sinker Thomas Edward Brittain son of Thomas and Mary Brittain nee Colledge married into the Brindley family of Brassington, Grocers.. Brindley's related to the Petts family of Middleton Monumental Masons, one of whom Ada Petts, daughter of John James Petts brother of Bertram Petts (the brother's founded the monumental firm still in business today under the care of Bertram Petts's Grt Grandson, their works next door to where I lived in my youth at Chapel Lane Middleton.. Ada Petts daughter of John James Petts married my Uncle John Samuel Flint.Steam Engine Driver ...brother to Harry Sprake Flint my father.

Regards Stuart G Flint

Manystones Paintshed?, Brassington

From: Joy Owen
Subject: Website
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 23:51:36 +0000 (GMT)
Hello John

We are fascinated by your website. You have done a tremendous amount of work. My Great Great Grandfather, Joseph Banks, owned Waterholes lead mine near Brassington in 1896. He and his family lived in Carsington then on Manystones Lane, Brassington.

We visited Joseph's grave in Carsington last Saturday then walked over the hills to Brassington. It fired our imaginations.

A distant relative now living in Australia contacted me through the Genes Reunited website to say that we had a relation in common - Captain Banks, one of Joseph's sons. We have since discovered through YOUR research what a big family Joseph had.

If you find any information about the Banks family history I would be very grateful to hear from you. Do you know if the house in the picture attached is Manystones Paintshed as featured in the 1901 census?

Thank you for your excellent work.
Kind regards

Joy Owen

Mike Rose of Brassington writes:
Hi John,
Yes I can help. Kathleen Heathcote(Banks) will I am sure confirm that the building is the former Paint Shed. I will go and see her today or tomorrow. Your correspondent has many relatives around Brassn.
Cheers Mike.

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