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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 456


Posted 1931 but taken pre-1918

Clatterway, Bonsall

Clatterway is a road that runs North West into Bonsall from Via Gellia. The name is thought to be local, coming from a word meaning "loose stones". However, there is a document in the Chandos-Pole-Gell collection (in Matlock Record Office) dated 1620 referring to "Lattered Way". But Enclosure awards dated 1773 and 1778 refer to "Clatteredway Gate" and this is the name which has found its way onto modern maps. The seller of this postcard obviously preferred the old name.

The narrow road leaving Clatterway on the left may be Black Tor Road, and the view is looking North west. Perhaps someone who lives nearby can confirm this, and have a drink on the Author in the "Pig of Lead" nearby.

Keith Repton writes:
Hi John, The view is looking south,south east.regards Keith
[Thanks Keith, please buy yourself a drink in the Pig of Lead, I'll recompense you when we next meet.]

Close to the junction of these two roads there appears to be an old car (c1910) hidden in the bushes. The fashions also point to the photo being taken before World War I.

The postcard is postmarked Mansfield 1100 hrs, 11 Aug, 1931
is addressed to:
Miss Holcombe Hewlett, 24 Old Rectory, Offwell, Honiton, Devon
and from:
Mrs Barringer, 8 Abbey Terrace, Whitby, Yorkshire

Photo taken:Pre-1918?

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