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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 460


Whatstandwell Bridge on the Cromford Canal, when the towpath was meant to be used by horses for towing.

In an obviously posed photograph, W Dawes & Son's boat "Shamrock" waits to be unloaded at Cromford Wharf. The large pieces of coal from previous deliveries have been individually man-handled off the boats and neatly stacked on the edge of the wharf. Horses and carts wait on the right to distribute the coal locally. In twelve months during 1900-1901, Dawes brought 176 boatloads of coal to Cromford, almost all from Hartshay. [Credit Friends of Cromford Canal]
See 1881 and 1891 Census.

This view from the hillside above the A6 shows the Derwent or Wigwell Aqueduct with leawood Pump House to it left and the canal snaking away past the Wharf Shed towards the railway workshops. The broad elliptical span of Jessop's Aqueduct takes the canal across the Derwent and the massive abutments either side can just be made out. On the outside of thesewere two smaller arches for fishermen and cattle. At the far right of the Aqueduct is the junction with the Leawood Arm, which followed the river bank then headed away towards the hat factory and Smedley's mills, seen in the middle distance above the Aqueduct.
[Credit Friends of Cromford Canal]

The tithe map of 1841 shows a wharf here at Whatstandwell on the opposite, northern side of the canal to Eden House. In 1945 one of the last boats was tied up there, still floating and apparently in good condition, but looking somewhat neglected. As the local Canal Inspector Edward Sampson lived nearby until his retirement in 1958, this was a convenient and safe place to tie up the boat.
[Credit Friends of Cromford Canal/Fred Copeland]

Aqueduct Cottage in autumn 1905, photographed by William Henry Stockwell. The small wooden swing bridge over the entrance to the Leawood Arm can be seen crossing the narrows where once were housed stop gates to control the water level in the side arm and to prevent loss of water from the main canal.
[Credit Friends of Cromford Canal/Julie Simpson]

Cromford Canal

Hugh Potter, Archivist of The Friends of Cromford Canal, has allowed me to use these these images and the accompanying text from his book "The Cromford Canal" ISBN 0-7524-2802-0, published by Tempus Publishing Limited. This excellent paperback has 212 photos each with text. Thanks Hugh.
See also Census entries for canal workers.

The name of Wheatcroft was associated with the Cromford Canal for over 150 years. In fact this sign, or possibly a replica, was still in place at Cromford Wharf in 2003, over 200 years after the canal was opened. Seen here in the early years of the twentieth century, Nathaniel Wheatcroft's staff are well turned out for the photographer.
[Credit Friends of Cromford Canal/Alan Swift]
See 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881 Census.

Mrs Ann Eaton sits outside Aqueduct cottage, where she lived for many years, with one of her daughters, Mrs Violet Farnsworth, and her two children Henrietta and Arthur. They are sitting on the steps from which they drew washing from the canal. The cottage has no mains services.
[Credit Friends of Cromford Canal/Ivy Turberville]

Roger Jennens writes:
I've appreciated your website for some years. I was delighted to see the photograph of Ann Eaton. She is an ancestor of my wife, and this is what I know of her. She was born in April 1843, at Bolehill, a daughter of James Sims and Ann Kniveton. She was married in February 1869 at Trinity Chrch, Derby, to Josiah Eaton (born in June 1839 in Cromford, son of George Eaton and Ann Clark, who for a time kept the Red Lion Inn on Cromford Hill). Josiah was an engine tenter and platelayer, and he and Ann lived variously at Bolehill, Pilsley, Whittington Moor/Brimington and Holloway. I know of eight children: my wife is descended from the eldest, Mary Ann. Violet, shown in the photograph, was the seventh child, born in 1882 and married in 1907 to Thomas Farnsworth. Henrietta, the older of the children in the photograph, was born later that year. Josiah died in 1897, and Ann herself died in December 1922. Both she and Josiah are buried in Holloway Cemetery.
Roger Jennens

This unusual view of the cast iron aqueduct carrying the canal over the Midland Railway was taken from on top of the adjacent Leawood railway tunnel. Beyond the canal, the line crosses the Derwent before reaching the 'real' High Peak Junction, where the Cromford & High Peak Railway joined the main line from 1853. The canal to the right contours round the spur of land, Lea Wood, through which the railway tunnels. There was a second aqueduct as the track emerged at the other end. On top of the distant quarry face is Crich Stand, the memorial to the Sherwood Foresters who died in the First world war.
[Credit Friends of Cromford Canal/Frank Rodgers]

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Census entries

People with declared occupation containing the words: "canal, boat or barge" appearing in the Census on this website.
Census area: Bn=Bonsall, Cm=Cromford, Mk=Matlock, W=Wirksworth
More information about these people and their families can be found by clicking on the name.....

ID code    SURNAME Firstname Age Occupation (Born) Abode
4Cm010a    LINICAR Joseph 65 Boat man (Y) Cromford
4Cm012a    HAWKIN Israel? 35 Boat man (Y) Cromford
4Cm012b    HIBBERT John 20 Boat man (Y) Cromford
4Cm015a    WATSON Samuell 30 Boats man (Y) Cromford
4Cm015b    WATSON Henery 9 Boats man (Y) Cromford
4Cm015e    KINDER Henery 10 Boats man (N) Cromford
4Mk034a    WHITE James 30 Boat man (Y) Scarthin Nick
4Mk038a    EATON Jesse 22 Boat's man (Y) Scarthin Nick
4Mk085a    MERCHANT James 45 Boatman (Y) Scarthin Nick
4Mk102c    HALL Gamaliel 27 Boat's man (Y) Staffordshire Row
4Mk553a    WOODHOUSE James 30 Boatsman (Y) Matlock Green
4Mk556a    WOODHOUSE Benjamin 60 Boatsman (Y) Matlock Green
5Cm012b    HALL William 55 Boatman (Bolehill) Moor Side 
5Cm047a    BROOKS Edward 40 Boatman (Middleton) Cromford Hill
5Cm047d    BROOKS Sampson 19 Boatman (Cromford) Cromford Hill
5Cm055b    ELLIOTT Richard 31 Boatman (Cromford) Cromford Hill
5Cm156g    PEARSON William 35 Coal boatman (Cromford) Moor Side
5Cm210a    KIRK Joseph 40 Boatman (Cromford) North Street
5Cm249a    JOHNSON Samuel 27 Boatman (Crich) Railway End
5Mk043a    HOULT Edward 34 Boatman (Nottingham NTT) Scarthin Nick
5Mk063a    HOLMES William 25 Boatman (Cromford) Scarthin Nick
5Mk068a    ALLEN James 52 Boatman (Cromford) Scarthin Nick
5Mk068c    ALLEN James 19 Boatman (Matlock) Scarthin Nick
5Mk071d    SHELDON Samuel 13 Boatman (Cromford) Scarthin Nick
5Mk086c    GREGORY Samuel 15 Boatman (Cromford) Scarthin Nick
5Mk087a    MERCHANT James 56 Boatman (Cromford) Scarthin Nick
5Mk087c    MERCHANT Joseph 23 Boatman (Leicester LEI) Scarthin Nick
5Mk087g    MERCHANT Thomas 14 Boatman (Matlock) Scarthin Nick
5Mk117a    HALL Gamaliel 35 Boatman (Wirksworth) Chapel Hill
5Mk117f    WILDGOOSE William 27 Boatman (Matlock) Chapel Hill
5Mk124a    HALL John 45 Boatman (Matlock) Chapel Hill
5Mk124h    HINDS William 20 Boat servant (Crich) Chapel Hill
5Mk124i    HINDS George 15 Boat servant (Crich) Chapel Hill
5Mk674a    WOODHOUSE Benjamin 71 Boat man (Matlock) Matlock Green
5Mk674c    WOODHOUSE Henry 47 Boat man (Matlock) Matlock Green
5W268g     CARMAN George 40 Boat man (Cromford) Green Hill
5W686a     BODEN William 35 Boat man (Cromford) Bolehill
6Cm026a    KIRK John 27 Boatman (Cromford) Wirksworth Rd
6Cm034a    BRADLEY Henry 44 Boatman (Ashover) Wirksworth Rd
6Cm110c    BARKER David 18 Boatman (Cromford) Wirksworth Rd
6Cm150a    ALLEN James 28 Boatman (Matlock) Alms Houses Lane
6Cm177d    PIDCOCK Joseph 15 Boatman (Cromford) North St
6Cm183a    KIRK Joseph 57 Canal boatman (Butterley Park) North St
6Cm189a    HALL John 55 Canal boatman (Cromford) Wirksworth Rd
6Cm245a    STORER John 36 Foreman on canal (Cromford) Canal Wharf
6Mk052a    ALLEN James 58 Boatman (Cromford) Scarthin Nick
6W735a     BROOKS Samson 27 Canal boater (Cromford) Steeple Grange
7Cm026b    BRITLAND James 15 Boatman (Cromford) 18 Cromford Hill
7Cm178a    KIRK Joseph 68 Boatman (Butterley Park) 1 North St
7Cm227a    BESTWICK John 42 Clerk Cromf Canal Co (Kirk Ireton) Cromford Wharf Yard
7Cm228a    STORER John 45 Foreman Cromfd Canal (Cromford) Cromford Wharf Yard
7Cm238a    ALLEN James 70 Boatman (Cromford) Cromford Wharf
7Mk0115c   ALLEN John 23 Boatman (Matlock) Scarthin Nick
7Mk0115d   ALLEN Gemaliel 18 Boatman (Pye Bridge) Scarthin Nick
7W093a     CLERK Timothy 65 Retired boat maker (Mancetter WAR) North St
8Cm173a    KIRK Joseph 78 Retired boatman (Cromford) 1 North St
8Cm223a    BRITLAND Joseph 65 Canal foreman (Cromford) Wharf Yard
8Mk0012a   ALLEN Gemaliel 28 Boatman (bargeman) (Pye Bridge) Scarthin Nick
8Mk0013a   ALLEN William 59 Boatman,publican (Cromford) Scarthin Nick, Boat Inn
8Mk0013c   ALLEN Samuel 21 Boatman (Heage) Scarthin Nick, Boat Inn
8Mk0013g   ALLEN Frank 14 Boatman (Matlock) Scarthin Nick, Boat Inn
8Mk0495yv  MUSSON Fredrick 57 Boat manufacturer (Leicester LEI) Rockside Hydro
8W859a     PEARSON Henry 39 Boatswain (Cromford) Moor Top
8W859c     PEARSON Robert 16 Boatswain (Wirksworth) Moor Top
9Bn113e    BUNTING Joseph 25 Boatman (Bonsall) 6 Town End
9Cm219a    ALLEN William 69 Foreman lab (canal) (Cromford) Wharf Yard
9Mk0079a   ALLEN Samuel 31 Boatman barge (Heage) Mount Pleasant
9Mk0155a   RATCLIFFE Hannah 61 Boat proprietress (Spondon) Derby Rd
9Mk0174c   ROWLAND Abel 19 Boatman barge (Bakewell) Temple Road
9Mk0269a   DOBSON George H 64 Boat builder (Melton Mowbry LEI) The Ferry
9Mk0570yp  HORTON Henry 47 Boat dealer (Birmingham WAR) Rockside Hydro
0Cm042a    WEBBER Walter F 32 Canal agent (Bungay SFK) Coal Wharf
0Cm055a    ALLEN John 53 Canal ganger (Cromford) Coal Wharf
0Mk1246a   BLORE George 32 Canal boatman (Woodheanes) Scarthin Nick
0Mk1265a   HINDS Joseph 24 Canal boatman (Bull bridge) Scarthin Nick
0Mk1270a   HUDDART Ernest 37 Pleasure boatman (Stockport CHS) Scarthin Nick
0Mk1355a   HOLLAND Walter 46 Pleasure boatman (Matlock Bath) Woodland Cottage, Mk Bath
0Mk1411a   SLATER John Ed 34 Pleasure boatman (Belper) North Parade, Mk Bath

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