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Lawrence Beesley taken about 1911
Lawrence Beesley, schoolmaster.
Lawrence Beesley's book

Lawrence Beesley & the Titanic

Lawrence Beesley is best known for surviving the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, and writing one of the first books on the tragedy, called "Loss of the SS Titanic, Its Story and Its Lessons"
He was born in 1877, taught Science at Anthony Gell School, Wirksworth 1902-1904, and died in 1967.
Stuart Flint sent the following information about his connections with Lawrence Beesley, thanks Stuart.
A great deal can be found about Lawrence Beesley by searching Google on the following keywords: "Lawrence Beesley", Titanic, Wirksworth.

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Lawrence Beesley who was a survivor of the Titanic disaster April 1912 was son of Henry Beesley of Heysham Lancs (born 1845) who at age 12 years lived with his Uncle and Aunt Samuel and Anne Flint nee Taylor.. at Steeplegrange near Wirksworth

Henry by age 18 was a Solicitors Clerk along with Andrew Macbeth and John James.. at either Hodgkinsons or Hubbersty's Solicitors at the office now Andrew Macbeth Cash & Co recently taken over by Potter & Co Matlock.. but, by his marriage to Anne Marie James sister of the aforesaid John James, they the children of Thomas James Glassware Dealer St John Street originally from Pembroke South Wales.. Henry was a Bank Clerk at Capital & Counties Bank Bank Terrace (The Causeway, now Lloyds T.S.B. rebuilt after Arkwright & Toplis days in 1861 then owned by Maltby & Robinson also known as Nottingham Banking Co.. by my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker & Sons who also built Compton & Evans, now NatWest Market Place Wirksworth and many of the shops on St John Street plus The Baptist Church Coldwell Street and Mount Zion Methodist Church Middleton plus Railway Contracts) ..

Henry by 1895 was Bank Manager at Capital & Counties Bank then removing to their larger Branch at Corporation Street Manchester.. his wife Anne Marie and children remaining at the Bank House Bank Terrace up to all removing to Manchester.

Henry Beesley was nephew to Samuel and Anne Flint nee Taylor of Steeplegrange. Samuel a Mining Agent son of Samuel and Hannah Flint nee Allen of Bolehill they my 4XUncle and Aunt.. Samuel senior Mining Agent at The Dovegange and Rantnatakers Lead Mines twixt Black Rocks and Middleton..his brother Joseph Mining Agent at The Bage and Ratchwood Lead Mines Bolehill and Rise End Middleton respectively

Lawrence Beesley married Gertrude Cecile Macbeth daughter of Thomas Alexander Macbeth of Manchester he son of Andrew Macbeth and Isobella nee Spencer she daughter of Anthony and Ellen Spencer of Gorsey Bank Wirksworth ..Spencer's both my wife and my own family.. Andrew Macbeths brother Isaac was father to Andrew Macbeth who founded the solicitors at Wirksworth.. Isaac and Andrew seniors Grand fore bare was Isaac Hoades my 5XGrandfather who married Anne Shaw 1st wife and my true Grt Grandmother.. Anne of the Shaw family who opened up Middle Peak Quarry(eventually known as Bowne & Shaw) and other workings on Colehills and at Matlock Dale.. When Anne died Isaac married Elizabeth Peach they Grand fore bares to Isaac and Andrew Macbeth seniors Isaac a Baker on St Mary's Gate Wirksworth followed on as bakers by Baggaleys who married into Shaws then Halls (Luke of Bolehill) of my allied kin and then Addy (Adam) Killer of my kinship.. still owned today by a distant kinsman of my wife and my Slack family re Taylors of Middleton / Bolehill

Lawrence Beesley born 1877 as you will know was, for a time, a school teacher (Science) at Anthony Gell School 1902 - 1904 then a lecturer at Dulwich College..Gertrude died by 1911 after having one son Alec and so Lawrence booked a 2nd class ticket on the new ship Titanic to visit Canada to see his brother Frank Meredith Beelsey then in his mid 20s ... The rest is well recorded history so I will not bore you with the detail..

Alec Beesley son of Lawrence, married, after a long and rather tedious courtship, to Dodie Smith they both struggling actors at Manchester (The Athenian owned by Dodies Uncle)

Alec was a Pacifist and just before the 2nd war broke out to avoid call up he and Dodie emigrated to America where Dodie began to make a name for herself as an author, who wrote books ie 101 Dalmatians and other works which have been made into films (101 Dalmatians presently being produced at The Theatre Royal Nottingham with all star castings). Dodie Smith died at Manchester in 1990 in her 90s. Lawrence married again to "Mollie" Greenwood..and had children Laurien Hugh and Waveney.. I am presently gaining contact to Nicholas Wade the son of Laurien Beesley (married Michael Wade) by Mr Pat Cook who I have contacted giving more information re Beesley's Mr Cook a co writer re Encylopaedia Titanica..and Phillip Beesley of Toronto Canada heir of Frank Meredith Beesley brother to Lawrence..the brother Lawrence was intending to visit via his Titanic journey

Lawrence Beesley obt 1967 London

Regards Stuart G Flint

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Pedigree and Records

                    1848              Anna
                    Henry     1874    Maria
                    1906        |     1898
 |         |       |         |      |      |      |         |
1875      1876    1877      1879   1881   1882   1886      1889
Frederic  Ernest  Lawrence  Edith  Lewis  Cyril  Frank     Arthur
Arnold             |        Anne   Henry  James  Meredith  Campbell
                   |                1872
                  1877      (1)     Gertrude  (2)     Muriel
                  Lawrence  1901    Cecile    1919    S
                  1967        |     1906        |
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             1896            1903        1921        |
             Dorothy         Alec        Hugh        ?
             Gladys  1939    Macbeth     Laurien    Wavenay
             SMITH=====v=====BEESLEY     BEESLEY    BEESLEY
             1990            1987
FreeBMD Marriages Index Mar 1919
Beesley  Lawrence  Greenwood  Marylebone  1a 1309    
Beesley  Lawrence  Brownjohn  Marylebone  1a 1309    
Brownjohn  Muriel S  Beesley  Marylebone  1a 1309    
Fitzsimmons  Margaret  Peersman  Marylebone  1a 1309    
Greenwood  Muriel S  Beesley  Marylebone  1a 1309    
Peersman  Eugene  Fitzsimmons  Marylebone  1a 1309    
1911 Census for 42 Upper Baker Street, London
TALBOT, Beatrice Caroline Head Marr F 42 1869 Dressmaker        Devon Exeter
                                              Married 17 years
TALBOT, Clare             Dau       F 14 1897                   London
TALBOT, Barbara           Dau       F 12 1899                   Letchmore Heath, Middlesex
BEESLEY, Alec             Board     M  7 1904                   Cambridge
BRAY, Cissie              Serv Sing F 25 1886                   Marylebone London
van TIFFLEN, Sarah Ann    Serv Marr F 57 1854 Domestic          London
van TIFFLEN, John Maurice           M 14 1897                   London
1911 Census for 4 Titchfield Terrace, London NW:
BEESLEY, Lawrence      Head    Widower M 32 1879 Christian Science Practitioner Wirksworth DBY   
BEESLEY, Edith Annie   Sister  Single  F 30 1881 Student Art                    Wirksworth DBY   
JOHNSON, Martyn        Visitor Single  M 29 1882 Author Books                   U S A Visitor   
KIDMAN, Eleanor        Servant Single  F 38 1873 Housekeeper Domestic           Forest Gate ESS   
FreeBMD Deaths Index Sep 1906
Beesley  Henry  58  Ecclesall Bierlow
FreeBMD Deaths Index Sep 1906
Beesley  Gertrude Cecile  34  Bromley  2a 321
IGI Marriage Index:
17 June 1901 Lawrence BEESLEY married Gertrude Cecile MACBETH in Lancashire
1901 Census for 17, Alexandra Road, Blackpool LANCS:
PENNINGTON, Frank      Head    Married M 29 1872 School Master           South Scarle Lincolnshire   
PENNINGTON, Amnie      Wife    Married F 35 1866                         Hertford, Hertfordshire   
BEESLEY, Lawrence      Visitor Single  M 23 1878 University Student Camb Wirksworth Derbyshire   
BUCKLEY, George Blut   Boarder Single  M 16 1885 Stu                     Greenfield Lancashire   
DENHAM, William        Boarder Single  M 17 1884 Stu                     Bristol Gloucestershire   
WINTER, Douglas        Boarder Single  M 15 1886 Stu                     Halifax Yorkshire   
TEDDY, Tom             Boarder Single  M 15 1886 Stu                     London Middlesex   
WORTHINGTON, Fred      Boarder Single  M 14 1887                         Blackpool Lancashire   
CHADWICK, Richard      Boarder Single  M 14 1887                         Oldham Lancashire   
BANKS, John George     Boarder Single  M 13 1888                         Liverpool Lancashire   
GREEN, Wilfred         Boarder Single  M 12 1889                         Manchester Levenshulme Lancashire   
CATTRILL, John Robert  Boarder Single  M 12 1889                         Manchester Lancashire   
BRAIDE, Reginald       Boarder         M 11 1890                         India (British Subject)   
BLECTCHER, George      Boarder Single  M 12 1889                         Huddersfield Yorkshire   
GREENALL, Harry        Boarder         M 10 1891                         Oldham Lancashire   
GARLICK, William Hunt  Boarder         M 11 1890                         Hallenwood Manchester Lancashire   
SCOT, Cecil            Boarder         M 10 1891                         Ireland   
CRAWSHAW, Eric         Boarder         M  9 1892                         Russia (British Subject)   
BANKS, Herbert James   Boarder         M 10 1891                         Liverpool Lancashire    
BLETCHER, Norman       Boarder         M  8 1893                         Huddersfield Yorkshire   
WOLSTENCROFT, Thomas   Boarder         M  9 1892                         Oldham Lancashire   
SHERWOOD, Elizabeth    Help    Single  F 26 1875 Useful Help (Domestic)  London Middlesex    
LITTLER, Ellen         Servant Single  F 19 1882 Housemaid (Domestic)    Padgale West Timpley Cheshire   
JONES, George          Boots   Single  M 17 1884 Boots (Domestic)        Lynn Norfolk   
FreeBMD Deaths Index Jun 1898:
Beesley  Anna Maria  65  Oxford
Tradesmens Index for 1895:
BEESLEY | Henry | bank manager | St John street
1891 Census for Bank House, Bank Terrace, Wirksworth:
BEESLEY, Annie M  Wife Married F 44 1847                          Wirksworth Derbyshire   
BEESLEY, Ernest   Son  Single  M 14 1877 Scholar                  Wirksworth Derbyshire   
BEESLEY, Lawrence Son          M 13 1878 Scholar                  Wirksworth Derbyshire   
BEESLEY, Edith A  Dau          F 11 1880 Scholar                  Wirksworth Derbyshire   
BEESLEY, Lewis H  Son          M 10 1881 Scholar                  Wirksworth Derbyshire   
BEESLEY, Cyril J  Son          M  8 1883 Scholar                  Wirksworth Derbyshire   
BEESLEY, Frank M  Son          M  4 1887                          Wirksworth Derbyshire   
BEESLEY, Arthur C Son          M  1 1890                          Wirksworth Derbyshire   
CONWAY, Martha    Serv Single  F 15 1876 General Servant Domestic Wirksworth Derbyshire   
ALLSOP, Elizabeth Serv Single  F 14 1877 Nurse Domestic Servant   Normanton  Derbyshire   
1881 Census for Bank Terrace, Wirksworth Derbyshire
BEESLEY, Annie M     Wife Head Married F 34 1847 Bank Managers Wife Wirksworth Derbyshire   
BEESLEY, Frederic A  Son       Single  M  5 1876                    Wirksworth Derbyshire   
BEESLEY, Ernest      Son       Single  M  4 1877                    Wirksworth Derbyshire   
BEESLEY, Lawrence    Son       Single  M  3 1878                    Wirksworth Derbyshire   
BEESLEY, Edith A     Daughter  Single  F  1 1880                    Wirksworth Derbyshire   
BEESLEY, Lewis H     Son       Single  M  0 1881                    Wirksworth Derbyshire   
TOVEY, Annie         Servant   Single  F 20 1861 General Serv       Ashover    Derbyshire   
FARNSWORTH, Martha M Servant   Single  F 16 1865 Nurse              Wirksworth Derbyshire   
1881 Census for 15, Clayton Street, Hulme, Lancashire: 
MACBETH,  Thos A     Head    Married M 48 1833 Tailor Employing 27 Men 
                                               (& 3 Boys & 22 Women) Mchester  Lancashire   
MACBETH,  Ellen      Wife    Married F 45 1836                       Mchester  Lancashire   
MACBETH,  Gertrude C Dau     Single  F  8 1873 Scholar               Mchester  Lancashire   
ROBINSON, Hannah     Visitor Widow   F 76 1805 Independant           Nantwich  Cheshire   
HUDSON,   Margret    Servant Single  F 24 1857 General Servant       St Helens Lancashire   
Wirksworth Parish Register:
C 1875jun27 BEESLEY Frederic arnold=Henry/Annie maria(Wirksworth)[Banker's clerk],#569
C 1876jul30 BEESLEY Ernest=Henry/Anna maria(Wirksworth)[Bank clerk],#645
C 1878mar17 BEESLEY Lawrence=Henry/Hannah maria(Wirksworth)[Banker's clerk],#737
C 1879aug10 BEESLEY Edith anne=Henry/Annie maria(Wirksworth)[Bankmanager],#835
C 1881mar13 BEESLEY Lewis henry=Henry/Annie maria(Wirksworth)[Bankmanager],#973
C 1882dec19 BEESLEY Cyril james=Henry/Annie maria(Wirksworth)[Bankmanager],#1136
C 1886oct10 BEESLEY Frank meredith=Henry/Annie maria(Wirksworth)[Bankmanager],#1450
C 1889sep22 BEESLEY Arthur campbell=Henry/Annie maria(Wirksworth)[Bankmanager],#1619
1874 Marriage Index for Kensington:
Henry BEESLEY married Annie Maria JAMES
1871 Census for Coldwell St, Wirksworth 
W032a Ann          FLINT      Head   W 73 F Annuitant        Wirksworth
W032b Sarah        WAINWRIGHT Niece  W 41 F Dressmaker       Wirksworth
W032c Henry        BEESLEY    Nephew U 23 M Solicitors clerk Heysham LAN
W032d Louisa Jane  WAINWRIGHT Niece    12 F Scholar          Matlock
1851 Census for Back Lane, Greenalgh With Thistleton, Lancashire:  
BEESLEY, Henry   Head  Mar M 48 1803 Farmer          Woodplumpton Lancashire   
BEESLEY, Mary    Wife  Mar F 40 1811 Farmer Wife     Lea          Lancashire   
BEESLEY, Leonard Son   Unm M 13 1838 Farmer Son      Ashton       Lancashire   
BEESLEY, Thomas  Son       M  8 1843 Farmer Son      Greenhalgh   Lancashire   
BEESLEY, Ann     Dau       F  7 1844 Farmer Daughter Greenhalgh   Lancashire   
BEESLEY, Henry   Son       M  1 1850 Farmer Son      Greenhalgh   Lancashire   
HODSON,  James   Serv  Unm M 27 1824 Ag Lab          Lea          Lancashire   
MOON,    Ellen   Serv  Unm F 14 1837 House Servant   Salwick      Lancashire   

"The Loss of the Titanic" by Lawrence Beesley. First published 1912.

First page
Titanic Transverse Section
Titanic Longitudinal Section

Book for sale on Ebay

By Lawrence Beesley

Earliest Survivor Account WHITE STAR LINE Olympic

Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1912. Published, June, 1912.

8vo / Hardcover / 301 pp. / Illustrated / Frontis / Gilt titles / Wear, spots to boards / Owner's plate, "Library of Jerome Rowley George no. 598" / Foxing to frontis, tissue / Slightly shaky at front /

S C A R C E - the earliest published book by a survivor about the SS Titanic disaster. MUST HAVE for any Titanic enthusiast.

Contents: Construction and Preparations for the First Voyage, From Southampton to the Night of the Collision, The Collision and Embarkation in Lifeboats, The Rescue, The Sinking of the Titanic seen from her deck; The Carpathia's Return to New York; The Lessons Taught by the Loss of the Titanic, Some Impressions.

Lawrence Beesley (December 31, 1877 – February 14, 1967) was an English teacher, journalist and author who was a survivor of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. He was born in Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

Beesley was educated at Derby School, where he was a scholar, and afterwards at Caius College, Cambridge, again as a scholar. He took a First Class degree in the Natural Science tripos in 1903.

Beginning as a schoolmaster at Wirksworth Grammar School, he moved to Dulwich College, where he was a science master. In 1957 he was still teaching as Principal of the Northwood School of Coaching, Northwood, Middlesex.

One of the survivors of the sinking of the Titanic in April 1912, Beesley wrote a successful book about his experience, The Loss of the SS Titanic (June, 1912), published just nine weeks after the disaster. He saw two second class women who tried to get on a lifeboat, who were told to go back to their own deck, that their lifeboats were waiting there.

During the filming of A Night to Remember (1958), Beesley famously gatecrashed the set during the sinking scene, hoping to ‘go down with the ship’ a second time. But he was spotted by the director, Roy Ward Baker, who vetoed this unscheduled appearance, due to actors' union rules.

The RMS Titanic was an Olympic-class passenger liner owned by British shipping company White Star Line and built at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Ireland. At the time of her construction, she was the largest passenger steamship in the world.

Shortly before midnight on 14 April 1912, four days into the ship's maiden voyage, Titanic hit an iceberg and sank two hours and forty minutes later, early on 15 April 1912. The sinking resulted in the deaths of 1,517 of the 2,223 people on board, making it one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in history. The high casualty rate was due in part to the fact that, although complying with the regulations of the time, the ship did not carry enough lifeboats for everyone aboard. The ship had a total lifeboat capacity of 1,178 people, although her maximum capacity was 3,547. A disproportionate number of men died due to the women-and-children-first protocol that was followed.

The Titanic was designed by some of the most experienced engineers, and used some of the most advanced technology available at the time. It was popularly believed to have been unsinkable. It was a great shock to many that, despite the extensive safety features, the Titanic sank. The frenzy on the part of the media about Titanic's famous victims, the legends about the sinking, the resulting changes to maritime law, and the discovery of the wreck have contributed to the continuing interest in, and notoriety of, the Titanic.

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