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Photo 462


Taken 1908

Enlargement. Lottie WARNER, Francis Mary and Ada WALL
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Three little maids, Matlock Bath 1908

A delightful real photo, taken in 1908 by local artist and photographer Percy Rowbottom of The Studio, Temple Walk, Matlock Bath (see 1901 Census).
Sadly the photo has become a little faint in 100 years.

The scene looks like Derwent Gardens, on the banks of the Derwent River, near the middle of Matlock Bath and the photographer's studio. Perhaps the three little maids are taking part in The Mikado, Gilbert & Sullivan's most popular light opera, first staged in 1885. The photographer has got himself, his tripod and plate camera in just the right place, so the maids walk-by must have been planned, but perhaps a surprise for the onlookers. Maybe the Maids are parading to advertise their show to the tourists, who flocked to Matlock Bath to take the waters.

For those trying to remember, the three little maids are called Yum-Yum, Peep-Bo & Pitti-Sing, and the first verse of their song goes:

    Three little maids from school are we
    Pert as a school-girl well can be
    Filled to the brim with girlish glee
    Three little maids from school
Enlargement. Maisie M. writes:
I find the little group fascinating to study - I wish the gent in the boater had given the old gent his seat... he could be glaring at the mischievous young boy, or reeling, having just received a biting remark from the lady with the floral hat... or just terribly bored...the middle lady seems to be laughing and relaxed while the older lady in all that black lace demurely looks down...the body language there is close.

Maisie M. writes:
.... My relative, who looks so much like the middle lady in the picture shown was not living in Matlock but in service with a prosperous family from Nottingham . l suppose considering the class differance, it is a very remote chance that she may have accompanied the family. Among her effects were many picture postcards of Matlock at about that time, and rather surprisingly, clothes that would have matched those shown although that hat looks pretty affluent!. And there is not much chance that she toffed herself up and pretended to be a lady !

It is easy to get carried away seeing a face that leaps out at you from an old photograph...but lets face it, she is probably no relation at all, just the spitting image of somebody.

Considering the size of the postcard you did well to get as good a picture as you did.. I have managed to make it seem a little clearer by using the contrast tool in my Adobe photoshop Elements programme, but as you will no doubt agree, we do not want to turn them into something else, so I tidy them up sometimes by cloning but am very careful.

Kindest regards,Maisie M.

Photo taken:1908
Size:6 in x 4 in
Source:Percy Rowbottom
        The Studio, 
         Temple Walk, 
          Matlock Bath.

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Emails on the subject

    Ann Andrews writes:
    Thank you for sending the better quality image as you can always see so much more. Whilst the far bank is still indistinct, you can nevertheless pick out the shape of a few buildings which are "right" for that end of the Prom. It is _definitely_ the Matlock Bath bandstand so I suggest you remove the bit about the Derwent Gardens as they are some distance away.

    I would doubt the Operatic Society itself would have put on a show for the tourists as it would have said so in their programmes and I there are no specific references to that - they would undoubtedly have had to pay performing rights for a proper production. G & S was extremely popular. I clearly can't comment about the girls in the picture but would make a couple of minor observations. The girls could have belonged to any small singing group as well, of which there were many in Matlock. It is a big leap to say that it was definitely the Operatic Soc. One of the "Little Girls" is the female lead, and that was played by a professional. The locals weren't deemed good enough. So these girls perhaps did a performance off their own bat. I honestly don't know. Kath Flint says it is them and they played the part but she doesn't say where. I think, if I were you, I would be suitably vague about linking the photograph directly to the Operatic Society and just say that the girls had also performed in the Operatic Society's production for that year. Without wishing to be rude about Matlock Bath at this time and don't quote me , this kind of think was aimed at the day trippers. Matlock Bath was not what it had been. Still, the girls were clearly enjoying themselves. Good, innocent fun and a very sweet picture.

    My father took part in many Operatic Soc productions, which is where my particular interest stems from. He was the tenor lead and played Nankipoo both at Matlock and at Chesterfield. He was in the Golden Jubilee production.

    Best wishes


    Ann Andrews, web mistress of the Matlock and Matlock Bath website, comments:

    Thank you for contacting me. I would observe that the Operatic Society production took place in February 1908 so it is really unlikely that the photograph has anything to do with the production. The trees are in full leaf.

    I believe the photograph to have been taken in Matlock Bath, on the opposite bank of the River Derwent to North Parade and close to the bandstand. There is a similar photograph to this one, but of the bandstand itself, that shows people sitting on the riverside seats on the footpath and in which the men wearing boaters. On the bandstand are people in pierrot costumes singing their hearts out to entertain the summer visitors! My own suggestion is that the young girls in your photograph may have been similarly entertaining the crowds. It would be worthwhile to check the 1908 pages of the Derbyshire Times for the summer months of 1908/10. As Kathleen points out, the date fits the clothes of the other people in the photo.

    Best wishes



    Dear John,

    I was very interested when I first saw the Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society 19 - 22 Feb 1908 Production in the Victoria Hall, Matlock Programme of The Mikado production on Ann Andrews' Matlock site (http://dialspace.dial.pipex.com/prod/dialspace/town/terrace/pd65/matlock/operatic.htm), because my grandmother had told me that she, her sister Ada, and her friend Lottie Warner had played the Three Little Girls From School in The Mikado when she was young. They are named in the Chorus cast list as "C. Wall", "A. Wall", and "L. Warner", respectively.

    It was even more unexpected and exciting when I came upon your photograph and enlargement of the Three Girls in costume promenading at Matlock Bath. I believe they may be :

    Frances Mary WALL (Ciss), then aged 19, of Lime Tree Road, Matlock, my paternal grandmother, who emigrated to Canada soon after her 1911 marriage to Joseph Joshua FLINT (Joe), of Wirksworth. She returned home shortly thereafter, in 1916, to wait out the Great War while my grandfather was in Jura, France with the Canadian Foresters Corps, C.E.F. (Canadian Expeditionary Force). She gave birth to my father J.Harold FLINT at home in Matlock on December 20, 1916. My father was always proud of his British Passport, and in fact, of all things British.

    Ada WALL, then aged 24, of Lime Tree Road, Matlock, my grandmother's elder sister, who took on the mother's role in the family when their mother, Annabella WALL nee SHEMWELL, originally of Old Brampton, Derbyshire, died of illness in 1902.

    Lottie WARNER I have very little data on. Perhaps one of the Listers can supply some information.

    I am guessing that Frances Mary WALL is in the middle of the trio, with her sister Ada on the right side of the photo and Lottie WARNER to the left hand side.

    Of course, I'm more than willing to stand corrected if more information surfaces from others. I understand the Matlock and District Amateur Operatic Society produced The Mikado in 1908, 1929, 1950, and 1962, but the photo seems to definitely reflect 1908 fashion.

    Best regards,

    Kathleen Flint
    Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Joseph Joshua FLINT circa 1917-1918 in uniform of the 242nd Battalion, C.E.F. (Canadian Over-seas Expeditionary Force), known as the Canadian Forestry Battalion, which fought at the Somme, Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, Amiens and Valenciennes.
Francis Mary FLINT ("Ciss") and their only son, my Father Joseph Harold FLINT, about 1917

Joseph Joshua FLINT

    Stuart Flint writes:
    The following is the family history of Joseph Joshua Flint

    Abraham Flint born 1689 married Martha Wright at St Helens Church Darley Dale 1723 Martha his 2nd wife

    Son among other siblings
    John Flint born 1735 married Mary Frost of Bolehill 1757 daughter of John and Esther Frost nee Hill.. The Frost family were well established at Colehills Bolehill Callow and Wirksworth being mineral merchants and co owners of lead mines / mining agents

    Sons among other siblings

  • 1.John Flint born 1760 married Elizabeth Colledge they my 3XGrandparents Elizabeth is 2nd wife..1st wife Anne Peate of Coneygreave Farm Alport Heights ..Annes sist Grace married into my sister in laws Potter family of Wirksworth
  • 2.Joseph Flint born 1775 married 1st wife Elizabeth Spencer 1801 daughter of Reuben Spencer of Middleton 2nd wife Elizabeth Gibbons widow of Thomas Gibbons Cooper / Blacksmith of Burton Upon Trent nee Collinson.. Her parents my kin via Wheatcrofts Frosts and Wrights

    Children of Joseph and Elizabeth Flint nee Spencer

  • 1.Henry Flint born 1801 married Mary Wood of Slaley
  • 2.Mary Flint born 1802 married Thomas Hall born Rise End Middleton Baker and Carrier Their heirs were still Grocers at Bolehill into the 1950s who married into my Bookes and Land family
  • 3.Elizabeth Flint born 1804 married Peter Britland of Cromford February 26th 1827
  • 4.Hannah obt unmarried
  • 5.Anne born 1811 obt spinster aged 60 years
  • 6.Lydia Flint born 1815 married James Lowrie born at Manchester 2nd husband her cousin Benjamin Buckley
  • 7.John born 1819
  • 8.Martha died in infancy
  • 9.Joseph Flint born 1806 married Mary Scotthorne 1830 daughter of George and Anne Scotthorne nee Ward Anne daughter of George and Hannah Ward nee Shaw..Hannah sister to my 4XGrandmother Anne Hoades nee Shaw daughters of Jethro and Ruth Shaw nee Clark-Robinson of Wensley (on my mother's Cauldwell-Walker side of the family) Joseph Flint was Wharfinger at Steeplegrange Station/Wharf also in partnership with his cousin my Gr Gr Grandfather Samuel Flint son of John and Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge also in partnership with Thomas Hall of Bolehill (born Rise End Middleton) whose wife Mary was Joseph Flint's sister ..Thomas was a Baker / Grocer / Carrier Joseph as well as being Wharfinger had a Brick Manufacturing business on land known today as Brickfields Close a residential area near Wharf Cottages where Joseph Flint lived alongside for a time Samuel Flint Samuel Wharfinger and Station Master at with Thomas hall and Joseph Flint (formerly at Middle Peak )

    Joseph and Mary Flint nee Scotthornes children were

  • 1.Joseph born 1835
  • 2.Charles born 1838
  • 3.Clara 1840
  • 4.Kendal born 1844
  • 5.Agnes born 1849
  • 6.George born 1831
  • 7.Frederick Flint born 1845 married Prescilla Buckley of Crich
    Frederick and Prescilla had son Joseph Joshua Flint born 19th November 1876 who married Frances Mary Wall daughter of Henry Carder (or Carden) and Arrabella Wall nee (possibly Shinwell) of Brampton near Chesterfield Joseph Joshua served in The Canadian Over-seas Expeditionary Force known as the Canadian Forestry Battalion which on the outset of W.W.1 was a first strike force which fought at The Somme Vimy Ridge Passchendale Amiens and Valenciennes
    Joseph Joshua and Frances had a son Joseph Harold Flint father of my fellow family history researcher Kathleen Flint who is a retired Prosection Attorney Canadian Public Prosecution Department
    My 5XUncle and Aunt namely Jethro Shaw and his sister Hannah married into a family of Wall in the earlier years of the 1800s Sarah Wall daughter of Anthony Wall of Hackney Lane Matlock married my 5XUncle Jethro Shaw brother of my 4XGrandmother Anne Hoades nee Shaw .. Annes sister (not named on Ince Peds ) ........ Shaw dau of Jethro Shaw married Henry Wall of the same family

    Sarah Shaw nee Wall's siblings were

  • 1.George Wall who married Sarah Wright daughter James Wright of Matlock
  • 2.John Wall married Elizabeth Wright sister to Sarah living at Weston Underwood near Derby
  • 3.David Wall married 1st wife ....... daughter of John Nuttall of Alderwasley 2nd wife Sarah Young of Alderwasley 3rd wife ...... Poundall of Bonsall
  • 4.Mary married John Pilkington of Darley Dale

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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