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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 463


Posted 1907

The rear of The Study. The castellations are everywhere.

Miss Annetta Prince, about 1905. In 1881 (aged 27) she gives her occupation as Artist, sketching, drawing etc. There are 2 watercolours by Miss Prince on the web,
see: Bonsall History Project, Nos 126,127.

The Study, Bonsall 1907

The Study was occupied by the Prince family from about 1845 to 1927, when Miss Annetta Prince died. The house was demolished before 1939, and flats have been built on the site since. A source states: "It burnt down and only the stone bay window survives as part of Study Farm" but I can find no confirmation for this.

The family was well off towards the end, in 1873 Margaret Prince owned 257 acres with a rental of £416 per year. Ince's Pedigrees states: "Samuel PRINCE (late of Manchester grocer) after of the Study, Bonsall Esq died 22 Jan 1861 aet 79 years"

The grounds had attractive lawns, trees and fishponds, and grapes grew in the greenhouses. In 1841 The Study was run as a school with 24 pupils aged 8-16. Perhaps this is how it obtained its name. Samuel Prince (junior) was Curate of Bonsall.

See the Census entries for The Study:
1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901

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Thanks Stuart.

           PRINCE===v=== ?
           1861     |
                    |              |
                    |              |
                   1819           1823
               Rev Samuel         Margaret
                   PRINCE===v===== ?
 |     |      |         |       |       |
1849  1851   1852      1854    1855    1864
Edith Samuel Henrietta Annetta Dorothy Henry

Photo taken:1907

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Stuart FLINT sent me a huge amount of info, largely about The Study. I leave it to the eager reader to sort it all out!
Subject: The Study Manor House Bonsall
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 16:16:57 +0100 (BST)


The Study Manor House at Bonsall by the 1750s belonged to Adam Simpson whose family were involved in Lead Mining as partners Smelting and owning land at Bonsall Middleton and I believe Matlock ..He was head Barmaster at one time for The Soke & Wapentake of Wirksworth... Adam married 1st wife Elizabeth Robinson of Cromford and 2nd wife Elizabeth Oldham..of Alfreton.. By his 1st wife he had a son Adam who to my knowledge never married leaving The Manor House (The Study) to Henry Flint of Ashover/Lea son of Anthony Flint of Ashover Anthony son of George Flint of Crich... In actual fact, from a will I have a copy of, re Adam the younger..he left the house in the first place to James Bateman of Middleton his God Son..but that if James died before reaching the age of 21 years then Henry Flint son Henry and Dorothy Flint nee Simpson..(Dorothy, Adam the elders sister) ..was to take posession which it transpired was the case as Bateman died in his late teens...Henry Flint the younger married his cousin Elizabeth Flint daughter of William Flint brother of Henry Flint senior...(William of Mansfield)..This Flint family to my knowledge have no connection with my kin

By Adams 2nd wife Elizabeth nee Oldham they had a daughter Mary born August 1755 who married Richard Arkwright 2nd son of Sir Richard Arkwright at Bonsall Parish Church in 1780 ...and sons Peter who died in infancy and John and Samuel who in time became co owners of mills at Manchester founded by Sir Richard Arkwright...sold to them by their brother in law Richard Arkwright..Samuel retired to Matlock Bath in older age...

Another kinsman of Adam Simpson, Joseph Simpson married Susannah Wildgoose of Darley Dale the Barmaster for Matlock..Wildgooses my distant kin via Derbyshires of Darley Dale Roof Slaters who married into my Simpson / Colledge family.

My 5XGrandfather was Peter Simpson an allied branch of the Bonsall family..Peter son of Richard of Idridgehay, Richard son of James Simpson son of James who was Grand fore bare of Adam Simpson.. Adam Simpsons parents were John and Elizabeth Simpson nee Ginny Elizabeth of Weston Upon Trent..John's Parents were James and Grace Simpson nee Wigley James son of James my 8XGrandfather...

Henry Flint the younger's daughters Anne and Dorothy married Samuel Prince of Longnor Gent Dorothy marrying Samuel after her sister's demise, the Prince family (sometimes known as Flint-Prince ) taking over The Manor House which by the 1840s became a school at which members of the Wager Wass and Alsop family attended.. Alsops my distant kin via my Wright Allen and Wheatcroft connections.. A Mr Wager whose family were originally from Great Longstone of this family was a friend of my father's in the 1930s at Wirksworth..Paul Prince of this family married Edith Henstock sister to my 5XGrandfather Edward Henstock of Slaley Hall (in some records it states Edward as Edward Staley..this is an error )

My Gr Gr Uncle John Crofts born at Wooley Moor / Brackenfield was a School Master at The Study for a time, 1840/50 he brother to my Grt Grandmother Emily Flint nee Crofts wife of Henry Flint Wharfinger / Station Master and Corn Merchant Friden and Parsley Hay Cromford & High Peak Railway 1860s - John Allen was Headmaster .. John Crofts went on to become a Headmaster at a Public School Middlesex and obt 1880s

John and Emily were children of David and Susannah Crofts nee Birch of Wolley Moor / Brackenfield David a Master Wheelwright at Masson Mill.. John and Emily's sister Anne married Samuel Flint cousin of Henry my Grt Grandfather

Emily my Grt Grandmother met with an accident when she drowned in Bonsall Mill Weir when walking from Middleton to visit relations at Bonsall..

By the later 1870s Wharfingers and Station Masters were no longer required on The C&HPR as only quarry traffic was using the line and so Henry returned to the Wirksworth area working as a Scapler at Killer Bros Quarry Hopton Wood Stone..founded by Henry Flint's Uncle William Killer..(Williams sister Mary Killer married Samuel Flint they my 2XGrandparents) Henry's cousins being Adam William John and Joseph Killer known as Killer Bros.. Henry and Emily lived at a house I have always known as The Slack Homestead Bonsall Lanes Middleton near the head of Bonsall Wood... I believe the relative she was visiting was Alfred Axe a Building Contractor of Bonsall (lived for a time at The Manor House High Street Bonsall)

Alfred's 1st wife was Ellen Jones whose Grandmother was my 3XAunt Mary Flint who married Peter Jones..(Mary sister of Samuel Flint who married Mary Killer) Alfreds 2nd wife was Margaret Carlisle also my distant kin via Colledge / Simpson's of Wirksworth ... I believe Alfred purchased part of The Study Estate when it came up for sale 1880s his son Alfred Richard Norman Axe living near bye at Bonsall Lodge above Clatterway Quarry which he owned (also another quarry at Hartington) I also believe Axe's built a house just above Bonsall Lodge ..A Miss Axe lived at the head of Clatterway into the 1900s.. Alfred Axe's brother Samuel married Roseanne Slack of my wifes kinship and lived at South View Middleton which by the 1940s my father Harry Sprake Flint leased from the Axe estate (Hatfield Yorkshire) Dad renamed South View Axeholme and after we left the property in the 1950s when Dad purchased Highfields Middleton once owned by our allied kin of Brace (Bonsall/Middleton) my wife's Grt Uncle who married into the same Slack family as Roseanne purchased Axeholme (South View) where it remained in family ownership up to the 1980s..

When Alfred Axe senior was an elderly man in the 1930s, he served with my father Harry Flint who was a Grocer/Gents Outfitter Middleton / Wirksworth then in his late 30s and Liberal Councillor for Middleton Ward as member's of Ashbourne Board of Guardians.. I have a photograph of all the Guardians with my father and his friend /relative Daniel Slack (Convenor General & Municipal Worked Union Quarries/Mines) and Alfred plus colleagues fully named.. Daniel Slack and my father were also fellow Deacons at Middleton Congregational Church...Slacks kin of Axe and my wife's family...Dan Slack and my father were also members of The Watch Committee (Police)

Samuel and Roseannes sons were William and Frank Axe.. William married Mary Rose Killer of my kin whilst Frank married into the Simpson family of Nottingham..One of Frank's daughters married into the Skill family of Bulwell Notts who founded Skills Coaches Nottingham the firm still going strong..whilst William and Mary Rose Axe nee Killer lived in a house at the foot of Chapel Mane Middleton opposite my mothers family home of Manor Fields, where in the 1880s my Grandmother Flint nee Sprake lived when she came as a Governess to a family of noble stock, who lived there in the summer months.. Grandmother Gwenillian Flint nee Sprake from Blaenafon South Wales.was daughter of Edwin and Leah Anne Sprake nee Williams Edwin Works Manager Blaenafon Iron works...In my youth the house originally owned by William and his wife was the family home of my sister in laws kin of Millward..

The Study Manor House Bonsall by the 1930s was in a state of decay a fire having engulfed most of it I am led to believe, and was demolished leaving just one bay window which is still to be seen today to remind the visitor of what the old house was like.. Study Drive was built on part of the property, where some of my wife's allied kin live today...

Regards Stuart G Flint

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