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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Posted 1903. The Corner shop in Dale Road, Matlock Bridge, reads:"H.Barnwell, Optician"

Posted 1908. Is that Harry Barnwell in a white apron outside his corner shop?
He would have been 42 in 1908.
About 1917 the "London, City and Midland Bank" replaces the "H.Barnwell" business.

Advert for Henry Barnwell's shop on Matlock Bridge, established 1876.
Watchmaker, Jeweller, and selling Blue John, Spar, China, coloured Photos.

Harry Barnwell, Matlock Bridge

Henry Barnwell senior moved to Matlock from Birmingham after the death of his first wife Emily, and established his watchmaking business in 1876 on the corner of Matlock Bridge and The Dale. The business continued until about 1917, when it was replaced by the London, City and Midland Bank. Henry Barnwell junior ("Harry") took over when his father died in 1887

The Barnwell marriages were complicated, as father and son married three Ludlam sisters, with only a year break between each. See Barnwell/Ludlam tree and Census. Harry died in Bedford in 1949 aged 83.

A "Victorian watch key" turned up on Ebay. Apart from the man in the white apron in the 1908 postcard, is this little key the only remnant today of a busy watch maker a century ago? If you have more information about Harry please contact

Is this Harry Barnwell standing outside his opticians shop in 1907?
"H Barnwell,
Matlock Bridge".


Posted 1906. See more of Dale Road and Harry's shop

Fob watch owned by Margaret Pollard who writes:
"Just been researching a ladies fob watch , I have inherited from my Grandma, it has a pretty silver case and the name of H.Barnwell inside on the case, it also says Matlock Bank....I have had this watch for so many years, and have always wondered about it's history.....the only thing is I have no key to wind the watch with.....the watch also has a number on it... 75636...can you possibly help with any more information???? my Grandparents lived in Ambergate...in the early 1900..


1871 Census for Smith Street, Birmingham, WAR:
BARNWELL, Henry         Head  M 33 1838  Warwickshire   
BARNWELL, Emily         Wife  F 28 1843  Suffolk   
BARNWELL, Harry William Son   M  5 1866  Warwickshire   
1881 Census
#78---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---(RG11-3450-14-p20)
Mk0739a  Henry    BARNWELL Head  W 44  M  Watch maker       Coventry WAR
Mk0739b  Henry Wm BARNWELL Son   U 15  M  Watch makers son  Birmingham WAR
1891 Census for 244, Uttoxeter Old Road, St Werburgh, Derby: 
POTTER, Samuel    Head    Married M 26 1865 Paint Color Manufacturer Derby   
POTTER, Alice     Wife    Married F 34 1857                          Leicester   
BARNWELL, Henry W Visitor Married M 25 1866 Watchmaker & Jeweller    Birmingham   
BARNWELL, Ann     Visitor Married F 34 1857                          Matlock Derbyshire   
1901 Census for Dale Rd, Matlock, Derbyshire
#23---Dale Rd---[Matlock]-------
Harry W  BARNWELL Head   M 35  M Watchmaker,jeweller Birm'ham
Ann      BARNWELL Wife   M 44  F                     Matlock
Edgar H  BARNWELL Son      10  M                     Matlock
Alfred W BARNWELL Son       7  M                     Matlock
Eliza    LUDLAM   Sis iL S 41  F Living on own means Matlock
1911 Census for Henry Avenue, Matlock, Derbyshire
BARNWELL, Harry William  Head M M 45 1866 Watchmaker And Jeweller Birmingham WAR   
BARNWELL, Eliza          Wife M F 50 1861 Married 4 years         Matlock    DBY   
BARNWELL, Edgar Harry    Son  S M 20 1891 Students                Matlock    DBY   
BARNWELL, Alfred William Son  S M 17 1894 Journalist              Matlock    DBY   


                                          1813             1813
                                          George   1839?   Ann
                                          1876       |     1881
                                     |       |    |     |    |      |     |       |
 1838        (1)    1843     (2)    1843    1857 1840  1841 1847   1850  1854    1859
 Henry      1864?   Emily   1882    Hannah  Ann  Sarah Mary Thomas Henry George  Eliza
 BARNWELL=====v=====XXXXX=====v=====LUDLAM   |                                    |
 1887         |     1871            1889     |                                    |
              |                              |                                    |
             1866                            |                                    |
             Harry             (1)          1857                 (2)             1859
             William          1890          Ann                 1907             Eliza
             1949               |           1906                                 1920
                        |                |
                       1891             1894
                       Edgar            Alfred
                       Harry            William
                       BARNWELL         BARNWELL

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