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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 482


Matlock Bath from Cat Tor

A good view (but a grainy photo) of the great buildings in the middle of Matlock Bath. From left to right:
1.The Old Pavilion, built 1884 when it was called the "Palais Royal"
2. The Royal Hotel. In 1878 it was known as the "Old Bath Hotel". It was destroyed by a terrible fire in 1929.
3. The Holy Trinity Church, consecrated in 1842.
4. The New Pavilion (behind and to the right of the hotel), built in 1910. The Dome can be seen.
5. The Switchback Railway, the Start and Turn-round sheds can just be seen. The Switchback was built about 1900 and dismantled in 1934.

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1.Old Pavilion.
2.Royal Hotel.
3.Holy Trinity.
4.New Pavilion.
Posted 1920.

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