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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 489


John William CLOUGH 1888-1914

Mary Elizabeth CLOUGH 1866-1909

John William Clough 1888-1914
Mary Elizabeth Clough 1866-1909

Simon Johnson writes:
Attached is a scanned image of a memorial card for Private John William Clough of Wirksworth. He was the second of ten children born to William and Mary Elizabeth Clough. He was killed in action in France on the 20th of October 1914, aged 26 years, and his name is commemorated on the war memorial at Wirksworth. He has no known grave, so we assume that the card must have been produced for a memorial service in his honour at Wirksworth.

I am in the process of typing up a history of John Willie's life, compiled from stories told by John Willie's remaining nieces and nephews and from viewing the Sherwood Foresters war diaries and will forward this to you as soon as I have it complete, so that the passage can sit alongside the memorial card on the Wirksworth site.

The attached memorial card was produced for the funeral service for John Willie's mother, Mary Elizabeth Clough, of Wirksworth. She died on the 22nd of September 1909, aged 43 years, and was buried in Wirksworth Cemetery.

As with her son, John Willie, I am currently writing the history of Mary's ife, and will forward this to you to place on the site with the memorial card. Briefly, she was born Mary Elizabeth Walker at Blackbrook, which at that time was situated in the Duffield parish. Mary was born on the 11th of November 1866 and was the youngest of ten children born to Henry and Sarah Walker. Her father was a master stone mason, and Mary was raised at Shottlegate. In 1885, Mary married a quarry labourer named William Clough at Wirksworth Parish Church and gave birth to ten children at Wirksworth between 1886 and 1904.
Simon Johnson

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