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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 493


St John Street, Wirksworth

Tony Holmes writes
This scene shows St John Street in the 1920s. Horse and carts were still the main form of transport. The shop on the right was an ironmonger's, next door was a butcher's shop run by James Frith, then Burgons the grocer's and tea dealer's with the Temperance Hotel sign plainly visible above the shop. To the left of the cart in the centre was a woman in a wheel chair in the shop doorway of J.Rains, butcher. Two doors to the left of this shop, with the barber's pole above the door, was another hairdresser's.

The shop with the fine balcony used to belong to the HAWORTH family. See the HAWORTH manuscript about life in the early 20th Century in the centre of Wirksworth, written by Bertram HAWORTH 1904-1998.

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