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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 514


An example of a Wilson stoneware Flagon, which reads:
Wilson & Company, Wine & Spirit Merchants, Wirksworth
It is slab-sealed, two-toned and contains 2 gallons
[Photo by permission of Alan McConville, Oxfordshire]

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Daniel Wilson & Company, Wirksworth
Maltsters, Wine & Spirit Merchants.

    The Wilson family began as lead miners (Daniel), progressed to Wheelwrights (John 1821), Wheelwright and Maltster (1827), Maltster (1835 and 1846), and Maltster and Wine & Spirits Merchant (Daniel 1857). They were based at St John St, North End and finally China Square and China House Yard, all in the centre of Wirksworth. Daniel (1806-1877) refers to himself as "Wilson & Company", but it seems that the firm faded from trading on the retirement and death of Daniel senior. The hoped-for "& Son" (Daniel junior 1835) seems to have lost interest and left the area. Possibly the competition from the more successful Charles Wright (1835-1912), also a Wine & Spirit Merchant and based a few yards away, became too much for Daniel Wilson junior, who was Charles Wright's age-mate. At any rate, the author has not been able to find any trace of the Wilson business after 1861. The fine flagon pictured probably dates from this period. A very similar flagon, sold by Charles Wright, is dated 1880-1890. An outline of the Wilson family tree is shown below. Much more detail can be found in Ince's Pedigrees page 038a, compiled by T K Ince between 1828-1859. The family can be seen in these Census references: 1841, 1851, and 1861
    Memorials to some of the family can be seen at: Ch101, QC137, B003 and B004
    Records in Tradesmen's Directories can be seen at: Wilson

    A slab-sealed 2 gallon flagon, c.1820, reads:
    D Wilson & Son, Wirksworth, No 215, Gall 2
    The volume to the shoulder is 9.95 litres.
    The owner writes:"I'm glad you asked me to do the test because I have just got out 31.27 in change that must have been stuck to the bottom".
    See Questions & Answers from Ebay

WILSON family

    Much more detail can be found in Ince's Pedigrees page 038a, compiled by T K Ince between 1828-1859
    The family can be seen in these Census references: 1841, 1851, and 1861

    1736 1738 Daniel 1776 Anne WILSON=====v=====RAWSON 1813 | 1811 | | 1783 1786 John 1805 Esther WILSON=====v=====CALTON 1845 | 1814 | | 1806 1804 Daniel 1826 Fanny WILSON=====v=====FORD 1877 | 1880 | | |-------|-----|-------|--------|---|--|-------|------|--------| | | | | | | | | | 1826 1828 1830 1832 1834 1836 1839 1842 1845 Esther John Frances Betsy Daniel John Eliza William Frederick 1828 Walter

Emails on the subject

    Stuart Flint writes:
    Hello John
    I am seeking more information re the Wilson family.. To date I have found that Betsy Wilson daughter of Daniel and Fanny married William R Barker of Ingoldby Lincoln who was a Wine Merchant at Matlock... whilst Joseph Wilson son of Daniel and Anne Wilson nee Rawson who married Christiana Phillips had a son Joseph Wilson born 1809 who married Mary Brailsford daughter of John and Rebecca Brailsford nee Killer they my 3XAunt and Uncle also direct kin of my sister in law as Jonathan Potter married Anne Brailsford they my brother's wifes Grand fore bares . Joseph and Mary Wilson nee Brailsford's daughter Mary married William Brace whose son James Brace married Millicent Flint my father's Aunt in 1891 whilst Christiana Wilson sister to Mary who married William Brace married Samuel Sheldon son of Joseph and Elizabeth Sheldon nee Spencer..Joseph Sheldon cousin to my Gr Gr Grandparents Joseph and Elizabeth Sheldon nee Sheldon (they 2nd cousins)
    Regards Stuart G Flint

    [Comment: Records in Wirksworth Parish Registers]:
    M 1864jun08 WILSON Betsy(Wirksworth)/BARKER William Ross(Gainsborough), Grocer,#68 Fathers: Daniel WILSON,Wine merchant/Thomas BARKER,Farmer Witnesses: Fanny WILSON,Daniel WILSON Status: s,f/b,f

    M 1804apr30 WILSON Joseph(Wirksworth)/WOODFORD Christiana Witnesses: Daniel WILSON,John TURNER? MI: B002

Questions & Answers from Ebay

Q: Thanks for doing another measure of volume. What an amazing story about the 31.27!! In return, can I ask your permission to mention this sum, and use your photo of the flagon, on a webpage about Daniel Wilson & Son that I've knocked up on my Local History webpage, which you will find at www.wirksworth.org.uk/X514.htm Perhaps you can mention this webpage to potential buyers of the flagon, it will provide a bit of background to this fascinating object. 12-Apr-09
A: yes, you can let me have the address as i would like to have a look myself, thanks, chris
Q: Thanks very much for measuring the volume. Could I ask you to repeat it, just measuring to the bottom of the neck, where it meets the 'shoulder'(ie the bottom of the cork). The difference between Imperial (introduced in 1824) at 9.092 litres and ale-gallon (before 1824) at 9.24 litres may be too small to measure, but its worth a try. I am asking experts about this, will keep you posted. 11-Apr-09
A: Hi i have just filled the flagon with a better mesuring jug it holds 9.95 litres of water, im glad you asked me to do the test because i have j ust got out 31.27 in change that must have been stuck to the bottom, cheers, chris
Q: How have you arrived at the 1820 date line on this flagon, my research and knowledge of bottles suggest's it dates from around the early 1850's Daniel Wilson had three sons which appear in the 1861 census they are all in the family wine and spirit merchant business and Daniel appears in the 1851 census as a maltster. Best Regards Bottlebaron. 11-Apr-09
NOTES: See Daniel, John Walter and William in 1861 Census.
A: Hi it is just that i have one of simular shape with a date stamped on it, it was just a guess and it could be later as you sugest, thanks, chris
Q: Hello, can you tell me the serial number on the flagon, I can't quite read it in the photo. On the bottom right, does it say 'GALL 2', or what? Do you happen to know what brand of gallon it would be, perhaps an 'ale gallon' introduced in 1824 I believe. It would be great if you could fill it with water, measure the water in litres, and let me know. That way we could work out the type of gallon, and get an idea of the date of manufacture. Would it hold ale or wine? The seller Daniel Wilson called himself a maltster, he had to compete against a nearby 'wine & spirit seller', and eventually lost out. Best wishes, 11-Apr-09
A: yes it says GALL 2 and the seriat No is 215, I have filled it up with water and it holds 10.3 litres of water to the very top hope ths helps, please let me know as it would be of interest to me as well, thanks, chris

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