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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 524


Taken c1930 at Ward's End, Starkholmes, Matlock.

John Henry and Hannah MASKREY

Simon Johnson writes:
Hi John,

Attached is a photograph for inclusion on your site. It features John Henry Maskrey and his wife, Hannah Maskrey (nee Wilkinson).

John Henry Maskrey was born at the Union Workhouse at Belper in 1869, the younger of two children born to Dorothy Maskrey of Wirksworth. In 1871, John's mother married John Clough and throughout his youth John often used his stepfather's name of Clough rather than his official surname of Maskrey.

John married Hannah Wilkinson of Cromford in 1892. Hannah was the daughter of George and Martha Wilkinson and had been born at Cromford in 1871. John and Hannah initially lived at Cromford but later settled at Ward's End in Starkholmes. They had six children together. In his younger years John had been employed as a tape mill hand in the Wirksworth area though he was a quarryman throughout much of his working life.

John passed away in 1933 at his home at Ward's End in Starkholmes, at the age of 61 years. He was interred in the churchyard of Matlock Parish Church. John's widow, Hannah, passed away in 1952.

Thanks John,

Simon Johnson

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MASKREY family

This family tree appears on the Census for: 1901, 1901, 1881, 1871 and 1861
Albert and John Henry were not children of John CLOUGH, fathers unknown.
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    1831 1849 1846 1848 John 1871 Dorothy George 1869 Martha CLOUGH-----v-----MASKREY WILKINSON-----v-----MERCHANT 1908 | 1902 | | | | | |------------|---| |-------|-----| | | | | 1867 1869 1871 1877 Albert John Hannah William MASKREY Henry | 1895 | | | | John | Henry 1892 Hannah MASKREY-----v-----WILKINSON 1933 | 1952 | |-------|---------|----------|--------|---|----| | | | | | | 1893 1896 1898 1902 1909 1914 Martha George W Bernard David Florrie Eliza 1917 1972 1946 1972 1983

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