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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Havellock Ellis.

Olive Schreiner

Alexander M Thompson

Havelock Ellis, Olive Schreiner
and Alexander Thompson at Wirksworth

Henry Havelock Ellis (February 2, 1859 - July 8, 1939), known as Havelock Ellis, was a British doctor, sexual psychologist and social reformer.
Olive Schreiner (24 March 1855 - December 11, 1920), was a South African author, pacifist and political activist.
Alexander M[attock] Thompson, (b Karlsruhe, 9 May 1861; d London, 25 March 1948). British librettist of the early 20th century.

Stuart Flint writes:
In 1884 Olive Schreiner and Havelock Ellis met in London and by the mid year lived for a time at Bolehill with members of my family..They were never truly lovers in the strict sense of the word but had a very close and intimate relationship for a brief time

Olive Schreiner was born at Wittenberg South Africa (now Lesotho) one of 12 children born to Gottlob Schreiner a Methodist Missionary of German descent and Rebecca Lyndall the daughter of a Congregational Minister of London . Schreiner came to England to train as a Surgeon, but ill health and her anti establishment views forced her in the end to become a Governess for a time..She wrote numerous books ie Undine (published1929 ) From Man to Man (1926 ) one of her most famous ones being A Story of an African Farm which she completed whilst staying with Flints at Bolehill. In 1884 published under the pseudonym Ralph Irons as women authors were not taken serioously in that era...Schreiner was a radical liberal and pacifist who opposed racism and struggled for Womens rights Her brother William Phillip Schreiner was Prime Minister of The Cape Colony... .

Havelock Ellis was a trained doctor English essayist psychologist and a pioneer of modern and scientific approach to sex ..He also was a Radical liberal bordering on Socialism . He was born at Croydon Surrey the son of Edward Peppen Ellis a Ships Captain and Susannah Mary Wheatley.. Ellis and Schreiner had friendships with people of similar radical liberal and Socialist views

When they came into Derbyshire they lodged for some time at the homes of John and Sarah Flint at Little Bolehill John son of John Mary Flint nee Flint of Little Bolehill .John and Mary Flint were cousins John the son of my 3XGrandparents John and Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge Mary the daughter of Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen ..Robert and Sarah my 4XUncle / Aunt ..By 1850 Robert along with sons John Flint and William Allen Flint with wives and children (Sarah Robert's wife died in 1829 at Bolehill) emigrated to Kay Ward Utah as Mormons.. I am in contact with many of my Mormon family at St George Layton and Kaysville (was Kays Ward).. Havelock Ellis stayed with James and Sarah Walker nee Hall James (Stonemason) the son of James and Elizabeth Walker nee Higton James the son of Robert and Hannah Walker nee Hoades Hannah daughter of William Hoades Landlord of Holmesford Cottage Inn near Whatstandwell Grandaughter of my 4XGrandfather Isaac Hoades of Longway Bank Sarah Walker nee Hall was daughter of Job Hall of Middleton Stonemason her cousin Hannah Hall daughter of Gamalieil Hall married James Walker's Uncle Daniel Walker ...

John and Mary Flint were parents of Robert Flint who in his 40s married my Grt Grandmother Sarah Cauldwell widow of my Grt Grandfather Thomas Cauldwell who at age 29 years died in the persuance of his duties as a Police Officer at Sheffield he born at Alderwasley ..Sarah daughter of James and Hannah Smith nee Land Hannah Grandaughter of Isaac Hoades aforementioned ... Isaacs first wife and my true 4XGrandmother was Anne Shaw of Okerside Wensley ...his second wife Elizabeth Peach

Another man who was a founder with Robert Blatchford and Robert Courtneidge (father of Cicely) of The Clarion a Socialist Newspaper was Alexander M Thompson whose Grt Neice lives near Wirksworth today.. I have met with the lady who has given me the facts..A.M Thompson married as his 2nd wife a lady from Belper (Grt Aunt to my contact) often visiting the area..He wrote books with many made into Musical Comedies and presented at London Theatres in the early 1900s ie He wrote The Arcadians Tom Jones The Bohemians The Dairy Maid and other musical plays where the composers of the music were Edward German .. Henry Talbot Lionel Monkton and their ilk ...By the 1900s he was writing for The Mail having a personal friendship with Lord Northcliffe He also served in the war office under Churchill..It is on record that he and Blatchford did not have a very good relationship with Keir Hardy believing that Socialism should have a more liberal image ..and so they encouraged through The Clarion the setting up of amatuer dramatic groups and.... strangely... cycling clubs ..A.M Thompson wrote reports in The Clarion on Theatre under the name of "Dangle" ..

Regards Stuart G Flint

The two Walker families ie James Walker of my Hoades family and my Grandfather Walker's family were only connected by intermarriages not by direct lineage although they worked as Master Stonemasons Building Contractors and Joiners together on contracts re the new railway companies ..The following is the lineage of my Walker / Hoades lineage

John Walker of Bolehill Butcher / Farmer born at Ashbourne married Ruth Frost daughter of my 6XGrandfather Robert Frost


  • 1.Robert Walker born 1743 married Rachell Cook 1766
  • 2.Thomas Walker Killed in Action Battle of Bunkers Hill American War of Independence
  • 3.Samuel Walker Fought in the American War of Independence married at Philadlephia had issue
  • 4.Jane Walker marr Matthew Hoon of Kirk Ireton
  • 5.Mary Walker married George Austin of Gorsey Bank
  • 6.John Walker married 3 times He a Woolcomber at Mill House Green Wirksworth His daughters were Sarah Jane who married George Dale Gent of Nottingham related to T.N.Ince and Elizabeth who married John Ludlam of Wirksworth Woolcomber ..Somewhere in my records I have the names of John Walker's 3 wives

    Child of Robert and Rachell Walker nee Cook
    Robert Walker married Hannah Hoades daughter of William Hoades

    Hannah was Grand daughter of Isaac Hoades my 4XGrandfather by his 2nd wife Elizabeth Peach Isaacs first wife Anne Shaw of Okerside my true 4XGrandmother ..Isaac and Elizabeths heirs married into the Macbeth family of Solicitors of Wirksworth and Brittlebanks of Oddo House Winster .. Anne Hoades nee Shaws nephew John Shaw owned quarries at Colehills and Steeplegrange his son John Shaw founding with Peter Bowne of Crich (General Manager at Crich Quarry owned by The Butterley Co) Bowne & Shaw's Quarry Middle Peak The initial finance to begin the business came from William Green Goodwin (Civil Engineer) son of Francis Green Goodwin of Wigwell Grange where my Hoades family were Land Agents etc for many years

    Children of Robert and Hannah Walker nee Hoades

  • 1.Henry Walker born 1806 married Martha Flint daughter of Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen Martha sister to Mary who married her cousin John Flint as per above info
  • 2.James Walker Master Stonemason born 1811 married Elizabeth Higton 1834 My neigbour today George G Higton is of this family ..Mr Higton was one of the last miners to work down Golgonda Lead Mine Hopton before Keys closed the workings in the 1950s Golgonda was owned by my mother's Sheldon family previous to George Henry Key taking over Hopton Mining Company now known as Viaton Industries still owned by Keys James and Elizabeth's son James married Sarah Hall daughter of Job Hall they hosts to Ellis as per above info
  • 3.Mary Walker born 1804
  • 4.Millicent born 1809 married Rowland Buxton Currier and Land Owner of Holloway Rowland Buxton was a wealthy man ..He and Millicent were often to be seen in Bolehill travelling from Holloway in a Landau .. On one particular day whilst driving the horse and Landau up Cromford Hill, on reaching Steeplehouse Arch the wheel of the Landau struck a rock in the road which turned the carriage over..Millicent struck her head on the bridge and was mortally injured.. She was carried into the house of my kinsman John Shaw Malster/ Stonemerchant of Oakerthorpe Road Bolehill, Dr Shore the local G.P. attended but nought could be done..Millicent died at John Shaws house...
  • 5.Samuel Walker born 1819 married Mary Derbyshire of Darley Dale dau of John Derbyshire Carpenter.. This Derbyshire family also my kin via other's of my family some who worked for Samuel Walker son of my 2XUncle and Aunt William and Sarah Smith nee Walker Sarah sister to my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker ..Samuel Smith was a Spar Turner who in time took over The Royal Museum Matlock Bath after Walkers ( not related) and Vallance..
  • 6.Hannah Walker born 1813
  • 7.Daniel Walker born 1825 married Hannah Hall daughter of Gamalieil Hall Gamalieil and Job as above cousins both distant kin to my wife and my family
  • 8.Edith Walker born 1819 married William Walthall of Cromford Spar Turner working for Samuel Walker at Museum Parade Matlock Bath
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