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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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John Parkin's prize in 1896. The Diary of Charles Darwin "During the Voyage of HMS Beagle Round the World" published 1894. With 500 pages, its an exciting read for a smart 15 year old boy, with the world before him.

PARKIN family of Ithersay House, Idridghay

    Three generations of the Parkin family lived at Ithersay House between 1847 and 1895. John Parkin senior described himself as Estate agent, lawyer, Land Agent, Surveyor, owner occupier, and valuer, John Robert Parkin junior as Estate agent and architect. More details of Ithersay House can be found elsewhere; eventually it was destroyed by a German Bomb in 1940. Occasionally items have surfaced that cast a light on the 50 years that the Parkin family lived at Ithersay House. Perhaps the most interesting is the sale-of-contents flyer. The words Peremptory Sale and Entire Contents make one wonder at the circumstances that forced the Sale immediately after the death of John Robert Parkin in 1895. Watch this space.

    Ithersay House about 1910

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John Parkin and his son John Robert Parkin lived at Ithersay House between about 1847 and 1895. Parkin senior described himself as Estate agent, lawyer, Land Agent, Surveyor, owner occupier, and valuer, Parkin junior as Estate agent and architect. This letter was posted to John Parkin senior in 1870.
See the Census for: 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891

 1822             1815
 John     1847    Mary Ann
 1880       |
           Robert   1874    Ada M
           1895       |
 |     |         |          |     |
1875  1877      1879       1881  1884
Mary  Winifred  Katherine  John  Francis

Flyer for the sale of contents of Ithersay House, Idridgehay in 1895, after the death of John Robert Parkin at the age of 45.



Three miles from Wirksworth and 10 from Derby on the Midland Branch Railway Duffield
to Wirksworth.


is instructed by the Trustee of the Estate of Mr J R PARKIN, to sell by Auction, upon the
Premises at Idridgehay aforesaid, on the

9th, 10th, 11th and 12th DECEMBER, 1895,

commencing each day at 10.30 punctually, the Entire Contents of the said Residence,
abounding with articles of rarity, interest, and value. High-class antique and modern


the library of about


contains many of the best county and local histories relating to Buckingham, Cornwall, Chester,
Devon, Derby, Hertford, Lancashire, Monmouth, Northumberland, Nottingham, Rutland, Staffordshire,
Surrey, Suffolk, Yorkshire, and other counties; scarce works on Heraldry, Genealogy,
Natural History, and Biography; set of British Novels, Scott's Novels, Shakespeare's Works,
set of "Punch", "Reliquary", Badminton Library, First Editions of Dicken's Works; Works
Illustrated by Cruikshank, Leech and others; History of Orders of Knighthood. Books of Prints,
MSS, vols Grose's "Antiquities", forming one of the best libraries offered in Derbyshire for
a long period; a small collection of

Carved Oak and Armour

Guns, Golfing Irons; fine Grandfather Clocks in Mahogany and marquetrie cases; Clocks and
Timepieces, Mahogany Secretaires, Mahogany Bookcases,

Ebonised and Ormolu Walnut and other Cabinets

Coin Cabinets


Mahogany Kneehole Writing Table. Oak Framed Dining Room Suite, Telescopic Dining Table,
Sideboard with Plate Glass Back. Brass and other Fenders and Fireirons, Worcester, Derby,
Sevres, Oriental and other china; Louis Philippe Service, mirrors in rosewood and gilt frames;
Marquetrie, Rosewood, Ebonised and other Writing and Occasional Tables;



a beautiful TIMEPIECE (Louis XIV period) and BRACKET; a collection of


By and after Hobbema, Wright RA (Derby), Bott,RA, Angelica Kauffman, Stothard
Cipriano, Bartolozzi, Cousins, and other artists. A fine set of 80 HISTORICAL PORTRAITS
AFTER HOLBEIN. Hall Table, plush curtains and rods, Engravings of County Gentlemen,
very choice Candelabra in ormolu and bronze, with Timepiece to same; a few Bronzes, and other
choice lots. The Bedrooms are replete with Mahogany, Brass, and other BEDSTEADS,
with Woven, Spring and Hair Mattresses to same. OAK, MAHOGANY, and other WARD-
ROBES, with PLATE GLASS DOORS, Cheval Glasses, Toilet Glasses, and Services.
Mahogany, Walnut, and other Chests of Drawers, Toilet tables, Washstands &c; quantity
of Electro-Plate Cutlery, Glass, Kitchen and Culinary Requisites and Fittings. The Outdoor
Effects embrace Garden Tools and arbour. Metal Garden Rollers, Iron hurdles, Metal and wood
Laundering (new), Lathe, Joiner's Bench and Tools, Building Stone,




and a vast multiplicity of other Effects
The Effects will be on View on Friday and Saturday preceeding the Sale, on production of
a catalogue, between the hours of 10 and 4 o'clock

Two oil paintings by Joseph Wright of Derby for auction

Ithersay House, Idridgehay, where John Parkin was born in 1881. The House was destroyed in 1941 by a German bomb.

Cover to John Parkin snr posted 16 Dec 1870.

Census entries of the PARKIN family

    1891 Census #26---Ithersay House---[Idridgehay]--- Id25a John R PARKIN Head M 40 M Estate agent,archit. Idridgehay Architect Id25b Ada M PARKIN Wife M 40 F Buxton Id25c Mary C PARKIN Dau S 16 F Scholar Wirksworth Id25d Winifred E PARKIN Dau S 14 F Scholar Wirksworth Id25e Katherine M PARKIN Dau 12 F Scholar Wirksworth Id25f John PARKIN Son 10 M Scholar Wirksworth Id25g Francis G PARKIN Son 7 M Scholar Idridgehay Id25h Ada B JOHNSON Govern S 24 F Governess Southam WAR Id25i Katherine EVETTS Servant S 26 F Housemaid dom Serv Southam WAR Id25j Mary C GREGG Servant S 22 F Maid dom servant Oakham RUT Id25k Ethel M EVETTS Servant S 17 F Cook dom servant Southam WAR 1881 Census #39---Ithersay House---[Idridghay]---(RG11-3420-9-p8) Id38a Mary Ann PARKIN Head W 66 F Landowner Worksop NTT Id38b Mary C. PARKIN Gdau 6 F Scholar Wirksworth Id38c Winifred E. PARKIN Gdau 4 F Scholar Wirksworth Id38d Katherine M PARKIN Gdau 2 F Wirksworth Id38e John PARKIN Gson 7m M Wirksworth Id38f Georgiana GALLIMORE Servant U 36 F Servant housemaid Ashby Zouch LEI Id38g Elizabeth HARDWICK Servant U 35 F Servant cook Wirksworth Id38h Harriet ALLCOCK Servant U 22 F Nurse servant Turnditch Id38i Elizabeth A YATES Servant U 16 F Underhousemaid serv Cheltenham GLS 1871 Census #9-------[Idridgehay]---(page 3,ED 9, RSD "Wirksworth",RG10/3595)--- Id09a John PARKIN Head M 49 M Land agent,valuer, Tickhill YKS Surveyer, owner,occupier empl 1 man,1 boy Id09b Mary A PARKIN Wife M 56 F Worksop NTT Id09c John Robert PARKIN Son U 20 M Pupil to his father Idridgehay Id09d Elizabeth HARDWICK Servant U 25 F Cook,dom servant Wirksworth Id09e Georgiana GALLIMORE Servant U 26 F Housemaid,dom servt Hulland Ward 1861 Census #20-------[Idridgehay]--- Id20a John PARKIN Head M 39 M Estate Agent,Lawyer Tickhill YKS Emp 3 clerks,1 pupil Id20b Mary A PARKIN Wife M 46 F Worksop NTT Id20c Dorothy ELSE Servant U 24 F House servant Wirksworth Id20d Elizabeth FOULK Servant U 16 F House servant Matlock 1851 Census #031---Ideridgehay---[Idridghay]--- Id31a John PARKIN Head M 29 M Land Agent Valuer & Tickhill YKS Surveyor Id31b Mary Ann PARKIN Wife M 36 F Worksop NTT Id31c John Robert PARKIN Son 8m M Ideridgehay Id31d Sarah WHEELDON Servant U 21 F House servant Wirksworth Id31e Emma BEESTON Servant U 13 F Ideridgehay

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