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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 537


Unposted. Rear of Brassington Hall, taken about 1908.

Enlargement. A young lad about 13 standing next to the back door of Brassington Hall. Probably this is Thomas K.Breakell, born 1895, who was living there in 1901, "built a small plane in a field at the frontage of Brassington Hall" and gave his address as Brassington Hall when in the Flying Corps about 1914. If so, the photo was taken about 1908, which agrees with the fashion of his clothing. He was the son of Thomas Breakell, a mining engineer and Mary Elizabeth Knowles (daughter of John Knowles and Emma Webster, both from Brassington families).

Brassington Hall

Brassington Hall lies on the North side of Well Street, and was built during the 1600s.

Several families have lived there during Census times:
1841 Charlton, 1851 Charlton, 1861 Watson, 1871 Buxton, 1881 Buxton,
1891 Knowles and 1901 Breakell.
Thomas Breakell was the son-in-Law of Emma Knowles

A long and complicated case ran around 1860 in Court Chancery, see:
The Report of a Cause "Brassington Hall Estate"
Vice Chancellor KINDERSLEYs Court Chancery.
The question was whether William CHARLTON had by his Will exercised the powers given him by a declaration of trust accompanying his deed of Feoffment and also whether certain parties interested under both were put to their election.

The photo shows a boy about 13 years old in the back garden. The boy is probably Thomas K Breakell, who received a postcard from his father in Russia in 1904 and later joined the early RAF in 1914.

Photo taken:c1908

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