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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Arbitration Bond, 9 May 1832.

A Wirksworth draper owes his elder brother, farming in Hopton, £500 for back rent on Land. The disagreement reaches the Courts at Westminster. Then the draper signs a bond in 1832 agreeing to be held by the decision of another Wirksworth draper as an arbitrator.

An arbitration bond dated 9th May 1832 between Samuel Hall of Wirksworth, Derby (mercer & draper) and Thomas Hall of Hopton, Derby (farmer). It relates to a dispute which had reached His Majestys Court of Kings Bench at Westminster and is an agreement to end the action. Robert Eaton Blackwall of Wirksworth (mercer & draper) is acting as a go-between. It has been signed by Samuel Hall, Thomas Brealey and George Sands. It is on "Gilling & Allford 1826" watermarked paper. Has been folded. Also see Hall tree and emails

    KNOW ALL THEN by these Presents That I Samuel Hall of Wirksworth in the County Derby Mercer and Draper am

    held and firmly bound to Thomas Hall of Hopton in the said County of Derby Farmer in the penal sum of Five hundred pounds

    of Good and lawful Money of Great Britain To be paid to the said Thomas Hall or his certain Attorney Executors Administrators or Assigns for the true Payment whereof I bind myself my

    Heirs Executors and Administrators and every of them firmly by these Presents Sealed with my Seal Dated this Ninth day of May in the Second Year of the Reign of our Soverign Lord William the fourth by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c and in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and thirty two.

    WHEREAS certain differences and disputes have arisen and are now depending between the above named Thomas Hall and the above bounden Samuel Hall touching the settlement of account relating to the Rent of Lands held by the said Thomas Hall from the said Samuel Hall and to divers dealings and money transactions between them and the said Samuel Hall hath lately commenced an action against the said Thomas Hall in His Majestys Court of Kings Bench at Westminster for the recovery of the balance of such accounts

    AND WHEREAS for the ending of such action and adjusting every matter and dispute in difference between the said parties in relation thereto it has been mutually agreed between them to refer the same to the final arbitration and determination of Robert Eaton Blackworth of Wirksworth aforesaid Mercer and Draper a person who is to consider himself indifferently chosen by and between the said parties to finally adjust settle and determine all the said matters in dispute between the said parties

    NOW THE CONDITION of this obligation is such that if the above binden Samuel Hall his heirs executors and administrators and every of them shall and do for and on his and their parts in all things stand to obey abide by perform fulfil and help the award arbitrament order determination and judgment which shall be by him the said Robert Eaton Blackwall made touching and concerning the said matters in difference by these presents to him submitted so as such award arbitrament determination and judgment of the said Robert Eaton Blackwall be by him made in writing under his hand and seal ready to be delivered to the said Parties in difference within one month next ensuing the date hereof then this obligation shall be void and of none effect otherwise the same shall remain in full force and virtue

    AND the said Samuel Hall doth also consent and agree that the respective Witnesses as well of him the said Samuel Hall as of the said Thomas Hall shall be examined on oath by the said referee for the ending and determining the said premises touching the matters in difference between the said Parties

    AND the said Samuel Hall doth agree and submit to attend the said Arbitrator and to be examined upon oath relative to the matters in dispute for the settlement of which the said action is brought and also to produce unto the said arbitrator all receipts books accounts papers and evidences in his custody when thereunto required under the hand of the said arbitrator and in default thereof the said arbitrator shall determine exparte or otherwise at his discretion

    AND the said Samuel Hall doth likewise concur and agree that the costs charges and expenses as well of preparing and executing these presents as of the reference hereby intended to be made and of all costs charges and expences incidental or relating thereto and likewise the costs and charges of the said action and of defending the same shall be in the discretion of the said referee who shall in his award or umpirage direct by which of the said parties hereto or in what proportion between the said parties the same shall be home and when paid

    AND the said Samuel Hall doth further consent and agree that this submission to the award above mentioned shall be made a rule of his Majestys Court of Kings Bench at Westminster persuant to the statute in that case made and provided and that no action or suit at Law or in equity shall be commenced or prosecuted against the said arbitrator concerning his award after the same shall have been so made as aforesaid nor to impeach or disturb the said award unless some collusion or other fraud be discovered or appear therein

    SIGNED sealed and delivered by the
    above named Samuel Hall being first
    duly stamped in the presence of
    Samuel Hall

    Thomas Brealey

    George Sands

HALL family

                        1741           1753
                        Stephen 1782   Ruth
                        1815     |     1830
                             |       |       |        |    |         |
                            1787    1783    1784     1789 1791      1793
                            Samuel  Thomas  Stephen  Mary Nathaniel Margaret
                             |       |
                             |       |
            1806            1787    1783           1790
            Catherine 1826  Samuel  Thomas 1813    Elizabeth
            WAGER=====v=====HALL    HALL=====v=====HARRIS
                      |     1854    1860     |     1830
                      |                      |
                      |                      |
 |-------|------|-----|---|-------|       |--|---|----|----|-------|------|-------|-----|-----|
 |       |      |         |       |       |      |    |    |       |      |       |     |     |
1827    1829   1830      1835    1837    1814   1815 1816 1819    1820   1823    1825  1827  1829
Charles Jasper Elizabeth Bagshaw William Thomas John Mary William Samuel Barbara Fanny Henry Jane

Census references: 1851a, 1851b and 1881.

Emails on the subject

    Stuart Flint writes:
    The following may help

    Children of Thomas and Elizabeth Hall Thomas son of Stephen and Ruth Hall nee Henstock (Stephens 2nd wife his first wife being a Taylor of Lea Hall Farm Bradbourne although the farm is actually nearer Tissington on the village side of Bradbourne Brook.. A friend of mine, dare I say it, his Aunt distantly related to my wife and myself, owns the farm today although he lives in an adjoining cottage on the land which I have visited many times )

    John Stephen Hall born 1816 married Mary Anne Charlton of Brassington Hall daughter of William and Sarah Charlton (you will recognise the name as he was involved with the Hall Fox Charlton court case which you have on your site. John and Mary Anne Hall lived at Godfrey Hole where John S Hall was a Road Surveyor and Land Agent Their daughters were Georgina Hall and Elizabeth Hall one of their servants was Millicent Sheldon of my mothers Bonsall family of Sheldon whilst my wife's Grandforebare Hall family (in the time of Stephen Hall of similar blood line) when Breakells lived at Brassington Hall late 1890s into the 1900s were Butler and Housekeepers for Breakells.. One of my wife's Hall family members lives a few yards from Brassington Hall today..I often visited The Hall in recent years as a friend of my family lived there his family owning Browns Foundry at Derby) Barbara Hall 1824 married Caleb Moore of Middleton Farmer son of Caleb Moore Coal Merchant .. Moores lived at The Hall Middleton Two sisters of this family lived in a part of Hall House The Hall in my youth..One of the sisters was a music teacher..my wife had lessons with her the adjoining part of Hall House was where Slacks of my wife's allied kin lived..Somewhere in the vicinity of Hall House in a field are the remains of the foundation of The Hall built by Wigleys who married into Gells and then lived at Wigwell Grange I believe.. I am presently making enquires from certain official bodies about this as I am interested in preserving old historic sites at Middleton before the developers move in and ruin the foundations.. that is if they are still to be found.. Elizabeth Hall obt in infancy
    Thomas Hall born 1814
    Mary Hall
    Fanny Hall born 1825

    Children of Samuel and Catherine Hall nee Wager

    Jasper Wager Hall born 1829
    Bagshaw Hall obt in infancy
    Elizabeth Hall born 1830
    William Lees Hall married Mary ....Drapers Wirksworth Old Market Place had a son Jasper Longdon Hall 1872 I believe it was his son who was a friend of my father..

    Regards Stuart G Flint
    Stuart Flint writes:
    At the further risk of being told that I must be related to most of the families of Wirksworth and District Samuel and Thomas Hall are of my allied kin and of my wife

    Samuel and Thomas were sons of Stephen and Ruth Hall nee Henstock Ruth sister to Mary Henstock my 4XGrandmother (married William Hawley of Matlock /Middleton) Stephen Hall was son of Thomas and Mary Hall nee Bagshaw sister to Stephen Bagshaw Chief Barmaster Soke & Wapentake of Wirksworth

    Samuel Hall married Catherine Wager daughter of Jasper Wager Jasper born at Great Longstone. Wagers owned a Gents Outfitters in Wirksworth. An heir of the Wager family in the early 1930s was I believe a friend of my father Harry Flint who also had a Drapery Shop at Wirksworth

    Thomas Hall of Hopton married Elizabeth Harris of Throwley Hall near Ilam now a ruin not far from Casterne Hall the home of the present Hurt family (Charles Hurt) I have contacted the Hurts of Casterne to enquire about my family of Cauldwell who worked for the Hurts at Alderwasley Hall.. Nathaniel Cauldwell (sometimes spelt Caldwell) my Gr Gr Grandfather was Head Forester to Francis and Elizabeth Hurt nee Arkwright of Alderwasley Hall

    Other sibling kin of Samuel and Thomas were .. Mary Hall married Thomas Tomlinson Ironmonger and Druggist Nether Street (became St John Street) Their son William Tomlinson gave the steel spade which was used by Agnes Price-Wood daughter of Rev Nathan Hubbersty to dig out the first sod on The Wirksworth to Duffield Railway line 1859 approx my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker Master Stonemason / Building Contractor having a contract to build property on the line and I believe having laid the drains alongside the line.. George Frost Joiner gave the barrow which was used in the ceremony his son playing cricket for Derbyshire with my kinsman Joseph Flint. Margaret Hall married William Lees of Bakewell Stephen Hall born 1784 died unwed at age 47 years Nathaniel Hall of Stainsboro Hall near Callow (actually nearer Hopton) married Susanah Bradley alias Barker of Matlock he then becoming a Mercer in The City of London

    Footnote William and Mary Hawley nee Henstock had a daughter Mary who married John Killer they my 3XGrandparents John and Mary had a daughter Mary 1808 who married Samuel Flint 1830 they my Gr Gr Grandparents Mary Flint nee Killer's brother William Killer married 1st wife Mary Willans from Brinksway twixt Cheadle and Stockport 2nd wife Anna Brownson daughter of my Gr Gr Uncle and Aunt John and Elizabeth Brownson nee Walker Elizabeth sister to my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker aforementioned Building Contractor.. William and Mary Willans son was Adam Killer who married Anne Spencer which ties in with my previous e mail concerning Harold Killer and Edith Coulthread ..

    RegardsStuart G Flint

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