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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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The Miner's Arms today.

A plaque from the old Moot Hall, Wirksworth,
built 1773, demolished 1814, salvaged and
re-used in new Moot Hall 1814. Tools shown
include trough, pick, basket and black powder.

Miner's Arms, Brassington.

The Miner's Arms is recorded in 1771, and is mentioned in 1747. The Barmote Court met here to regulate the customs of the lead mining industry, having 24 jurors and run by the Barmaster and a steward. Also the Manor Court and the Oddfellows Society met here.

Thomas Slack was licensee from 1808 until his death in 1860. William Watson was then Innkeeper in 1861 and Joshua Slack (Thomas Slack's grandson) in 1871, Francis Fearn in 1881, John Mycock in 1891 and Alfred Charlton in 1901.

The Inn sign today is painted directly from one of the plaques on the side of the Moot Hall in Wirksworth. This plaque was carved for the Old Moot Hall in 1773, and in 1814 rescued and transferred to the New Moot Hall, where it resides today.

There is a more detailed description of the Miner's Arms history on the Brassington website.

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