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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 554


James Hindle was 66 in 1900, this may be him in the doorway.
His son Robert was 26 years younger, could that be him with the horse?

A view inside the chemist's shop with all the medicines neatly arranged in bottles on the shelves. Only the front portion of the shop was used for the pharmacy. The glass-fronted displays on the counter contained ointments and pills and a chair was provided for the convenience of customers. The placard on the counter was advertising Bismuthated Magnesia for aiding digestion.
Could the young man be Robert Hindle, born 1860?

A mysterious "Mr Hall" made reference to the chemist's shop in a list of patent medicines. The only HALL family associated with Market Place around 1850 and before that the author could find is shown here.

                   HALL family

              1741           1753
Grocer &      Stephen 1782   Ruth
Tea dealer    HALL=====v=====HENSTOCK
1821,1827     1831     |     1830
 |       |        |       |     |          |
1783    1784     1787    1789  1791       1793
Thomas  Stephen  Samuel  Mary  Nathaniel  Margaret
                 1787           1802
Linen &          Samuel 1826    Catherine
woolen draper    HALL=====v=====WAGER
1821,27,35,46    1854     |     1882
 |        |       |          |        |
1827     1829    1830       1835     1837
Charles  Jasper  Elizabeth  Bagshaw  William

The chemist's shop was 100 years old before James Hindle moved from Lancashire shortly after his marriage and acquired it. James and his son Robert ran the shop for 80 years. The Payne family then ran it for another 70 years to the present.

                    HINDLE family

          Haslingden LAN        Prescot LAN
               1835    Prescot  1833
               James    1858    Margaret
               1903       |     1889
 |      |      |      |      |        |     |
1859   1860   1863   1864   1866     1869  1870
Edward Robert Hubert Norman Margaret Fanny Maurice  
       1937    |                     1949
              Hubert   1889    Emily H
                         |     1897
                 |                |
                1891             1896
                Charles          Alice

  children all born in Wirksworth

Chemist in the Market Place.

B Payne & Son Ltd write
One of the earliest references to a chemist at 24 Market Place, Wirksworth was in a list of patent medicines published in 1850 by the proprietor, a Mr Hall, which made reference to the date 1756. The double bow-fronted windows are believed to be the 1756 originals. Subsequently the Chemist was owned by James Hindle (pictured in the doorway) followed by his son Robert Hindle. The business was acquired by Benjamin Payne in 1935 and became B Payne & Son Ltd in 1962

From the photographs you can see that little has changed over 100 years. Inside, although manure is no longer sold, many agricultural and veterinary products are still avaiable, including grass seed in one acre bags. Unusually for a chemist, a wide range of herbs and spices is available, as are wine and beer making supplies. Sadly the historic patent medicines list was stolen in a robbery in the early 1980's.

The chemist's shop nestles between the larger Bank on the left and the smaller private residence on the right, and looks across at the Market Place.

Taken about 1925, the chemist's is on the far right.

The chemist looks across the road to the Hope and Anchor Inn.

An amber screw top half pint mineral water or ginger beer bottle, inscribed "The Coldwell Mineral Water Company Wirksworth". The company is believed to have been started by Joseph Webster around 1890. The company is probably named after Coldwell Street in Wirksworth, location of old mineral springs since destroyed by the draining of the lead mines.

In the centre of the wording is a monogram "H H". This is named after Hubert Hindle, one of the later proprietors of the company, and probably dates from around 1895.

Hubert Hindle was the brother of Robert Hindle, who with their father James ran the Chemist's shop at 24 Market Place in Wirksworth for many years.

See the HINDLE tree opposite, and the following Census references:
1901, 1891, 1881, 1871 and 1861
Also see the HINDLE memorials in Wirksworth cemetery at QA167 and QC081
Records about the Coldwell Mineral Water Company, Wirksworth are held at the DRO, Matlock covering the years 1895-1932.

R.G.Hindle's corked bottle with his "reliable cold and influenza mixture" (Chemist and druggist diary 1906). There are handy table spoon measures marked on the back of the bottle. Quoted doses are: "adults two table spoonfulls to be taken three times a day, children 10-16 one table spoonfull, 5 to 10 year olds a desert spoonfull in a little water." I wonder if it worked in the 1918 flu pandemic?

Label from a ginger ale bottle
made by Coldwell Mineral Water Co.

Coldwell Mineral Water Co Ltd Wirksworth Stoneware Ginger Beer stoneware bottle, 17.5cm high and 6.5cm at the widest diameter. Hand thrown stoneware bottle, finished in typical tan and cream finish and transfer decorated with the company trade mark.

Photo taken:
Source:David Wardman

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Stuart Flint writes:
On viewing your Hindle Photograph no 554 where you mention Stephen Hall as a Grocer and Tea Merchant..born 1741 he was my 5XUncle ..It was not this Stephen but his son Stephen who was the Grocer and Tea merchant his brother Samuel having married Catherine Wager Samuel being a Draper at the shop my father owned as a Drapery and Gents Outfitters in the 1930s

Stephen Hall born 1741 died 1815 aged 73 years married 1st wife Mary Taylor of Lea Hall Farm Bradbourne 29th October 1772 she daughter of George Taylor.. Others who lived / live at Lea Hall Farm Bradbourne (actually on the Tissington side of Bradbourne Brook) were the Buxtons of Bradbourne The Dales and then Taylors My wifes 6XGrandfather Zacharia Hall was born there kin at a distance of Stephen Hall.. Zacharia marrying into the Ward family of Kirk Irteon and removing to Callow Carr Farm Callow Callow Carr Farm next door to where my wife's 2nd cousin's family of Butler and Rowlands live at Callow Hall Farm today

Lea Hall Farm is owned today the Naylor family one time owned by Isabella and her husband now by their son.. Isabella Naylor nee Harrison .deceased was Grandaughter of Joseph Harrison one time Water Bailiff at Middleton who wrote the poem about Middleton lads going into W.W.1 Her family are allied kin to my wife by Butlers Halls and Spencer Betty, still living, (Isabella's sister) worked for my father in his shop in her younger days before marriage and often looked after me when I was a child ..As she reminds me she has seen me in my birthday suit .. whilst another sister married into the Spencer family of Brass Band fame in Middleton her husband and myself co founders of The Dalesmen Male Voice Choir at Mount Zion Methodist Church in 1987, Betty and Isabella's sister Julia Marchington deceased also worked for my mother at our shop in the 1960s early 70s up to my mother selling up and becoming an auxillary Nurse at Wirksworth Maternity Hospital ..My sister a trained nurse at Derbyshire Royal Infirmary also a nurse up to marriage at Wirksworth Maternity

Stephen Hall married as his 2nd wife Ruth Henstock in 1782 she sister to my 4XGrandmother Mary Henstock of Slaley Hall Bonsall who married William Hawley William and Mary's daughter Mary married John Killer they my 3XGrandparents John and Mary's daughter Mary Killer born 1808 married Samuel Flint 1830 they my Gr Gr Grandparents Mary sister to William Killer who founded Killers Quarry Middleton passing it on to his sons Adam William Joseph and John known as Killer Bros Hopton Wood Stone William Killers 1st wife was Mary Willans from Brinksway near Stockport whose daughter Anne married into my wifes Fox family and then into my sister in law Jennifer Flint nee Farnsworths family of Batterley .. Williams 2nd wife on Mary nee Willans demise was Anna Brownson daughter of my 2XUncle and Aunt John and Elizabeth Brownson nee Walker Elizabeth sister of my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker whose sons built Mount Zion Methodist Church my Grandfather John the Foreman Joiner / Carpenter

Stephen Halls father and mother were Thomas and Mary Hall nee Bagshaw Mary Daughter of Stephen Bagshaw Chief Barmaster Wirksworth Soke & Wapentake early 1700s Stephen Halls fore bare William Hall was my wifes Grand fore bare Stephen was known as a Gentleman Farmer and Land /Mine owner I have record of him being a friend of the Brittlebank family Solictors of Winster who having some land for sale Stephen did the deal..I have part of a conveyance agreement between William Brittlebank and Stephen Hall Brittlebank having had to escape justice fleeing abroad when he fought a dual at Winster resulting in the death of his adversary Dr Cuddy of Winster the village G.P. who was getting over friendly with Brittlebanks sister .. one of my Flint kinsmen being the Doctor of Wensley (born at Uttoxetor) who attended to the aftermath of the dual... Brittlebanks are of my distant kin via my Hoades Spencer Flint and Macbeth family ..Macbeths being Solicitors at Wirksworth

Stephen and Ruth were parents of Stephen Hall who remained single he the Grocer and Merchant mentioned in your photgraph ..Strange as it will seem My father Harry S Flint born 1894 who lived with his mother on The Alley Middleton took over the shop below the house which was on Main Street (directly opposite Main Street Wesleyan Methodist Church ) where before Dad took over belonged to Benjamin Payne who already had the shop in Market Place Wirksworth .. the shop a Chemists owned before Paynes by the Leatherland family . Dad changed the use to a Fancy Goods Confectionary and Tobaconist in the late 1920s and in the same period opened a Grocery and Provisions Store at Central Stores Middleton previously owned by Walter Gregson Dad having trained at Hunters of Wirksworth becoming a Master Grocer under the watchful eye and management of Mr Alan Pearson Fields I have Dads Indenture Papers in my keep signed by Mr Fields ..In 1948 my father along with Benjamin Payne Chemist John Hall Station Master Wirksworth Rafe Blackwall Quarry Manager (of the Blackwall family of the village of that name ) Victor Stirland Bank Manager National Westminster Bank Samuel Livingstone (Draper who took over my fathers shop at Wirksworth he of my kin via Bothams and Doxey) and Mr Milner Insurance Agency Manager .. were the founding members of Wirksworth Rotary Club

Regards Stuart G Flint

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