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Queen Victoria's Jubilee at Wirksworth 1887

03 Wirksworth, St John Street, 1887. Celebrational Arch for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee on 20 June 1887. The arch reads: "Victoria Queen", "Ich Dien" and probably "1837-1887"

07 Wirksworth, North End 1887. Celebrational Arch for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee on 20 June 1887. The arch reads: "Our God and Queen and Country" and "Ich Dien"

Program of Festivities for the Jubilee of Queen Victoria held at Wirksworth 21 June 1887.


6 a.m.- Peal of Bells
7.0 to- The Wirksworth United Brass Band and the Annesley 
9.45    Band will play the National Anthem and selections of
        music in the Market Place and other parts of the Town.
9.45-   Persons intending to join in the Procession to Church
        will assemble between the corner of North End and the
        Town Hall.
10.0-   The Procession to Church will be in the following order:
             1.- The Wirksworth United Brass Band.
             2.- The Local Board and Public Officers.
             3.- The Sunday School Teachers.
             4.- The Annesley Brass Band.
             5.- The Friendly Societies, viz.-
               (a) Lodge of Liberty.
               (b) King's Lodge.
               (c) Forget-me-not.
               (d) Star of Wirksworth.
             6.- The Tradesmen and Town's People.
        The Procession will start from the Town Hall and walk to Church
        being met at the Lich Gates by the Clergy and Choir. The Choir
        will sing Hymn 212 as a Processional.
10.30-  DIVINE SERVICE. At the close, the National Anthem
             with additional verses, specially written for the
             Jubilee, will be sung; the Organ being reinforced
             by the Wirksworth United Brass Band.
             The Church doors will not be opened before 10.30 am
11.30.- The Procession will return to the Market Place, and
             proceed along Coldwell Street and North End.
12.15.- Holders of Dinner Tickets will assemble at the
        Town Hall or Auction Room as may be named on
        their tickets.
12.30-  Dinner.
1.15.-  The Queen's health will be proposed at each place.
2.30.-  The Children and Teachers of the Church Sunday
        Schools will start from the National School proceeded
        by the Annesley Brass Band, and will be joined
        en route by the Children of the other Schools. 
        as follows:
               (a) Church Sunday School.
               (b) Congrgational Sunday School.
               (c) Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School.
               (d) Baptist Sunday School.
               (e) Primitive Methodist Sunday School.
               (f) United Metodist Free Church Sunday School.
               (g) Children attending no Sunday School.
                     And march to the Market Place. The Clubs
                     and other bodies intending to take part in the
                     Procession to the Recreation Ground will assemble
                     in Church Street and Coldwell Street, and walk,
                     headed by the Wirksworth United Brass Band, to
                     the Market Place after the Children. Children
                     not belonging to any Sunday School will assemble
                     in the Town Hall and fall in in the rear of the
3.-     A Congratulatory Address to her Majesty will be moved by
                     Mr Wheatcroft and seconded by Dr Webb.
                     The National Anthem will be sung by the Children
                     in the Market Place.
3.15-   The procession will start from the Market Place in the
                     following order:
        1.- The Annesley Brass Band.
        2.- The Trustees of the Recreation Ground.
        3.- The Members of the Local Board and Town Officers.
        4.- The friendly Societies 
             (in the same order as in the morning, a to d).
        5.- The wirksworth Brass Band.
        6.- The Sunday Schools (in same order as before, a to g)
3.45-   On arriving at the Ground, the Procession will form up
                     in a hollow square, and the Chairman of the Local
                     Board will deliver a short Address, and plant a
                     Jubilee Tree.
4.15-   Tea, first relay.
5.-     Tea, second relay.
5 to 8.-Athletic Sports and Children' Amusements.
10.-    First Rocket and Lighting of Fire on Alport Heights.

The Brass Bands will play selections of Music, and the Church
        Bells ring, at intervals throughout the day.

                   By order,

                    W. SEALY FISHER.
                         Master of Ceremonies.

In 1887, the United Kingdom and the British Empire celebrated Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. Victoria marked 20 June 1887 'the fiftieth anniversary of her accession' with a banquet, to which fifty European kings and princes were invited. In 1897, Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee and sixtieth anniversary of accession.

The Program of Festivities in 1887 in Wirksworth began with a Peal of Bells from the Church at 6 in the morning, and finished at midnight with singing of God Save the Queen after 2 hours of fireworks on Alport Heights. Two Brass Bands playing at 7am ensured no-one stayed late in bed.

Dinner in the Town Hall began at 12.30 for "300 old and poor men and women of Wirksworth" and the Loyal Toast was proposed at 1.15pm.

J.McBreesy, A.Hatfield, "His father", Mr Tate.

David Wardman writes:
The Wirksworth Recreation Ground Trust which manages the Recreation Ground dates from Her Majesty's Jubilee of 1887. The ground was donated by Mr Alfred Arkwright, and the original Trustees were Frederic Charles Arkwright, Henry Alfred Hubbersty, Anthony Maclean Alsop, Henry Beesley and William Webb M.D. The minutes of the first meeting of the Trustees held on 23 February 1887 record acceptance of a donation from Mr Joseph Wheatcroft of £200 towards the erection of a new pavilion. At a subsequent public meeting held in the Town Hall on 16 March 1887 it was agreed to appeal for donations to the fund for the cost of the pavilion and the cost of festivities to be held on 21 June 1887. The festivities were to include dinner for "300 old and poor men and women of Wirksworth" and tea for "children numbering about 1,000". The Programme clearly shows a full day of activities.

In all of the printed documents produced by the Trustees concerning the Jubilee, the monarch is only referred to as "Her Majesty" or "The Queen". However in the "Form of Thanksgiving and Prayer" to be used by all "Churches and Chapels in England and Wales and in the Town of Berwick-upon-Tweed" the monarch is mentioned by name.

Apparently she was called Victoria.

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Source:David Wardman

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