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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 569


Poster published 1903.

Overhouse Farm, Biggin.

Overhouse Farm, Dog Lane, Hulland Ward, was occupied by John Steeples when it was put up for Auction on 7 March 1903. The Farm stands at OS ref: 246-483, 1 mile North of Hulland, and 1 mile West of Biggin, near to Four Lane Ends.


                         HULLAND & BIGGIN
                       Mr HERBERT S.YEOMANS
      Will offer by Auction, at the Green Man Hotel, Ashbourne,
                      ON SATURDAY, MAR 7, 1903
At Three o'clock in the afternoon prompt, subject to Conditions of sale
employing the common-form conditions of the Derby Law Society ALL THAT
                     FARM called "OVER-HOUSE"
With the Yard, Gardens, suitable outbuildings, and the excellent Fields
of Meadow and Pasture Land, situate in a ring fence, in the township of
Hulland and Biggin, Derbyshire, in the occupation of Mr John Steeples,
and containing by tithe apportionment Survey
                 24 ACRES, 2 ROODS, 27 PERCHES, viz:
                           IN HULLAND.
No.on Plan   Description      Quantity   No.on Plan Description Quantity
25     Homestead,Yard,Gardens,
                and Buildings 0  1  14   28  Thorn Tree Close  3  1  18
26     Croft                  2  0  18   29  Bean Close        3  0  24
27     Barn Leys              3  2  27   30  Dog Lane Close    3  0  38
                           IN BIGGIN
40     Ferneyhough Close      3  1  0    41  Ferneyhough Close 5  2  8
The buildings are in good repair, the land is well cultivated, and the
property forms a desireable investment.
The property is Copyhold of the Duffield Fee.
To see Plan, and for further particulars, apply to AUCTIONEER, Holloway
House, Matlock Bath: HENY & HENY, Solicitors, Matlock Bridge; or to
                           ALFRED HENY,
                                   SOLICITOR, 4, Market Place, Derby

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