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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 573


Lectern 1910.

    The lectern was built about 1910 and is made of Solid Pitch Pine. It has been restored with hand-carved new top and feet, measures 44 inches high and 32 inches wide, and still retains the Original Brass Plaque, which commemorates the Simpson family of Middleton-by-Wirksworth.

    The church that held the Lectern is unknown, but research is ongoing. If anyone recognises it, please contact

    See the Restorer's website

    The restorer writes
    I am more than happy for you to put the lectern on the website. We bought it from an auction house in Matlock a few weeks ago, along with an altar rail. Like I said, it was in a poor state, with the top missing, and no feet, and with the plaque reversed, it gave us goosebumps when we found the dedication. Here is the information that Stuart sent me yesterday, which I am sure he will not mind me forwarding you,

    Stuart Flint writes:
    Yes Thomas and Hannah are of my kin via my own family of Killer and Adams and my wifes family of Slack / Evans..Joseph of your plaque being son of Thomas and Hannah ..The Lectern must have been dedicated in some local church I would think ..I will ask around my friends of church attendance if they know of where it was placed ..It would normally be at either a Congregational Church either at Glenorchy Chapel Matlock Bath (demolished in the 1950s to make way for road widening near Masson Mill..or Middleton Congregational Church where I was a member ..I know that my Adams family were Congregationalists and that Thomas Simpson at age 18 years lived with the Adams family as his mother (Robert Adams wife) had Thomas out of wedlock ... My father was a Deacon and Sunday School Superintendent at Middleton Congregational Church as I was up to incapacity I was baptised by Rev Smart the last Minister at Glenorchy Chapel before it was demolished (Glenorchy was built by Sir Richard Arkwright in the first instance part of the church one time being a house where Samuel Needs Arkwrights early day partner and manager at Masson Mill lived Lady Glenorchy purchased the church as an Independent Chapel her chosen Minister and Spiritual Mentor being Captain Rev Jonathan Scott its first Minister, he overseeing the building of Middleton Congregational Church in 1786... If I can find out where the lectern was in place post 1910 I will let you know and yes I would like to view it if you can tell me where you live..

          1833              1838
          Thomas    1857    Hannah
          1891        |     1897
       |          |       |     |       |
      1860       1864    1865  1868    1871
      Elizabeth  Edward  Adam  Joseph  Mary
                 1864                  Matilda   
      Thomas Simpson lived in Middleton and worked as a lead miner for 40 years.
      References in the Census to him are: 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891
      See also SIMPSON pedigree

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