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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 585


Hole(s) family of Riber.

James HOLE 1795-1860
Mary HOLE nee Hibbert 1802-?
George HOLES 1823-? in police uniform
Samuel HOLES 1826-?

1753  Ashover  1761
Samuel 1784    Amy
1826     |
     |      |
    1795   1798
    James  John
     |    Matlock   1802
    James   1822    Mary
    1860      |
 |       |       |
1823    1826    1829
George  Samuel  Sarah

Emigrated to USA in 1832

Todd Holes writes:
My name is Todd Holes and I have a few old photos you may be interested in for your website. They are attached.

James Hole, my GGG Grandfather. Son of Samuel Hole and Amy Clay. Born 10 Sep 1795 in Tansley, Derbyshire.
Mary (Hibbert) Hole, wife of James. Born 12 Apr 1802 in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire. Married to James Hole 16 Dec 1822 in Matlock at St. Giles Church.
George Hole, eldest son of James and Mary. Born 13 Feb 1823 at Riber Hall, Derbyshire.
Samuel Hole, my GG Grandfather. Born 22 Mar 1826 at Riber, Derbyshire.

James Hole, his wife Mary and sons George and Samuel emigrated to America in 1832, arriving in New York City on 9 July of that year.

They settled in Western New York and then moved briefly to the state of Pennsylvania around 1840. James and Mary had three more sons after arriving in America and sometime in the 1840's changed the family name to HOLES.

If you wish to have more detailed information on their lives I can supply it. I also have their death dates and places too.

The photos I have attached were all taken in the United States but they were all Derbyshire natives.

Best regards,

Todd Holes

P.S. Thank you for the fine work on your website. It is truly fascinating!

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