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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 588


Carole Powlson writes:
I wondered whether you would be interested in including this with the Wirksworth pictures under Middleton. As you can see it is a group of "young men" who took part in both Middleton and Cromford Carnivals and this photograph is taken at North Street, Cromford. I believe that the photographs was taken in the early 1950s. I can name a few of the "volunteers" and wonder if other people can name the rest. The ones I know are:
2nd from the [right] with the bowler hat and flag is Graham Millward.
Front Row 1st from the [right] my brother Terence Fearn (with drum)
and next to him Jeffery Allsop who now lives in Chicago.
Obviously it has been printed in reverse!! [I've corrected it]
Many thanks.
Carole Powlson (nee Fearn).

Middleton Volunteers, taken about 1950?


Stuart Flint writes:

Having viewed the photo re Middleton Volunteers, I have to say I am struggling to recognise anyone other than Graham Millward 2nd from right. The chap at the side of him 1st right may be Mr Hutchins and the youth next to Graham in the army uniform is Goeff Alsop my wifes cousin I believe the tall youth in the old fashioned uniform may be Peter Wilkinson and I recognise the fellow behind Graham Millward but cannot put a name to him..Others are familiar faces but I am finding difficulty in naming them..Graham Millward lives across the road from me but has recently been bereaved his wife having died of cancer..When I feel he is able to look at the photo I will take it on to him and I am sure he will put names to all Graham has been involved in the entertainment field from a teenager..In the 1950s he along with my brother John and Geoff Alsop and Barry Doxey formed the original Happy Wanderers giving concerts locally Graham then led The Glenorchy Glee Club he a member of what was Wirksworth Congregational Church now United Reform He has also compered at Miss Derbyshire Contests and is a Comedian who has entertined for as long as I can remember..He is my sister in law's relation..

In Old Photo's 557 Alderwasley Lodge Keepers the Martha Barnes who at age 50 was Lodge Keeper was sister to my 3XGrandfather Nathaniel Caldwell (you have a picture of Nathaniel stood in Shining Cliffe Woods with Francis Hurt Nathaniel a Woodsman) her maiden name being Caldwell She married William Barnes of Alderwasley he a Farm Labourer Nathaniel and Martha were children of my 4XGrandparents George and Martha Caldwell nee Heapey. George a Gamekeeper to the Hurt family Her other sibling kin were George Caldwell born 1796 married Elizabeth Brookes of Bolehill James Caldwell born 1800 married Elizabeth Holgate of Ashleyhay John Caldwell born 1794 married Sarah Dakin of Alderwasley 1823 William Caldwell born 1792 married Elizabeth Cross of Crich 1825 Elizabeth Caldwell born 1802 married George Smith 1823 he Uncle to James Smith of Carsington who married Hannah Land they my Gr Gr Grandparents whose daughter Sarah Smith married Thomas Caldwell son of Nathaniel Thomas and Sarah being my Grt Grandparents Thomas a Police Officer at Sheffield died in the line of duty aged 29 years at Sheffield Sarah his widow married my 3XUncle Robert Flint of Wigwell Nook Farm Sough Lane Wirksworth Moor Robert son of cousins John Flint he son of my 3XGrandparents John and Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge and Mary daughter of Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen (Robert and John my 3XGrandfather being brothers) Robert Flint along with his sons John Flint who married Mary Spencer of Middleton and William Allen Flint who married Elizabeth Slack daughter of my 4XUncle and Aunt Samuel and Sarah Slack nee Land Sarah sister to Hannah Land who married James Smith my Gr Gr Grandparents aformentioned became Mormons and in 1850 emigrated to Kaysville Utah

On August 9th 2008 I attended the Brough Organisation Family Reunion at Meerbrook nr Leek Staffordshire at the invitation of the President of The Brough Organisation Richard Clayton Brough of West Jordon Utah and Anne Hinds nee Brough of Ponteyfract Yorkshire

I met with heirs of my Flint family connexions with the Brough family

John Flint who married Mary Spencer (Mary is also of my wife's family) who went out to Kaysville Utah had a son John who married Martha Jane Brough born in the state of Utah to Thomas and Jane Brough nee Paterson of Longton Staffordshire.. I have been asked to assist in family research by the Brough family ..

As you will know one of your allied kin is Cynthia Doxey who I have been in contact with.. Others of my contacts are Paul Webster Spencer and Deana Flint of Kaysville Grandson of John and Martha Flint nee Brough.. he and his wife and I have been writing to one another for near ten years David Flint their son of Layton and Lou Jean Flint of Salt Lake City a Senior Librarian in the Family Search Unit who also serves on various State committees I also have contacts with The Sedgwick Organisation of U.S.A. who have interest on my Flint family and also in the Slack family

Sorry if this is a odd job mix of information

Regards Stuart G Flint






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