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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 591


Sgt Major William HOLMES.

Sgt Major William HOLMES Stirling Military Prison, Glasgow about 1907.

Sergeant William HOLMES

Thought to be the William Holmes of Bolehill, Wirksworth born to:

From Parish Register:
M 1879jan27 HOLMES William(Bolehill),Miner
            /LAND Mary ann(Bolehill),#405
            Fathers: Walter HOLMES,Miner/John LAND,Miner
            Witnesses: John LAND,Milly LAND
            Status: b,f/s,f

Shown in the Census:

For 1891:
#105---Bolehill---(4 rooms)---[Wirksworth]---
W680a  William HOLMES Head    M 35  M  Lead miner       Wirksworth
W680b  Mary A  HOLMES Wife    M 37  F                   Wirksworth
W680c  William HOLMES Son       9   M  Scholar          Wirksworth
W680d  John T  HOLMES Son       8   M  Scholar          Wirksworth
W680e  Bryce   HOLMES Son       5   M  Scholar          Wirksworth
W680f  James A HOLMES Brother S 28  M  Railway drayman  Wirksworth
W680g  George  HOLMES Brother S 25  M  Railway shunter  Wirksworth

For 1901:
#146---Bolehill, 21---(4 rooms)---[Wirksworth]---
(page 21,ED 5, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3234)---
W730a William  HOLMES Head M 45  M  Farmer          Wirksworth
W730b Mary Ann HOLMES Wife M 47  F                  Wirksworth
W730c William  HOLMES Son  S 19  M  Merchants clerk Wirksworth
W730d John T   HOLMES Son  S 18  M  Merchants clerk Wirksworth

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        Thomas   1813    Elizabeth
 |     |       |       |        |       |
1814  1821    1823    1823     1827    1828
John  George  Walter  William  Hannah  Mark
1814  1822     |      1829             1828
              Walter   1847    Anne
 |     |      |      |        |       |       |      |
1849  1854   1854   1856     1858    1860    1863   1866
Mary  Emily  Lydia  William  Mahala  Walter  James  George
Ann                  |                       Henry
                    William  1879    Mary Ann
                          |        |       |
                         1882     1883    1886
                         William  John T  Bryce 
                         (man on

Census references:
Thomas 1841 1851 1861 | Walter 1851 1861 1871 | William 1881 1891 1901

The mysterious Manuscript Book 1855 mentions people in this pedigree and
gives them 'character assessments':
1. Thomas & Elizabeth HOLMES Miner 3 32 F R O
    (Faithful, Respectable, Old, 3 children, oldest 32)
2. Walter & Ann HOLMES Miner 4 8 U A
    (Undecided, Ablebodied, 4 children, oldest 8)

Stuart G Flint writes:
At the risk of being told once more that I must be related to everyone in the Wirksworth area, I have to say that I am related via marriages to William Holmes via my Land Flint Hoades Walker and Greenhough family

His pedigree is as follows:

Thomas Holmes born at Brassington his fore bares coming as Weavers from Lancashire
Thomas married Elizabeth Buxton dau of Walter Buxton of Bolehill Lead Miner


Walter Holmes born 1823 married Anne Land daughter of my 3XUncle and Aunt George and Hannah Land nee Brookes of Bolehill George a Lead Miner at The Bage Mine where members of my Flint family were Agents from the 1790s - 1890s others of my kin having seams in the mine named after them it is believed George Land was son of my 3XGrandfather George Land who married Betty Hoades George's sister Hannah Land married James Smith Mining Agent of Carsington they my Gr Gr Grandparents Their daughter Sarah married Thomas Cauldwell of Alderwasley he a Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty at Sheffield aged 29 years..his daughter Annie married John Walker they my Grandparents (Sarah Cauldwell on Thomas's demise remarried my 3XUncle Robert Flint of Wigwell Nook Farm Wirksworth Moor he son of cousins John and mary Flint nee Flint.. John Flint son of my 3XGrandfather John Flint whilst Mary was dau of Robert Flint who in the 1850s he then in his late 60s emigrated with sons to Kays Ward Utah as Latter Day Saints ..I am in touch with dozens of my kin who live at Salt lake City Ogden Layton St George and Kaysville (was Kays Ward) and have attended family reunions in recent months at Leek Staffs when over 70 members of the family from Utah attended


William Holmes married Mary Anne Land dau of John and Martha Land nee Greenhough
Martha daughter of John and Millicent Greenhough nee Flint Millicent dau of my 3XGrandparents John and Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge ..I am surrounded by Greenhoughs of this family today they living near my home

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