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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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a. Start with 1 sheet of paper 15x9½ inches.
Place a red adhesive seal at the top.

b. Fold in half and write the letter.
c. Fold down the top and bottom.
d. Fold both sides inwards.
e. Fold ends into each other and seal.
f. Write the address and post.

How to Send a Letter in 1808

Written on a single sheet of paper 15in x 9½in, folded 5 times then finally into itself. Probably written with a new steel nib (which was quickly overtaking the quill made from a feather), and ink made with soot, the letter is closed with a red adhesive seal, it has a Wirksworth stamp, is dated 1808 and weighs 6 grams. In those days the receiver payed the postage, which was charged by the mile (perhaps 4 pence total written in pencil over the stamp). The sender paid nothing, just handed it in at the Post Office in Coldwell Street. John Winson was postmaster 1795-1810, to be replaced by Miss Brace. There was a daily horse from Wirksworth to Derby leaving about 7am. The postman would gallop about 15 miles along very rough roads to Derby. Pigot's Directory for 1828 shows "Letters to Derby by horse post at 6.30am, arrive 1.30pm". Seven hours for 15 miles!

The sender (George Nuttall) was a Land Surveyer living in Matlock, (see The Great Matlock Will Case, and the letter is addressed to William J Lockett in Derby. No further address is given, the postman was expected to be psychic. The front of the letter is stamped with "Wirksworth" and its mileage from London of 139, (which was used approx. 1802-1827)

    Dear Sir,
    From the best account I am able to make out upon
    the cursory survey of the intended line of road as altered to the
    east side of the river I conceive it will require about 7
    acres of land from the Duke of Devonshire's estate in Shottle
    and I am of opinion the land is worth from £40 to 45£
    pr acre.
    I am Dear Sir
    Your most obedt Servant
    Geo Nuttall
    Matlock Sunday Feb 7th 1808

The letter appears to be about a survey, carried out by Nuttall for Lockett, concerning a possible extension or modernisation of a road between the River Ecclesbourne and Shottle Hall (possibly Jebbs Lane). See more details of Lockett from Stuart Flint.

                    1748            1748
Land agent,         John            Elizabeth
Comm.of Inclosures, NUTTALL====v====ROUSE
excellent penman    1780       |    1780
Writer of this letter         George   1801   Mary
                              1820       |
His Will was contested in               George
The Great Matlock Will Case             NUTTALL
in the House of Lords                   1856

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Pedigree of Mr George NUTTALL of Matlock Co. Derby
(Copied from Ince's Pedigree, compiled about 1830 by T.N.Ince)

|                  |   |             |                |
02==v==03          04  05            06               07
    |                                |                |
....|.......................    .....|..........     .|.......
|          |   |   |   |   |    |   |   |   |   |    |   |   |
08==v==09  10  11  12  13  14   15  16  17  18  19   20  21  22

01 Thomas NUTTALL of Birchover Stone Mason (a natural son of Miss NUTTALL
   of Birchover maid to Mrs EYRE by Mr EYRE of Rowtor as Mr George NUTTALL stated to me)
   called NUTTALL alias DALE in the will of Mr EYRE of 2 Sept 1717
   T N Ince 1830
02 John NUTTALL of Matlock Gent. an Eminent Land agent & Commissioners of
   Inclosures. an excellent penman.
03 Elizabeth d of John ROUSE of Birchover Lead Miner died 12 May 1780
   aged 32 years
04 George [NUTTALL]
05 Samuel [NUTTALL] ob s.p.
06 James N[UTTALL] of Matlock Killed by his Brother's Horse
07 Thomas N[UTTALL] of Birchover Mason
08 George NUTTALL of Matlock Gent ob. 14 July 1820. aged 47.
09 Mary d. of Stephen MELLAND of Youlgrave Surgeon
10 Hannah [NUTTALL]    )
11 Elizabeth [NUTTALL] )
12 John [NUTTALL]      ) all 5 died unmarried
13 Ellen [NUTTALL]     )
14 John [NUTTALL]      )
[^ below #14 3 lines unreadably faint]
15 James [NUTTALL]
16 Samuel [NUTTALL]
17 Thomas [NUTTALL]
18 Rebecca [NUTTALL]
19 John N[UTTALL] died 21 Apr 1856
20 William NUTTALL of Birchover Mason
21 George [NUTTALL]
22 Samuel [NUTTALL]
23 George NUTTALL of Matlock Gent. 1832 ob 7 March 1856 aged 54 years unmar

4 vol Reliquary p.45 ff
See Will of Thomas EYRE Esq 2 Sept 1717 wh[ere]by 3£ a year is left to
Tho Nuttall alias Dale and other money £10

Extracts from an email by Stuart Flint:
William Lockett was a Derby Solicitor who became Prosecution Counsel to the Crown when the Pentrich Rioterss were on trial around 1817. The Lockett family appear to have been Solicitors in Derby for some 100 years. In time William J Lockett became a wealthy man having interests in Lace Making factories at Loughborough and a confidant of His Grace The Duke of Devonshire and, as His Grace owned most of Shottle, it is possible that Lockett was arranging a land deal with Nuttal as John Nuttal was a Commissioner and Land Surveyor and it may just be possible that the land Nuttal was interested in driving a road twixt the Ecclesboune and Shottle Hall was Jebbs Lane. The Wirksworth - Duffield Railway line passes under a bridge on Jebbs Lane.. When Lockett tried the rioters which included Ludlam Brandreth the Bacon brothers and Weightman the Jury was headed by all the local Gents and Lords of the Manors including the Foreman Lord George Cavendish, Phillip Gell, Hon George Vernon, John Radford, Hon Henry Cavendish, Francis Mundy, Sir Robert Wilmot Bart ...John Jebb, Charles Hurt, Richard Arkwright etc..so it is little wonder that the rioters were dealt with severely.
I have found that Locketts full name was William Jeffrey Lockett born 1768 son of William and Hannah Lockett nee Johnson of Prestbury Cheshire William a Solicitor William Jeffrey Lockett married Anne Bilbie of Derby 1794 He died April 15th 1839.. He became His Grace The Duke of Devonshires Land Agent

The following is the direct link re Bilbie family with Locketts

Alderman William Bilbie Master Grocer Lord Mayor of Nottingham 1732 marr Elizabeth Walters of Ripley Derbyshire


Joseph Bilbie Grocer of Nottingham married Anne Holland of North Wingfield dau of John Holland Gent


William Bilbie of Berry Hill Mansfield Gent Justice of The Peace married Anne Barber of Greasley Notts


Joseph Bilbie
William Bilbie
Major Robert Bilbie Gent... Commander of the Derby Militia
Mary Bilbie who recieved a legacy of £10,000
Anne Bilbie married William Jeffrey Lockett Gent of Derby Attorney and Counsel for the Prosecution to the Crown .. Land Agent to His Grace The Duke of Devonshire

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