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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 594


Copper water-urn or samovar made by John Kidd c1890

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Kidd family of Cromford

The Kidd family of Cromford were variously described as tinmen, braziers, tinplate workers, ironmongers and shopkeepers. They worked from a shop in the Market Place, opposite Water Lane and at the bottom of Cromford Hill, and were there at least 1841-1901. One of the Kidd family is described for about 1890 by Alison Uttley in her book "Our Village"
"Near Mr Green's shop was the tinsmith's, where stout Miss Kidd came to the tinkle of a little bell, and sold us lanterns and skewers, besoms, and baking tins. If my mother were with us there was always a talk about Miss Kidd's health. She walked so slowly across the shop I felt she would never arrive, and I had all a child's impatience as I waited."
About the same time (1890), John Kidd made the magnificent 18 inch tall copper water urn or samovar in the picture. It has an indistict mark which includes C.W.S. so the samovar was probably made for the Co-op (the C.W.S. mark was introduced in 1863). The maker's mark is "John Kidd, Cromford". There were 3 John Kidds, grandfather, father and son, born about 1816, 1840 and 1875, all born at Cromford. The Samovar was probably made by Father Kidd, who would be about 50 at the time.
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1816           1811
John   1835    Mary
1865     |     1875
      |     |     |     |     |          |
     1837  1840  1842  1848  1850       1854
     Ann   John  Noah  Mary  Elizabeth  Frederic
           1840           1841
Maker of   John   1873    Eliza
Samovar    KIDD=====v=====GOODWIN
           1891     |     1908
                 |     |
                1875  1879
                John  Harry
                KIDD  Goodwin

                        CENSUS results

Cm065a   John KIDD 25  m  Y  Tin m
Cm065b   John KIDD  1  m  Y
Cm065c   Mary KIDD 30  f  Y
Cm065d   Ann  KIDD  4  f  Y

Cm176a   John      KIDD Head M  37  M   Brazier empl 2 men  Cromford
Cm176b   Mary      KIDD Wife M  39  F                       Cromford
Cm176c   Ann       KIDD Dau  U  13  F   At home             Cromford
Cm176d   John      KIDD Son     11  M   At home             Cromford
Cm176e   Mary N    KIDD Dau     3   F                       Cromford
Cm176f   Noah      KIDD Son     9   M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm176g   Elizabeth KIDD Dau     1   F                       Cromford

Cm208a  John      KIDD Head M 47  M  Brazier Cromford Emp 2 men,2 sons
Cm208b  Mary      KIDD Wife M 49  F          Cromford
Cm208c  Ann       KIDD Dau  U 24  F  Invalid Cromford
Cm208d  John      KIDD Son  U 21  M  Brazier Cromford
Cm208e  Noah      KIDD Son  U 18  M  Brazier Cromford
Cm208f  Mary M    KIDD Dau    13  F  Scholar Cromford
Cm208g  Elizabeth KIDD Dau    11  F  Scholar Cromford
Cm208h  Frederic  KIDD Son    7   M  Scholar Cromford

Cm159a   Mary         KIDD Head W 61  F  Tinplate workers     Cromford Emp 4 men 2 apprentices
Cm159b   Ann          KIDD Dau  U 34  F                       Cromford
Cm159c   John         KIDD Son  U 31  M  Tinplate worker      Cromford
Cm159d   Mary Matilda KIDD Dau  U 23  F                       Cromford
Cm159e   Elizabeth    KIDD Dau  U 21  F                       Cromford
Cm159f   Frederic     KIDD Son  U 17  M  Tinplate worker appr Cromford

Cm156a    John     KIDD    Head  M 41  M  Brazier,ironmonger Cromford      Employing 2 men
Cm156b    Eliza    KIDD    Wife  M 40  F                     Wessington
Cm156c    John     KIDD    Son     6   M  Scholar            Cromford
Cm156d    Harry G. KIDD    Son     2   M  Scholar            Cromford
Cm156e    Eliza J. GOODWIN Niece U 18  F  Gen servant        Tatenhall STS

Cm199a    John         KIDD Head  M 51  M  Tinman,brazier Cromford
Cm199b    Eliza        KIDD Wife  M 50  F                 Wessington
Cm199c    John         KIDD Son   S 16  M  Tinman,brazier Cromford
Cm199d    Harry G      KIDD Son     12  M                 Cromford              Goodwin
Cm199e    Annie Louisa KIDD Niece S 22  F  Assistant      Tatenhall

Cm059a    Eliza        KIDD Head W 60  F  IronmongerShopkeeper  Wessington
Cm059b    John         KIDD Son  S 26  M  Tinsmith              Cromford
Cm059c    Harry Goodwn KIDD Son  S 22  M  Tinsmith              Cromford

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