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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Posted 29 Nov 1922 to Messrs E H Bailey Ltd, Matlock Mills, Matlock from L Hall, Bolehill, Wirksworth who writes: "Please add to order 3 pecks fine oatmeal"

Port Said - Monument of Ferdinand de Lesseps Statue.

Luke HALL the baker, Bolehill

A postcard from Luke Hall, baker of Wirksworth, ordering 3 pecks (27 litres) of fine oatmeal from Ernest Henry Bailey, corn miller of Matlock.

3 generations of Halls were bakers in Wirksworth: Grandfather Luke (1829-1902), father Luke (1865-1929) and son Luke (1886-?). They lived at Bolehill. Grandfather Luke seems to have married 3 times: to Henrietta Bond 1851, Sarah Crossley 1883 and Keturah Hodgkinson in 1900. The postcard could be from either father or son Luke.
See grandfather Luke on Census: 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901. See father Luke on Census: 1901
Also see a curious change of name:Luke to Joshua

The Baileys were millers and ran several corn mills in Matlock Cliff. Father Henry Edwin (1838-1888) became a master miller, employing 19 men. His son Ernest Henry (born Matlock 1870) took over from his father. The family were well off and the household had 7 servants.
See Henry Bailey on Census: 1841, 1871, 1881. See Ernest Bailey; 1891, 1901.

The front of the postcard is a mystery. It shows a scene in Port Said, Egypt and the card is made by "The Cairo Post-Card Trust", also well known, who sold many African scenes. Whether either of the Luke Halls ever visited Egypt is unknown.

See also HALL family tree and emails

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HALL family

                   1767           1767
                   Thomas  1789   Mary
                   1845     |     1847
  |     |       |       |       |                     |          |    |
 1795  1799    1801    1803    1805                  1808       1810 1812 
 Mary  Martha  Thomas  Hannah  Millicent             Elizabeth  Ann  Joshua
                |                                     |
                |                                     |
               Thomas 1827    Mary                   Elizabeth      Percy
               HALL=====v=====FLINT                  HALL=====v=====BUNTING
                        |                   1         | 2
 |------|------|------|-|--|-----|-----|  (adopted)   |
 |      |      |      |    |     |     |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
1828   1830   1831   1836 1838  1840  1844            |
Mahala Selina Thomas John James Henry Ellenor         |
                          Joshua                      |
1828      (1)       1832      (2)   1859       (3)   1829
Henrietta 1851      Sarah     1883  Keturah    1900  Luke
1883       |        1899                             1902
       |      |
      1863   1865
      Percy  Luke
             Luke/           1863
             Joshua  1885   Elizabeth
             1929     |
      |     |     |       |       |       |        |
      |    1889  1891    1893    1896    1896     1898
      |    John  Thomas  George  Arnold  Francis  Sarah

1 adopted by Thomas HALL and Mary FLINT
2 Luke HALL born out of wedlock to Elizabeth HALL

Change of Name

It seems Luke HALL (1865-1929) was called Joshua during 1885-1895 and I'm wondering why. Perhaps it was to help solve the problem of 3 generations of Luke working in the bakery?

Fortunately there are lots of entries bearing out this change in FreeBMD, P register, Census, Tradesmen, MIs etc

Known as Luke
1864 Luke junior born to Luke senior FreeBMD
1871 Luke junior appears in Census aged 6 1871
1881 Luke junior appears in Census aged 16 1881
Known as Joshua
1885 Luke junior marries as "Joshua" aged 21 PR
1886 Luke baptised to Joshua/Elizabeth at Radford NTT (this needs checking)
1888 John Aaron baptised to Josia/Elizabeth PR
1890 Thomas baptised to Joshua Luke/Elizabeth PR
1891 Joshua C appears in Census aged 26 1891 (perhaps C should be L?)
1891 Luke son of Joshua appears in Census aged 4 1891
1892 George Edgar baptised to Joshua Luke/Elizabeth PR
1895 Joshua Luke appears in Tradesmen Trades
1895 Luke senior reaches 65, retires?, hands business to Luke junior?
Luke junior becomes known as Luke instead of Joshua to save changing letterheads?
Known again as Luke
1896 Francis Albert baptised to Luke/Elizabeth PR
1896 Arnold Moses baptised to Luke/Elizabeth PR
1897 Sarah Elizabeth baptised to Luke/Elizabeth PR
1897 Luke junior gets Church to change his marriage certificate from Joshua to Luke. Long note to that effect in the margin, see:
M 1885dec02 HALL Joshua(Wirksworth),Baker/STORER Elizabeth Ann(Alderwasley),-,#57
which reads: "On entry 57 in signature and in column 4 read Luke for Joshua corrected on the 22 Aug 1897 W H Arkwright Vicar in the presence of Luke Hall, Elizabeth Ann Hall. The partners married."
1902 Luke senior dies aged 72 MIs
1929 Luke junior dies aged 64 FreeBMD

Hubert Harrison wrote:
One of the most prominent and prosperous families in Bolehill, Wirksworth, in the days of my youth, was that of the Halls, with an extensive bakery business and a grocery shop attached. The founder was Luke Hall, a shrewd character with the ability to make and keep money. He had a son Luke, whose son was also named Luke, so that at one time they were distinguished as old Luke, young Luke, and young Luke's son Luke, all employed in the business. The bakery side supplied bread and confectionery to places as far distant as Lea, Holloway, Crich, Cromford, Bonsall, Alderwasley, Whatstandwell, also Matlock Bath and Wirksworth, deliveries being by horsed vans. The Hall wealth was invested in land which increased in value as the years went by. Young Luke had a singularly placid wife and a large family. On one occasion as Mrs Hall was present at a concert in the Institute a message arrived that their premises were on fire, but she showed no concern when it was suggested that she might wish to dash home, merely remarking "Luke will attend to it", and calmly went on enjoying the entertainment. One of the younger sons, Charles, was killed in an ambush by Sinn Feiners only a few weeks after he had joined the Army as a lorry driver at the time of the Irish rebellion. His brother Luke lost a finger in a machine dough mixer his father installed in the bakery soon after he inherited his father's fortune. The business has long been closed and it is doubtful if there are any survivors of this large family. The middle Luke donated the site of the Bolehill and Steeple Grange war memorial.


Stuart Flint writes:
Where I have stated that William Walker married Catherine Wigley daughter of George and Margaret Wigley nee Hall... I should have stated that Catherine was the daughter of Sarah Wigley dau of George and Margaret Wigley nee Hall.. Catherine the illigitimate daughter of Sarah Wigley and Thomas Henstock who was brother to my 4XGrandmother Mary Henstock who married William Hawley whose daughter Mary married John Killer whose daughter Mary married Samuel Flint they my Gr Gr Grandparents ------------- Luke Hall was born out of wedlock to Elizabeth Hall sister of Thomas Hall who married Mary Flint daughter of my 4XUncle Joseph and Elizabeth Hall nee Spencer of Middleton /Bolehill..Joseph Flints 2nd wife was Elizabeth Collinson she my kin via Wheatcroft/Collinson marriages Elizabeth Collinson 3XGrandaugher of my 7XGrandfather William Wheatcroft Joseph Flint was Mining Agent at The Bage Mine Bolehill and at Ratchwood Founder and Thisley Mines Rise End Middleton ( Ratchwood Founder Thisley Ravenstor and Orchard Founder were all owned by my Grand fore bares Thomas and William Hoades along with Greenmsiths who built The Grange at Steeple Hill (became known as Steeplegrange..(Robert Greensmith of this family sof the Grange to Sir Richard Arkwright Arkwright demolishing the Grange and using the Gritstone Blocks quarried at Stonis (Black Rocks Quarry) from the old manor House to build his first Mill at Cromford
Samuel Flint brother of Joseph Flint was Agent at Ratchwood Ravenstor and Orchard mines 1790s - 1800s
Samuel Flints heir today is a friend of mine at Derby

Elizabeth Hall born 1808 after having Luke out of wedlock married Percy Bunting son of Silas and Elizabeth Bunting nee Flint (not of my Flint kin as far as I know) of Bonsall

Thomas and Elizabeth Halll were children of Thomas and Mary Hall nee Gregory of Middleton Thomas a Farmer and Baker

Thomas junior was also a Farmer and in his early years set up a business as a Baker and Grocer at Bolehill near to where my Gr Gr Grandfather William Walker also had a Grocery business William Walker also a Lead Miner he born at Castleton who married Catherine Wigley

Catherine was the daughter of Sarah Wigley dau of George and Margaret Wigley nee Hall.. Catherine the illigitimate daughter of Sarah Wigley and Thomas Henstock who was brother to my 4XGrandmother Mary Henstock who married William Hawley whose daughter Mary married John Killer whose daughter Mary married Samuel Flint they my Gr Gr Grandparents

The Halls owning Blue John Cavern with John Kirk and lead Mines in the Hope Valley In time Thomas Hall was a partner with my Gr Gr Grandfather Samuel Flint who married Mary Killer and Thomas and Samuels cousin Joseph Flint who married Mary Scotthorne as Coal Merchants Carriers and Brick Manufacturers Samuel and Joseph being also Wharfingers Samuel at Middle Peak Wharf and Joseph and Flints Wharf Steeplegrange which they leased for the Arkwright estate Arkwrights owning all the land from Cromford up to Botany Bay and Black Rocks

I tell you this as William and Catherines son Joseph Walker my Grt Grandfather born 1815 married 3 times IN the 1850s he built a house at the rear of Halls Bakery where my Grandfather Walker was born in 1871 to Josephs 3rd wife Martha Sheldon
Joseph Walker died when my Grandfather was in his early teens and Grandfather who was Apprenticed to the family firm of Joseph Walker & Sons by Joseph Walker's demise owned by George Wigley Walker my Grandfather's half brother also worked between 10 o'clock in the evening to 2.00 in the morning at Halls Bakery preparing the dough

Luke Hall married Henrietta Oliver 17 November 1851 dau of Henry Seneca and Sarah Oliver nee Boden of Bonsall (Henry died in his 20s after the birth of Henrietta and Sarah remarried Frederick Bond of Bonsall a FrameWork Knitter (Joshua Bond of this family had a daughter Virginia Bond who married Charles Slater he Grandson of my 3XUncle and Aunt Joshua and Hannah Slater nee Flint.. Joshua Sater a Mechanic was killed at Masson Mill 1820s when he was trapped in machinery when oiling Joshua and Hannahs Gr Gr Grandson was Frederick Joshua Slater known as Fred Slater who owned a Cycle Shop and Tobaconists on St Johns Street..Fred and my father were fellow Councillors on Wirksworth Urban District Council 1928-1949 Fred and Dad also fellow Rotarians Dad a Founding Member of Wirksworth Rotary Club The Bond family were living in the early 1900s at Botany Bay at the head of Sheep Pastures C&HPR where members of my Flint family also lived

Luke on the demise of Henrietta remarried Sarah Greatorex of Bonsall 13th August 1883 and on her demise he married Keturah .... surname at present unknown but as I have kin and friends living at Heage today I have asked if they will enquire

Going back to Thomas and Mary Hall nee Flint

Their children were

Mahala Hall
Selina Hall married Adam Chadwick Bank Manager at Crompton & Evans Bank Matlock Bath ..
Joseph Joshua Hall
John Hall
Thomas Hall

Luke Hall adoped son of Thomas and Mary Hall nee Flint married Henrietta Oliver

Children were

Percy (spelt Pearcy Hall
Luke Joshua Hall married Elizabeth Storer dau of Aaron Storer Grocer of Alderwasley Storers my kin via other family
In the Census Luke Joshua is sometimes call Joshua C Hall which is is a mistake

Luke and Elizabeth Hall nee Storers children were
Luke Hall Apprentice Baker He took over Halls Bakery in the 1900s and also for a time had St Mary's Gate Bakery
He employed Adam Killer of my kin as an Apprentice and when Adam founded his own business as a Baker he took over the St Mary's Gate business which is still in existance today Adams wife Kathleen Belfield Killer nee Webster being of my kin via another Hall family her Gr Gr Grandparents being my 4XUncle andAunt Caleb and Hannah Hall nee Flint Hannah sister to my 3XGrandfather John Flint Caleb a partner at Goodluck Lead Mine Via Gellia see Chris Newhalls pages John Palmers web as Ebenezer Hall who took over the Silversmith Factory at Sheffield was also of my kin his brother Joseph having married Mary Longden sister of Jane who married Samuel J sheldon brother of my Grt Grandmother Martha Walker nee Sheldon Goodluck Mine has featured in my family from 1770 - 1940 via Hall Doxey Simpson Spencer Fearn Jones and Kinder but that is another story
The Halls Bakers are my kin in recent times via Brookes and Lands heirs being my friends today but most living out of Derbyshire

If I can be of any more help I will oblige

Regards Stuart G Flint

[PS. I should have stated that it was George Oliver who followed J A Flint as M.P. for Ilkeston not Tom Oliver]

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