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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Emma GOODALL nee MATHER 1849-1938

Emma Mather was the last of 9 children, married at 21 and herself had 12 children. Her mother lived to be 87 and Emma lived till 89. Emma's husband James worked as a lead miner until age 70, walked over 9 miles each day to the mine and back 1. They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, and James died aged over 82. A very tough family.

Cutting probably from the Derbyshire Times 1938

Funeral of Middleton Octogenarian
The death of Mrs Emma Goodall, aged 89, occurred at the home of her daughter, Mrs Wilson, Moor Road, Bole Hill, on Sunday. Mrs Goodall, who was the widow of Mr James Goodall, of Middleton, was the daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Samuel Mather, of Middleton. Her father was a miner, and she taught herself to read. When about 10 or 11 she went to work at Lea Mills, and worked there until she married.

Mr and Mrs Goodall were married at Chesterfield Parish Church, and celebrated their diamond wedding in May, 1930. Mr Goodall walked to his work at the Mill Close Lead Mine, near Darley Dale, a matter of 5½ miles, each day 1. He worked until he was 70 years of age. Mrs Goodall leaves four sons and two daughters.

The interment took place at Middleton, the Rev F Kelly (Vicar) officiating. Mourners were: Mr James Goodall, Mrs Wilson, Mr Thomas Goodall, Mrs H Millward, Mr J Goodall, Mrs Thomas Goodall, Mr G Goodall, Mrs G Goodall, Mr Jack Doxey, Mr Ted Mather, Mrs A Millward, Mr Jack Goodall, Mr I Spencer, Mrs A Kendall, Miss K Goodall, Mrs E Wilson, Mr Joseph Gould, Mrs Corless and Miss Buckley (representing the Women's Club).

Bearers were Messrs E Wilson, Bert Goodall, Eric Goodall, H Milward, F Millward and Frank Doxey.

Flowers were sent by: Ann and family; Fanny and family; Jim and family; Tom, Ethel and family; All at Homesford; George, Alice and family; Harriet Adam and family; John Doxey and family; Phoebe and family; Doris Gould; Cousin Jack; Mr F Oxspring; Mr and Mrs J F Doxey.

Mr A Killer, Bole Hill, carried out the funeral arrangements.

Stuart G Flint writes:
The following is the family of Mather and Goodall


Richard Goodall married Anne Jepson of Middleton in 1804


Joseph Goodall born 1815 married Pheobe Spencer December 29th 1836

FOOTNOTE Pheobe Spencer was daughter of Peter and Hannah Spencer nee Porter (Potter) Peter a Butcher / Farmer who lived at Hallicar Lanes Middleton where my Sheldon family also lived
Pheobe's sister Mary Spencer married John Flint son of my 4XUncle and Aunt Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen of Bolehill Sarah Flint nee Allen died in 1829 . Robert and his sons John Flint born 1815 who married Mary Spencer and Willeam Allen Flint who married Elizabeth Slack daughter of my 3XUcle and Aunt Samuel and Sarah Slack nee Land of MIddleton (Sarah sister of Hannah Land who married James Smith of Carsington they my 2XGrandparents ..Samuel Slack also my wifes and my kinsman ) Robert John and William and wives and children then born became members of The Latter Day Saints Letitia Flint Roberts daughter marrying Elijah West of Ockbrook near Derby he a Priest in the L.D.S. who often preached about Joseph Smiths new Latter Day Saints under an Oak tree in Hallams Yard Bolehill where also Elizabeth Evans Aunt of George Eliot and Billy Higginbottom of Belper also Preached I have been in contact with the Flints of Layton Kaysville and St George Utah for many years having in August 2008 attended a Family Reunion organised by the Broughs and Flints of Utah at Meersbrook Leek Staffordshire when over 60 members of the Utah family came to UK and with a further 70 + Broughs and my wife daughter and I representing the Flint family..The Spencers are my wifes kin also..)

Son of Joseph and Pheobe Goodall nee Spencer

James Goodall born March 2nd 1848 married Emma Mather daughter of Samuel and Sarah Mather nee Spencer May 30th 1870


Robert Mather married Sarah Moor of Middleton July 9th 1767


Robert Mather married Elizabeth Wragg of MIddleton she of my wifes kin June 16th 1796


Samuel Mather born 1804 married Sarah Spencer July 26th 1827

Children of Samuel and Sarah Mather nee Spencer

**1.Robert Mather born 1828 married Anne Goodall April 18th 1850 Anne daughter of John and Mary Goodall nee Peat John son of Robert and Anne Goodall nee Killer, Anne of my kin..Robert Goodall son of Gilbert and Mary Goodall nee Staton
2.Hannah Mather born 1830 married Thomas Buckley son of Thomas October 1855
3.Elizabeth Mather born 7th Aapril 1833
4.Twins Thomas and Samuel born 1836 Samuel married Pheobe Spencer May 28th 1863 daughter of Francis Spencer
5.George Mather born 1839 obt aged 17 years
6.Edward Mather born 1844
7.Millicent Mather born 1841 married 1st husband Daniel Doxey having sons John who married Elizabeth Hayward and George who married Sarah Kilkenny dau of Dominic and Sarah Kilkenny nee Adams Sarah my kin via Killers.. Domonic originally from County Mayo Ireland. George Doxey's family thereafter becoming known as Kilkenny Doxey heirs of whom are my wife and my relations /friends today.. George Doxey was killed at Killer Bros Quarry 1900 5 years before my Grandfather William Flint was killed at Killer Bros December 5th 1905
8.Emma Mather born 1849 married James Goodall May 30th 1870 James Goodall born March 2nd 1848 at Killers Yard Middleton (Killers Yard is opposite Middleton Junior School one time cottages stretching further up the bankside towards where the quarry was founded by William Killer my 3XUncle...In recent years my wife and my kinsmen of Spencer and Harrison lived at Killers Yard..)

Children of James and Emma Goodall nee mather

James Goodall was a Miner at Mill Close Mine Warren Carr near Darley


1803 1807 Samuel 1827 Sarah MATHER=====v=====SPENCER 1888 | 1894 | |------|------|---------|------|--|---|------|---------|------| | | | | | | | | | 1827 1830 1833 1836 1836 1839 1841 1844 1849 Robert Hannah Elizabeth Samuel Thomas George Millicent Edward Emma 1871 1886 1856 1865 | | 1848 1849 James 1870 Emma GOODALL=====v=====MATHER 1930+ | 1938 | |----|------|-------|----|-----|------|------|------|--|-|------|------| | | | | | | | | | | | | 1870 1872 1874 1875 1877 1879 1881 1883 1885 1887 1889 1892 Ann Robert Frances Mary James Thomas Samuel Joseph Emma George Phoebe Sarah

Census references
1901, 1891, 1881, 1871, 1861, 1851 and 1841.

1. James was living at Middleton and working at Mill Close mine, a distance
"as the crow flies" of 4.1 miles (checked on Google Earth). So he must
have walked at least 9 miles per day, depending on the directness of the footpath.

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