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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Posted 8 April 1833 from Greenwich, London to Chas Hurt, Wirksworth, Derby
"To Pay 2d only", "T.P. Greenwich" "Auckland".

Charles Hurt, 1758-1834
painted by Joseph Wright of Derby
Susannah and Mary Anne
painted by Joseph Wright of Derby

Robert John EDEN
3rd Baron Auckland
Mary Eden nee Hurt
Lady Auckland

Letter to Charles HURT, 1833

Charles Hurt was an old man, 75 and living in Wirksworth Hall, when he received this letter. Alas there is no enclosure, so I do not know the subject. Up to 1840, the sender of a letter paid the cost of postage, the recipient could in theory refuse the letter and payment, so the sender's name on the outside was useful. The underlined word below the address seems to be "Auckland", and Charles' niece Mary Hurt (1807-1872) married Robert John Eden, 3rd Baron Auckland in 1825 and became Lady Auckland, so the letter is probably from the Baron. Auckland in New Zealand is named after George Eden (Robert's elder brother), and West Auckland is in Co Durham. "T.P." probably meant "two-penny post" as against "penny-post", today's 1st and 2nd class postage.
"When Richard Arkwright first arrived in Cromford it is more than likely that the local gentry paid him very little heed. The local gentry at that time, within the immediate vicinity of Cromford, were the Nightingales at Lea and the Hurts at Alderwasley. The Nightingales themselves had risen from humble origins, the Hurts were rather more well established. Thus we can see that in that area the Hurts were the senior family. Arkwright's sucess in a short space of time inspired him to become ambitious to join in the ranks of the exalted few. What better way than to wed his daughter into the top flight. We do not know if their marriage was the outcome of a natural romance or whether the whole thing was engineered by their respective fathers. Whichever, the marriage suited everyone concerned. Francis Hurt saw his younger son married into money and for Richard Arkwright it opened the door to acceptability. It may not have been by sheer coincidence that seven years after the wedding in 1780, Arhwright was appointed High Sherrif of Derbyshire. Charles Hurt himself held that same post ten years later in 1797. He ran a lead works and a smelting business and acquired a reputation as an expert in the construction of soughs. In 1797 Boben, a miner, was rescued after being trapped underground for eight days by rock and earth falls, largely because Hurt insisted that he still had a chance of survival. He was also friendly with many of the eminent intellectuals of the day and had a vast library of books on astronomy, mathematics, Natural history, the classics and European literature.
from "The Hurts of Derbyshire" p 28 by Derek Wain

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HURT family

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                  Francis 1751   Mary
                  1783     |
 |        |          |          |     |      |        |
1753     1754       1754       1756  1757   1758     1759
Francis  Catherine  Cassandra  Mary  Mercy  Charles  Elizabeth
1801     1841       1776             1757   1834     1803
 |                                           |
 |                                           |
1781                    Susannah    1780    Charles
Francis                 ARKWRIGHT=====v=====HURT
Edward                                |
HURT                                  |
1854                                 1786
 |                                   Mary
 |           1799                    Anne
1807         Robert
Mary  1825   John  
HURT====v====EDEN (Baron Auckland)
1872         1870

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