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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Posted 4 July 1901 from Dublin, Ireland with 1d Lilac stamp to:
"R.E.E.Chambers Esq, Hopton Hall, Wirksworth, Derbyshire"
Posted in Dublin 6.30pm.
In Wirksworth the next day.
Between 1840-1900, the "penny lilac"
was the most used of all stamps,
56 billion being issued.
Edith Frances Chandos-Pole
wife of Richard E.E.Chambers

Letter to Hopton Hall, 1901

This envelope, obtained on Ebay, is addressed to an unusual name at a very important address in Wirksworth. The Internet and Google have unearthed the following information about R.E.E.Chambers of Hopton Hall.

Richard Edward Elliot Chambers was an artist, born in Ireland, who married into the wealthy Chandos-Pole-Gell of Hopton Hall, near Wirksworth. The bride was 36 at the time. The circumstances may be told in documents held in the Gell papers in the Derbyshire Record Offices.

Richard's father was Edward Chambers MA, of Crow Park and Fosterstown, Co.Meath, Ireland, Barrister-at-law

Richard Edward Elliot Chambers, born 1863, married in 1894 at St George Hanover Square (London) to Edith Frances Chandos-Pole, fourth daughter of Henry Chandos-Pole-Gell of Hopton Hall, near Wirksworth (see Chandos-Pole-Gell)

Judging by his painted works, Richard Chambers was a great traveller: 1889 California, Mexico; 1890 Canada, Rockies; 1891 New Mexico; 1892 California. After marriage, in 1894 Sahara; 1895 Algeria, Middle East; 1896 South Africa.

Richard E.E. Chambers is credited with writing:
"The Pole Family and the Forty-Five",
"Chandos and Lawson families",
"on Sir John Chandos"
, and
"Duke of Wellington's first school".
and many paintings, including:
"Camp in the Sierra Madres, California" (1889)
"A Horse Ranch in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado" (1890)
"A Zuni Indian", (1891)
"Ostrich Farm, Norwalk, California", (1892)

The letter was posted at 6.30 pm in Dublin and within 24 hours had reached the sorting office at Wirksworth, 80 miles by ferry then 130 miles by rail (flying hadn't been invented in 1901). Today (2009) the Dublin-Holyhead ferry takes 3½ hours and the fastest rail connection is 6 hours, making a total of 9½ hours. The postage was 1d (about 30 minutes work by an Agricultural labourer who earned £46 per year, see Relative value of Sums of Money). Email is faster, but would leave no record that the researcher could handle in 100 years time.

Photo taken:

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              |                   |                                           |
             1833                1829                                        1835
             Henrietta    1851   Henry                                 1869  Teresa
             Auriol   =====v=====CHANDOS================================v====Charlotte
             DRUMMOND      |     POLE                                   |    MANNINGHAM
             HAY           |     GELL                                   |    BULLER
             1868          |     1902                                   |    1911
                           |                 Edward                     |
                           |                 Elliot    1857  Elizabeth  |
 |--------|-----------|----|-----|--------|  CHAMBERS====v===NARROWAY   |
 |        |           |          |        |              |              |
1853     1854        1856       1858     1858            |             1872
Cicely   Margaret    Katherine  Edith    Mabel           |             Harry
Eleanor  Ermentrude  Laura      Frances  Alice           |             Anthony
1935     1927        1870       1922     1858            |----|        1934
 |        |                      |                            |         |
 |        |-----------|          |--------------|             |         |
 |-----------|        |                         |             |         |
             |        |                         |             |         |
1829         |        |                         |            1863       |
Edmund       |        |              1850       |            Richard    |
Waldo       Cicely   Margaret        Robert     Edith        Edward    Henry         1876
MEAD  1879  Eleanor  Ermentrude 1879 Wynter     Frances 1894 Elliot    Anthony 1908  Ada
1896    |   POLE     POLE            1936       POLE     |   1944      POLE      |
        |   1935     1927                                |             GELL      |
                                               |         |         |
                                              1896                1905
                                              Edward    Auriole   Gwendoline
                                              Chandos   Hermione  Margaret
                                              Elliot    Dorothy   Elliot
                                              CHAMBERS  CHAMBERS  CHAMBERS

Watercolours by Richard Chambers

"A Horse Ranch in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado" 1890
"A Zuni Indian" 1891
"Ostrich Farm, Norwalk, California" 1892

Works by R.E.E.Chambers:

  1. Richard Edward Elliot Chambers California (1863-1944) "Four photographs framed together: Lawn Tennis at the Sphinx House and S.A.Sumner's House, Los Angeles" photographs, framed, inscribed in ink: margins sight sizes: H4 3/8" W7 1/2"; H4 1/4" W7 1/4"
  2. Richard Edward Elliot Chambers (American 1863-1944) Cannes and Bordighera: Group of Four Works Each a sepia photograph mounted on board, two with second photo on verso; each apparently in good condition. Each framed.* Each approximately: 8-1/8 x 10-1/2 in (21.6 x 26.7 cm)
  3. Richard Chambers (American 1863-1945) Navajo Country, New Mexico Signed R.E.E.C. and titled l.r. Watercolor on paper board Sight size: 10 x 14-1/2 in (25.4 x 36.8 cm)
  4. CHAMBERS, Richard E E (1863-1944, American) View of Zuni, New Mexico, s.d.1881 i.verso W/C pencil Works on paper (14x10in).
  5. CHAMBERS, RICHARD E. E. (1863-1944) Bonhams & Butterfields: USA Auction Date: 1994
  6. "View Near the Kraai River, In the Sahara, Cabin in the Trees and Wapiti:" Four Works The first, signed with the artist's initials "R.E.E.C." and dated "Ap 4th 1896," l.l., also inscribed "S. Africa/Near Kraai River/Alival North," l.r.; the second, signed with artist's initials "R.E.E.C." and dated "Sahara 1894," l.r.; the third, inscribed "I slept in this cabin/for three nights in Oct. 1890/spent three nights in this cabin/Oct. 1890/ copied this March 1913," l.l.; the fourth, signed with artist's initials "R.E.E.C." inscribed "Wapiti/shot in Rockies" and dated "1890," l.l. graphite on paper (4) Sight: 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 in (13.3 x 21.6 cm); Sight: 5-3/4 x 8-3/4 in (14.5 x 22.2 cm); 9 x 7-1/2 in (22.9 x 19.1 cm); 9 x 5-3/4 in (22.9 x 14.5 cm) There is a biographical note about the artist attached to the backing of each work.
  7. "Camp in the Sierra Madre's, California", watercolor, 10" x 14", signed, dated and inscribed lower right: "R.E.E.C./1889/California".
  8. "A Zuni Indian", watercolor, 14 1/8" x 10", signed, dated and inscribed lower right: "Zuni, New Mexico/R.E.E.Chambers/1891", 14" x 10".
  9. "Ostrich Farm, Norwalk, California", watercolor, 10" x 14", signed, dated and inscribed lower right: "R.E.E.C./1892./California".
  10. A horse ranch in the Rocky Mountains/In the Rockies, 1890 Watercolour/paper 10x14 inches (26x36 cm) signed.
  11. "View at San Benito, Mexico" signed R.E.E C. and dated Jan. 1889, l.r.; also titled S. Benito. Mexico, l.l.; pencil on paper; sight: 5 - x 9 inches.
  12. "Ostrich and her chicks" inscribed California, l.r.; pencil on paper, sight: 8 5/8 x 5/8 inches.
  13. "On the road from Chetman to Biskra" inscribed Chetma to Biskra, dated 1895 and signed with the artist's initials R.E.E.C., 1.r.; watercolor on paper; sight: 6 x 9 inches.
  14. "View in the Middle East" signed R.E. Elliot Chambers and dated 1895, 1.r.; watercolor on paper; sight: 9 3/4 x 16 inches.


10.Henrietta Auriol Drummond-Hay, d.21 Mar 1868; 
   m.9 Jul 1851 Henry Chandos-Pole-Gell, of Hopton Hall (10 Jan 1829-31 Oct 1902)
10.1.  Cicely Eleanor Chandos-Pole-Gell, d.15 Jun 1935; 
       m.24 Jun 1879 Edmund Waldo Meade-Waldo, 
       of Stonewall Park and Hever Castle (13 May 1829-14 Mar 1896)
10.1.1.    Margaret Alice Meade-Waldo (5 Apr 1882-    ); 
           m.Edward Drummond-Hay***
10.1.2.    Katharine Auriol Meade-Waldo (16 Dec 1883-    ); 
           m.1st 20 Jan 1909 Rev John Henry Freake Van (d.1915); 
           m.2nd 1917 John Young --> issue, 1st m.
10.2.  Margaret Ermentrude Chandos-Pole-Gell, d.7 Mar 1927; 
       m 9 Oct 1879 Robert Wynter Blathwayt (7 Jul 1850-2 Nov 1936)
10.3.  Katharine Laura Chandos-Pole-Gell, d.30 May 1870
10.4.  Edith Frances Chandos-Pole-Gell, d.6 Dec 1922; 
       m.11 Sep 1894 Richard Edward Elliot Chambers (7 Apr 1863-1944)
10.4.1.    Edward Chandos Elliot Chambers (4 Apr 1896-k.a.Authuille Wood 1 Jul 1916)
10.4.2.    Auriol Hermione Dorothy Chambers
10.4.3.    Gwendoline Margaret Elliot Chambers
10.5.  Mabel Alice Chandos-Pole-Gell, d.an Infant

D258/57/18/19-20  1894
Suggested terms for marriage settlement of 
Edith Frances Chandos Pole Gell with 
Richard Edward Elliot Chambers, with letter
D258/65/6/1-24  1916
Letters to Harry Chandos Pole Gell from other captains with war news, 
including correspondence re his retirement from the command of the 
176th Infantry Brigade and appointment as County Commandant of 
Volunteer Corps
D258/65/6/13 Telegraph with newspaper cuttings re death of 
Lieu Edward Chandos Elliot Chambers, 1 Jul
RICHARD EDWARD ELLIOT CHAMBERS, of Fosterstown, Trim, Co Meath, 
and now of Holmcroft, Uplyme, Devon; born 7 April, 1863; 
married 11 Sept 1894, Edith Frances ...
born in 1896, was killed on July 1. 
Although not in the Eleven at Marlborough, he was a 
useful cricketer and in 1913 was one of the Cock House team.
CHAMBERS, R.E.E. The Pole Family and the Forty-Five
CHAMBERS Notes and Queries.1907; 
Chambers (R. E. E.) on Sir John Chandos, iii. 25 
Duke of Wellington's first school, iv. 107, 454 
262. R. E. E. Chambers, Pill House, Bishop's 
Taunton. Barnstaple.
A Zuni Indian", watercolor, 14 1/8" x 10", 
signed, dated and inscribed lower right: 
"ZUNI, NEW MEXICO/R.E.E. CHAMBERS/1891", 14" x 10".

Initialed, dated and inscribed l/r: R.E.E.C. 1892. California. 
Watercolor on paper, laid down on board 10 x 14 inches (25.4 x 35.6 mm).

Initialled, dated and inscribed l/r: R.E.E.C. 1889 California 
Watercolor on paper, laid down on board 10 x 14 inches (25.4 x 35.6 mm).

GELL papers at Matlock DRO

Gell of Hopton Hall
Date 1200-1905
May 2001

Description The Gell of Hopton papers reflect the part the family played in local society with members serving as MPs, High Sheriffs, JPs and parish officers as well as promoting local railway and canal initiatives at a national level.

The records include much material dealing with matters leading up to the Civil War as well as the prominent role played by Sir John Gell I and his brother Thomas for the Parliamentary side during the Civil War and Commonwealth. The records include papers relating to Sir John's involvement with the Derby Committee 1644-1645 and his later trial for high treason

The letters of Sir William Gell (1777-1836) to members of his family reflect his interests in history especially Pompeii, near Naples (Italy), diplomacy, gardening and his life in Italy where he spent most of his life after leaving England in 1814 as part of the entourage of Caroline, estranged wife of the Prince of Wales (later George IV)

There are papers, photographs etc. reflecting the military career of Brigadier-General Harry Chandos-Pole-Gell, particularly during the Boer War and World War I

The records also show the development of the estate by acquisition of properties by purchase or marriage, in some cases including deeds back to the 13th century. There are manorial records for Hopton and Carsington, Wirksworth, Hognaston, Hope, Hulland and Middleton by Wirksworth. Lead was an important factor in the family's wealth and there are many records showing the family's careful protection of its interests

D258/57/18/19  1894

                      August 1894
Suggested terms for Settlement on the marriage of
Miss Edith Frances Chandos Pole Gell with Richard Edward
Elliot Chambers Esq of two sums of £1,000 and
£4,000 under the marriage settlements of her
Father Henry Chandos Pole Gell Esq.
The above two sums of £1,000 and £4,000 which are
subject to the appointment of Mr Chambers to be appointed
by him in favour of Miss Chandos Pole Gell. She with the
concurrence of her husband then to settle such funds
upon herself (without power of anticipation) for life
and afterwards upon the children of the Marriage
in such shares as she shall direct
failing any direction the funds on her death to devolve on
the children equally on attaining 21 or if daughters
sooner marrying.
On failure of children the funds to be subject to Miss
Chandos Pole Gell's power only to children as far as possible
failing such disposition to devolve (as in the case
of Mrs Waldo's and Mrs Blathwayt's settlements) to
her next of kin as if she had died without having
been married.
The settlement to give power to Miss Chandos Pole Gell to appoint
a life interest to her husband.
If the Husband provides a settlement on his part
it would be proper that a life interest should be
secured to him next after the wife's death.
Other usual provisions which include pwers of
advancement to children - also withdrawal of a proportion
of the trust fund & to settle it on a second marriage.

D258/57/18/20  1894
Suggested terms for marriage settlement of 
Edith Frances Chandos Pole Gell with 
Richard Edward Elliot Chambers, with letter.

Leek 18 August 1894
My dear Sir,
I beg to acknowledge your letter
of yesterday, and have corrected 
my stupid mistake in the names in
the third codicil a copy of which I now
return to you for execution; the names
altered are underlined in pencil; the
codicil contains no other alteration.

Your Will and codicils are quite in
accordance with your intentions - so
much of the portion of each daughter as
you had power to dispose of, being made
to revert to your own estate in the event
of the failure of children of such daughter.

The £1,000 and £4,000 however to which
she was entitled under your marriage
settlements are as usual made by these 
marriage settlements subject
ultimately to each of your daughters' power
to dispose of, on the deaths of herself and
husband and failure of issue.
      I am
       very truly yrs,

H.Chandos Pole Gell Esq
I return the suggested terms for settlment.
It (the memo) can remain as altered by you, but it is
usual where the sum settled virtually belongs to
the Lady that failing children she should have
absolute power to dispose of the fund on her death,
subject to the husband's interest.

It was by your Will & Codicils of 1867,
1869, (1871) & 1878 that you gave £10,000
(including the £1,000 & £4,000) to each
of your daughters; you afterwards, in 
1879, secured £5,000 beyond the £1,000 &
£4,000 to Mrs Waldo & Mrs Blathwayt
by their marriage settlements. I regret
that I did not remember the provisions
in your Will, and suggest to you as
I should have done the necessary alteration.
I can explain more fully in an
interview - as intended by you -
I meant to suggest in my prior
letter that the present is probably a
good opportunity & to Miss Chandos 
Pole Gell's interest perhaps that Mr
Chambers' pecuniary position, and that
of his children should be as explained? -
this however is merely a suggestion, and
you will be able to judge as to its
desirabilty or not.

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