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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 608


C. James and Elizabeth Harrison.

A. Inventory of goods. Countersigned by John Gratton

D. Army Certificate.

James HARRISON, plumber

Barry Cooper sent the photos and information. Thanks Barry.
James Harrison ran a shop at Number 8 Market Place, Wirksworth (next to Marsden's the ironmonger). It proclaimed "Hot water fitter, Plumber, glazier, painter, paperhanger". The large shop window showed amounts of fine china (run by his wife Elizabeth). Around 1901, he became Water Bailiff for Wirksworth, taking over from Joseph Pickard. The family can be followed in the Wirksworth Census: 1881 | 1891 | 1901 | 1901. See also Emails

Barry Cooper writes:
An inventory of goods owned by Wirksworth UDC handed over by Joseph Pickard to James Harrison, Acting Water Bailiff, on 23 July 1901. Stop cocks, valves and things which seem to be the tools of a Water Bailiff. A photo of James Harrison's shop in the market place. The shop was also a pot shop run by his wife Elizabeth. This is now a newsagent. A photo of James and Elizabeth Harrison with one of their children. They had at least 6 children, only two survived into adulthood. An army certificate of the discontinuous service of James Harrison, from 1886 to 1908. He was a multi-tasker.
I've just remembered that in the "old days" plumbers were also gas fitters. Which is why we have the list of gas street lights amongst James Harrison's stuff. When my wife's parents moved from their house in Cromford Road to live with us in Herefordshire, there were hundreds of "new" gas mantles stored in their attic. My wife's father, Kenneth, was the son of James Harrison who had the shop in the market place. He then moved to Cromford Road, probably in the 1920s. Ken was also a plumber. He is on the picture of the family, in front of the workshop at "Moorside", Cromford Road.
1 - Mary Anne Brailsford, sister of Elizabeth Brailsford (wife of James Harrison) was married to Joseph Haywood. Lizzie Haywood was their daughter and she had the sweet shop in Coldwell Street. Ah - the picture was not of L Haywood it may have been Lizzie's father Joseph. We'll try and verify this from one of the Haywoods.
2 - Emma Chipp (formerly Butler) born in 1827 was Mahalah Buckley's half sister. Mahalah was the wife of James Harrison the engine tenter. Emma married Isaac Chipp who was a butler to Major Bilbey from Brighton. They lived at Bilbey Villa, Brighton.
3- James Harrison. 1870 should be 1869. We can't find when he died. His wife Elizabeth died in 1949 and my wife remembers her Grandfather died before her Gran.

Bertram Haworth writes:
Next door (now the paper shop) was kept by Mr. Harrison (Ken's father). He was a plumber and decorator and they kept the shop with wallpaper and paints and (strangely I always thought) good quality pottery (teasets and dinner sets etc). Access to the back door was via the Crown Yard and behind the stables and the slaughterhouse of the butchers (higher up the Market Place). Ken Harrison was one of our group who played in the Church Yard.

B. James Harrison's shop at 8 Market Place, next to Marsdens.

Photo taken:
Source:Barry Cooper

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       1838               1840
       James      1862    Mahalah
       1908         |     1918
 |        |      |      |          |
1863     1867   1870   1873       1875
William  Isaac  James  Millicent  Mahala
                1869               1870
                James      1889    Elizabeth
                 |       |     |     |
                1895    1898  1901   |
                Sidney  Edna  James  Kenneth
                1899    1899  Cyril

I. James Harrison 1838-1908
at Leawood Pump, Cromford Canal.
H. William John Harrison 1863-1941.
G. Sgt James Harrison (1869-). Notts & Derby Regt. 1886-1908.
K. James & Elizabeth Harrison and their sons
Kenneth H. & Cyril H. taken June 1927.
L. Harrison Family about 1900
William H. (1832-) James H. (1838-1908)
Emma Chipp, Isaac Chipp, Millicent H.(1873-), Mahala H.(1840-)
Isaac George H. (1867-), Mahala H. (1875-)


Stuart Flint writes:
In my last e mail re Harrisons I forgot to mention that Elizabeth Brailsford who married James Harrison was daughter of William and Elizabeth Brailsford, William being son of Anthony and Hannah Brailsford nee Colledge Hannah dau of John and Lydia Colledge nee Lane John nephew of my 3XGrandmother Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge

Anthony Brailsford was son of William and Mary Brailsford nee Flint

The Brailsford family are my kinsmen also via Killers Hawley's Farnsworths Potters Sheldon and Doxey

William John Harrison who married Sarah Jane Gamble (see Mr Haworth's Wirksworth history on your site) was brother in law to Mr John Bowmer (married Anne Gamble) who went on to own Providence Mill Gorsey Bank and then built a new one on Water Lane he founding Tape Mills now trading as Bowmer-Bond at Ashbourne

Gamble family
Thomas Gambe married Jemima Hewitt 1821


William Gamble Shoe Maker having the shop where in my youth Ray Buxton of Cromford had his Shoe Shop Mr Ray Buxton being father of Ian who played cricket for Derbyshire and football for Derby County he as a school boy playing cricket and football at Anthony Gell Grammar School my brother John M Flint also Goalkeeper for Gells in the same period as Buxton and Peter Hayworth played

William married Anne Wragg daughter of Samuel Wragg of Wirksworth 1843 (he remarried Mary Jane Thompson widow nee Mee in 1891 in his 70th year)


  • Anne born 1844 married John Bowmer a Clerk son of Benjamin Bowner Mill Hand
  • Elizabeth married John Kinder Fritchley 1882 son of Charles Fritchley Mechanic
  • Henry Gamble married Emma Wall dau of Hugh Wall Shoe Maker 1868
  • Sarah Jane Gamble born 1863 married William John Harrison son of James Harrison 1886

    Regards Stuart G Flint
    Sorry ! but I am related again to Harrisons both on Buckley and Harrison and distantly via Benyons

    James Harrison senior married Mahala Buckley who was dau of George and Millicent Butler widow of John Butler (my wifes and my kinsman) nee Brookes

    James Harrisons brother Herbert Harrison married Ellen Land (also known in records as Sarah Ellen Land born 1837) Ellen Land was daughter of George and Anne Land nee Brookes of Bolehill, George Land being brother to my Gr Gr Grandmother Hannah Land who married James Smith whose daughter Sarah married Thomas Cauldwell they my Grt Grandparents their daughter Annie Cauldwell marrying John Walker they my Grandparents

    James Harrison was son of Thomas and Sarah Harrison of Ockbrook (in some records Borrowash). For a time Sarah in 1841 aged 30 years and James born 1838 lived with John and Hannah Sims nee Stafford at Wirksworth John Sims being my kin via William and Dorothy Sims nee Allen Dorothy's Allen family marrying into my Flint family some four times, Sims my kin via Slaters and Flints an heir of the Sims /Slater / Flint family being Councillor Joshua Frederick Slater (Fred) who was known as The Father of Wirksworth Urban District Council he having a Cycle Shop and Tobaconists on St John Street opposite Waltham House My father and Fred along with W J Harrison and his son Norman Harrison were all Councillors on Wirksworth UDC

    William John Harrison was son of James and Mahala Harrison brother of James who had the Plumbing business at Market Place and was Water Bailiff. W J Harrison was Chairman of Wirksworth UDC when the new road named after him Harrison Drive was driven through the quarry workings once owned by my kinsman George Colledge (Baileycroft Quarry) W J Harrison married Sarah Jane Gamble dau of William Gamble

    Millicent Harrison daughter of James and Mahala Harrison married John Benyon son of John Benyon who was Butler to the Price-Woods at Wirksworth Hall (related to Hurts and Mead Waldo's) John senior I believe was the founder of Wirksworth Labour Party and may have been founder of West Derbyshire Labour Party

    William J Harrisons son Norman Harrison was also a Plumber living at Steeplegrange.. Norman was married to Lillian Petts of Middleton dau of John James Petts brother of Bertram Petts who together founded Petts Monumental Masons Chapel Lane Middleton their yard next door to my family home Lillians sister Ada Petts married my father's brother John Samuel Flint (known to my as Uncle Jack) Uncle Jack was a Steam Engine Driver main line

    James Harrisons shop in Market Place Wirksworth became a Newsagnts by the 1920s as Herbert Leonard Doxey who married Ada Botham cousin to my Uncle Arthur Botham (married Leah Amelia Flint Dads sister) owned it by the early 1930s My father had a Drapery Shop opposite H L Doxey now a Butchers near where Hunters had their shop next to what is now NatWest Bank Market Place ( Crompton & Evans Bank built by my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker & Sons) My father was Apprentice Grocer at Hunters in 1906 he becoming a Master Grocer the Manager being when my father was training from age 12 years Mr Alan Fields of Manchester who married into the Thompson family of Wirksworth I have Dads Indenture papers signed by Mr Fields stating that he was a Master Grocer

    My father already had opened a Grocery and Provisions and General Dealership business on Main Street Middleton by the 1930s and placed Douglas Slack his friend and distant kinsman, Douglas Slack also my wifes kinsman as Manager at the Wirksworth shop.

    In time Mr Slack took over Dads business but unfortunately he passed away in his 40s Herbert L: Doxey was Douglas Slacks Uncle and purchased the business from Mr Slacks widow Mary Slack nee Stone of Street Lane Denby (Stones still present in the town as Building Supply Traders at The Old Cinema St John Street ) On Douglas Slacks demise Mary married George Housely Building Contractor both deceased

    Herbert Doxey placed his daughter Mary Livingstone nee Doxey in the shop as manager with her husband Samuel Livingstone ..Samuel Livingstone was a Founder with my father Harry S Flint and Rafe Blackwall plus others of Wirksworth Rotary Club in 1947/8

    Samuel Livingstone died in his 30s and Mary remarried Peter Ward-Close of Millers Green they in more recent years removing to Loughborough where I was in touch with them up to two or three years ago they then in their 80s

    George Buckley who was father of Mahala married twice 1st wife Martha Street in 1815 Martha also my kinsmwoman and my wifes (my wifes 4XGrandfather was Benjamin Street who married Sarah Morris Benjamin's daughter Harriett married Ambrose Blackham Horse Nail Maker Wash Green they my wifes 3XGrandparents also Grand fore bare of Mr Jack Doxey of West End Wirksworth well known historian deceased he General Manager at Velvose Hosiery Works West End now the Registered Office of Janet Reger also Grand fore bare to my friend Mrs Mary Alton nee Doxey of Langley Mill who is Accompanist to Alfreton & District Male Voice Choir.. where I was a one time member Jack Doxey wrote a book abouth his life on The Dale and Greenhill

    George Buckley's 2nd wife Millicent Butler was widow of John Butler whose Butler family are my kin via Shaws who owned quarries at Middle Peak Wirksworth, Hoe Grange Longcliffe and at Matlock.. John Butlers family also being my wifes family her Grt Uncle being Frank Holmes Butler of the same Butler family, he half brother to Herbert Evans my wife's Grandfather

    Douglas Slack's father George Slack married as his 2nd wife when John James Petts's obt J J Petts's widow, my Aunt Ada Flint nee Petts her sister Lillian Harrison nee Petts and Douglas Slack living together up to their marriages

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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