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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 611


9th Earl of Airlie writing from Kirriemuir, Scotland 19 Sep 1833
to Mrs Gell of Stone Cliff, Wirksworth (near Darley Dale)

Photo taken: 1833
Source: John Palmer

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Letter from David Ogilvy 1785-1849

David Ogilvy was a British peer based in Scotland. Mrs Gell was probably a member of the Gell family who were based at Hopton Hall The letter was sent 7 years before the introduction of the pre-paid stamp system, and postage was paid by the recipient, so the sender's name and address were required on the envelope. Stone Cliff was probably Stancliffe Hall in the Parish of Darley Dale. However a Stonycliff existed in Hulland Ward, part of Wirksworth Parish. It looks like the words "Darley Dale" were inserted later, to make sure the letter was delivered to the Hall.
David Ogilvy, 9th Earl of Airlie (16 December 1785 20 August 1849) was a British peer. David was the youngest son of Walter Ogilvy, who was de jure 8th Earl of Airlie and Jean Ogilvy. On 26 May 1826 he succeeded to the title of 9th Earl of Airlie , after his honours were restored by Act of Parliament. He succeeded also the titles of 10th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie and 4th Lord Ogilvy of Alith and Lintrathen. He gained the rank of Captain in the service of the 42nd Regiment of Foot. Between 1833 and 1849 he held the office of Representative peer of Scotland. David held the office of Lord-Lieutenant of Angus which in that time it was known as Forfarshire. He died aged 63 at Regent Street, London, England. In May 1851 his will was probated. On 7 October 1812 he married, firstly, Clementina Drummond, daughter of Gavin Drummond and Clementina Graham. The had three children Lady Jean Graham Drummond Ogilvy (27 February 1818 4 March 1902) Walter Ogilvy (21 September 1823 27 March 1824) David Graham Drummond Ogilvy, 10th Earl of Airlie (4 May 1826 25 September 1881) On 15 November 1838 he married, secondly, Margaret Bruce, daughter of William Bruce, at 6 Heriot Row, Edinburgh, Scotland.
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