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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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B. Marriage of James Renshaw Jnr and
Hannah Young 1885, Derby C.

The Renshaw Family

Research into her RENSHAW family has been submitted by Elizabeth Marshalsea , together with help from Stuart Flint . This branch of the Renshaws began at Ible, near Wirksworth, moved to Bonsall for many years, then to Biggin-by-Hulland. James Renshaw senior was a butcher, his son James Renshaw junior was a farmer, although in his later years became known as "probably the greatest authority on the breeding, rearing, and diseases of trout in the country. For more than 40 years he was manager of the Trent Fish Culture Co., Ltd, at Milton, and later at Mercaston, near Brailsford."
H. Post Office, Hulland Ward c1936.
I. Hulland Ward 2003.

Renshaw Family

Elizabeth Marshalsea writes:
This is part of an account I have been writing up, sorry it's a bit long but I didn't want to leave out anything which might be useful. My grandfather, Charles William Young Renshaw was born in Bonsall, Derbyshire on the 13th September 1885. Unfortunately his mother, Hannah Renshaw (nee Young) died from puerperal fever within a fortnight, on the 26th September 1885. James Renshaw, father of Charles William Young Renshaw, was born on 8th November 1858 also in Bonsall. His Birth Certificate shows his father's occupation as Butcher. James's father was also called James Renshaw so I refer to them as James Renshaw Snr & James Renshaw Jnr. On his Birth Certificate James Renshaw Jnr's mother's name is given as Mary Renshaw, formerly Mary Stubbs.

  Edward    1741    Mary
              |                                  c1776            c1776
              |                                  William  1800    Mary
             1744                                WIGLEY=====v=====SLATER
             Thomas    1767    Mary                         |
             RENSHAW=====v=====WRIGHT                       |
                         |                                  |-------|-----|-------|-------|
                         |                                  |       |     |       |       |
                        1784              1790             1810    1800  1803    1805    1820
                        William   1808    Mary     1837    Eli     Henry William Anthony Joshua
                        <1837       |     1852             1852
 |      |      |    |    |       |     |    |      |      |     |
1808   1810   1812 1815 1817    1820  1821 1823   1827    |    1830
Thomas Hannah John Job  William Sarah Mary Martha Edmund  |    Esther
                                        1832             1828              1833
                                        Mary     1855    James(Snr) 1867   Ann
                                        1866       |     1915        |     1910
                                                   |                 |
                                           |-------|------|          |
                                           |              |          |
                                          1857            |         1860
                                          William         |         Mary
                                         1860            1858              1862
                                         Hannah  1885    James(Jnr) 1886   Ellen
                                         1885      |     1936        |     1914
                                                   |             |---|---|-------|
                                                  1885           |       |       |
                                   1890           Charles       1887    1894    1904
                                   Cora           William       George  Arthur  Alfred
                                   May    1914    Young
                                           James             wife
                                                      Elizabeth (informant)

John, I haven't included the next generation for reasons of confidentiality, ie I haven't yet asked them if they would mind!

Children of William Renshaw & Mary Crooks
Thomas bn 13aug1808 bp 25sep1808
Hannah bn 22apr1810 bp 13may1810 mar 5apr1830 Robert Stafford
John bn 30mar1812 bp 26apr1812
Job bn 17feb1815 bp 9apr1815
William bn 12may1817 bp 8jun1817
Sarah bn 27aug1819 bp 13oct1820
Mary bn 13jul1821 bp 5aug1821
Martha bn 18aug1823 bp 28sep1823
Edmund or Edward bn 23dec1826 bp 11feb1827
James (snr) bp 28sep1828
Esther bp 31oct1830

It seems from the O.S. map that you could walk across from Bonsall to Ible quite easily via footpaths.

James Renshaw (Snr), born 1828
The copy of the parish record shows that his parents are recorded as William and Mary Renshaw of Ible in the Parish of Wirksworth. William Renshaw is a farmer. The record was obtained from Derbyshire Records Office at Matlock.

1841 Census
Bonsall, Puddle Hill (ref: HO 107/197/7)
William Wigley, age 32, agricultural labourer
Mary Wigley/Langley, age 40
Martha Renshaw, age 15, cotton spinner, born Derbyshire
Edward Renshaw, age 14, f.s.! born Derbyshire (Edmund on parish baptism entry)
James Renshaw, age 12, comb-maker, born Derbyshire. (Tortoiseshell comb-making was an important industry in Bonsall).
Esther Renshaw, age 10, born Derbyshire
There are 2 other Wigley families also in Bonsall who are master cotton weavers, employing other hands. I have been unable to establish any family connection between the Wigley family & the Renshaws. Perhaps one or both parents have died. I haven't been able to find any trace of William or Mary Renshaw after 1830.

1851 Census
Bonsall, Townend (ref: HO 107/2146)
Robert Willis Stafford, head, farmer of 14 acres, age 45, born Bradbourne
Hannah Stafford, wife, age 40, born Ible, Derbyshire*
William R S Stafford, son, age 10, born Grange, Derbyshire
Hannah Stafford, daughter age 4, born Ible, Derbyshire
James Renshaw, visitor, age 21, lead miner, born Ible, Derbyshire*
Sarah Dakin Low, visitor, age 4mths born Ible, Derbyshire
*Wirksworth Parish Records 1608-1899.

Hannah Renshaw
born 22nd April, 1810, baptised 13th May.
Parents: William & Mary Renshaw of Ible.
On 5th April, 1830 Hannah Renshaw married Robert William Stafford. One of the witnesses was Thomas Renshaw (she had an older brother, Thomas, so probably it was him).
I believe this is the "correct" James Renshaw (out of several of the appropriate age). It appears that James is staying with his sister, Hannah Stafford, nee Renshaw, & his brother-in-law, Robert Stafford. James was born late in 1828 so he would have been aged 22-23 in 1851, but census ages are approximate. He is now a lead miner. Town End is at the south of Bonsall, (it's marked on the OS. Leisure map 24, scale 1:25,000, edition A6, revised 1994).

James Renshaw & Mary Stubbs, parents of William & James Renshaw
James Renshaw and Mary Stubbs were married at Clifton District Church in the Parish of Ashbourn, (sic) on 7th May 1855. Their ages are given as 24 years. One of the witnesses is Martha Bullock Stubbs, who is Mary's younger sister. (This becomes clear from the Stubbs Family census return). James's father is recorded as William Renshaw, farmer. Mary's father is recorded as farmer. Both fathers were probably deceased by this time. I was unable to find Joshua Stubbs on the 1841 census. I couldn't find a baptism entry for Mary Stubbs because there were no relevant parish records for Clifton with Compton at Derbyshire Records Office.

1861 Census
Bonsall (ref: RG 9/2524)
James Renshaw, head, age 32, married, agricultural labourer, born Ible, Derbyshire
Mary Renshaw, wife, age 29, born Mayfield, Staffordshire
William Renshaw, son, age 4 years, scholar, born Bonsall, Derbyshire
James Renshaw, son age 2 years, born Bonsall, Derbyshire
James is now an agricultural labourer. The census recorded only the main occupation. Because was commonplace to have more than one occupation I can't tell whether James was still a lead miner.

1871 Census
Bonsall, Town End (ref: RG10/3602)
James Renshaw, head, married, age 41, farmer of 115 acres, born Ible, Derbyshire
Ann Renshaw, married, age 38, born Bonsall, Derbyshire
William Renshaw, son, age 15, scholar, born Bonsall, Derbyshire
James Renshaw, son age 12, scholar, born Bonsall, Derbyshire
Mary Wheeldon, daughter, age 11, scholar, born Bonsall, Derbyshire
By the time of the 1871 census Mary Renshaw seems to have died and in 1867 James Renshaw (Snr) married Ann Wheeldon.
Probable index references:
Deaths March 1866
Renshaw Mary age 34 Ashborne* (sic) 7b 385
*Registration District Marriages September 1867
Renshaw James Ashbourne 7b 677
Wheeldon Ann Ashbourne 7b 677
(Source FreeBMD website)

1881 Census
Bonsall, Town End (ref: RG11/3426)
James Renshaw, head, married, age 52, farmer 78 acres employing 1 man & 1 boy, born Ible, Derbyshire.
Ann Renshaw, wife, age 47, born Bonsall, Derbyshire.
James & William, sons of Mary & James Renshaw are now living in different areas. I believe William Renshaw became a gardener at Via Gellia & later on, a gamekeeper at Okeover Hall.

1891 Census
Bonsall, No. 3, Town End (ref:RG12/2756)
James Rensham*, head, age 60, farm labourer, born Ible, Derbyshire
Ann Rensham*, wife, age 56, born Bonsall, Derbyshire
*Renshaw has been wrongly transcribed

1901 Census
Bonsall, Town End (ref: RG13/3241)
James Renshaw, head, married, age 71, labourer on farm, born Ible, Derbyshire
Ann Renshaw, wife, married, age 66, born Bonsall, Derbyshire
The address is simply Town End but the next property on the census return is the Rectory so it may be possible to identify from an old map, exactly where James & his wife were living at the time of this census.

1911 Census
Bonsall, Town End (ref:RG78/1255)
James Renshaw, head, widower, age 84, retired farmer, living on own account, born Ible, Derbyshire.
(Number of rooms in house, three including kitchen).
James Renshaw has not been able to sign the census return form & it has been completed by two different people. I know he could sign his name because he has signed the register on the occasion of his marriage to Mary Stubbs. James may have lost his eyesight or been incapable of dealing with the census form. Working in a lead mine, which he did as a young man would probably not have helped anyone's mental agility, in old age!

The following sheet was given to me by my aunt. Because James Renshaw Junior was around 79 years old when he died, this seems to refer to James Renshaw Senior. This would mean that he died in summer 1917-18. This is the probable index reference for James Renshaw's death. (source FreeBMD website)

Deaths September 1917
James Renshaw age 88 Ashbourne 7b 650
James Renshaw (Jnr)

1861 Census
James Renshaw appears on the 1861 census (details on page 4). His age at is recorded as 2 years.

1871 Census
James also appears on the 1871 census (details on page 4). His age is recorded as 12 years & he is a scholar. His father has re-married, and the transcript of this census records his mother as being Ann Renshaw, but the copy of his birth certificate above confirms that his mother was Mary Renshaw, formerly Stubbs. His father's occupation is given as Butcher which seemed to go alongside farming at that time. James left school at 13 to become an apprentice wheelwright. I wonder why he changed schools for the last six months of his education

1881 Census (ref RG11/3257)
James Renshaw was a Journeyman Wheelwright, living with Master Wheelwright John Cooper & family at Roman Bank, in the district of Spilsby, Skegness. Skegness, district of Spilsby (ref:RG11/3257)
John Cooper, head, married, age 51, Master Wheelwright
Betsey Cooper, wife, married, age 50,
Betsey Carvill, niece, age 11, scholar
James Renshaw, boarder, unmarried, Journeyman Wheelwright, born Bonsall, Derbyshire
By 1885 James had moved to Derby. The area of Litchfield in which he lived was the home of the Derby Railway Works which was expanding at this time. It may be that he was employed there.
James Renshaw married Hannah Young, also from Bonsall at St Peter's church, Derby on 30th March 1885. James is described as a Carriage Builder residing at 22 High St. Litchurch, Derby.
Hannah's occupation was given as servant, her address, 38 Hartington St. Litchurch. (This street can be seen on Google Street). At the time Litchurch Street had not long been built. The marriage certificate shows their fathers as James Renshaw, farmer and Charles Young, butcher. Hannah and James had a son, Charles William Young Renshaw, later that year and unfortunately Hannah died shortly afterwards from Puerperal Fever. On December 23rd, 1886 James Renshaw married Ellen Mellor at St Andrew's Church, Derby.

1891 census (ref:RG12/2197)
By the time of the 1891 Census the family was living in the hamlet of Milton, near Repton, at Mill House. James Renshaw was manager of the Trent Fish Culture Co. At this time Milton was in the Civil Parish of Repton in the district of Burton on Trent, Parliamentary Division of South Derbyshire. (It's now in Staffordshire but the locations of records do sometimes overlap). By now Charles Renshaw, my grandfather, was a lad of 5 years old attending school. He used to say to us that he went to Repton School, but not the "right" one! He had a half-brother of three years old, called George. The census only affords the opportunity to state one occupation so we cannot be sure whether, or for how long he continued his trade of Wheelwright. It would be interesting to know how it came about that James Renshaw went into fish breeding.
There may be some clues: An article from Bygone Derbyshire [Mechanical: Grandad and the mechanical genius(bygonederbyshire.co.uk)] mentions, in passing, The Trent Fish Culture Co. It was founded by a Mr Stephenson-Peach, who was keenly interested in pisciculture. Mr Stephenson-Peach was managing director of the Trent Fish Culture Co, but he was primarily an engineer. He died in 1919.
In 1886 Mr Stephenson-Peach had opened an engineering works in Askew House, Repton. The works later became an engineering school associated with Repton School. Stephenson-Peach was involved in the design of various motor vehicles. It is possible that James Renshaw first came into contact with Stephenson-Peach because he required a wheelwright.
James and Ellen Renshaw had 3 sons who were half-brothers to Charles William Young Renshaw. They were George Renshaw, born November 2nd 1887, Arthur Renshaw, born September 19th 1894 and Alfred Renshaw, born August 24th 1904.
These are the most likely birth index references for the three half-brothers:
(source freeBMD website)
George Renshaw 1887 December Quarter Burton-on-Trent 6b 326
Arthur Renshaw 1894 December Quarter Burton-on-Trent 6b 380
Alfred Renshaw 1904 September Quarter Burton-on-Trent 6b 409
(At this time Burton-on-Trent registration district covered some of Derby/Staffs).
Here is a little more about the children & descendants of James & Ellen Renshaw, copied from a sheet of paper (below) which was given to me by my aunt: George Renshaw married Eva Parker on January 1st 1914. They had a daughter, Ellen Renshaw, born 16th October 1916.
Arthur Renshaw married Sarah Bradbury on June 7th 1924. They had a daughter, Catherine Jean Renshaw, born 18th August 1925.

1901 Census (ref:RG13/2637)
Repton, part of South Derbyshire
The family is still living at The Fishery in Main Street, Milton.
James Renshaw, head, married, age 42, Piscitorial Steward?/Tenant ?, worker, born Bonsall, Derbyshire
Ellen Renshaw, wife, married,, age 39, born Wirksworth, Derbyshire
Charles Renshaw, son, age 15, railway clerk, born Bonsall, Derbyshire
George Renshaw, son, age 13, born Milton, Derbyshire
Arthur Renshaw, son age 6, born Milton, Derbyshire
At some time prior to the 1911 census the Trent Fish Culture Co. moved to Mercaston, near Brailsford, Derbyshire in order to expand.

1911 Census
Mercaston, Brailsford, nr Derby
James Renshaw, head, age 52, married, pisciculturist, manager of hatchery, Trent Fish Culture Co. born Bonsall, Derbyshire
Children born alive to present marriage = 3. Children still living = 3.
Arthur Renshaw, son, single age 16, engineer apprentice, Madison Dynamo Electrical, born Milton, Derbyshire
Alfred Renshaw,son, school, born Milton, Derbyshire
6 rooms in the house
Ellen Renshaw, James' wife, doesn't appear on the 1911 census, & no other Ellen Renshaws of the appropriate age are listed. There is an Ellen Henshaw listed as follows:

1911 Census
Institution Transcript:
Institution name: The Derby Royal Infirmary, Railway servants Orphanage, London Road, Derby, RG14PN20943 RD435 SD2 SN9999
Henshaw, Ellen, Married, F age 49 yr,born Wirksworth,Derbyshire.
Why the Derby Royal Infirmary includes the Railway Servants' Orphanage I don't know, it's not even in the same road! Perhaps it was the next place in the enumerator's schedule. I hope to see the hospital admission list to see whether it will provide any further information/clarification.
Ellen Renshaw died in 1914 on 2nd August (see page 6).
A lucky coincidence! When I began this project I found that the former house and grounds of the Trent Fish Culture Co were for sale. The agents, Fisher German, were kind enough to send some photos. The property is now named The Old Water Mill. The vendors confirmed to the agent that the property was indeed the home of the Trent Fish Culture Co. Looking at details from the 1911 census schedule this seems correct.
At the time of his death in 1936 (date unknown) James Renshaw was living at Biggin-by-Hulland , near Mercaston.
I have searched the churchyard at Hulland on two occasions & failed to find a headstone. The burial records for Hulland Church were not available on my visit to Derby Record Office this year.
According to information available in the Black Horse, Hulland Ward, the name Hulland means "high land".

That's it, John. At the moment I am going through the information & pictures I have about my grandfather, Charles William Young Renshaw. I will send details to you when it's complete-hopefully very soon.
The Renshaw Family

A. Entry for Marriage at Ashbourn on 7 May 1855 between James Renshaw and Mary Stubbs, both 24.
G. Entry for Baptism at Wirksworth on 11 Feb 1827 of Edmund Renshaw, son of William and Mary, born 23 Dec 1826
Mr J Renshaw
Funeral of Hulland Expert in Fish Breeding

The funeral of Mr James Renshaw (78), of Biggin-by-Hulland, took place at Hulland Church.
A Derbyshire man, born at Bonsall, Mr Renshaw spent the greaterpart of his life in fish breeding. His knowledge in this connection was almost unrivalled locally, and he was probably the greatest authority on the breeding, rear- ing, and diseases of trout in the country.
For more than 40 years he was manager of the Trent Fish Culture Co., Ltd, at Milton, and later at Mercaston, near Brailsford.
At the service the Rev. N G Cole offi- ciated.
Mourners were: Mr C W Renshaw (son), Mr and Mrs George Renshaw (son and daughter-in-law), Mr and Mrs Arthur Renshaw (son and daughter-in-law), Ellen Renshaw (granddaughter), Mr James Renshaw (nephew).
Arrangements were carried out by Mr Clowes, of Hulland.

Loss to Angling

Older angling readers will have heard with great regret of the death of Mr James Renshaw, who until a few years ago was manager of the well known trout farm at Mercaston. As an authority on trout breeding he enjoyed a national reputation, and countless visitors took their troubles to him during the 40 years he was engaged in trout breeding, and were rarely disappointed with the solutions he offered.
In his days fish breeding was in its infancy, but some of the methods employed by these pioneers of the industry are still being followed even in this age of research. At one time at Milton, till water difficulties made expansion impossible, the farm was moved to its present locality at Mercaston.
The art of trout culture owes much to Mr Renshaw, though some years have elapsed since he relinquished duties at Mercaston.
The farm has steadily progressed and expanded to cope with the demands of modern times, but the general scheme of layout and water supply remains a tribute to the mind that laid the foundations of the organisation.
He was a delightful personality; the humble coarse fisher on a little visit of inspection to his farm received the same kindly and courteous attention as the wealthiest potential customer. Happily there are some few who served under him and became imbued with his accumulated knowledge.
Good work carried on by them in many a corner of this country, and probably passed on in turn to others, will serve to perpetuate the memory of one of the real pioneers of fish culture.


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