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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Posted 18 Jun 1845 at Wirksworth to: Messrs Brocklehurst Co, Macclesfield

From Arkwright & Co, Wirksworth, June 17 1845, sealed with a crowned rose.

Letter from Peter Arkwright 1845

A sealed letter sent 1845 from Arkwright & Co, Wirksworth to Brocklehurst & Co, Macclesfield. Alas, the seal is broken and the contents missing. What can we find out about the sender and recipient?

Peter Arkwright (1784-1866) was the fourth of eleven children, and had 16 children himself. His grandfather was the famous Sir Richard Arkwright, and in 1805 he married into the noble Hurt family. Peter was born into money, was schooled at Eton, lived at Willersley Castle, and became a mill owner and later a banker. He died at 82, surrounded by a large family.
Much more information can be found at: Peter Arkwright - the Third Generation

Brocklehurst & Co was a private bank established in Macclesfield in 1816 as William, John & Thomas Brocklehurst; it was also known as Macclesfield Bank. The partners were local silk manufacturers and cotton merchants and opened for business following the 1816 failure of Critchley & Turner (est. 1806), bankers of Macclesfield. Despite many partnership changes the firm retained the style of William, John & Thomas Brocklehurst & Co. It was acquired by Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co in 1891. After many amalgamations and changes of name, Brocklehurst & Co became part of today's Royal Bank of Scotland.
More information can be found at: Brocklehurst & Co

The red seal imprinted with
crown and tudor rose (the Arkwright seal?)
Unperforated penny red (issued 1841)
It had to be cut from a sheet with scissors

Peter ARKWRIGHT's family

                                                |                  |                     |
                                                |                  |                     |
                   1726                        1734               1732                  1732
Elizabeth  1746    Adam      1754    Elizabeth Patience 1755      Sir Richard    1761   Margaret
ROBINSON=====v=====SIMPSON=====v=====OLDHAM    HOLT=======v=======ARKWRIGHT========v====BIGGENS
                               |     1756                 |       1792             |    1811
                               |                          |                        |
                               |                          |                   |----|----|-----|
                               |                          |                   |         |     |
                              1755                       1755                1762      1764   1761
                              Mary     1780              Richard             Susannah  Ellen  Anne
                              SIMPSON====v===============ARKWRIGHT           1835      (inf)  (inf)
                              1827       |               1843
 |         |       |      |     |    |       |    |      |    |       |
1780      1781    1783   1784  1785 1786    1788 1791   1794 1796    1798
Elizabeth Richard Robert Peter John Charles Mary Joseph Anne Frances Harriett
1838      1832    1859   1866  1858 1850    1803 1864   1844 1863    1815
                         Peter       1805    Mary
 |    |    |    |       |     |      |     |    |     |     |     |     |    |    |      |
1806 1807 1808 1809    1811  1812   1813  1814 1816  1817  1818  1821  1822 1823 1825   1827
Fred Mary Edwd Francis Henry Alfred James Ferd Susan Fanny Marg  Aug   Oct  John Carol. Arthur
1874 Anne 1850 1812          1887   Chas  Will Maria Jane  Helen Peter 1823 Thom Elizab 1827
     1891                           1896  1893 1864  1894  1883  1887


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Stuart Flint writes:
Having read you new entry for 2010 re Peter Arkwright I thought you may be interested in having their Simpson side of the Arkwright family
Mary Simpson born 6th August 1755 Christened 3rd September 1755 who married Richard Arkwright in 1780 at Bonsall Parish Chuch was daughter of Adam and Elizabeth Simpson nee Oldham Elizabeth born at Shirland where she and Adam were married
Adam Simpson was born at Bonsall in 1726 (The Manor House which when the Prince family lived there became The Study Manor House Park Side..One of my wifes allied family lives at Study Farm on the site of the old Manor House )
Adam married 1st wife Elizabeth Robinson of Bonsall on 11th August 1746 2nd wife Elizabeth Oldham on 25th September 1754
Adam was son of John and Eliza Simpson nee Ginny John born at Bonsall Eliza born at Weston Upon Trent nr Derby
John Simpson was son of James Simpson of Bonsall also known as Jacobus which suggests Scottish origins who married Grace Wigley of Bonsall in 1692 she daughter of Ralph Wigley whose family date back in time to the Gell Ashby Sacherverral Berrisforde and Blackwall families ..I have the full listings which with other allied families stretch back over one thousand years
James and Grace Simpsons other son was Peter Simpson born 1695 who married Elizabeth Curson of Crich at Crich Parish Church on 7th May 1719
Adam Simpsons sister Dorothy married Henry Flint son of Anthony Flint of Holloway (not my Flint kin). Henry and Dorothy were left The Manor House (The Study) in the will of Adam Simpson son of Adam and his 1st wife Elizabeth nee Robinson. This Adam died in his early 20s unwed
Henry and Dorothy Flint nee Simpson's two daughters Sarah and Dorothy both married the same Gent Samuel Prince of Longnor (Prince's also of Parwich) Samuel Prince's Uncle and Aunt were Paul and Edith Prince nee Henstock Paul and Edith my 6XUncle and Aunt, Edith sister of my 5XGrandfather Edward Henstock of Slaley Hall ...Here via the assistance of Lionel Parnes of my kin is a tale of intrique as Edward Henstock (married Mary Frost of Bonsall) was my 5XGrandfather on my Flint side but also my Grandforebare on my mothers side also Edward Henstocks daughter Mary married William Hawley of Matlock they my 4XGrandparents on Flints whilst Edwards son Thomas Henstock sired a daughter Catherine via my 3XGrandmother Sarah Wigley out of wedlock Samuel Prince's son Samuel was Curate at Bonsall Parish Church
Catherine Wigley alias Henstock married William Walker they my Gr Gr Grandparents
In the early 1800s The Manor House was opened as a Prep School where the Head Master was John Allen of Holloway whose wife Lydia was sister to Luke Alsop who married his cousin Lydia Alsop dau of Anthony and Hannah Alsop nee Wright also Anne Alsop who married Joseph Wass
Among the Students was William Bemrose age 9 years who in later years married into the Simpson family ie Margaret Romana Simpson daughter of Edward Lloyd and Maria Simpson nee Cade of Spondon Maria daughter of Dr James and Anna Romana Simpson nee Wright she daughter of Joseph Wright whose portraits of the Arkwright family are still to be seen, Edward Lloyd Simpson was son of James and Margaret Simpson nee Lloyd daughter of Rev John Lloyd of Spondon, James son of John and Mary Simpson nee Cook John brother of Adam Simpson who married Elizabeth Oldham

Regards Stuart G Flint

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