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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 616


The Lilies Inn, Ible

Two photos of the old Lilies Inn, taken a few seconds apart. The first photo was taken in portrait not landscape style, so cutting off part of the building.
The second photo was correct. Available on CD: Z616j.jpg (1884x1239, 266kb); Z616k.jpg (747x571, 114kb)

The Lilies Inn (OS ref: SK 245-572) was a public house probably before 1841, when it appears in the Census. It was named after the Lily-of-the-Valley (Convallaria majalis), a poisonous but beautiful woodland plant with scented flowers that covered a wide area in the steep woods on each side of the Via Gellia passing the Inn. It was popular with Middleton men, who would walk down there, have a pint of beer and a chat, then get watercress out of the brook on the way back. It must also have been used by men from the nearby hamlets of Grangemill and Ible. At some time in the 20th Century the Inn became a private house, but with very little change. Though some way from any town, it was well connected by the Via Gellia with Cromford, built 1791-92, which also passes the Pig of Lead, Rider Point and Tufa Cottage. Because of these attractions, the Lilies was always an enjoyable Sunday excursion, either by bicycle, horse and trap, early motor car or even charabanc from Matlock Bath.
1915 James KENWORTHY 59
1911 Thomas DOOLEY 57
1901 Thomas WARDLE 28
1891 Hannah SPENCER 66
1881 Alfred CARLINE 43
1871 John TRAVIS 54
1861 John WATSON 66
1857 John WATSON Trades
1851 John WATSON 56
1846 John WATSON Trades
1841 John WATSON 46

             1796             1809
             John     1829    Maria
             1877       |     1869
             |       |          |
1822        1829    1831       1834
Isaac  1849 Ann     Elizabeth  Eliza

Does anyone recognize?

These photos come together, sent in by Jane Billington . They show a group out for a ride near Ible. The chauffeur has a high hat, there's a plump man and his thin friend, 2 slender ladies, 2 little girls and a little boy

Where is this?

Who are these people?

Which Church is this?


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Stuart Flint writes:
In the late 1940s early 50s my wife's Uncle of Middleton used to fetch water cress from a stream near The Lillies Inn ..his son who is a friend of my family today accompanied his father on these expeditions. Previous to my father when Chaiman of Wirkworth Water Board overseeing the establishment of piped treated water for Middleton in the 1930s, my wife's Grandfather who lived on Water Lane Middleton and then Duke Street used to fetch water from a spring just beyond The Lillies Inn on the road to Winster which he carted in a large milk churn on a two wheeled barrow designed to carry churns

A person of my auquaintance who I went to Middleton Junior School with in the 1940s lived at Ible in that period, her family being of the name of Watson although she told me the other day that as far as she is aware her Watsons have no links with the John Watson who was Landlord of The Lillies Inn.. Her family are from Brassington... I am never the less researching the Lillies Inn Watson family at the moment, John Watson originating from Rowsley

In the 1940s/50s the Landlord at The Lillies Inn was a Mr Saunders (verified as fact by both my wife's 2nd cousin and by the lady I went to school with...). I also believe that afterwards a family of Platt lived there when no longer an Inn. A lady of the Platt family married a Middleton man she being a customer at my father's shop Central Stores Middleton in the 1960s/70s... Up to recent years a Middleton Transport firm used the land in front of The Lillies Inn to park their Lorries...

The photograph of the coach and horses by a stream with a bridge in the background is I believe Bradbourne Brook Ford just beyond Bradbourne Village the Ford leading into Tissington

Lea Hall Farm is at the head of the narrow road leading from the Ford.. Lea Hall Farm belonging in the mid 1750s to the Taylor family one of whom Mary daughter of George Taylor married as his 1st wife my 5XUncle Stephen Hall of Middleton Gent his 2nd wife being my 4XGrandmother Mary Hawley nee Henstock's sister Ruth Henstock of Slalely Hall near Bonsall... Lea Hall Farm also belonged at one time to the Dale family of Bradbourne and Parwich and today is owned by the Naylor family whose maternal family have links with my own present day kin...

Tertius Dales family lived at Lea Hall in the 1720s he married Hannah Burton Tertius Dales son Tertius Dale married Mary Flowers of Nottingham (High Pavement Presbyterian Church) whose son George Dale married my kinswoman Sarah Jane Walker she Grandaughter of John and Ruth Walker nee Frost Ruth sister to my 5XGrandfather John Frost of Bolehill Wirksworth..

George and Sarah Jane's son George Tertius Dale married Margaret Ince sister to Thomas Norris Ince Genealogist and Solicitor of Wirksworth whilst John Dale their son married Catherine Ince

Tertius Dales who married Hannah Burton had a daughter Sarah who married John Buxton of Nottingham, Buxtons drawn from the Bradbourne and Ashbourne family of Buxton who also lived at Lea Hall at one time. John and Sarah Buxton's daughter Sarah married John Toplis of Pratt Hall Pratt Hall Lane just above Boggarts Inn, of St Helens Lane Wirksworth... Toplis being the founder of John Toplis Bank, St Johns Street Wirksworth which in the 1800s became Arkwright & Toplis and then when Toplis died Richard Arkwright & Co now Lloyds T.S.B.

Henry Beesley of my kin was Manager there in the 1880s/90s when it was known as Capital & Counties Bank

On looking at the Church photo I did think it seemed similar to Bonsall Parish Church, but on reflection I am not so sure... I hope someone may be able to find out..

Regards Stuart G Flint

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