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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 620


Traders in Wirksworth

John Bradley supplied these copies of very early Wirksworth stereo photos. Anyone who knows more about them, please contact

X620a Wirksworth to Derby Mail Coach 1856
John Bradley writes:
"This is a very early image. It was only discovered earlier this year [2010] and was taken around 1856/57. So one of the earlier photographs you will find of Derbyshire. It shows the Wirksworth to Derby mail coach, stopping to take on passengers. The coachman has co-operated by holding the coach steady and two passengers have obligingly stood still by the door. Two other young men sit with the coachman and other people are seen in the background looking on. At this date very few people in the countryside would have seen a photographer at work. The photographer went on to take two other photographs of the village blacksmith at work and a village shop. This was a very skilled early photographer. A superb and unique image."

Possible carriers to Derby in 1857 were:
William Weston, from China House yard, Mon and Fri. 1851 and 1861
Joseph Frost, from North End, daily except Thursday 1851 and 1861
Joseph Pickard, from Coldwell St. daily except Thursday 1851 and 1861

Webmaster's comments:
| Rail from Wirksworth to Derby not open until 1867. | Near horse showing several ribs, looks starved. | Coach has registration No V.R.4868 with crown. | Young driver holds a horn. | Behind driver, 2 young men and a girl in a bonnet. | Man and woman not wearing travelling clothes. | Man holding open door. | Woman and 4 children watch from the kerb.|

X620b Wirksworth Knife-grinder 1856

Possible knife-grinders in the area are:

Webmaster's comments:
| Boy in cap and jacket turning grindstone may be just a guest. | Two boys in aprons look like apprentices. | Window at rear of workshop looks straight onto stone wall. | Four files hanging on wall at right. | Man in doorway may be customer. | Wall at left with expensive railings. | Atractive woven basket at right. | Torn fly posters on wall at top.

X620c Wirksworth blacksmith 1856

Possible blacksmiths in the area are:
John Land, from Bowling Green Lane 1851
Thomas Gibbons, from The Dale 1851 and 1861
William Winson, from Cockpit 1851 and 1861
Joseph Greatorex, from West End 1851 and 1861
Richard Brocklehurst, from North End 1851
John Gratton, from North End 1851

Webmaster's comments:
| Blacksmith appears 50-60 years old in 1856. | Lad aged c20 wears a blacksmiths apron, son? | Arch behind blacksmith is similar to present 17c West End. | Arch also similar to office opp Hopkinson House, Dale. | Horse appears to be hobbled on its rear legs. | Note wheels, blacksmiths fitted iron tyres to such wheels. | Note box of tools in foreground.

Modern building at 10 The Dale
Stuart Flint writes: "I believe the Blacksmith shop to be at the foot of The Dale opposite Hodgkinson House the Blacksmith being Thomas Gibbons son of Thomas and Elizabeth Gibbons nee Collinson (when Thomas Gibbons son of Michael Gibbons and Ellen nee Wright died Elizabeth married Joseph Flint my 4XUncle Mining Agent at The Bage Mine Bolehill Ellen Wright my kin as were the Collinsons). Thomas son of Thomas and Elizabeth married Sarah Bramley sister of Robert Bramley (see my Wright ped Ince). Thomas Gibbons died aged 66 years in 1865 his son Thomas was a Farmer marrying Sarah Anne."

Michael   1765    Ellen
1797        |     1791
          1771              1779
          Thomas    1795    Elizabeth      1831    Joseph
          1830        |
                    1799              1805
                    Thomas    1829    Sarah
                    1865        |     1847
                                |               1850
                              1832              Sarah
                              Thomas    1871?   Anne

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