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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Thomas Roebuck - painter

Thomas Roebuck senior of Wirksworth, tallow chandler and grocer, was baptised at Mansfield in 1778. His first son, known as Mason, was an artist and schoolmaster living at Kirk Ireton and Wirksworth. His second son Thomas junior (1805-1876) was also an artist and well known for his picture of an Ox, painted about 1850 and distorted to emphasize the breeding characters of the animal. Little is known about the family, most comes from the 19th century genealogist Thomas Norris Ince, see page 51b and page 51c of his magnum opus "Pedigrees".
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This picture is for sale at Bonham's Gentleman's Library Sale, 19 Jan 2011 to 20 Jan 2011 New Bond Street, London.
Oil on canvas, size 76.2 x 89 cms, Estimate £6,000-£8,000
Alistair Laird wrote
Your e-mail which has been forwarded to me as I handled the picture section of the gentleman's Library sale. Lot 188 was painted by Thomas Roebuck and on a wooden tablet on the back it is inscribed 'Mr. Thomas Roebuck, artist, Wirksworth'. I cannot remember having seen another picture by this artist.
Alistair Laird.

Champion short horn

Count Lavender

Hereford Ox
"Ox" by Thomas Roebuck of Wirksworth c1850

In 19th century Britain, it was a common practice for the peerage and gentry of the English countryside to not only set the standard in the superior quality of their livestock, but to constantly improve the recognized breeds of the country. To capture the glory of their efforts, it was not uncommon to immortalize the beasts on canvas. The specimens above will visually impart both the seriousness of the process and the majesty of the results
Polled heifer

Thorney Prize Ox

Yorkshire Rose

Samantha Stolberg wrote on 10feb2015
In conducting research on Thomas Roebuck, I discovered your contact information. I am looking for any details about the Thomas Roebuck as featured in the attached images. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Samantha
Elizabeth Holden 1819-1892
Blacksmith's wife, Fritcheley

Signed by Thomas Roebuck 1875

HOLDEN family

                    |          |
  1818             1819       1829
  Nahum    1838    Elizabeth  George
  HOLDEN=====v=====BARNES     BARNES
  1886       |     1892
   |     |       |       |      |               1865
  1840  1844    1848    1854   1857             William
  John  Sarah   Hannah  Nahum  Tryphena         Henry
        Ann                    HOLDEN=====V=====BROWN

1891 Census for Crich, Derbyshire
William Henry  BROWN   Head     Marr   M  26  1865  Silk Weaver  Wessington, Derbys
Tryphena       BROWN   Wife     Marr   F  31  1860  -            Crich, Derbys
Elizabeth      HOLDEN  Moth-IL  Widow  F  71  1820  -            Fritchley, Derbys
1881 Census for Fritchley, Crich, Derbyshire
Nahum      HOLDEN  Head  Marr  M  63  1818  General Blacksmith  Heanor, Derbys
Elizabeth  HOLDEN  Wife  Marr  F  62  1819  -                   Fritchley, Derbys
Tryphena   HOLDEN  Daur  Sing  F  24  1857  Dressmaker          Crich, Derbys
1871 Census for Fritchley, Crich, Belper, Derbyshire
Nahum     HOLDEN Head Mar M 53 1818 Blacksmith        Heanor Derbys
Elizabeth HOLDEN Wife Mar F 53 1818 Blacksmith's wife Crich  Derbys
Nahum     HOLDEN Son  Unm M 17 1854 Commercial Clerk  Crich  Derbys
Hannah    HOLDEN Dau  Unm F 23 1848 Factory Hand      Crich  Derbys
Tryphena  HOLDEN Dau  Unm F 14 1857 Scholar           Crich  Derbys
1861 Census for Crich, Derbyshire
Nahum      HOLDEN  Head  Marr  M  43  1818  Blacksmith  Heanor, Derbys
Elizabeth  HOLDEN  Wife  Marr  F  42  1819  -           Fritchley, Derbys
John       HOLDEN  Son   Unm   M  21  1840  Blacksmith  Fritchley, Derbys
Hannah     HOLDEN  Dau   Unm   F  14  1847  Scholar     Crich, Derbys
Nahum      HOLDEN  Son   Unm   M   8  1853  Scholar     Crich, Derbys
Tryphena   HOLDEN  Dau   Unm   F   4  1857  Scholar     Crich, Derbys
1851 Census for Town Street, Crich, Derbyshire
Naham      HOLDEN  Head   Marr  M  33  1818  Blacksmith           Heanor, Derbys
Elizabeth  HOLDEN  Wife   Marr  F  32  1819  Blacksmith Wife      Fritchley, Derbys
John       HOLDEN  Son    -     M  11  1840  Scholar              Fritchley, Derbys
Sarah Ann  HOLDEN  Dau    -     F   7  1844  Scholar              Stanley, Derbys
Hannah     HOLDEN  Dau    -     F   3  1848  -                    Crich, Derbys
George     BARNES  Bro-IL Unm   M  22  1829  Blacksmith Journyer  Fritchley, Derbys
1841 Census for Fritchley, Crich, Derbyshire
Nahum      HOLDEN  M  20  1821  Blacksmith Derbyshire
Elizabeth  HOLDEN  F  20  1821             Derbyshire
John       HOLDEN  M   1  1840             Derbyshire

ROEBUCK family

                  Joseph  1748  Mary
                            |             |-------|
                            |             |       |
                1770       1749          1753
                Mary  1806 Thomas  1773  Ellen   Robert
                WARD=======ROEBUCK===v===BRIGHT  BRIGHT
                1820                 |   1788    1788
       |        |        |                        |         |        |     |
      Robert            1778                     Robert
      Bright            Thomas  1802  Elizabeth  Bright    William  John  Mary
      ROEBUCK  John     ROEBUCK===v===SMITH                        
      1780     1780               |   1832
 |           |                         |     |      |         |
1803        1805                            1808   1811      1814
Richard     Thomas  1832   Harriett  John  Ellen  Elizabeth John
Henry       ROEBUCK===v====TURNER    1807                   1817
Mason       1876            1843?

Further information from Ince page 51b and page 51c
and Census on: 1841 | 1851 | 1861 | 1871 | 1881 | 1891 | 1901
See also Fatal accident to Robert BRIGHT


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Karin Kay writes:
Thomas Roebuck the animal artist was my great great grandfather on my paternal grandmother's side of the family.

Over the last decade or so my father and I have found out a little about him and on 19th January this year I attended an auction at Bonhams where his painting of the ox, featured on the Wirksworth website, was sold. Although I do not know the name of the person who bought it, I did see him. We know of 3 other paintings by Thomas Roebuck. There is a small file on him in the Witt library in London. Presumably the other animal pictures around the ox on the Wirksworth website are not by him?

Thomas was born the second son of Thomas and Elizabeth and was baptised on 19th September 1805 in Kirk Ireton.

He married Harriet Turner at All Saints Derby on Christmas Day 1832. For the first years of their marriage they lived with Thomas's brother, Mason, and his family in Kirk Ireton. Their first son Frederick died young. They then had a second son also called Frederick. When he was five his mother died. It seems that Thomas left Frederick to be brought up by his Uncle Mason in Kirk Ireton whilst Thomas travelled around the area painting farm animals. We have record of him living in Derby in an inn on Irongate.

Thomas Roebuck died of bronchitis in the Union Workhouse at Chell near Stoke on Trent in 1876.

My father has traced the Roebuck family back to South Yorkshire, I think, to the late 1500's or early 1600's.

If you are interested in any more info on the Roebucks both before and after the artist, please let me know.

Karin Kay

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