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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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of Wirksworth 1890-1915

British War Medal, Memorial Plaque, Victory Medal and 1914/15 Star
awarded to Pvt George Kenworthy killed in action in the Gallipoli campaign 1915.
Which soldier at Mouldsford is George Kenworthy? Posted 19 Sep 1914

Mouldsford                              Postmark
Sep 18                                 19 Sep 1914

Dear Mary,
I reaceaved your letter quite safe.   Mrs G.Kenworthy
You will of heard that Wil? Walker     Wigley Meadow
has been killed. If I can get of next   Grange Mill
Saturday I shall come home for three    Wirksworth
days.Should have sent a letter. Just   Derbyshire
going out for the night. Trusting
all are well.

Postcard of C Squad, Derbyshire Yeomanry sent to Mary Dooley
George Kenworthy jnr
George jnr was born in 1890 at Wigley Meadow Farm, Ivonbrook Grange, between Winster and Ible, where his Grandfather (George Kenworthy snr) farmed 130 acres. His father James Graham took over Wigley Meadows in 1893. George Kenworthy Jnr lived on the farm until 1914, marrying Mary Dooley whose father Thomas ran the nearby Lilies Inn, in 1913. George volunteered to join the Derbyshire Yeomanry in 1914.

Derbyshire Yeomanry
The regiment mobilised in August 1914, but remained in England until 1915, when they moved to Egypt with 2nd Mounted Division. They then sailed for Gallipoli, where they saw action at the Battle of Scimitar Hill, serving as dismounted infantry, and took heavy losses. Returning to Egypt in December, the regiment was employed with the Western Frontier Force in the Senussi Campaign, before moving to Salonika in February 1916. One squadron served with the 27th Division from March to June 1916, whilst the regiment remained as GHQ reserve in Macedonia until the end of the war.

Private George Kenworthy
Private Kenworthy was killed, aged 25, in Gallipoli during the Battle of Scimitar Hill on 21 August 1915 and is remembered on the Helles Memorial. He was the husband of Mary and the son of J G & S Kenworthy of Lilies Inn, Wirksworth, Derbyshire. He entered the theatre of war in Egypt on 27 April 1915.

Gallipoli Campaign
The Allies landed on the peninsula on 25-26 April 1915; the 29th Division at Cape Helles in the south and the Australian and New Zealand Corps north of Gaba Tepe on the west coast, an area soon known as Anzac. On 6 August, further landings were made at Suvla, just north of Anzac, and the climax of the campaign came in early August when simultaneous assaults were launched on all three fronts. However, the difficult terrain and stiff Turkish resistance soon led to the stalemate of trench warfare. From the end of August, no further serious action was fought and the lines remained unchanged. The peninsula was successfully evacuated in December and early January 1916.

Medals and memoria
Private 1393 George Kenworthy of the Derbyshire Yeomanry, was awarded the following:
1914/15 Star, British War Medal, Memorial Plaque and Victory medal.
He is remembered on the Helles memorial at Gallipoli, maintained by the CWGC, built with HoptonWood Stone quarried a mile from George Kenworthy's birthplace. Also by a memorial grave at St James churchyard, Brassington, Derbyshire
The Yorkshire Evening Post dated 4 September 1915 describes the battle and the Yeomanry's participation.

The Great War Memorial Plaque
In 1916 it was decided that some form of memorial would be established for presentation to the next of kin of those that died during the war. A government committee was established to decide the nature of this memorial, and in August 1917 it was determined that it would take the form of a bronze plaque, the design of which would be decided by a public competition with a winning prize of £250. The winner was Edward Carter Preston, whose now familiar 4¾inches diameter (121mm) "Memorial Plaque" is illustrated. Production of the Plaque began in December 1918 at Acton in West London, later transferring to the Woolwich Arsenal and other munitions factories. Over a million were produced, commemorating the sacrifice of men and women who died between 4th August 1914 and 30th April 1920.
Letter from 1384 Sgt Harold Kenworthy to
father of 1393 Pvt George Kenworthy

    M.E.F. Dardanelles Aug 28 1915 Dear Cousin Graham I sincerely regret to have to inform you of the Death of your Dear son George who was killed in action by shell fire on Aug 21st I need[ly] hardly tell you that he met his death like a soldier & a man he was very much liked by all who knew him and his Death is deeply mourned by all his comrades I am sure you will feel his Loss very greatly but it is a great consolation to know that he died a hero's death in giving his life for his King & Country Wishing you all the best of Health Sgt Kenworthy

From Yorkshire Evening Post dated 4th Sept 1915

KENWORTHY in census

Bradford, Youlgreave Derbyshire 
KENWORTHY James     M 60 1781  Derbyshire
KENWORTHY Elizabeth F 55 1786  Derbyshire
KENWORTHY Hannah    F 30 1811  Derbyshire
KENWORTHY George    M 25 1816  Derbyshire
KENWORTHY Thomas    M 20 1821  Derbyshire
KENWORTHY Elizabeth F 20 1821  Derbyshire
TWIGG     Alice     F  8 1833  Derbyshire
TWIGG     Thomas    M  5 1836  Derbyshire
Not found
Rowtor Hall, The Green, Birchover Derbyshire 
KENWORTHY George       Head Married   M 46 1815 Farmer       Youlgreave Derbys
KENWORTHY Sarah        Wife Married   F 45 1816 Farmers Wife Youlgreave Derbys
KENWORTHY Elizabeth A  Dau  Unmarried F 14 1847 Scholar      Youlgreave Derbys
KENWORTHY Ann Graham   Dau            F 11 1850 Scholar      Youlgreave Derbys
KENWORTHY James Graham Son            M  7 1854 Scholar      Youlgreave Derbys
Conksbury Lane, Youlgreave Derbyshire 
KENWORTHY George       Head  M 57 1814  Derbys
KENWORTHY Sarah        Wife  F 55 1816  Derbys
KENWORTHY Elizabeth    Dau   F 24 1847  Derbys
KENWORTHY Ann Graham   Dau   F 21 1850  Derbys
KENWORTHY James Graham Son   M 17 1854  Derbys
Conksbury Lane, Youlgreave Derbyshire 
KENWORTHY   George    Head  Widower M 66 1815 Farmer 130 Acres 2 Labourers Youlgreave Derbys
BIRDS       Elizabeth Dau   Married F 35 1846                              Birchover  Derbys
BIRDS       Thos      SonIL Married M 38 1843                              Youlgreave Derbys
KENWORTHY   Graham    Son   Single  M 27 1854 Labourer                     Birchover  Derbys
BIRDS       George    Gson  Single  M  7 1874                              Youlgreave Derbys
BIRDS       Lorrance  Gson  Single  M  1 1880                              Youlgreave Derbys
BIRDS       Hannah    Gdau  Single  F  0 1881                              Youlgreave Derbys
HALLOWS     John      Serv  Single  M 16 1865 Domestic Servant             Hartington Derbys
BRASSINGTON Agnes     Serv  Single  F 15 1866 Domestic Servant             Youlgreave Derbys
#4---Wigley Meadow---[Ivonbrook]---
Ir4a George        KENWORTHY    Head    W 76  M  Farmer            Youlgreave
Ir4b Ann           PARKER       Dau     M 42  F  Housekeeper       Youlgreave
Ir4c Sarah         PARKER       Gdau    S 17  F                    Youlgreave
Ir4d George W      PARKER       Gson    S 15  M  Lab agricultural  Youlgreave
Ir4e James G       PARKER       Gson      12  M  Scholar           Youlgreave
Ir4f Benjamin H    PARKER       Gson      9   M  Scholar           Youlgreave
Ir4g Ruth          PARKER       Gdau      3   F                    Welham          NTT
Ir4h James         KENWORTHY    Son     M 37  M  Lab agricultural  Youlgreave
Ir4i Sarah         KENWORTHY    Dau iL  M 29  F                    Youlgreave
Ir4j Elizabeth G   KENWORTHY    Gdau      3   F                    Youlgreave
Ir4k George        KENWORTHY    Gson      1   M                    Ivonbrook Grange
#144---Wigley Meadows---[Ivonbrook Grange]---
Ir2a James G      KENWORTHY  Head    M 45  M  Farmer          Birchover
Ir2b Sarah A      KENWORTHY  Wife    M 36  F                  Youlgreave
Ir2c Elizabeth G  KENWORTHY  Dau       14  F                  Youlgreave
Ir2d George       KENWORTHY  Son       11  M                  Ivonbrook Grange
Ir2e Philip H     KENWORTHY  Son        6  M                  Ivonbrook Grange
Ir2f Graham       KENWORTHY  Son        4  M                  Ivonbrook Grange
Ir2g Martin       CONCANNON  Servant S 17  M  Carter on farm  Winster
Ir2h Frederick    BOAM       Servant   14  M  Shepherd boy    Elton
Wigley Meadows Farm Ironbrook Grange Wirksworth Derbyshire  
KENWORTHY James Graham Husband Married M 56 1855 Farmer            Youlgrave        Derby
KENWORTHY Sarah Ann    Wife    Married F 48 1863                   Youlgrave        Derby
KENWORTHY George       Son     Single  M 21 1890 Assisting On Farm Youlgrave        Derby
KENWORTHY Philip       Son     Single  M 16 1895 Assisting On Farm Youlgrave        Derby
KENWORTHY Graham       Son     Single  M 14 1897 At School         Ironbrook Grange Derby
HOLMES    Bernard      Servant Single  M 16 1895 Cow Boy           Aldwark          Derby
1915 Aug 21 KENWORTHY George killed in action in Dardanelles.
1913 June, KENWORTHY George married DOOLEY Mary near Bakewell
Lilies Inn Ible Wirksworth
DOOLEY  Thomas Head Married    M 57 1854 Licensed Victualler      Roscommon Curraghroe Ireland
DOOLEY  Sarah  Wife Married 9 years F 39 1872 Licensed Victualler Notts Greasley
DOOLEY  Mary   Dau  Single     F 18 1893                          Notts Greasley
DOOLEY  John   Son             M 12 1899 School                   Derbys Brassington
HINDLEY John   Visitor Married M 49 1862 Builder                  Yorks Sheffield
HINDLEY Emma   Visitor Married 28 years F 49 1862                 Yorks Sheffield
HINDLEY Ethel  Visitor Single  F 16 1895                          Yorks Sheffield
Green, Brassington Derbyshire 
DOOLEY Thomas Head Married M 46 1855  Police Constable Ireland   
DOOLEY Sarah  Wife Married F 30 1871                   Greasley    Notts
DOOLEY Mary   Dau          F  8 1893                   Greasley    Notts
DOOLEY James  Son          M  6 1895                   Longford    Derbys
DOOLEY John   Son          M  2 1899                   Brassington Derbys
10, Regent Street, Long Eaton Derbyshire 
WELLS  William  Head   Married M 59 1832 Retired Signalman Knighton      Leics
WELLS  Mary Ann Wife   Married F 65 1826                   Countesthorpe Leics
DOOLEY Thomas   Lodger Single  M 36 1855 Police Constable                Ireland
Park St, Hasland Derbyshire 
SIMPSON John    Head   Married M 61 1820 Laborer In Iron Works Woodborough Notts
SIMPSON Ann     Wife   Married F 59 1822                       Botherton   Lincs
SIMPSON William Son    Single  M 21 1860 Engine Tenter Driver  Woodborough Notts
DOOLEY  Thomas  Lodger Single  M 26 1855 Police Constable      Ireland


 1781                1786
 James       1807    Elizabeth
   |       |       |       |
  1811    1816    1821    1821
  Hannah  George  Thomas  Elizabeth
           |                  1816
          1816                Sarah
          George      1846    Ann
          1893          |     1871
          |           |    |
         1847       1850 1854
         Elizabeth  Ann  James
                          1854                1862
                          James               Sarah   1855             1871   
                          Graham      1886    Ann     Thomas   1892    Sarah  
                          KENWORTHY=====v=====TOFT    DOOLEY=====v=====MILLS  
                                        |                        |
                                        |                        |
                 |----------|-------|---|---|          |-----|---|--|
                 |          |       |       |          |     |      |
                1888       1890    1895    1897       1893  1895   1899
                Elizabeth  George  Philip  Graham     Mary  James  John
                            |                          |
                            |                          |
                           1890                       1893
                           George          1913       Mary
                           1915              |

Census: see data


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Nivard Ovington writes 08apr2012
Hi John
Do you have the Soldiers Died entry
UK, Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-1919
Name: George Kenworthy
Birth Place: Wirksworth, Derbyshire
Residence: Pia Gellia Wirksworth
Death Date: 21 Aug 1915
Death Location: Gallipoli
Enlistment Location: Wigley Meadow
Rank: Private
Regiment: Household Cavalry and Cavalry of the Line (incl. Yeomanry and Imperial Camel Corps)
Battalion: Derbyshire Yeomanry
Number: 1393
Type of Casualty: Killed in action
Theatre of War: Balkan Theatre

His dead mans penny would have a memorial scroll as well as the letter from the King that appears to be missing from your website

As you know they married in 1913
Marriages Jun 1913
Dooley Mary Kenworthy Bakewell 7b 1560
Kenworthy George Dooley Bakewell 7b 1560

There is a potential birth as follows
Births Dec 1913
Kenworthy George W Dooley Ashbourne 7b 1357

The only George W death I can find is :-
England & Wales, Death Index: 1916-2005 about George William Kenworthy
Name: George William Kenworthy
Birth Date: 18 Sep 1913
Date of Registration: May 1989
Age at Death: 75
Registration district: East Staffs
Inferred County: Staffordshire
Volume: 30
Page: 712

It may be worth further investigation

Nivard Ovington in Cornwall (UK)

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