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A Jackson family Bible

An old family Bible for sale on Ebay contains some JACKSON names and dates from Wirksworth. These seemed worth researching, and the results are below.
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The seller writes on Ebay
"This is an old Bible with the family JACKSON. As you can see in photo 9 it has the names Daniel Jackson born April 27 1840 Elisabeth Jackson born August 8 1844 married June 8 1863 The Bible has very nice colourfull print in it, as you can see in photo 6/7. Photos 10/11 show children's names. The Bible is a big one with brass? clips. It has wear from over 100 years of use but not as much as another I have, see on Ebay I don't know what you need to know about the Bible so please message me with any question and I will try and get back asap. I will be adding a photo of a piece of paper that was a note from the Wirksworth Church Derbyshire. Because of the size, and that the price of posting goes up I don't know how much it will be to post it. Pick up only. Thank you for looking."

Jackson family Bible, perhaps bought 1863.

Daniel Jackson April 27 1840
Elizabeth Jackson August 8 1844 married June 8 1863
Danl Jackson born April 21 1867
Ada Maria Jackson born June 17 1873

Family tree

                                    1800              1803
                                    Richard   1826    Sarah
                                    1891        |     1884
 |       |         |        |        |                            |             |
1827    1829      1834     1836     1840              1844       1845          1849
John    Mary      Richard  Isaac    Daniel    1863    Elizabeth  Sarah         Hannah
m 1850  m 1856    m 1855   m 1862   1929        |     1904       m 1866     m 1871  m 1878
Ann     William   Emma     Ann             |----|----|           Joseph     Isaac   William
 |       |         |        |             1867      1873          |         1877    1910
 |       |         |        |             Daniel    Ada           |          |       |
 |       |         |        |             JACKSON   Maria         |          |       |
x3      x3        x9       x4             m 1892    JACKSON      x6         x4      x7
                                          Elizabeth m 1899
                                          CUTTS     John
                                           |        Leonard
                                           |        JACKSON
                                           |         |
                                           |         |
                                          x5        x2

Other sources

Wesleyan baptisms at Cromford
1829 nov 01 JACKSON Mary dau Richard/Sarah (Ashlehay)(1829sep23)
1833 nov 17 JACKSON Richard son Richard/Sarah (Wirksworth Moor)(1833oct04)
Wirksworth Parish Registers
B 1891jan18 JACKSON Richard(Wirksworth)[92],#1201


Richard and Sarah JACKSON m 1826
1841 | 1851 | 1861 | 1871 | 1881 |

John and Ann JACKSON m 1850
1851 | 1861 | 1871 | 1881 | 1891 |

Richard and Emma JACKSON m 1855
1861 | 1871 | 1881 |

Mary and William BRIDGEWOOD m 1856
1871 | 1881 | 1891 | 1901 |

Isaac and Ann JACKSON m 1862
1871 | 1881 | 1891 | 1901 |

Daniel and Elizabeth JACKSON m 1863
1871 | 1881 | 1891 | 1901 |
1911 Daniel is a widower at Alderwasley

Sarah and Joseph BRAILSFORD m 1866
1871 | 1881 | 1891 | 1901 |

Hannah and Isaac TURNER m 1871

Hannah and William HOUGHTON m 1878
1881 | 1891 | 1901 |


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Janine Appleby wrote on 22/04/2013


I hope you have got over your wading. A lot of the information I have given you recently is thanks to your brilliant website.

Elizabeth said she was 19 when she married. If the birth certificate is the right one she was 16, if the bible was right she was 18. Mmm....

I had a look at similar bibles on eBay and they seem to vary between £20 and £80, though none of them had bids even at those prices. It wasn't my intention to put the price up :-)

I worked this out last night and it might amuse you. My husband says the inbreeding explains a lot .

Job WIllis married Hannah Pashley. They had a daughter Sarah. Job died and Hannah married his brother Matthew Willis. They had eight children, including Ann and Elizabeth.

Resulting in:
Matthew Willis was the step father of Sarah Willis and he was also her uncle.
Matthew Willis was the husband of Hannah Pashley and also her brother-in-law.
Ann and Elizabeth Willis were half sisters to Sarah and also her cousins.

Ann Willis married Isaac Jackson (she already had a son George before marriage) and Elizabeth Willis married Daniel Jackson (two sisters married two brothers).

Resulting in:
Ann and Elizabeth Willis were sisters and sister-in-laws.
Isaac and Daniel Jackson were brothers and brother-in-laws.

Daniel (junior, son of Daniel and Elizabeth) was a cousin to his wife Elizabeth Cutts and to John Leonard Jackson, who was also his brother-in-law.
Ada (daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth) was a cousin to her husband John Leonard Jackson and to Elizabeth Cutts who was also her sister-in-law.

There will also have been relationship implications re: the older generation (father of Matthew and Job Willis) and the next generation down, ie the children of Daniel and Elizabeth, Ada and John. It will also have impacted on the other Willis and Jackson siblings and their children. And on, and on ..........

Well I thought it was funny!

Janine Appleby wrote on 22/04/2013

I have been in touch with my fellow Willis/Jackson researchers are we are still of the opinion that Elizabeth Willis was most likely the sister of Ann Willis and that two sisters did marry two brothers. Certainly a few of the Jacksons married their cousins. Looking at the wedding entry in the parish registers for St Werburgh's, Derby it appears that her father's surname was corrected and his Christian name was given as Michal and not Matthew. Elizabeth signed her own name but Daniel and his witnesses (Richard and Sarah Jackson) all signed by a mark. Both Daniel and Elizabeth were living in Abbey Street, Derby at the time of their marriage - Daniel was a labourer and Elizabeth a servant. The Jacksons were living in Wirksworth and the Willis family lived at The Chevin, Belper. There is no other Elizabeth Willis in the records and there isn't a Michal/Michael Willis anywhere. Elizabeth would have been 16, so I think she added two years to her age and fudged her father's name to avoid the problem of her getting her father's consent. This would explain the difference in date of birth given in the bible and on her birth certificate.

Their son Daniel Jackson married Elizabeth Cutts 18 July 1892 at Eckington, Derbyshire. Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Cutts from Edingley, Nottinghamshire and Sarah, nee Willis (half sister to Daniel's mother Elizabeth, nee Willis). So they were half cousins.

So far I have found these Jackson children:

Alice Elizabeth, 1892, Eckington
Mabel, 1894, Eckington
Ada Louise, 1897, Eckington
Thomas Cutts, 1900, Eckington
Violet Beatrice, 1908, Kirkby-in-Ashfield

Ada Maria Jackson married her cousin John Leonard Jackson 12 July 1899 at Wirksworth. John was the son of Richard Jackson from Wirksworth (Richard was the brother of Isaac and Daniel Jackson).

So far I have found these Jackson children:

May Willis, 1901, Westhouses, Derbyshire
John Leonard D, 1905, East Kirkby, Nottinghamshire.

Both Daniel Jackson (junior) and John Leonard Jackson were coal miners and both families were living in Kirkby-in-Ashfield in Nottinghamshire by 1911. So all four, ie Daniel, Elizabeth, John and Ada were cousins to each other.

Janine Appleby wrote on 17/04/2013


John Jackson and Ann Brough had 3 children.
Joseph Brailsford and Sarah Jackson had 6 children.
Hannah Jackson married Isaac Turner in 1871, Wirksworth. They had 4 children. Isaac was buried (aged 25) at Wirksworth cemetery in 1877.
Hannah Turner married William Houghton in 1878, Wirksworth. They had 7 children. Hannah died in 1909 and William in 1910.

Mavis Johnson wrote on 21/04/2013

Hello John,


Got through first time - maybe because I tried in the early hours when local broadband is not so busy. We have notoriously slow broadband and the local councillors are pressing for upgrade in service as so many people working from the village nowdays! Guess the Thatcher Funeral caused overload.

I have taken a quick look at some of the Census entries you have highlighted and there are so many neighbouring surnames that link with my researches who later appear in the Crich, S. Wingfield, Alfreton and then on to Radford, Nottingham areas.

The common denominator seems to be that they were strictly Non Conformist Dissenters.

I will come back to you when I have something concrete for you to add to your page.

The marriage for Daniel Junior was
Marriages Sep 1892
Cutts Elizabeth Chesterfield 7b 1051
JACKSON Daniel Chesterfield 7b 1051

I have found him as a lodger aged 25 at Colliery Yard, Eckington in 1891, with wife and children at Spring Lane, in 1901 at Eckington, and at Kirkby in Ashfield in 1911 with 5 offspring, including a Sarah Ann Jackson age 26 who was not in the 1901 census.

[The Jackson family first came into my Cutts researches at Chesterfield, moved through Blidworth, and Mansfield into the villages around Southwell.]

Janine Appleby wrote on 17/04/2013


How I would love that bible, but it is a bit out of my league. Daniel's brother Isaac was my great great grandfather. Isaac married Ann Willis and Daniel married Elizabeth Willis. Ann's father was Matthew Willis and she did have a sister Elizabeth. In the marriage entry in the parish registers Elizabeth's father's name is difficult to read, though it does not look like Matthew (it could be Michal. No Michael appears on the census returns) and I had thought this was a mistake - particularly as the bride, groom and both witnesses could only sign the register with their mark so would not be able to read the entry. I have a copy of the birth certificate of Elizabeth, sister of Ann, and the date does not tally with the bible, so I am now thinking it was a different Elizabeth Willis. I had thought two brothers had married two sisters. With regard to Daniel's siblings I have some more/different information for you:

Bapt: Wesleyan Cromford Circuit, 1 November 1829
Married: 1856 to William Bridgwood, a labourer born Kniveton. They first lived in Riddings, then Greenhill, Dale and 4 Church Yard in Wirksworth. He was a stonemason’s labourer while they lived in Wirksworth. The marriage you have is for a different Mary, ie her niece Mary, daughter of her brother Richard.

Born c 1844 Wirksworth
Married:1866 to Joseph Brailsford, born 1843, Wirksworth. He was an agricultural labourer and they lived at Bolehill, Wirksworth.


A bit more for you.

Born 27April 1840, Wirksworth

Marriage: Derby, 8 June 1863 to Elizabeth Willis.
Daniel and Elizabeth had a son Daniel born 21 April 1867 who married Elizabeth Cutts of Eckington.
They also had one daughter, Ada Maria, born 17 June 1873, baptised at Wirksworth 3 May 1885, who married John Leonard Jackson of Alderwasley on 12 July 1899. His father was Richard Jackson, shoemaker – brother of Daniel.

Daniel died 1929, aged 88.

1911 Census, Town Place, Alderwasley (4 rooms)

Daniel Jackson, head, widower, M, 70, 1841, estate woodman, Derbyshire Wirksworth
Alice Fell, housekeeper, married, F, 55, 1856, Derbyshire, Crich P


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