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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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The HUBBERSTYs of Wirksworth

In 1872 a marriage took place at Wirksworth between Henry Alfred HUBBERSTY, son of Nathan (Clerk in Orders) and Frances Augusta HUBBERSTY, daughter of Phillip (Solicitor). Nathan and Phillip were brothers, so the marriage was between first cousins. A photograph shows many guests, unfortunately not named. Both families were bourgeois and county, with many servants and large establishments. The Wirksworth branch of the family seems to have originated from near Kendal in Cumbria. See a HUBBERSTY connection. Also see History of Grammar School heads.
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August 7th 1872
Relatives at the Wedding of H.A.Hubbersty and F.A.Hubbersty
- Groom's niece -



Grayrigg Church near Kendal.
"I am sure Nigel (who took the photo) would have no problem with your using it. He now lives in Haygarth, Docker, Nr Kendal and he took the photo of the headstone which still stands outside the local church at Grayrigg, 2-miles from Haygarth. He noted that Nathan Hubbersty was farming here until his death in 1799 at which point his son John took over the farm until his own death in 1833. It does seem to have been quite a different existence from where the family ended up in Wirksworth."
Chris Hubberstey.

Origins of Wirksworth HUBBERSTY
at "Haygarth in Docker"near Kendal
Cumbria in England.

"Sacred to the Memory of
"Haygarth in Docker, who departed
"this life on the 27 day of March
"1799 aged 77 years
"Also of ELINOR his wife
"who departed this life on the 4 day
"of June 1815, aged 87 years
"Their son who departed this life
"January 22nd 1833 aged 62 years

See Tomlinson graves
Once in Churchyard
restored by Phillip Hubbersty.

See Tomlinson pedigree #38
by T.N.Ince 1857.

Wirksworth Church, Derbyshire
at the N.Transept/N.Choir Aisle

"In memory of
"Head Master of the
"Grammar School in this town
"who died
"on the 4th day of August 1828
"aged 61 years
"also of
"MARY DOROTHY his wife
"who died
"on the 15th day of December 1852
"aged 75 years
"and also of
"MARY DOROTHY their daughter
"who died
"on the 30th day of August 1825
"aged 23 years
"and also of
"the Rev NATHAN HUBBERSTY MA. their son
"who died the 2nd day of October 1881
"aged 78.

Family tree


HUBBERSTY (Wirksworth branch)

                     1722                1728
                     Nathan      1766?   Elinor
            Haygarth 1799          |     1815 Haygarth
                            |              |                  1777
                           1771           1767    Wirksworth  Mary
                           John           Nathan      1801    Dorothy
                           HUBBERSTY      HUBBERSTY=====v=====TOMLINSON
                  Haygarth 1833           1828          |     1852
                                        Wirksworth      |   Wirksworth
 |                        |                             |                             |     |        |
1802      1813            |                  1815       |                  1813       |    1812      |
Mary      Margaret       1804                Eliza     1805                Anne      1807  Agnes    1814
Dorothy   Emma    1838   Nathan      1854    Caroline  Phillip     1837    Augusta   John  Eleanor  Henry
1825      HURT=====v=====HUBBERSTY=====v=====HARTOPP   HUBBERSTY=====v=====CANTRELL  1869  1892     1857
Wirkswth  1845     |     1881          |     1899      1882          |     1877       |    m.1843    |
                   |                  dsp                            |               see   Nicholas dsp
                   |                                                 |            SEVERNE  Price
 |--------|--------X-------|---------|                      |--------X--------|     tree   WOOD
 |        |        |       |         |                      |        |        |             |
1839     1840      |      1843      1845                   1840      |       1843           |
Richard  Charles   |      Mary      Margaret               William   |       Albert        see
Nathan   John      |      Margaret  Emma                   Phillip   |       Cantrell     WOOD
                   |                                       1909      |       1915         tree
                  1842                                              1842
                  Henry                                             Frances
                  Alfred                     1872                   Augusta
                  1922                         |                        1925

Note: dsp="decessit sine prole"=no offspring



1911 Census for Burbage Hall Buxton Derbyshire
HUBBERSTY, Henry Alfred Head Married M 69 1842 Director Of Buxton Lime Firms Co Derbyshire Wirksworth   
HUBBERSTY, Frances Augusta Wife Married 38 years F 69 1842  Derbyshire Wirksworth
CLARK, Charles Servant Single M 29 1882 Button Domestic Derbys   
BENNETT, Elizabeth Servant Single F 28 1883 Cook Domestic Stafford Tutbury   
WATSON, Eliza Annie Servant Single F 21 1890 Kitchenmaid Domestic Derbyshire Ripley   
HORSFIELD, Emily Servant Single F 30 1881 Ladysmaid Domestic Yorks Norton Malton   
BLENKAM, Sarah Elizabeth Servant Single F 24 1887 Housemaid Domestic Westmorland Orton   
HUDSON, Beatrice Maud Servant Single F 20 1891 Housemaid Domestic Rutland Uppingham   
1901 Census for Hall, Burbage, Burbage Derbyshire 
HUBBERTHY, Henry Alfred Head Married M 59 1842 Gen Manager Lime Firms Co Wirksworth, Derbyshire   
HUBBERTHY, Francis A Wife Married F 59 1842 Wirksworth, Derbyshire
SIMPSON, Mary M Sister Widow F 57 1844 Wirksworth, Derbyshire   
MERRIMAN, Emily Servant Single F 36 1865 Cook (Domestic) Broadfield, Yorkshire   
HULSE, Emily Servant Single F 32 1869 Housemaid Domestic Kidsgrove, Staffordshire   
HOLLAND, Lucy Servant Single F 18 1883 Kitchen Maid (Domestic) Colwick, Nottinghamshire   
SIGGS, Sarah Servant Single F 19 1882 House Maid (Domestic) Gainsboro, Lincolnshire   
ROWLAND, Annie Servant Single F 36 1865 General Servant Domestic Wirksworth, Derbyshire   
1891 Census for Burbage, West Street, Hartington Upper Quarter, Buxton, Derbyshire
HUBBERSTY, Henry A Head Married M 49 1842 Manager Buxton Lime Co Wirksworth, Derbyshire
AULT, Annie Servant Single F 25 1866 Housemaid Tutbury, Staffordshire   
THOMPSON, Mary Servant Single F 17 1874 Kitchenmaid Bakewell, Derbyshire   
MERRIMAN, Emily Servant Single F 25 1866 Cook Pilsbury, Derbyshire   
WALKER, Henry Servant Single M 30 1861 Butler York, Yorkshire
HUBBERSTY, Francis A Wife Married F 45 1846 Wirksworth, Derbyshire
1881 Census for Frogs Entry, St Johns St, Wirksworth
HUBBERSTY, Philip Head Widower M 75 1806 Registrar Of County Court (Other Loc)  Wirksworth, Derbyshire
HUBBERSTY, Henry A Son In Law Married M 39 1842 Justice Of The Peace (Mineral Merchant)  Wirksworth, Derbyshire
HUBBERSTY, Frances A Daughter Married F 39 1842  Wirksworth, Derbyshire
CONNOR, Henry Servant Single M 24 1857 Footman (D)  Weston Bath, Somerset
DRABBLE, Maria Servant Single F 21 1860 Cook Domestic  Tideswell (Litton), Derbyshire
ROWLAND, Elizabeth Servant Single F 25 1856 Housemaid Domestic  Wirksworth, Derbyshire
BIRD, Caroline Servant Single F 25 1856 Housemaid Domestic  Stanton by Bridge, Derbyshire
1871 Census for Melton Mowbray
HUBBERSTY, Nathan Head  M 67 1804  Derbyshire
HUBBERSTY, Eliza C Wife  F 56 1815  Leicestershire
HUBBERSTY, Mary M Daughter  F 27 1844  Derbyshire
HUBBERSTY, Philip Brother  M 65 1806  Derbyshire
HUBBERSTY, Anne Ata Sister-In-Law  F 58 1813  Derbyshire
HUBBERSTY, Frances Ata Niece  F 29 1842  Derbyshire
ROLAND, Frederick Servant  M 44 1827  Staffordshire
TYERS, Eliza Servant  F 26 1845  Leicestershire
HUDDLESTON, Elizabeth Servant  F 23 1848  Leicestershire
JUDSON, Eliza Servant  F 16 1855  Leicestershire
HIGTON, Paul Servant  M 44 1827  Nottinghamshire
1861 Census for  Eastwell Hall, Main Street, Eastwell  Leicestershire
HUBBERSTY, Nathan Head Married M 57 1804 ...Farmer Of 380 Acres Employing 10 Lab & 3 Boys  Wirksworth, Derbyshire
HUBBERSTY, Eliza E Wife Married F 46 1815  Potter Brompton, Leicestershire
HUBBERSTY, Henry A Son Unmarried M 19 1842  Wirksworth, Derbyshire 
HUBBERSTY, Mary M Daughter Unmarried F 17 1844 Scholar  Wirksworth, Derbyshire 
HUBBERSTY, Margaret E Daughter Unmarried F 17 1844 Scholar  Wirksworth, Derbyshire 
TUNHOLME, Lucy Governess Unmarried F 21 1840 Governess  Darlington, Durham 
WADD, Emma Servant Unmarried F 20 1841 Cook Domestice Servant  Bruton, Rutland 
SEATON, Mary Servant Unmarried F 15 1846 House Maid  Knipton, Leicestershire 
LORD, Jane Servant Unmarried F 14 1847 House Maid  Eaton, Leicestershire 
BENTON, Thomas Servant Unmarried M 24 1837 Groom  Cottesmore, Rutland 
1851 Census for 183, High Street, Holy Trinity, Kingston Upon Hull
HUBBERSTY, Henry Head Unmarried M 34 1817 General Broker Matlock, Derbyshire
MOHUN, Dorathy Servant Widow F 35 1816  Hull, Yorkshire   
SANDERSON, Jane Servant Unmarried F 33 1818  Hull, Yorkshire   
1851 Census for Bignall End, Staffordshire
WOOD, Nicholas Price Head Married M 41 1810 Magistrate Burslem, Staffordshire
WOOD, Agnes Eleanor Wife Married F 38 1813  Wirksworth, Derbyshire
WOOD, Mary Agnes Daughter  F 1 1850  Audley, Staffordshire
PEARSON, Eliza Servant Unmarried F 28 1823 House Servant Dronfield, Derbyshire
TAYLOR, Caroline Servant Unmarried F 27 1824 House Servant London
DOBSON, Ann Servant Unmarried F 21 1830 House Servant Maer, Staffordshire
SKARRATT, Maria Servant Unmarried F 16 1835 House Servant Whitmore, Staffordshire
1851 Census for Capesthorne Hall, Nether Alderley  Cheshire
DAVENPORT, Caroline Ann Head Widow F 41 1810 Annuitant  Darley Dale, Derbyshire 
SHUTTLEWORTH, Elizabeth Visitor Unmarried F 64 1787 Annuitant  London, Middlesex
HURT, Georgiana S Visitor Unmarried F 31 1820 Annuitant  Wirksworth, Derbyshire
HURT, Charles Visitor Unmarried M 67 1784 Landed Proprietor  Cromford, Derbyshire
DE TREY, M Folicite Governess Married F 50 1801 Governess  Brebant Charleior
HUBBERSTY, Mary M Niece  F 7 1844 Scholar At Home  Wirksworth, Derbyshire
HUBBERSTY, Margaret E Niece  F 5 1846 Scholar At Home  Wirksworth, Derbyshire
MARTIN, Richard B Nephew  M 9 1842 Scholar At Home  Abbotts Ann, Hampshire
SPROSTON, Anne Visitor Unmarried F 75 1776 Annuitant  Nantwich, Cheshire
MCLEOD, Jane House Keeper Widow F 49 1802 Housekeeper  Caithness Bower
MITCHELL, Lousia Servant Unmarried F 27 1824 Still Room Maid  Dorking, Surrey
WORTH, Mary Ann Servant Unmarried F 17 1834 Under Still Room Maid  Banbury, Cheshire 
HALL, Mabel Servant Unmarried F 23 1828 Lady's Maid  Wirksworth, Derbyshire
WHITE, Fanny Servant Unmarried F 28 1823 Upper Housemaid  Fordington, Dorset
DINGLE, Olive Servant Unmarried F 21 1830 Under Housemaid  Prestbury, Cheshire
WORTH, Anne Servant Unmarried F 18 1833 Under Housemaid  Prestbury, Cheshire
ALLSOP, Anne Servant Unmarried F 35 1816 Laundry Maid  Morley, Derbyshire
SADLER, Anne Servant Unmarried F 19 1832 Under Laundry Maid  Nantwich, Cheshire
EVES, William Servant Unmarried M 21 1830 Cook Laundry Maid  Hammersmith, Middlesex
WORTH, Thomas Servant Unmarried M 17 1834 Cook's Assistant  Withington, Cheshire
STONIER, John Servant Unmarried M 25 1826 Under Butler  Eaton, Cheshire
PEARSON, Frederic Servant Unmarried M 24 1827 Footman  London, Middlesex
SEANNALL, Charles Servant Unmarried M 16 1835 Page  London, Middlesex
WORTH, James Servant Unmarried M 12 1839 Page  Calveley, Cheshire
MURFIN, Thomas Visitor Widower M 38 1813 Servant  Wirksworth, Derbyshire 
BOWERS, Ellen Visitor Unmarried F 19 1832 Lady's Maid  Chesterfield, Derbyshire
1851 Census for North End, Wirksworth
#101---North End---[Wirksworth]---
W101a  Nathan         HUBBERSTY  Head    W  47  M   Perp.Cur.of Dethick Wirksworth   Minister of Alderwasley MA
W101b  Richard Nathan HUBBERSTY  Son        11  M   Scholar at home     Wirksworth
W101c  Charles John   HUBBERSTY  Son        9   M   Scholar at home     Wirksworth
W101d  William Philip HUBBERSTY  Nephew     10  M   Scholar             Wirksworth
W101e  Henry Alfred   HUBBERSTY  Son        8   M   Scholar at house    Wirksworth
W101f  Mary Dorothy   HUBBERSTY  Mother     74  F   Annuitant           Hopton
W101g  Bernard        CRACROFT   Boarder    13  M   Scholar             Putney MDX
W101h  Theodore Oct.  HURT       Boarder    11  M   Scholar             Duffield
W101i  John           BODEN      Servant U  24  M   Tutor               Plymouth DEV
W101j  Josiah         STAFFORD   Servant U  35  M   House servant       Kniveton
W101k  Sarah          HURST      Servant U  31  F   House servant       Burton on Trent STS
W101l  Martha         COWLISHAW  Servant U  24  F   House servant       Chesterfield
W101m  Ellen          GREGORY    Servant U  30  F   House servant       Little eaton
W101n  Martha         HARDY      Servant U  19  F   House servant       Milton
1851 Census for St Johns St, Wirksworth
#084---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]---
W414a  Philip     HUBBERSTY  Head     M  45  M   Attorney at Law  Wirksworth
W414b  Anne       HUBBERSTY  Wife     M  38  F                    Spondon
W414c  Frances A  HUBBERSTY  Dau         9   F   Scholar          Wirksworth
W414d  Albert C   HUBBERSTY  Son         7   M   Scholar          Wirksworth
W414e  Harriet    WARNER     Servant  U  30  F   Housekeeper      Ashbourne
W414f  Mary       MOTTRAM    Servant  U  28  F   Housekeeper      Murbury CHS
W414g  Hannah     FLETCHER   Servant  U  17  F   Housekeeper      Wirksworth
1841 Census for North End, Wirksworth
---North end---[Wirksworth]---(p34, Wirksworth, district 6, HO 107/198/12)---
W880a   Mary       HUBBERSTY      60  f  Y  Ind
W880b   Nathan     HUBBERSTY      35  m  Y  Cl M A
W880c   Margaret   HUBBERSTY      25  f  Y
W880d   Agnes      HUBBERSTY      25  f  Y  Ind
W880e   Richard    HUBBERSTY      2   m  Y
W880f   Charles    HUBBERSTY      10m m  Y
W880g   William    BECK?          25  m  N  School asst
W880h   Henry      MOULD          15  m  Y
W880i   Francis    BARBER         15  m  Y
W880j   James      HURT           14  m  N
W880k   John       HURT           13  m  N
W880l   Charles    STORER         13  m  Y
W880m   Edward     STORER         11  m  Y
W880n   Thomas     BLACKWALL      15  m  Y
W880o   William    INGLE          14  m  Y
W880p   Henry      MILLS          12  m  Y
W880q   James      MATSBY         12  m  N
W880r   Rowland    BUCKSTONE      11  m  Y
W880s   John       BROADHURST     10  m  N
W880t   Nathaniel  CURZON         11  m  Y
W880u   Alfred     CURZON         10  m  Y
W880v   Edward     WOOLEY         10  m  Y
W880w   Herbert    MILLS          9   m  Y
W880x   Vaughan    RADFORD        9   m  Y
W880y   Francis    HURT           8   m  Y
W880z   Josiah     STAFFORD       25  m  Y  M.S.
W880za  Alice      YEOMAN         25  f  Y  F.S.
W880zb  Jane       GRAHAM         25  f  Y  F.S.
W880zc  Dorothy    WALKER         25  f  Y  F.S.
W880zd  Hannah     SHELDON        20  f  Y  F.S.
W880ze  Ann        JEPSON         25  f  Y  F.S.
W880zf  Mary       MOORE          17  f  Y  F.S.
1841 Census for St Johns St, Wirksworth
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W075a     Philip         HUBBERSTY      35  m  Y  Attorney
W075b     Ann            HUBBERSTY      25  f  Y
W075c     William        HUBBERSTY      1   m  Y
W075d     John           MOSS           20  m  Y
W075e     Ann            HOOLEY         20  f  Y
W075f     Harriet        WARNER         20  f  Y

Cousin Marriages

See Wikipedia on First cousin marriages "England maintained a small but stable proportion of cousin marriages for centuries, with proportions in 1875 estimated by George Darwin at 3.5 percent for the middle classes and 4.5 percent for the nobility, though this had declined to under 1 percent in the 20th century. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were a preeminent example". The United States has the only bans on cousin marriage in the Western world.


See Darwin Online Nathan HUBBERSTYs connections with Charles DARWIN.
  • "1826 June 15. Walking tour into North Wales with N.Hubbersty, climbed Snowdon."
  • "There was blackbird's nest, near hot house at Shrewsbury, which the cat was seen by Hubbersty to visit daily to see how the young got on."
  • "Get Hubbersty to try experiments about raising plants when they cannot [be] crossed yet."
  • "Hubbersty, Nathan 1803–1881. Assistant master Shrewsbury School 1826–1828. Headmaster Wirksworth Grammar School 1832–1851. 1826 CD went on walking tour in N.Wales with H. 1839 CD suggested to H that he should do some plant breeding experiments—4th notebook on transmutation.
(Charles Darwin was born at Shrewsbury 1809, was boarder at Shrewsbury School 1818-25)
In 1873 Phillip HUBBERSTY owned 249 acres in Wirksworth, for which the Rental was £1,296, (worth £120,000 in 2012), see Owners of Land 1873
Cricket, July 1866, Wirksworth played an All England Eleven at the Recreation Ground. "A.L.Hubbersty scored 5 runs not out in the first Innings". Could this have been Albert Cantrell HUBBERSTY, born 1843?


From "The Derbyshire Times" Saturday August 10 1872

Marriage of Miss HUBBERSTY, Wirksworth

On Wednesday morning the normal quietude of Wirksworth was enlivened by the joyous preparations for the interesting wedding of Henry A HUBBERSTY, Esq, of Burbage House, Buxton, to his cousin, Miss Fanny HUBBERSTY, only daughter of Philip HUBBERSTY, Esq of Wirksworth. From an early hour, willing hands were engaged erecting and decorating triumphal arches across the principal street, near the bride's residence, and also the approach to the Church. Judging from the numerous spectators in the streets, it appeared to be a general holiday. As the bride was favoured by a beautiful fine day -alternately sunshiney and cloudy, like life's cares - it enhanced the pleasure of all. "Happy is the bride the sun shines on." We hope that this old adage will, asit promises to do at present, hold good to the close of a long and successful career. The bridegroom arrived at the Church from Mrs WOOD's Wirksworth Hall, in a carriage drawn by a splendid pair of greys; and shortly afterwards by the brides brothers, Messrs Albert and William HUBBERSTY, the bridegroom's best men. On the entrance of the bride, Mr BIRCH, the organist commenced the lively March aux Flambeaux. The appearance of the chancel was very striking; the rich colours of the ladies' dresses, illumined as the sun glanced through the stained glass, resembling a rich parterre, of which they were the fairest flowers. The bride wore a superb white satin dress trimmed with deep Honiton lace, with bouquets of orrange blossom and jessamine, Brussels lace veil with wreath of orange blossoms. The four bridesmaids, (Miss HUBBERSTY, sister of the bridgroom, Miss WOOD, Miss Ada HUBBERSTY, and Miss Constance HUBBERSTY), wore white grenanine over blue tarlatane, with tunics looped with rich wide blue ribbon, tulle veils with wreaths of blue and white convolvuluses. The wedding outfit was made by Miss MARPLES, of Lea Wood. When going away the bride wore a brown silk dress with buff polonaise and blue bonnet. Their path towards the alter was strewn with flowers by six volunteer young ladies anxious to typify the pleasant career they hoped they would enjoy - the roses without the thorns. The ceremony was performed in an impressive manner by the Rev. Nathan HUBBERSTY, father of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev W H CANTRELL, Bulwell Rectory, Notts, cousin to the bride. After the ceremony, when the wedding party emerged from the vestry after signing the registry, the organ again pealed forth the "Grand Wedding March" by Mendelssohn. When arrived at the outside of the church the energetic exertions of the ringers in the belfry claimed especial notice. The wedding party returned to Mr P.HUBBERSTY's, where an excellent dejeuner of the usual delicacies was laid out under the marquee on the lawn, the tables being decorated with a splendid display of hothouse fruits - apricots, peaches, grapes etc, interspersed with bouquets and ferns. The brides cake towered aloft in all the glories of confectionery art and was presented by James WALL, Esq, of Manchester and Wirksworth. The guests comprised, amongst others - Lady HATHERTON, Shanklin, Isle of Wight; Miss HURT, Wirksworth; Alfred ARKWRIGHT Esq; and the Misses ARKWRIGHT, Wirksworth, Rev J V MELLOR and Mrs MELLOR, Idridgehay; Rev T T SMITH, and Miss SMITH, The Vicarage, Wirksworth; Rev E M WHITTAKER, and Mrs STANTON, Derby; Mrs John HUBBERSTY, Wirksworth, and numerous others. Amongst the various useful and ornamental presents of silver plate, jewellry, etc, we noticed those from the Rev. W and Mrs HUBBERSTY, Mr A ARKWRIGHT, Mr WRIGHT, Mrs John HUBBERSTY, mr WASS, Mr J ARKWRIGHT, Mr P HUBBERSTY, Mr W HUBBERSTY, Mr and Mrs White POPHAM, Mr Ernest MILNES, Mr and Mrs Charles WRIGHT, Mrs GRAY, Mr HUTCHINSON, Mrs WOOD, Mr and Mrs WHITTAKER, Mr and Miss WOOD, Miss WALL, Mr WASS, Dr and Mrs JAMES, Mrs GRODIE, Mrs P HUBBERSTY, Mr and Mrs CANTRILL, Mr and Mrs WOOLLEY, a variety of ornamental articles of vertu, Mr Edmund WOOD, Mr and Mrs HARWOOD, Mr and Mrs John WIGRAM, Rev J V and Mrs MELLOR, Mrs BELCHER, Miss DRAPER, Mrs CASSON, Miss C HUBBERSTY, Miss WOOD, Miss A HUBBERSTY, Mr and Mrs BROOKES, Mr Geo and Mrs RUSSELL, Mr WALSHALL, Mr and Mrs GOODWIN, Mrs WOOD, Miss CARLASS, Dr and Mrs DOUBLEDAY, Mr and Mrs Thos WARD,Miss CORK, Mr Albert HUBBERSTY, Miss PIPER, Mr and Mrs KINGDON, Miss HURT, the Dowager Lady HATHERTON, Miss HUBBERSTY, Mr John ARKWRIGHT, Mrs BUZZARD, Mrs ANSTIE, Mr ROWE, Capt BELLAIRS, Mr and Mrs TEELES, Miss BAILEY, Mr and Mrs ROWLAND, Mrs WIGLEY, Mr J STEEPLES, Miss MARPLES, Miss WARDLE, John PHILLIPS, Mrs Martha SMITH, Mrs HOLMES, Miss SLACK, Mr H TOMLINSON, Mr HALL, Mrs PASS, Mr STATHAM, Miss WORRALL, Mrs ABBOTT. In th afternoon, the happy couple left, with the good wishes of all for Wales, Devonshire and Ireland, to spend the honeymoon. In the evening the marquee was cleared for a ball, at which all the gentry of the town and district were present.

From "The Derby Mercury" Wednesday August 14 1872


MARRIAGE OF MISS HUBBERSTY. - On Wednesday last, the marriage of Miss HUBBERSTY, daughter of Philip HUBBERSTY, Esq. of Wirksworth, to her cousin, H. A. HUBBERSTY, Esq., of Burbage House, Buxton, took place. The day opened in a very promising manner, and the neighbours were astir early in the morning, erecting garlands and other floral decorations at various places over the road leading from Mr. HUBBERSTY's house to the church. The hour fixed for the ceremony to take place was half-past eleven, and about eleven o'clock the streets were filled with spectators. The church was also densely crowded, every available seat being taken up immediately the doors were thrown open. The guests, who were numerous, began to arrive at the church soon after eleven o' clock, and were provided with seats in the chancel by the churchwardens. The service was performed by the father of the bridegroom, the Rev. Nathan HUBBERSTY, assisted by the Rev. W.H. CANTRELL, rector of Bulwell, near Nottingham, and cousin to the bride. Mr. BIRCH presided at the organ, and played the "Marche aux Flambeaux" during the passage of the bride to the altar, and Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" as the happy couple left the church. When the bridal party passed from the church into the open air, and the organ could no longer be heard, the fine toned bells of the church burst forth with a merry peal, and continued their joyous sounds at intervals during the day. Six young ladies kindly attended with small baskets of flowers, and strewed them in the path of the bride to and from the altar. The altar itself was beautifully decorated with flowers of all kinds and colours, presenting a most lovely appearance as well as filling the church with their sweet odour. The dress of the bride was exceedingly rich, consisting of white satin, trimmed with flounces of Brussels lace, and bouquees of Jasmine and orange blossom. The veil was of Brussels lace, with a wreath of orange blossom. The bridesmaids were Miss WOOD, Miss HUBBERSTY (sister of the bridegroom), Miss Ada HUBBERSTY, and Miss Constance HUBBERSTY, all of whom wore dresses of white grenadine over blue tarlatan, and tunics looped with wide blue ribbon, tulle veils with wreaths of blue and white primulas, and gold lockets, set with turquoise, the gifts of the bride and bridegroom. The groomsmen were Mr J. HUTCHINSON (Hull), best man, Mr. W. P. HUBBERSTY, Mr. A. C. HUBBERSTY, and Mr. E. M. WASS. When the ceremony was over, the bridal party returned to Mr. HUBBERSTY's where an excellent breakfast was prepared in a spacious marquee erected for the occasion on the lawn. About a quarter to two the happy couple left for Chester, thence to North Wales, and finally to Ireland, to spend the honeymoon. The presents were very numerous and costly, consisting of jewellery, plate, articles of vertu, and other useful and ornamental gifts. In the evening a ball was given in the marquee, at which a large and fashionable party were present. Our want of space compels us to omit the list of presents, and the names of the guests present, both at the breakfast and ball, otherwise we should have been pleased to mention them. We can only add our heartfelt wishes for their future welfare to those already numerously expressed, and say "May they be happy."


The 1872 Wedding photo is stuck to a page of some photo Album. The other side of this page has 3 photos of St Hilda's Abbey Whitby, and the signature "A E H SEVERNE". This is probably the maiden name of Adelaide Emily Hestor SEVERNE, born in 1893, whose mother came from the HUBBERSTY family, see the SEVERNE tree below. The bride Frances Augusta HUBBERSTY was AEHS's first cousin once removed.

Adelaide Emily Hestor SEVERNE 1893-


 |          |           |                  1819
1804       1805        1807                Ann
Nathan     Phillip     John        1845    Golding
1881       1882        1869          |     1896
                              |             |
           1856              1854          1858
           Arthur            Adelaide      Constance
           de Milt   1890    Elizabeth     A
           1935        |     1937
      |          |          |        |
     1892       1893       1896     1897
     Henry      Adelaide   Edward   Alfred
     Francis    Emily      Arthur   de Milt
     1915       Hestor

1911 Census for 42 Foggs Entry, Wirksworth
SEVERNE, Arthur De Milt Head Married M 54 1857 Solicitor Derbyshire Derby   
SEVERNE, Adelaide Elizabeth Wife Married 20 years F 56 1855  Yorkshire Hull   
SEVERNE, Henry Francis Son Single M 19 1892 Mining Student Derbyshire Wirksworth   
RAYNER, Lilian Servant Single F 46 1865 Cook Domestic Yorkshire Pudsey   
BASTOR, Mary Servant Single F 32 1879 Housemaid Domestic Leicestershire Ashby de la Zouch   
1901 Census for Wirksworth
#35---Summer Lane House---[Wirksworth]---
W480a  Arthur De M  SEVERN     Head    M 44  M  Solicitor             Derby
W480b  Adelaide E   SEVERN     Wife    M 46  F                        Hull YKS
W480c  Henry F      SEVERN     Son     S 9   M                        Wirksworth
W480d  Adelaide E   SEVERN     Dau     S 7   F                        Wirksworth
W480e  Edward A     SEVERN     Son     S 4   M                        Wirksworth
W480f  Alfred De M  SEVERN     Son     S 3   M                        Wirksworth
W480g  Sarah A H H  ELKINGTON  Servant W 43  F  Nurse domestic        Sandford OXF
W480h  Lilian       RAYNER     Servant S 31  F  Cook domestic         Pudsey YKS
W480i  Irene        WATSON     Servant S 17  F  Under nurse domestic  Rollerton STS
W480j  Mary E       TOPLIS     Servant S 18  F  Housemaid domestic    Rollerton STS
1871 Census for West End, Wirksworth
HUBBERSTY, Ann G Mother  F 52 1819  Kent   
HUBBERSTY, Adelaide E Daughter  F 16 1855  Yorkshire   
HUBBERSTY, Constance A Daughter  F 12 1859  Yorkshire   
DRAPER, Susan Governess  F 26 1845  Derbyshire   
LEE, Emily Servant  F 16 1855  Derbyshire   
TAYLOR, Hannah Servant  F 16 1855  Derbyshire   


Agnes Eleanor HUBBERSTY married Nicholas Price WOOD in 1843, and Nicholas bought Wirksworth Hall in 1858. She lived there until near her death in 1892, moving to Henley Hall, Shropshire before 1891. More about Nicholas on the Wirksworth Hall page.


             1810           1812
             Nicholas       Agnes
             Price   1843   Eleanor
             1868     |     1892
    |          |            |         |
   1847       1848         1850      1856
   Mary       Emily        Mary      Elizabeth
   Baddely    Henrietta    Agnes     Mariam
                           1862      1931

1861 Census for Brown Hills, Burslem
WOOD, Mary Head Widow F 71 1790 Landed Proprietor Shelton, Staffordshire   
WOOD, Nicholas Price Son Married M 51 1810 Magistrate For Country Brownhills, Staffordshire   
WOOD, Mary Baddely Granddaughter  F 14 1847 Scholar Hamburg, British Subject   
WOOD, Emily Henriette Granddaughter  F 13 1848 Scholar Hamburg, British Subject   
WOOD, Elizabeth Servant  F 50 1811 House Keeper Tean, Staffordshire
TIPPEN, William Servant Widower M 33 1828 Butler Keele, Staffordshire   
GROCOTT, Ann Servant  F 40 1821 Ladies Maid Basford, Cheshire   
PITCHFORD, Harra Servant  F 24 1837 House Maid Wolstanton, Staffordshire   
STUBBS, Mary Servant Unmarried F 20 1841 Under Cook Chesterton, Staffordshire   
STUBBS, Elizabeth Servant Unmarried F 21 1840 Ladies Maid Cheadle, Staffordshire   
1871 Census for Coldwell Street The Hall, Wirksworth
WOOD, Agnes Eleonar Head  F 58 1813  Derbyshire   
WOOD, Elizabeth Mariam Daughter  F 15 1856  Staffordshire   
WOOD, Reginal Newcome Nephew  M 29 1842  Buckinghamshire
YULES, John Wedgwood Cousin  M 35 1836  Somerset   
PIPER, Mary Emma Governess  F 39 1832  Herefordshire   
CORK, Mary Servant  F 38 1833  Staffordshire   
CORK, Elizabeth Servant  F 35 1836  Staffordshire   
STEEPLES, Eliza Servant  F 31 1840  Derbyshire   
HOON, Selina Servant  F 28 1843  Derbyshire   
GRIFFITHS, Mary Servant  F 26 1845  Gloucestershire   
OGDON, Catherine Servant  F 23 1848  Derbyshire   
BRADSHAW, John Servant  M 17 1854  Derbyshire   
1881 Census for The Hall, Coldwell St, Wirksworth 
WOOD, Agnes Eleanor Head Widow F 69 1812 Landed Proprietor Wirksworth, Derbyshire   
WOOD, Nicholas J Price Grand Son Single M 3 1878  Wirksworth, Derbyshire   
WOOD, Mary Dorothy Grand Daughter Single F 2 1879  Wirksworth, Derbyshire
BENYON, John Servant Married M 47 1834 Domestic Serv(Butler) Chester, Cheshire   
BENYON, Emma Servant Single F 21 1860 Domestic Serv Nurse Wirksworth, Derbyshire   
CORK, Elizth Servant Single F 45 1836 Domestic Laundry Maid Chesterton, Staffordshire   
GRIFFITHS, Jane Servant Single F 36 1845 Domestic Housemaid Twyning, Shropshire   
TAYLOR, Mary Ann Servant Single F 16 1865 Domestic Kit Maid Wirkswth, Derbyshire   
1891 Census for Henley Hall, Bedlam, Bitterley Shropshire
WOOD, Agnes E Head Widow F 78 1813 Living On Own Means Wirksworth, Derbyshire   
WOOD, Y N Price Grandson Single M 13 1878 Scholar Wirksworth, Derbyshire   
WOOD, M Dorothy Granddaughter Single F 12 1879 Scholar Wirksworth, Derbyshire   
WOOD, Edmund B Grandson  M 7 1884  Wirksworth, Derbyshire   
WOOD, Agnes E Granddaughter  F 0 (1M) 1891  London
KNIGHT, Blanche E Governess Single F 26 1865 Governess Chichester, Sussex   
SAGE, John Servant Single M 32 1859 Butler Domestic Servant Pill, Somersetshire   
BENYON, John Servant Married M 55 1836 Butler Domestic Servant Wem, Shropshire   
ASHWOOD, Susan Servant Married F 42 1849 Cook Domestic Servant Tenbury, Worcestershire   
CORK, Mary Servant Single F 59 1832 Nurse Domestic Servant Chesterton, Staffordshire   
LYCETT, Elizabeth Nurse Single F 33 1858 Institution Nurse Lye, Worcestershire   
BOWEN, Emma Servant Single F 29 1862 Laundry Maid Domestic Servant Comerton, Herefordshire   
STRETTEN, Alice Servant Single F 30 1861 Housemaid Domestic Servant Barton-Under-Needwood, Staffordshire   
JONES, Agnes Servant Single F 20 1871 Housemaid Domestic Servant Ludlow, Shropshire   
KNOWLES, Ellen Servant Single F 21 1870 Kitchenmaid Domestic Servant Burton on Trent, Staffordshire   
GRIFFITHS, Annie Servant Single F 24 1867 Ladysmaid Domestic Servant Ludlow, Shropshire   

Unknown word

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I have a distant cousin who connects with an early American line of mine. In a period of 200 years six of his lines converge on one couple and six more lines on another couple, both with early Virginia roots. He seems to be quite healthy. Those two families seem to have had lots of children, very few of whom died young. Sometimes people get lucky, but I'm sure that this man's parents had no idea how closely they were related.

I married a tenth cousin. Most Americans with ancestors who came across the pond in the 1600's have a link somewhere within ten generations and don't find it until they get into studying genealogy. It has no genetic significance by then, of course.

Eileen Phelps
It's also relatively common in some sections of the minority ethnic community today in the UK.
I have cousins that married to keep the family name in the inherited estate in Derby. My great grandfather's brother's daughter married a cousin of the same name. Go figure.
Thelma, Scottsdale, AZ USA
Hi John
I'm surprised that you were horrified at finding a first cousin marriage! I've always considered them not uncommon.

Apart from those in Royal circles, some famous men who married their first cousins include Charles Darwin, H G Wells, and Albert Einstein - as well as Christopher Robin Milne.

In my Cauldwell, Derbyshire, NORTON family, alone, I have first cousin marriages in two successive generations: my great-grandfather's sister, Mary Ann NORTON married William WATSON (c1851-1855). (Mary Ann's father and William's mother were siblings).

Their uncle, George NORTON married Sarah BURDETT in Shackerstone, Leics in 1822, Sarah's mother and George's father being siblings.

Blanche Charles (nee Norton)
Wellington-Kapiti Coast
New Zealand
First-cousin marriages were more common among the upper classes and the aristocracy in order to keep money, property and estates inside the family, rather than admitting outsiders.

Apart from Victoria and Albert, the obviously outstanding example of a first-cousin marriage in the royal family was that of William III to Mary II - both were grandchildren of Charles I.

Roy Stockdill
Genealogical researcher, writer & lecturer
Famous family trees blog:
I'm afraid I have an example of a first cousin marriage which is even closer than normal - the cousins were children of two brothers and two sisters. My grandmother was their daughter. We have pread the genes about a bit since then to include Scottish, French and US strains.
Hi John
My only surprise would be if this was the first, cousin marriage you have found
I have several in my lines
Not sure why you would be horrified as its perfectly legal

Some States in the US bar it but far from all and even though some States banned it, they still happened

Nivard Ovington in Cornwall (UK)
I believe it is only certain States that have a total ban. Others discourage such marriages. Cousins who wish to marry go to a State which allows first cousin marriages.

I have just found two mid 19th century first cousin marriages in a family I'm researching at the moment. They are not the first I have found.

The decline in first cousin marriages is probably due to people moving around more and meeting people from different parts of the country. I don't think it's due to any repugnance at marrying someone quite closely related.

The only first cousin marriages that might cause any birth problems might be where both the bride's and the groom's parents were also first cousin or where two brothers had married two sisters from otherwise unrelated families.

Connie in London
Hi John,
Why horrified? As I understand it, the repulsion at first-cousin marriages is very much a 20th century construct. Interesting that you should mention George Darwin, as Charles Darwin married his own first cousin in 1839. My gg-uncle married his second cousin in 1894, but of course this was far more common.

Regards, Brett

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