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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Taylor-Burnett letters 1892


The 3 letters 1892

Letter 01
Godfrey House,
Nr Derby

January 20th

Dear Mr Burnett,
In the first place
I address you as Mr Burnett,
because I do not personally
know you, I am one of the
Taylor's formerly of Sharplow
Tissington, and it is at my 
brother Willie's request that
I write to you, himself my
father & I have first entered
on a small Farm and as
we have not quite sufficient
?? to stock it, we should
be glad to know if it would
be convenient for you to advance
Willie a portion of the money
left to him by Uncle John
Burnett; he is now twenty
years of age and will attain
his majority next October,
so that if you could kindly
let him have seventy or
eighty pounds, we should
deem it a kindness if you
would let us know at your
earliest convenience.

With kind regards
Believe me
Yours truly

M? Taylor
Your letter of the 20th inst.duly
received & in reply must say
it takes me by surprise.
As one of the Executors of my
late father I really am
not aware there are any
monies arising to your
brother by your late Uncle
Jno S? Burnett. If you think
& will show me cause
I will undertake the matter
shall have immediate
With kind regards to your
father & yourself

January 22 1892

Letter 02
Godfrey House,

January 23rd 1892

Dear Mr Burnett,
Many thanks for
your letter received this morning
Tue 23rd. I must say I cannot
understand why you should
have been taken by surprise.
If you will kindly refer to the
will of my late Uncle Mr John
Burnett, that will explain the matter.
As my brother is the youngest
of the family it seems strange
there should be a mistake
with reference to his share of
the monies left to us, as the 
sons were to take double the
share of the daughters.
Hoping you will kindly
consider it and reply as
early as possible.
With kind regards
Believe me
Yours truly
M Taylor

Mr Burnett
Gladstone Grove
PS I find I have made one mistake
in my last letter, as to the
age of my brother he will be
twenty next October

I have yours of the 23rd
I cannot help thinking you
must be labouring under
some misapprehension seeing
your Uncle John Burnett
died some time before your
brother Willie was born

Letter 03
Godfrey House

Dear Mr Burnett,

I thank you for
your letter of the 26th January
I do not see how I can be
labouring under any
misapprehension. Uncle's
Will is clear enough as it
states that £600 is left
in trust for such of the children
or child now and hereafter
to be born of my sister
Anna Maria wife of
William Taylor as shall live
to attain the age 21 years.
Now my sister's brother
and myself have only 
received the sum of £480
amongst us so there is in
your hands £120 for brother
If my brother Willie is not
entitled to the £120 he as
you state being born after
Uncle's death, there can be
no doubt but what my
sister, brother & myself
are entitled to it.
I would also call your
attention to a fact in
the will that Uncle intended
all Mother's children to share
as should be born to her
before she was forty eight
years of age.
Waiting an early reply.
With kind regards.

Yours truly

January 26th 1892

Jany 28th
Not answered

Family Trees

  |--------|                 |-------|
  |        |                 |       |
 1825     1821              1822    1829
 Alex     Nathaniel         Ellen   James
 |     |          |        |         |         |      |          |
1846  1848       1850     1852      1854      1856   1858       1860
John  Nathaniel  Mary     Margaret  Susannah  Sarah  Elizabeth  George
 |               Aspinal  C                   J      Ellen      Alexander
 | JOHN           1845
1846              Elizabeth
John              Alice
1872        |     1875
1833             Anna     SISTER
William  1855    Maria    (of Uncle John)
 |------|--|--|----------|------|-------|------|------|        |-------|------|-------|
 |      |     |          |      |       |      |      |        |       |      |       |
1859   1860  1862       1865   1867    1869   1870   1873     1870    1872   1875    1879
Frank  Mary  Elizabeth  Alice  Louisa  Mabel  Edith  William  Henry   Emily  Thomas  Mary
       Ellen            A                     R       |                |     James   Maria
WRITER                                                | BROTHER        |
                                                      | WILLIE         |
                                                     1873             1872
                                     Annie   1907    William  1899    Emily
                                       X  =====V=====TAYLOR=====V=====TWIGGE
                                               |                |     1905
                                               |                |
                                               |      |------|--|-----|
                                               |      |      |        |
                                              1908   1900   1902     1906
                                              Fred   Edith  William  Emily


1851 Census for: 30, Portwood Street, West Derby, Liverpool 
BURNETT, Nathaniel    Head Mar     M 30 1821 Warehouse Man              Rufford, Lanc
BURNETT, Ellen        Wife Mar     F 29 1822                            Bolton, Lanc
BURNETT, John         Son          M  5 1846                            Liverpool, Lanc
BURNETT, Nath.        Son          M  3 1848                            Liverpool, Lanc
BURNETT, Mary Aspinal Dau          F  1 1850                            West Derby, Lanc
BARNETT, Alex         Bro    Unmar M 26 1825 Clerk To Steam Post Office Rufford, Lanc
MANN,    James        Bro-IL Unmar M 22 1829 Porter Of Cotton Warehouse Bolton, Lanc
Source: Findmypast
1861 Census for: Berry Street, Bootle Cum Linacre, Lancashire
BURNETT, Nathaniel       Head Mar M 40 1821 Cotton Warehouseman  Rufford, Lanc
BURNETT, Ellen           Wife Mar F 39 1822                      Bolton, Lanc
BURNETT, John            Son      M 15 1846 Scholar              Liverpool, Lanc
BURNETT, Nathaniel       Son      M 13 1848 Scholar              Liverpool, Lanc
BURNETT, Mary Aspinall   Dau      F 11 1850 Scholar              Liverpool, Lanc
BURNETT, Margaret C      Dau      F  9 1852 Scholar              Liverpool, Lanc
BURNETT, Susannah        Dau      F  7 1854 Scholar              Liverpool, Lanc
BURNETT, Sarah J         Dau      F  5 1856 Scholar              Liverpool, Lanc
BURNETT, Elizabeth Ellen Dau      F  3 1858 Scholar              Bootle, Lanc
BURNETT, Geo Alesander   Son      M  1 1860                      Bootle, Lanc
Source: Findmypast
1869 John BURNETT married Elizabeth Alice LIGHTBOWN at Salford
Source: FreeBMD
1871 Census for: Derby Road Moorelands, Pendleton, Salford, Lancashire 
BURNETT, John            Head  M 26 1845  Lancashire
BURNETT, Elizabeth Alice Wife  F 26 1845  Lancashire
PARKER, Mary Ann         Serv  F 19 1852  Worcestershire
Source: Findmypast
1872 Sep. John BURNETT died in W.Derby, Lancashire aged 27 years.
Source: FreeBMD
1875 Jun. Elizabeth Alice BURNETT died in Leek, Staffs aged 30 years
Source: FreeBMD
1855 March William Henry TAYLOR married Anna Maria WINTERS at Winchcomb
Source: FreeBMD
1861 Census for Castern, Shaw, Derbyshire
TAYLOR,    Willm       Head Married M 28 1833 Farmer Of 82 Acres Ilam, Staff
TAYLOR,    Annie Maria Wife Married F 27 1834 Farmers Wife       Onecote, Staff
TAYLOR,    Frank       Son          M 2  1859 Farmers Son        Ilam, Staff
TAYLOR,    Mary Ellen  Dau          F 1  1860 Farmers Daughter   Ilam, Staff
STABLES,   Olive       Serv Widow   F 27 1834 Dairy Maid         Butterton, Staff
HAMBLETON, Harriet     Serv Unmar   F 13 1848 House Servant      Hope Dale, Staff
ALLEN,     James       Serv Unmar   M 25 1836 Farm Servant       Alstonfield, Staff
LOWE,      Charles     Serv         M 14 1847 Farm Servant       Holverston, Staff
Source: Findmypast
1871 Census for: Sharplow Dale, Tissington ["TAYLORs of SHARPLOW"]
TAYLOR,   William   Head  M 38 1833  Staffordshire ["BROTHER WILLIE"]
TAYLOR,   Annie M   Wife  F 37 1834  Staffordshire ["SISTER"]
TAYLOR,   Frank     Son   M 12 1859  Staffordshire
TAYLOR,   Mary E    Dau   F 11 1860  Staffordshire
TAYLOR,   Elizabeth Dau   F  9 1862  Staffordshire
TAYLOR,   Alice A   Dau   F  6 1865  Derbyshire
TAYLOR,   Louisa    Dau   F  4 1867  Derbyshire
TAYLOR,   Mabel     Dau   F  2 1869  Derbyshire
TAYLOR,   Edith R   Dau   F  1 1870  Derbyshire
AUSTIN,   Mary A    Serv  F 23 1848  Staffordshire
WHEELDON, Harriet   Serv  F 18 1853  Derbyshire
COOK, Joseph        Serv  M 24 1847  Staffordshire
LEEDHAM, Thomas     Serv  M 21 1850  Derbyshire
Source: Findmypast
1871 Census for Idridgehay Green
Id35a William   TWIGG Head M 26  M Joiner Hopton
Id35b Elizabeth TWIGG Wife M 28  F        Idridgehay
Id35c Henry     TWIGG Son     1  M        Idridgehay
Source:Wirksworth website
1881 Census for New Bridge, Wirksworth
W777a  William       TWIGGE Head    M 36  M  Joiner  Hopton
W777b  Elizabeth     TWIGGE Wife    M 37  F          Idridgehay
W777c  Sarah         GAMBLE Sis iL  U 55  F          Idridgehay
W777d  Henry         TWIGGE Son       11  M  Scholar Idridgehay
W777e  Emily         TWIGGE Dau       9   F  Scholar Idridgehay
W777f  Thomas James  TWIGGE Son       6   M  Scholar Idridgehay
W777g  Mary Maria    TWIGGE Dau       2   F          Idridgehay
Source:Wirksworth website
1881 Census for Wetton Village, Wetton (Stafford) 
WINT, John     Head    Married M 39 1842 Ag Lab  Wetton, Staffordshire   
WINT, Ann      Wife    Married F 41 1840         Wetton, Staffordshire   
WINT, John     Son     Single  M 14 1867 Shoemaker (Apprentice) Wetton, Staffordshire   
TAYLOR, Willie Boarder Single  M  8 1873 Scholar Tissington, Derbyshire   
Source: Findmypast
1891 Census for Bank Terrace, Old Bank House, Wirksworth
W384a William S   FISHER  Head    M 37  M  Solicitor           Torquay DEV
W384b Gertrude M  FISHER  Wife    M 35  F                      West Bromwich STS
W384c Olive F S   FISHER  Dau       10  F  Scholar             Surbiton SRY
W384d John W S    FISHER  Son       8   M  Scholar             Wirksworth
W384e Maud U S    FISHER  Dau       6   F  Scholar             Wirksworth
W384f Roger S S   FISHER  Son       2   M                      Wirksworth
W384g Lizzie      GASKIN  Servant S 23  F  Cook dom servant    Willington
W384h Emily       TWIGG   Servant S 19  F  Housemaid dom serv  Idridgehay
W384i Lucy        FENNELL Servant S 18  F  Nurse dom servant   Idridgehay
Source:Wirksworth website
1891 Census for Upper Wood, Matlock, Matlock Bath 
TAYLOR, William Head Widower M 59 1832 Gardener Ilam, Staffordshire   
TAYLOR, William Son  Single  M 18 1873 Joiner   Tissington, Derbyshire   
Source: Findmypast
M 1899feb01 TAYLOR William(Wirksworth),Farmer/TWIGGE Emily(Wirksworth),-,#328
            Fathers: William TAYLOR,Farmer/William TWIGGE,Joiner
            Witnesses: Mary TWIGGE,? TAYLOR
            Status: B,26/S,26
Source:Wirksworth website
1901 Census for Godfreyhole, Wirksworth
W317a William   TAYLOR    Head    M 28  M  Farmer           Tissington
W317b Emily     TAYLOR    Wife    M 29  F                   Idridgehay
W317c Edith May TAYLOR    Dau     S 1   F                   Wirksworth
W317d William   TAYLOR    Father  W 73  M  Farmer           Ilam STS
W317e Herbert   WOOD      Servant S 17  M  Ag labourer      Slaley
W317f Laurence  FEARN     Servant S 13  M  Ag labourer      Cromford
W317g Lucy      PICKERING Servant S 14  F  Domestic servant Cottingham NTT
Source:Wirksworth website
[QC057]..... In loving memory of/EMILY/the beloved wife of/WILLIAM TAYLOR/
of Ashleyhay/who died September 18 1905/aged 33years.
(FOX) (Marble headstone)
Source:Wirksworth website
1911 Census for  Broxton Dale Wirksworth
TAYLOR, William Head Married M 37 1874 Farmer Tissington Derbyshire   
TAYLOR, Annie   Wife Married 4 years F 31 1880  Newborough Staffordshire   
TAYLOR, Edith   Dau  F 11 1900  Wirksworth Derbyshire   
TAYLOR, William Son  M 9 1902  Wirksworth Derbyshire   
TAYLOR, Emily   Dau  F 5 1906  Wirksworth Derbyshire   
TAYLOR, Fred    Son  M 3 1908  Wirksworth Derbyshire
Source: Findmypast

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