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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Joseph LAND

Apprenticed to a Joiner in 1861

In 1861, Joseph LAND of Bolehill was apprenticed at the age of 13 to Edward WILSON of Winster, a joiner aged 47. Joseph's father Thomas LAND was a Lead miner, and already had 4 children, with another 3 on the way.
Father pays £16 for getting his eldest son educated. Mother still has to find Clothes and Washing for 8 years. Master finds Meat Drink, Lodging and Instruction. The Apprentice promises to avoid: Fornication, Matrimony, Playing cards, Dice Tables, Haunting Taverns and Playhouses, and to serve his Master until 21, not waste nor lend his Master's goods, not Buy nor sell them.
(this 'Apprentice's Oath' can be traced back to 1563, See Apprenticeship in England 1600-1914)
Joseph disappears until he is found again aged 63 in a Workhouse near Manchester, and dies aged 72 in the same Area. He was married.

"Edward Wilson - by trade a carpenter. He had a stroke which quite incapacitated him. He gradually faded away. He was married twice, but was separated from his second wife. He resided with his son Joshua."
Dawn Scotting

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Black font is bought-in standard form. Blue font is added before signing. Italics section is known as the "Apprentice's Oath".

                    Dated 8th October 1861     Memorandum that the within named
                                               apprentice attained the age of thirteen years
                                               on the ninth of March 1861
                        Joseph Land
                                                                Thomas Land
                                               Signed sealed and delivered by all the within
                      Mr Edward Wilson         named parties in the presence of 
                                                         John James
                                                         Clerk to Mr Harward
                 Indenture of Apprenticeship             Solicitor Wirksworth

                                                Received the day and year last within written
                                                of and from the within named Thomas Land the sum
                                                of sixteen pounds being the consideration money
                                                within expressed to be paid by him to me

                                                                Edward Wilson


                                                   John James

This Indenture Witnesseth That Joseph Land, son of Thomas Land of Bolehill in the parish of Wirksworth in the county of Derby, Miner, by and with the consent of his said Father (testified by his executing these presents) doth put himself Apprentice to Edward Wilson of Winster in the said Countyof Derby, Joiner, to learn his Art and with him after the Manner of an Apprentice to serve from the day of the date of these presents until the said Apprentice shall attain the age of Twenty one years to be fully complete and ended DURING which Term the said Apprentice his Master faithfully shall serve his secrets keep his lawful commands every where gladly do he shall do no damage to his said Master nor see to be done of others but to his Power shall tell or forthwith give warning to his said Master of the same he shall nor waste the Goods of his said Master nor lend them unlawfully to any he shall not commit fornication nor contract Matrimony within the said Term he shall not play at Cards or Dice Tables or any other unlawful Games whereby his said Master may have any loss with his own goods or others during the said Term without Licence of his said Master he shall neither buy nor sell he shall not haunt Taverns or Playhouses nor absent himself from his said Master's service day or night unlawfully But in all things as a faithful Apprentice he shall behave himself towards his said Master and all his during the said Term AND the said Edward WILSON in consideration of the sum of sixteen pounds to him paid on the execution of these presents by the said Thomas LAND the receipt whereof he the said Edward WILSON doth hereby acknowledge his said APPRENTICE in the Art of a Joiner which he useth by the best means that he can shall teach and Insruct or cause to be taught and instructed Finding unto the said Apprentice sufficient Meat Drink Lodging and all other necessaries during the said Term, except Clothes and Washing And the said Thomas LAND doth hereby covenent and agree with the said Edward WILSON that he will find and provide the said Apprentice with proper and sufficient Clothes and Washing during the said Term. AND for the true performance of all and every the said Covenants and Agreements either of the said Parties bindeth himself unto the other by these Presents. IN WITNESS whereof the Parties above named to these Indentures interchangeably have put their Hands and Seals the Eighth day of October and in the Twenty fifth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Queen Victoria by the Grace of God of the united Kingdom of GREAT BRITAIN and IRELAND QUEEN Defender of the Faith and in the Year of our LORD One Thousand Eight Hundred and sixty One.
The Amount of the Money, or the value of any other matter or thing given or agreed to be given with the Apprentice, by way of Premium, must be truly inserted in words at length, otherwise the Indenture will be void, and double such amount or value forfeited.

Technical terms

In the building trades, a joiner is a type of a carpenter that cuts and fits joints in wood without the use of nails, screws, or other metal fasteners. Joiners usually work in a workshop, because the formation of various joints usually requires non-portable machinery; in contrast, most other kinds of carpenter usually work on site. A "joiner" usually produces items such as interior and exterior doors, windows, stairs, tables, bookshelves etc.; cabinet makers are often regarded as producers of fine joinery.

Apprenticeship is a system of training a new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession with on-the-job training and often some accompanying study (classroom work and reading). Apprenticeship also enable practitioners to gain a license to practice in a regulated profession. Apprentices or protégés build their careers from apprenticeships. Most of their training is done while working for an employer who helps the apprentices learn their trade or profession, in exchange for their continued labor for an agreed period after they have achieved measurable competencies. Apprenticeships typically last 3 to 6 years. People who successfully complete an apprenticeship reach the journeyman level of competence.

An indenture is a legal contract between two parties, particularly for indentured labour or a term of apprenticeship but also for certain land transactions. The term comes from the medieval English "indenture of retainer" — a legal contract written in duplicate on the same sheet, with the copies separated by cutting along a jagged (toothed, hence the term "indenture") line so that the teeth of the two parts could later be refitted to confirm authenticity.
Each party to the deed would then retain a part. When the agreement was made before a court of law a tripartite indenture was made, with the third piece kept at the court. The term is used for any kind of deed executed by more than one party, in contrast to a deed poll which is made by one individual. In the case of bonds, the indenture shows the pledge, promises, representations and covenants of the issuing party.

LAND tree

             1798           1798
             Isaac          Hannah
             LAND=====V===== X
             1877     |     1875
    |        |        |       |         |
   1826     1826     1829    1835      1839
   George   Thomas   Isaac   Francis   William
             |             1826
            Thomas 1845    Elizabeth
            1907     |     1900
   |       |       |       |          |       |      |      |
  1845    1848    1858    1859       1860    1863   1865   1867
  Joseph  Joseph  Thomas  Frederick  Dennis  Betsy  Adam   William
  1845    James


         1776             1773
         Joseph   1801    Grace
         1859       |     1858
 |        |     |       |       |     |       |
1801     1803  1805    1808    1810  1813    1815
William  Jane  George  Joseph  Mary  Edward  David
         1835          1890           |      1815
   1818                |               1843
   Jane       1845    Edward   1874    Elizabeth
   1873         |     1888
    |                  |
   1852               1854
   Fredric            Joshua

LAND census

1841 Census
---Bole Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p26, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W585a  Isaac    LAND  40  m  Y  Lab
W585b  Hannah   LAND  40  f  Y
W585c  George   LAND  15  m  Y
W585d  Thomas   LAND  15  m  Y
W585e  Isaac    LAND  12  m  Y
W585f  Francis  LAND  6   m  Y
W585g  William  LAND  2   m  
Wirksworth PRs
M 1845feb13 LAND Thomas(Bole Hill),Miner/WAGSTAFF Elizabeth(Bolehill),#363
            Fathers: Isaac LAND,Miner/Joseph WAGSTAFF,Tailor
            Witnesses: Thomas smith OUTRAM,Hannah WAGSTAFF
            Status: b,f/s,f
Joseph LAND born Sep 1845 in Belper Area
Joseph LAND died Sep 1845 in Belper Area
1851 Census 
W659a  Thomas         LAND  Head  M  25  M  Lead miner  Bolehill
W659b  Elizabeth      LAND  Wife  M  30  F              Cromford
W659c  Joseph James   LAND  Son      3   M              Bolehill
1861 Census
W654a  Thomas     LAND  Head  M 36  M  Lead miner  Bolehill
W654b  Elizabeth  LAND  Wife  M 35  F              Bolehill
W654c  Joseph     LAND  Son     13  M  Scholar     Bolehill
W654d  Thomas     LAND  Son     3   M              Bolehill
W654e  Frederick  LAND  Son     2   M              Bolehill
W654f  Dennis     LAND  Son     9m  M              Bolehill
1871 Census
#53---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(page 9,ED 5, RSD "Wirksworth",RG10/3594)---
W678a  Thomas     LAND  Head  M 46  M  Lead miner  Bolehill
W678b  Elizabeth  LAND  Wife  M 45  F              Matlock
W678c  Thomas     LAND  Son     13  M  Scholar     Bolehill
W678d  Frederick  LAND  Son     12  M  Scholar     Bolehill
W678e  Denis      LAND  Son     10  M  Scholar     Bolehill
W678f  Betsy      LAND  Dau     8   F  Scholar     Bolehill
W678g  Adam       LAND  Son     6   M  Scholar     Wingerworth
W678h  William    LAND  Son     4   M  Scholar     Bolehill
1881 Census
W621a  Thomas     LAND  Head  M 56  M  Lead miner         Wirksworth
W621b  Elizabeth  LAND  Wife  M 54  F                     Matlock
W621c  Betsy      LAND  Dau   U 18  F  Dom servant        Wirksworth
W621d  Adam       LAND  Son   U 16  M  Parcel poster M R  Woodthorpe  Midland railway
W621e  William    LAND  Son     14  M  Clerk (grocers)    Wirksworth
1891 Census
#128---Bolehill---(4 rooms)---[Wirksworth]---
W703a  Thomas     LAND  Head  M 66  M  Farmer                Wirksworth
W703b  Elizabeth  LAND  Wife  M 65  F                        Matlock Bank
W703c  Betsey     LAND  Dau   S 28  F                        Wirksworth
W703d  William    LAND  Son   S 24  M  Wine merchants clerk  Wirksworth
1901 Census
#193---Bolehill, 76---[Wirksworth]---(page 27,ED 5, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3234)---
W777a  Thomas     LAND  Head  W 76  M  Farmer                Wirksworth
W777b  Frederick  LAND  Son   S 42  M  Coachman domestic     Wirksworth
W777c  Betsy      LAND  Dau   S 38  F                        Wirksworth
1911 Census for South Manchester, Didsbury - S. Manchester Infirmary - 
Workhouse Withington
Joseph LAND Inmate M 63 1848  Married formerly Joiner        Wirksworth, Derbys
Thomas LAND died Sep 1907 aged 83 in Belper Area.
Joseph J LAND died Dec 1920 aged 72 in Chorlton Area

WILSON census

1841 Census for Bank Side, Youlegrave
Joseph  WILSON  M  65  1776  -
Grace   WILSON  F  68  1773  Derbyshire
George  WILSON  M  36  1805  Derbyshire
Edward  WILSON  M  28  1813  Derbyshire
Grace   WILSON  F   6  1835  Derbyshire
Mary    Kent    F  20  1821  -  
FreeBMD Marriages
Edward WILSON married Jane SWINDELL on Sep 1845 in Bakewell area
1851 Census for Townend, Winster, Bakewell
Edward  WILSON  Head  Marr  M  37  1814  Joiner  Winster
Jane    WILSON  Wife  Marr  F  33  1818  -       Winster
1861 Census for Town Street, Winster, Derbyshire
Edward   WILSON  Head  Marr  M  47  1814  Joiner   Winster
Jane     WILSON  Wife  Marr  F  43  1818  -        Winster
Fredric  WILSON  Son   -     M   9  1852  Scholar  Winster
Joshua   WILSON  Son   -     M   7  1854  Scholar  Winster
1871 Census for Town Street, Winster, Derbyshire
Edward   WILSON  Head  -  M  57  1814  Joiner  Winster,Derbyshire
Jane     WILSON  Wife  -  F  53  1818  -       Winster,Derbyshire
Fredric  WILSON  Son   -  M  19  1852  Joiner  Winster,Derbyshire
Joshua   WILSON  Son   -  M  17  1854  Joiner  Winster,Derbyshire
1881 Census for East Bank, Winster, Derbyshire
Edward     WILSON  Head  Marr  M  67  1814  Carpenter  Winster, Derbyshire
Elizabeth  WILSON  Wife  Marr  F  38  1843  -          Bakewell, Derbyshire
Jane WILSON died Sep 1873 in Bakewell Area
Edward WILSON married Elizabeth MYCOCK on Jun 1874 in Bakewell area
Edward WILSON died Dec 1888 in Bakewell Area

JAMES census

1861 Census for Wirksworth
#38---The Lees, West End---[Wirksworth]---(Page 8,ED 3, RSD "Wirksworth",RG9/2517)---
W368a Arthur   HARWARD  Head    M 34  M  Solicitor      Frome SOM
W368b Adelaide BRISTOL  Serv    U 25  F  House servant  Wirksworth
W368c Hannah   TOWNDROW Serv    U 17  F  House servant  Crich
W368d Henry    STOPPARD Serv    U 17  M  House servant  Ashleyhay

#77---St Johns Street---[Wirksworth]---(Page 14,ED 3, RSD "Wirksworth",RG9/2517)---
W404a Thomas    JAMES   Head M 51  M  Druggist,china shop   Haverfordwest WLS
W404b Elizabeth JAMES   Wife M 52  F                        Newcastle Lyme STS
W404c John      JAMES   Son  U 26  M  Solicitors clerk      Wyaston
W404d William   JAMES   Son  U 17  M  Printing compositor   Wirksworth
W404e Lucy      JAMES   Dau  U 11  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
1871 Census
#11---West End---[Wirksworth]---
W338a  Arthur       HARWARD   Head    M 44  M  Solicitor, landowner  Frome SOM
W338b  Mary Jane    HARWARD   Wife    M 40  F  Wife                  Spalding LIN
W338c  Theodore     HARWARD   Son       10  M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W338d  Mary Amelia  HARWARD   Dau       8   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W338e  Alfred Edgar HARWARD   Son       5   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W338f  Charles Cuth HARWARD   Son       4   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W338g  Ethel margrt HARWARD   Dau       1   F                        Wirksworth
W338h  Mary Jane    WILKINSON Moth iL W 71  F  Annuitant             Elme CAM
W338i  Ellen        PERCIVAL  Servant U 40  F  Cook, dom servant     Wirksworth
W338j  Eliza        TAYLOR    Servant U 23  F  Waiting maid,servant  Spalding LIN
W338k  Annie        GAMBLE    Servant U 18  F  Housemaid, servant    Wirksworth
W338l  Sarah        THOMPSON  Servant U 18  F  Nurse, servant        Wirksworth
W338m  Sarah Ann    DOXEY     Servant U 15  F  Under nurse, servant  Wirksworth

#33---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(page 6,ED 4, RSD "Wirksworth",RG10/3594)---
W520a  Elizabeth    JAMES     Head    W 63  F                        NewcastleLyme STS
W520b  John         JAMES     Son     M 36  M  Solicitors man.clerk  Wyaston
W520c  Hannah       JAMES     Dau iL  M 24  F                        Chelmsford ESS
W520d  Elizabeth    MACBETH   Gdau      12  F                        Wirksworth
1881 Census
#77---Coldwell St---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-1-p15)
W077a  John         JAMES    Head    M 46  M  Solicitor  Ashbourne
W077b  Hannah       JAMES    Wife    M 34  F             Chelmsford ESS
W077c  Thomas Wm    JAMES    Son       9   M  Scholar    Wirksworth
W077d  Mary Elizb   JAMES    Dau       7   F  Scholar    Glossop
W077e  John Henry   JAMES    Son       6   M  Scholar    Glossop
W077f  Frances Win  JAMES    Dau       10m F             Wirksworth      W=Winifred
W077g  Harriet      ALLEN    Servant U 16  F  Housemaid  Ripley
W077h  Emily        PEARSON  Servant U 12  F  Nurse      Wirksworth
1891 Census
W041a  John        JAMES   Head    M 56  M  Solicitor          Ashborne
W041b  Hannah      JAMES   Wife    M 44  F                     Chelmsford ESS
W041c  John Henry  JAMES   Son     S 16  M                     Glossop
W041d  Louisa      HUNT    Servant S 17  F  Domestic servant   Normanton
W041e  Florence    PARKER  Servant S 18  F  Domestic servant   Burton Joyce NTT
Wirksworth MIs
[QC234]..... In/loving memory/of/JOHN JAMES/of Wirksworth Solicitor/who passed away 
February 17th 1892/aged 57 years/For everwith the Lord/Amen so let it be/and of/
MARY ELIZABETH/‘ELSIE’/daughter of JOHN and HANNAH JAMES/who died/December24th 
l889/in the 17th year of her age/Father in thy graciouskeeping/Leave we now our 
loved one sleeping.(Limestone cross on block)In/loving memory/off/GERTRUDE ANNIE/
daughter of/JOHN and HANNAH JAMES/who died Jan 4 l883/aged 13 months.CHOPTON WOOD 
Stone Co)(Limestone cross & kerb)


----Anyone with more details for publication on this webpage, please email ----
Geoff Lester wrote on 10dec2014 at 1625 hrs

Dear John,
Yes, I would like to buy the indenture for Winster Local History Group and will send you a cheque when I get your address. Thanks for thinking of us. Marion Richardson is a long-distance member of our group and will be pleased it has come to us.

I am very impressed by the way in which you have presented the document in context. We have the Winster Parish Magazines from 1888, and I noticed Edward Wilson's burial was recoded there in January 1889, but without additional information. The vicar's note in the burial register is not exactly as cited by Dawn Scotting (e.g. 'he gradually sunk away' rather than 'he gradually faded away'), but you won't need to know such trivialities, I'm sure.

Incidentally, we are in the process of transcribing every available census of Winster right now - something I asked your advice about back in 2012.

Thanks for keeping in touch. I hope you continue to enjoy living down south and are keeping in good health.

Best wishes


Geoff Lester
Dawn Scotting wrote on 08dec2014 at 1049

Edward WILSON of Winster aged 47, Master Joiner, was my 2xgreat-grand uncle, son of Joseph WILSON Snr & Grace ASHTON and brother of my 2xgreat-grandfather Joseph WILSON Jnr.

This is what the vicar said about Edward when he buried him on the 16 Dec 1888 in the Winster churchyard:-

"Edward Wilson - by trade a carpenter. He had a stroke which quite incapacitated him. He gradually faded away. He was married twice, but was separated from his second wife. He resided with his son Joshua."

Edward's two wives were Jane SWINDELL with whom he had four children and Elizabeth MYCOCK, as far as I know they didn't have any children, possibly because of them living apart! Elizabeth was nearly 30 years younger than Edward.

Is this the same pedigree that you have for Edward WILSON John?

Anyone else connected to this WILSON family please get in touch, always love to find new rellies.

Cheers....Dawn ©¿©¬
Nickie Johnson wrote on 08dec2014 at 0017

I think this is Joseph on the 1911 census:
South Manchester, Didsbury - S. Manchester Infirmary - Workhouse Withington
Joseph Land, age 63, born Wirksworth, Derbyshire - formerly Joiner
Cristine Benson wrote on 07dec2014 at 2351

Hi John,
On 18 (or 11) Sep 1870 he marries Hannah FROST in Matlock. 2 conflicting dates are given in Ancestry.
In 1871 Hannah LAND b 1852 Crich is living with her parents Samuel and Frances FROST. Hannah is described as a soldier's wife. There is a soldier Joseph LAND in 1871 in Brentford b Wirksworth but he is 19 and unmarried. However the details have been copied on several lines so it could be a copying error.
I cannot find Joseph or Hannah or daughter Frances in 1881.
In 1891 he is living with his brother-in-law, Henry Knowles, 46 and wife Frances. Was Frances Hannah's sister as they were both born Crich?
Hope this helps
Ebay wrote on 05dec2014 at 2235
Hi johncpalmer - Thank you for your purchase. Your order will be dispatched to ------ Estimated delivery: Thu. 11 Dec.
Marion Richardson wrote on 05dec2014 at 2117

Good evening Mr Palmer
I have just spotted a Wirksworth Apprentice document on the Winster eBay listing.
I thought that it might be of interest to you.
Marion Richardson

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