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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Firstnames 1608-1899

Here are all the 4,087 different Firstnames found in the Wirksworth and Middleton Parish Registers 1608-1899. Firstnames are as found, second names have often been contracted to save space. They are in strictly alphabetical order. Contact John Palmer if you need to know the gender or surnames with one of the firstnames in this list.

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2001, John Palmer. All Rights Reserved.

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Aannal, Aaron, Aaron Eaton, Aaron W, Aaron james, Aaron stoppard, Abanathah, Abanathan, Abarnathar, Abbigall, Abby, Abel, Abell, Abernatha, Abernathan, Abernathy, Abernethy, Abigail, Abigal, Abigale, Abigall, Abigel, Abijah, Abinathan, Abishag, Abraham, Abraham Elce, Abraham George, Abram, Abrathan, Absalom, Absolom, Ada, Ada Hartland, Ada Louisa, Ada Maria, Ada Marian, Ada Mary, Ada Muriel, Ada alice, Ada bertha, Ada ethel, Ada louisa, Ada louise, Ada maria, Ada mary, Ada may, Ada muriel, Adah, Adam, Adam obadiah, Addam, Adding, Adela may, Adelaide, Adelaide E, Adelaide Elizabeth, Adelaide elbeth, Adelaide elizth O, Adelaide elzth, Adelaide emily H, Adeline, Aden, Adey, Adin, Adolphus roper, Adym, Agatha M, Agatha Matilda, Agnes, Agnes Doris, Agnes E, Agnes Edith, Agnes Eleanor, Agnes Elizabeth, Agnes Ethel, Agnes Lowe, Agnes ann, Agnes catherine, Agnes edith, Agnes elizabeth, Agnes jane, Agnes kate, Agnes louisa, Agnes maria, Agnes mary, Agnes maud, Agnis, Agnisse, Agnys, Ailam, Aked, Alan, Alan John, Alan Pearson, Alathere, Albert, Albert Edward, Albert Payne, Albert Percy, Albert Samuel, Albert Sidney, Albert Soloman, Albert Victor, Albert cantrell, Albert charles, Albert edward, Albert ernest, Albert francis, Albert frederic, Albert gilbert, Albert henry, Albert jesse, Albert john, Albert percy, Albert sidney, Albert stephen, Albert whynn, Alce, Alces, Aldery, Alec arnold, Alec leslie, Ales, Alessander, Alethea, Alexand, Alexander, Alexander D, Alexander Dean, Alexander William, Alexander hugh, Alexander lauder, Alexander wil., Alexander william, Alexis, Alexsander, Alfred, Alfred Edmund, Alfred Henry, Alfred James, Alfred augustus T, Alfred de milt, Alfred edgar, Alfred ernest, Alfred george, Alfred henry, Alfred herbert, Alfred james, Alfred le blanc, Alfred leopold, Alfred lord, Alfred richard, Alfred samuel, Alfred william, Alice, Alice Harriet, Alice Kathleen, Alice Levin, Alice Sanderson, Alice ann, Alice beatrice, Alice elzbeth, Alice evelyn, Alice ida, Alice irene, Alice kathleen, Alice lidgate, Alice louisa, Alice lucy, Alice malin, Alice margaret, Alice martha, Alice mary, Alice maud, Alice maude, Alice may, Alice rachel, Alice ward, Alice wright, Alicia, Alies, Alis, Alise, Alitica, Allce, Allen, Alles, Allice, Allin, Allis, Allise, Allithea, Alse, Alseia, Alven, Alvin, Alvine, Alyse, Ama, Amanda, Amander, Ambrose, Ambrose G, Ambrose J, Amea, Amee, Amelia, Amelia H, Amelia Kate, Amelia Leah, Amelia Mary, Amelia S, Amelia jane, Amelia phyllis, Amey, Amey Ann, Amia, Amicia, Amie, Amilia, Ammelia, Amos, Amy, Amy Elsie, Amy Lowe, Amy Sarah, Amy beardsley, Amy sarah, Amy sarah ann, Amye, An, Anabella, Andrew, Andrew A M, Andrew daniel, Andrew hunt, Andrew joseph, Andrew william, Ann, Ann B, Ann Boswell, Ann C, Ann Catherine, Ann D, Ann E, Ann Eliza, Ann Elizabeth, Ann G, Ann Golding, Ann H, Ann Holmes, Ann Jane, Ann Jemima, Ann Katherine, Ann Maria, Ann P, Ann Pidcock, Ann Price, Ann S, Ann Smith, Ann Ward, Ann Willans, Ann catherine, Ann elizabeth, Ann gell, Ann helen, Ann jane, Ann maria, Ann milicent, Ann phyllis, Ann smith, Ann spencer, Ann ward, Ann williams, Anna, Anna Barbara, Anna Maria, Anna barbara, Anna elizbth, Anna maria, Anna-Maria, Annabella, Annah, Annanyus, Anne, Anne Augusta, Anne Elizabeth, Anne H, Anne Jane, Anne agnes, Anne augusta, Anne catherine, Anne edith, Anne elizabeth, Anne jane, Annes, Annetta, Annie, Annie Eliza, Annie Elizab, Annie Elizabeth, Annie Elizabth, Annie Georgiana, Annie Kate S, Annie Louisa, Annie Lucy, Annie M, Annie Maria, Annie Mary, Annie P, Annie bauser, Annie edna, Annie eliza, Annie elizabeth, Annie elizabth, Annie elizalee, Annie elizbth, Annie evelyn, Annie gert ellen, Annie lee, Annie louisa, Annie lucy, Annie lydia, Annie margaret, Annie maria, Annie mary, Annie maud W, Annie ogdon, Annie priscilla, Annie rose, Annie sarah, Annie stddmn, Annie susannah, Annis, Annise, Annys, Anthone, Anthonie, Anthony, Anthony F, Anthony J, Anthony Joseph, Anthony O, Anthony W, Anthony William, Anthony joseph, Anthony william, Anthonye, Antionette, Antonietta, Antonio, Antony, Antony allen, Antony william, Anwell, Anys, April, Aquila, Araminta, Archboulde, Archebould, Archer ivan, Archer spencer, Archibald, Archibald alfred, Archibald john, Archie, Archie bullock, Archie frederick, Armey, Armia, Armin, Army, Arnold, Arnold Edwin, Arnold moses, Aron, Arthor, Arthur, Arthur Charles, Arthur Cyril, Arthur E, Arthur Edward, Arthur Edwin, Arthur Godfrey, Arthur Harold, Arthur Henry, Arthur Johnson, Arthur William, Arthur campbell, Arthur charles, Arthur collyus, Arthur Ewart, Arthur cyril, Arthur de Milt, Arthur demilt, Arthur edward, Arthur edwin, Arthur erdswick, Arthur garsde, Arthur george, Arthur godfrey, Arthur harrald, Arthur henry, Arthur henry A, Arthur james, Arthur john, Arthur laurence, Arthur moore, Arthur penblot, Arthur spencer, Arthur thomas, Arthur weston, Arthur william, Arthure, Asanath, Asinath, Assenath, Atlinah, Aubrey, Augusta, Augusta A, Augusta M, Augustine, Augustus Norris, Augustus P, Augustus thomas, Avias, Avice, Avis, Azariah, Azriah
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Bagshaw, Baily, Bara, Barah, Barbara, Barbara E, Barbara Eliza, Barbara emily, Barbarah, Barbaraw, Barbare, Barbarow, Barjona, Barna, Barnabas, Barnabus, Barnaby, Barnard, Barnet, Barrow, Barthe, Bartholamew, Bartholemew, Bartholomew, Bartle, Barton, Basil, Bathia, Bathiah, Beatrice, Beatrice Irene A, Beatrice Maud, Beatrice May, Beatrice ann s., Beatrice annie, Beatrice ethel, Beatrice irene H, Benedict, Benedicta, Benedicta lydia, Benet, Bengiman, Beniamen, Benit, Benjamen, Benjamin, Benjamin B, Benjamin G, Benjamin Greatorex, Benjamin H, Benjamin M, Benjamin R, Benjamin S, Benjamin bunting, Benjamin george, Benjamin street, Benjamin taylor, Benjamin thomas, Benjamin tylr, Benjamon, Benjemen, Benjemin, Bennet, Bennett, Bennit, Bernard, Bertha, Bertha Rosetta, Bertha jane, Bertha rosetta, Bertha willans, Berthe, Bertie, Bertram, Bertram Henry, Bertris, Bessie, Bessy, Bethia, Bethiah, Bethstua, Bethsua, Bethya, Betris, Betryse, Betsey, Betsey Mary, Betsy, Betsy batty, Betsy ellen, Bettris, Betty, Betty D, Biddy, Bina, Birgit, Bisack, Blanche, Blanche katherine, Blandinah, Blandinia, Blithe, Blyth, Boas, Bolyver, Bonam, Brichet, Brida, Bridget, Bridgett, Bridgit, Briget, Brownlow, Bryan, Butlin, Bysack
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Cabel, Caelia, Caleb, Carloine, Carol, Carolina, Caroline, Caroline A, Caroline E, Caroline Elzth, Caroline amelia, Caroline ann, Caroline anne, Caroline e, Caroline susan, Carrie, Casander, Casandra, Casia, Cassandra, Casshia, Cassia, Cassiah, Caterine Mary, Catharina, Catharine, Catharine E, Catharine N, Cathearn, Cathearne, Catherin, Catherina, Catherine, Catherine Ann, Catherine Doris, Catherine S, Catherine ann, Catherine anne, Catherine elizbth, Catherine moss, Catherine sophia, Catherinn, Catherne, Cathrian, Cecelia, Cecilia, Cecilia E, Cecilia alice C, Cecilia isab, Cecilia isabll, Celia, Celia Ann, Celina, Charles, Charles A, Charles Albert, Charles Alfred, Charles Anthony, Charles Archibald, Charles Edgar, Charles Edward, Charles G A, Charles Gratton, Charles Henry, Charles J, Charles James, Charles John, Charles Joseph, Charles Rich Perc, Charles Richard, Charles Robert, Charles W, Charles William, Charles alick, Charles cuthbert, Charles edgar, Charles edward, Charles edwin, Charles frstn, Charles grattan, Charles harold, Charles henry, Charles james, Charles joseph, Charles lionel, Charles richard, Charles rowland, Charles salt, Charles samuel, Charles thomas, Charles walter, Charles william, Charles winson, CharlesLee, Charlie, Charlott, Charlotta, Charlotte, Charlotte Ann, Charlotte Elizab, Charlotte Elizabeth, Charlotte Elizabth, Charlotte Evelyn, Charlotte allen, Charlotte ann, Charlotte annie, Charlotte elizbth, Charlotte elizth, Charlotte elth, Charlotte elz, Charlotte emily, Charlotte julia, Charlotte mary, Charlotte mary L, Charls, Charly, Chatrine, Cheislia, Childers chas, Chrispine, Chrissil, Christa, Christabell, Christian, Christiana, Christina, Christina martha, Christofer, Christopher, Christopher B, Chrystopher, Cicely, Cicilia, Cicillia, Cisly, Cissy, Clara, Clara Ann, Clara E S, Clara Elizabeth, Clara Isadora, Clara Jane, Clara alice, Clara edith, Clara elizabeth, Clara elizabth, Clara florence, Clara frances, Clara hannah, Clara isabella, Clara isadora, Clara lilian, Clara louisa, Clarence, Clarice, Clariss cath., Clarissa, Claude ernest, Claude stapylton, Claudia, Clemance, Clemantine, Clemence, Clemencia, Clemencie, Clemens, Clement, Clementia, Clementina, Clementine, Coll, Comfort millicent, Constance, Constance Anne, Constance Gert, Constance H L, Constance alice, Coppie, Corbetta B, Cordelia, Cordinius, Cornelius, Creswell R, Cristhopher, Cristian, Cristofer, Cristofor, Cuthbert, Cyril, Cyril james, Cyrillia
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Daisy, Daman, Daniel, Daniel T, Daniel roper, Daniell, Danniel, Danniell, Danyell, Danyle, Darcas, Darothe, Darothy, Darrithy, Darrothye, David, David Ewart, David Kilkenny, David Ewart, David reginald, Davis, Dawrathy, Dawrithy, Dawrothy, Deanys, Debora, Deborah, Decimus, Delia, Denis, Dennis, Deonys, Dewhurst, Diana, Dick, Dina, Dinah, Dinah elizabeth, Dinia, Dolley, Dolly, Donald sargenson, Dora, Dorathe, Dorathee, Dorathie, Dorathy, Dorcas, Dorcus, Doris, Dorothe, Dorothea, Dorothee, Dorothey, Dorothie, Dorothy, Dorothy Ann, Dorothy Elizbth, Dorothy Elzbth, Dorothy Emma, Dorothy H, Dorothy Mary, Dorothy Roper, Dorothy ann, Dorothy ann G V, Dorothy ellen, Dorothy emma, Dorothy frances, Dorothy le blanc, Dorothy louise, Dorothy roper, DorothyAbel, Dorothye, Dorthee, Douglas, Douglas edward, Douglas samuel, Drusilla, Dudley, Dudly, Dunston, Durham, Dyonisius
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Eabenezer, Eade, Eadeth, Eadith, Eanysa, Easter, Easther, Eaton, Ebenesor, Ebenezer, Ebenezor, Ebernezer, Ebinezer, Eda May, Edensor, Edeth, Edgar, Edgar arthur, Edgar louis, Edinsor, Edinzer, Edith, Edith Adeline, Edith Alice, Edith Annie, Edith Ellen, Edith Emily, Edith Gwendoline, Edith Laura, Edith Mary, Edith adelaide, Edith adeline, Edith alice, Edith allen, Edith anne, Edith annie, Edith emily, Edith florrie, Edith laura, Edith lloyd, Edith mary, Edith may, Edith rebecca, Edith victoria, Edmond, Edmonde, Edmund, Edmund alfred, Edmund baddeley, Edmund horatio, Edmund yates, Edmunde, Edna, Edward, Edward Aleck, Edward Allen, Edward B, Edward D, Edward G, Edward George, Edward J, Edward James, Edward Myles, Edward N, Edward Robert, Edward S, Edward Simeon, Edward Thomas, Edward W, Edward William, Edward aaron, Edward arnold, Edward arthur, Edward bick., Edward charles, Edward davenport, Edward george, Edward griffin, Edward james, Edward jepson, Edward leonard, Edward renshaw, Edward samuel, Edward simeon, Edward stevenson, Edward thomas, Edward weekes, Edward wilkinson, Edward william, Edwarde, Edwart, Edwin, Edwin C, Edwin charles, Edwin cuthbert, Edwin fred, Edwin frederic, Edwin surtees, Edy, Eedith, Effingham, Effington, Effraim, Effram, Efraim, Eideth, Eidith, Eilija, Elai, Elan, Elazir, Eleaner, Eleanor, Eleanor F, Eleanor ann, Eleanor mary, Eleanor maude, Eleanora, Eleazar, Eleazer, Elen, Elena, Elener, Elenor, Eleonora, Elesa, Eli, Elia, Eliabeth, Elianor, Elianora, Elias, Elias william, Eliazer, Elice, Elija, Elijah, Elijah J, Elijah James, Elijah William, Elin, Elin., Elina, Elinor, Elis, Elisa, Elisabeth, Elise, Elisha, Elisus, Eliz, Eliza, Eliza Ann, Eliza Annie, Eliza B, Eliza Bell, Eliza Booth, Eliza Caroline, Eliza Cath., Eliza Cornelia, Eliza D, Eliza Jane, Eliza Mary, Eliza S, Eliza ann, Eliza annie, Eliza booth, Eliza c, Eliza charlotte, Eliza dorothy, Eliza elizabeth, Eliza emberlin, Eliza jane, Eliza mary, Eliza smedley, ElizaAnn, Elizabeth, Elizabeth A, Elizabeth Adams, Elizabeth Alice, Elizabeth Ann, Elizabeth B, Elizabeth Brittain, Elizabeth C, Elizabeth Caroline, Elizabeth Dean, Elizabeth E, Elizabeth Ellen, Elizabeth Elln, Elizabeth Ellt, Elizabeth F, Elizabeth Fritchly, Elizabeth Gawthorn, Elizabeth Gertrude, Elizabeth H, Elizabeth Hanh, Elizabeth Hannah, Elizabeth Ht Boden, Elizabeth Jennings, Elizabeth L, Elizabeth M, Elizabeth Margaret, Elizabeth Mary, Elizabeth P, Elizabeth R, Elizabeth S, Elizabeth Spencer, Elizabeth T, Elizabeth alice, Elizabeth ann, Elizabeth anne, Elizabeth annie, Elizabeth c, Elizabeth cath, Elizabeth dian, Elizabeth elliott, Elizabeth emma, Elizabeth gert, Elizabeth h., Elizabeth han, Elizabeth hannah, Elizabeth jane, Elizabeth jerm, Elizabeth m, Elizabeth marg, Elizabeth margt, Elizabeth mary, Elizabeth n, Elizabeth sarh, Elizabeth smith, Elizabeth spen., Elizabeth spencer, Elizabeth srh, Elizabeth white, Elizabethe, Elizabth white, Elizaei, Elizei, Elkanah, Ellan, Ellana, Elle, Ellea, Elleanor, Elleanora, Ellen, Ellen C, Ellen E, Ellen J, Ellen Maria, Ellen May, Ellen W, Ellen agnes, Ellen amelia, Ellen ann, Ellen annette L, Ellen catherine, Ellen elizabeth, Ellen emma, Ellen fanny, Ellen julia br, Ellen maria, Ellen mary, Ellen nanny, Ellen rebecca, Ellen wesley M, Ellena, Ellene, Ellenea, Ellenn, Ellenor, Ellenora, Ellett, Ellianora, Ellias, Ellicia, Ellin, Ellina, Elline, Elliner, Ellinor, Ellinore, Ellis, Ellise, Elliza, Ellizabeth eln, Ellmathan, Ellnor, Ellon, Elnathan, Elnor, Elnour, Elnoure, Elora, Else, Elsie, Elsie Maud, Elsie jane, Elsie may, Elsie norine, Elvin, Elyas, Elys, Em, Ema, Emannuell, Emanuel, Emanuell, Eme, Emet, Emilia, Emily, Emily Ada, Emily Ann, Emily Eda, Emily Elizabeth, Emily Elizabth, Emily H, Emily Huddlestone, Emily Jane, Emily Julia, Emily Mary, Emily Smith, Emily ada, Emily agnes, Emily ann, Emily basset, Emily bassett, Emily clara, Emily ebeth, Emily edith O, Emily elfrida, Emily eliza, Emily elizabeth, Emily gertrude, Emily hannah, Emily hardy, Emily jane, Emily julia, Emily laura, Emily louisa, Emily maria, Emily mary, Emily may, Emily moore, Emily smith, Emilyelizabeth, Emina, Emm, Emma, Emma Ann, Emma Elizabeth, Emma Jane, Emma Matilda, Emma May, Emma O'D, Emma ann, Emma edith, Emma elizabeth, Emma elizabth, Emma elizbth, Emma ellen, Emma hannah, Emma katherine, Emma maria, Emma mary, Emma matilda, Emma rachel, Emmaline, Emmaline elcie, Emmaline ruth, Emmanuel, Emmanuell, Emmatt, Emme, Emmeras, Emmet, Emmett, Emmie, Emmiot, Emmot, Emmota, Emmott, Emot, Emote, Emott, Endsor, Enoch, Ensor, Enzer, Ephraim, Ephraym, Ephriam, Epsa Bayan, Epsabayan, Eric, Ernest, Ernest Arthur, Ernest Philip, Ernest William, Ernest Wilson, Ernest charles, Ernest douglas M, Ernest henry, Ernest john, Ernest le blanc, Ernest matthew, Ernest samuel, Ernest theodore, Ernest wilfred, Ernest william, Erwin, Ester, Esther, Esther A, Esther Ann, Esther Elizabeth, Esther Maria, Esther S B, Esther Sarah, Esther Selina, Esther Susanna, Esther Susannh, Esther ann, Esther hannah, Esther jane, Esther sarah, Esther selina, Esther susanna, Esther susannah, Ethel, Ethel Elizabeth, Ethel Fearn, Ethel Hannah, Ethel May, Ethel bertha, Ethel gamble, Ethel hannah, Ethel knifton, Ethel margaret, Ethel mary, Ethel may, Ettie, Etty, Eugene, Eugenie florence, Eva, Eva Laura Burkin, Eva Mary, Eva May, Eva annie, Eva laura, Eva rosa shaw, Eva sarah, Eve, Eveline, Eveline Frances, Eveline Rose, Eveline frances, Eveline may, Evelyn, Evelyn Anne, Evelyn Mary, Evelyn may, Everard, Everell, Exstan, Exston, Exsuperius, Exsupery, Exton, Exupery, Ezekiel, Ezikiell, Ezra, Faith
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Fanny, Fanny Ann, Fanny Dinah, Fanny Eliza, Fanny Jane, Fanny Marian, Fanny R, Fanny ann, Fanny augusta, Fanny dinah, Fanny dorothy, Fanny eliza, Fanny elizabeth, Fanny ellen, Fanny jane, Fanny maria town, Fanny marian, Fanny marion, Fayles, Fayth, Feath, Febe, Febey, Federick, Felicia, Felix, Ferdenande, Ferdin, Ferdinand, Ferdinand W, Ferdinande, Ferdinando, Ferdinandoe, Ferndinandes, Fides, Fillicia, Firdinand, Flora, Florence, Florence Amanda, Florence Bertha, Florence E, Florence Eleanor, Florence Ellen, Florence Emily, Florence Emma, Florence Lilian, Florence Mabel, Florence Matilda, Florence Matilda S, Florence May, Florence Ruth, Florence Sarah, Florence ann, Florence annie, Florence anniss, Florence bertha, Florence chaltte, Florence edith, Florence eleanor, Florence elizbth, Florence elsie, Florence elzbeth, Florence emily, Florence ethel, Florence evelyn, Florence gert may, Florence gertrude, Florence hester, Florence jane, Florence lilly, Florence louisa, Florence lucy, Florence madeline, Florence matilda, Florence may, Florence ruth, Florie, Florrie, Fortune, France, Frances, Frances A, Frances Ann, Frances Aug, Frances Carlton, Frances E, Frances Emma, Frances Gertrude, Frances Margaret, Frances Mary, Frances Stanley, Frances ann, Frances augusta, Frances catherine, Frances cecla, Frances emily, Frances hannah, Frances lydia, Frances maria, Frances mary, Frances matilda, Frances winifred, Francilla, Francis, Francis Augustus, Francis B, Francis Bradshaw, Francis Cor., Francis Eadson, Francis Edward, Francis G, Francis George, Francis Green, Francis Henry, Francis Hordern, Francis James, Francis L, Francis Luke, Francis M, Francis Mary, Francis Owen, Francis R, Francis Smedley, Francis W, Francis Wil, Francis William, Francis albert, Francis cecil alb, Francis cyril, Francis edm wil, Francis edward, Francis edwin, Francis eli, Francis elijah, Francis george, Francis henry, Francis john, Francis joshua, Francis luke, Francis smdly, Francis smedley, Francis tho norm, Francis town, Francis william, Francisca, Francys, Frank, Frank Alexander, Frank Else, Frank Heywood, Frank Leonard, Frank Newton, Frank William, Frank alexander, Frank clifford, Frank ernest R, Frank henry, Frank henry G, Frank meredith, Frank newton, Frank roper, Frank stoppard, Frank william, Fransas, Fransis, Fred, Frederic, Frederic James, Frederic John, Frederic M, Frederic N, Frederic Samuel, Frederic Shaw, Frederic William, Frederic Wm Alsop, Frederic albert, Frederic arnold, Frederic arthur, Frederic henry, Frederic james, Frederic oliver, Frederic osmond, Frederic thomas A, Frederic thomas H, Frederic victor, Frederic william, Frederick, Frederick B, Frederick Herbert, Frederick W, Frederick charles, Frederick james, Frederick james, Frederick james W, Frederick john, Frederick robt, Frederick wil., Frederick will, Frederick william, Freeman, Frisjoyce, Frisjoyes, Friz:, Frizejoyce, Frizjoyce, Frysjoyce
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Gabriel, Gabriell, Galahad, Galaliel, Gamalial, Gamaliel, Gamaliel William, Gamaliel Wm, Gamaliel william, Gamaliell, Gamel E Bateman, Garland, Garltanch, Garman, Gartarich, Gartarick, Gartericke, Gartherita, Garthwright, Gartrick, Gartricke, Gartrud, Gartrude, Garvis, Gawrath, Gemaliel, Gemiel, Georg, George, George Abraham, George Alfred, George Allsop, George B, George Barton, George Bernard, George Buxton, George C, George D, George Daniel, George Edward, George F, George F sellors, George Francis, George Fred S, George Frederic, George H, George H Brooks, George Hall, George Henry, George Henry Brooks, George Herbert, George Hope, George J, George James, George Julius, George Kilkenny, George L, George M, George R, George S, George Seymour, George T, George Thomas, George Toples, George V, George W, George W H, George Wigley, George William, George abel, George albert, George alfred, George allen, George alsop, George arthur, George baxter, George bernard, George bertram, George br, George christph., George daniel, George dixon, George edgar, George edward, George edward B, George eric, George even, George frederic, George frederic, George frederick, George haden, George hall, George harold, George henry, George herbert, George housfield, George hugh, George james, George john, George julius, George killer, George leslie, George levi, George morrsn, George mrngtn, George paul, George perkins, George spencer, George thomas, George walter S, George wigley, George william, George william b, George willm, Georgeina, Georgh, Georgia elizbth, Georgiana, Georgiana A, Georgiana Ann, Georgiana S, Georgiana a, Georgina, German, German Dean, German Ernest, German dean, Germanicus, Germanus, Gerrard A, Gerrard edmund, Gershom, Gertrud, Gertrude, Gertrude Annie, Gertrude Ellen, Gertrude Marion, Gertrude Mary, Gertrude anne, Gertrude annie, Gertrude ellen, Gertrude emma, Gertrude jemima, Gertrude lydia, Gertrude margaret, Gertrude mary, Gertrude maud, Gertrude rhoda, Gertrude sarah, Gervas, Gervase, Gervice, Gervis, Ghiner, Gilbeart, Gilbert, Gilbert edward, Gilderoy, Gill, Gillbeart, Gladys, Gladys Ann, Gladys Elizabeth, Gladys Emily, Gladys Gilian, Gladys mary, Godfray, Godfre, Godfree, Godfrey, Godfrey M, Godfry, Godhard, Gooditha, Goodwin, Goodyth, Gordon wright, Gough, Grace, Grace Colledge, Grace E, Grace Florence, Grace Roose, Grace ann, Grace austin, Grace elizabeth, Grace elizabth, Grace elizbth, Grace emma julia, Grace eveline H, Grace florence, Grace selina, Graciana, Graham, Grase, Gregory, Gregory Jane, Griffin, Grifin, Guenillian, Guy le blanc, Gwenillian, Gylbeart
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Hage, Hallford, Hamia, Hana, Hanah, Hanna, Hannah, Hannah Adams, Hannah Briddon, Hannah Britland, Hannah Catherine, Hannah Clifton, Hannah Elizabeth, Hannah Elizbth, Hannah Elizth K, Hannah Ellen, Hannah Emma, Hannah H, Hannah Hodgkinson, Hannah Louisa, Hannah Maria, Hannah Mary, Hannah Muriel, Hannah S, Hannah Sophia, Hannah Spencer, Hannah W, Hannah ann, Hannah eliza, Hannah elizabeth, Hannah elizb, Hannah ellen, Hannah elzbth, Hannah emma, Hannah fowke, Hannah jane, Hannah maria, Hannah marie, Hannah mary, Hannah melita, Hannah smith, Hannah spencer, Hannar, Hannnah, Hanrietta, Hanson, Harbearte, Harbert, Hariet, Harold, Harold Arthur, Harold thomas, Harold twigg, Harold udall, Harriet, Harriet Elizabeth, Harriet Mary, Harriet R., Harriet Ruth, Harriet S., Harriet ann, Harriet eliz, Harriet eliza, Harriet elizabeth, Harriet elizb, Harriet hannah, Harriet prisc., Harriet sophia, Harriet wnsn, Harriett, Harriett E S, Harriett H, Harriett S, Harriett mary, Harriot, Harriott, Harriott E, Harrison, Harry, Harry Hemsley, Harry Sprake, Harry anthony, Harry bernard S, Harry bevan, Harry frank, Harry ward, Harry warrington, Hatton, Heber, Hector vernon, Helen, Helen mary alice, Helena, Helena gertrude, Helene, Helenor, Helinour, Hellen, Hellena, Hellenar, Hellenn, Hellina, Henerie, Henery, Hennery, Henny, Henriet, Henrietta, Henry, Henry Buxton, Henry Elliot, Henry Elliott, Henry F, Henry G, Henry J, Henry James, Henry John, Henry Joshua, Henry L, Henry Oakley, Henry Poyser, Henry R, Henry S, Henry Sanuel, Henry Smith, Henry T, Henry Thomas, Henry Walker, Henry William, Henry albert L, Henry alfred, Henry edgar, Henry edward, Henry eli, Henry elliott, Henry ernest, Henry francis, Henry frederic, Henry gabriel C, Henry george, Henry gilbert B, Henry gill, Henry james, Henry john, Henry joseph, Henry lafont, Henry oakley, Henry paine, Henry rylance, Henry thomas, Henry valentine, Henry walker, Henry william, Henrye, Hephsiba, Hephybah ann, Hephzibah, Hephzibah ann, Herbert, Herbert John, Herbert Joseph, Herbert Leonard, Herbert P., Herbert W, Herbert edgar, Herbert edward, Herbert edwin, Herbert harlow, Herbert john, Herbert jones, Herbert le blanc, Hercules, Herman, Hessiba, Hester, Hestor, Heulena, Hezekiah, Higget, Higgett, Higgins, Higgit, Higgitt, Higgot, Higitt, Hilda, Hilda Mary, Hilda May, Hilda hargrave, Hilda maud, Hilda sarah, Hilda vererna, Hiram, Holehouse, Homefri, Homfre, Homfree, Homfrei, Homfrey, Hommfre, Honor, Hope, Horace, Horatio, Houmfray, Houmfrey, Howel, Hubert, Huge, Hugge, Hugh, Hugh Macoy, Hughe, Hugo, Huldey, Humfre, Humfrea, Humfree, Humfrey, Humphrey, Humphrey john T, Humphry, Hyrom
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Ian, Ida, Ida eveline, Ida lilian, Ida margaret, Ida marion, Ida nora, Ida violet lilian, Iderard, Ideth, Idith, Idyth, Ignatius, Immanuel, Iram, Irving, Isaac, Isaac Benjamin, Isaac F, Isaac Henry, Isaac Page, Isaac W, Isaac arthur, Isaac benjamin, Isaac henry, Isaac rains, Isaac thompson, IsaacWood, Isaack, Isaak, Isaball, Isabel, Isabell, Isabella, Isabella Minnie, Isabella a, Isabella alex, Isabella hannah, Isabella hrrt, Isabelle, Isack, Isacke, Isaia, Isaiah, Isake, Iseack, Ishmael, Ishmaell, Isiah, Isobell, Isobill, Israel, Israell, Ithamine, Izabel, Izabell, Izabella, Izack, Izacke, Izaike, Izake, Izobell
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Jaane, Jabas, Jabes, Jabesh, Jabez, Jabez samuel, Jabez william, Jabus, Jabus G, Jack, Jack Reginald, Jacob, Jaise, Jame, James, James A, James Abel, James Albert, James Alfred, James Arthur, James B, James Benjamin, James C, James Cook, James Davenport, James Douglas, James Ernest, James Frederick, James H, James Harrison, James Henry, James Jeremiah, James John, James Joshua, James M, James N, James Nichol, James O, James Shaw, James Thomas, James W, James William, James albert, James anthony, James arthur, James benjamin, James beresford, James bertram, James bradley, James charles, James digby, James douglas, James edward, James ernest, James flint, James frederick, James george, James gerald T, James gratton E, James harrsn, James henry, James herbert, James hrrsn, James jeremh, James jeremiah, James killer, James kimpton, James phinehas, James poyser, James ridley, James samuel, James smedley, James thomas, James wigley, James william, James wright, JamesHenry, Jams, Jane, Jane Agnes, Jane E, Jane Elizabeth, Jane M, Jane Mary, Jane Oliver, Jane Sidney, Jane Sophie, Jane agnes, Jane alice, Jane beatrice, Jane elizab., Jane elizabeth, Jane elizbth, Janes, Janet, Janice, Jannat, Janne, Janne Mary, Jannet E, Jaone, Jarman, Jarme, Jarmon, Jarnise, Jarvas, Jarvice, Jarvis, Jarvise, Jason, Jasper, Jasper W, Jasper longsdon, Jayman, Jayn, Jayne, Jeames, Jean, Jean stothert M, Jeas, Jease, Jedediah, Jediah, Jedidiah, Jeffrey, Jeffrey john H, Jefry, Jelana, Jemima, Jemima ann, Jemimah, Jenet, Jenett, Jenetta, Jennet, Jennett, Jennit, Jenny, Jeorge, Jeptha, Jeremia, Jeremiah, Jeremie, Jeremy, Jerimiah, Jerman, Jervas, Jervice, Jervis, Jesee, Jesper, Jesse, Jessie Annie, Jessie louisa, Jessy, Jethro, Jewdeth, Jhoone, Jim, Joab, Joan, Joana, Joanah, Joane, Joanna, Joanne, Job, Job Allott, Job H, Job Henry, Job Hodgkinson, Job J, Job White, Job flint spen, Job henry, Job spencer, Joel, Johanna, Johannes, John, John Albert, John Andrew, John Anthony, John Arthur D, John Aubrey, John B, John B B, John Bagshaw, John Bent, John Bradbury, John Brooks, John Brough, John C, John Charles, John Chas Wood, John Conrad, John Conradt, John D, John David, John E, John Edw Augustus, John Edward, John Emrose, John Ernest, John F, John F T, John Fred Hallows, John Frederic, John Frederick, John Gates, John George, John Gilbert, John H, John Henry, John Herbert, John Herod, John Holt, John Huws, John Isaac, John J, John JEBB, John James, John Joseph, John Kilkenny, John Lang Barry, John Lawrence, John Lawrence M, John Leonard, John Lewis, John M, John Mart, John Mather, John Mitchell, John N, John O, John Owen, John P, John Pearson, John Perry, John Philip, John Richard, John Robert, John Roper, John S, John Samuel, John Smith, John Stephen, John T, John Taylor, John Thomas, John Twig, John Udall, John W, John W G, John Walter, John William, John Winson, John aaron, John adam, John albert, John allen, John andrew, John anthony, John arnold, John arthur, John arthur D, John b e, John baddeley, John bagshaw, John bent, John bertram, John brooks, John buck, John carter, John charles, John clement, John cooper, John cordy Bu, John cyril, John david, John dean, John douglas, John dudley B, John edgar, John edgar P, John edward, John edwin, John edwin S, John francis, John frederic, John frederick, John frost, John gamaliel, John george, John gilbert, John harbury, John harper, John henry, John herbert, John herbert sam, John holmes, John hornsey, John howard, John isaac, John james, John james ernest, John joseph, John kinder, John lawrence, John leonard, John lewis, John marsden, John millington, John mitchell, John nich price, John nicholson, John pearson, John perry, John philip, John richard, John robert, John robert L, John roose, John samuel, John sheldon, John spencer, John stevenson, John sutcl., John thomas, John tiplady, John walter, John watson sealy, John webster, John wesley, John wild, John william, John william F, John william H, John william S, John william k., John willie, John willy, John wilson, John winrow, John wm fairf, JohnAlfred, JohnCharles, Johnathan, Johnathon, Johnna, Johnothan, John william, Johoseph, Joice, Jona, Jonah, Jonanthan, Jonas, Jonat, Jonathan, Jonathan T, Jonathan Twigg, Jonathan william, Jonathon, Jonathon G, Jone, Jonkinson, Joohne, Joon, Joone, Josef, Josefe, Joseff, Joseffe, Joseph, Joseph Abraham, Joseph B, Joseph Britland, Joseph Buxton, Joseph C, Joseph Cotton, Joseph Field, Joseph Francis, Joseph Fred, Joseph G, Joseph Gardner, Joseph H, Joseph Henry, Joseph J, Joseph James, Joseph Lewis, Joseph M, Joseph M H, Joseph Moss, Joseph Parry, Joseph Prince, Joseph Robert, Joseph Samuel, Joseph Siddall, Joseph Taylor, Joseph Thomas, Joseph W, Joseph Walker, Joseph William, Joseph allen, Joseph anthony, Joseph anthy, Joseph ashton, Joseph bertram, Joseph brooks, Joseph buxton, Joseph chas mayer, Joseph douglas, Joseph edgar, Joseph edmund, Joseph edward, Joseph francis, Joseph fred., Joseph frederic, Joseph gardner, Joseph henry, Joseph herbert, Joseph jepson, Joseph joshua, Joseph middleton, Joseph moxson, Joseph prince, Joseph richard, Joseph robert, Joseph samuel, Joseph stephen, Joseph taylor, Joseph thomas, Joseph walker, Joseph william, Joseph willm, Josephe, Josephus, Josepth, Joshua, Joshua C, Joshua G, Joshua H, Joshua Jepson, Joshua gratton, Joshua luke, Joshuah, Josia, Josiah, Josias, Josph burgess, Josua, Josuah, Joy, Joyas, Joyce, Joyes, Joys, Joyse, Jozanas, Jozef, Jozeff, Jozeph, Judeth, Judith, Judyth, Julia, Julia Ann, Julia F, Julia Kate, Julia S C, Julia adelaide, Julia agnes, Julia ann, Julia anne, Julia helen, Julian Ann, Juliet, Julietta, Julius, June
K    (MENU)
Kasiah, Kate, Kate Marjorie, Kate Winifred, Kate ann, Kate clarke, Kate elizabeth, Kate gertrude, Kate marjorie, Kate winifred, Katharine, Katharne, Kathearne, Katheren, Katherin, Katherine, Katherine Amelia, Katherine F, Katherine M, Katherine amelia, Kathern, Katherna, Katherne, Katheryn, Kathleen, Kathleen helen J, Kathy, Katie, Kellemn, Kesiah, Kesor, Kestor, Keturah, Kezia, Kezia elizbth, Keziah, Kitty, Klinysa
L    (MENU)
Lacey, Laetitia, Lancellot, Lancelot Alexandr, Lane, Larence, Latimer, Latitia, Lattemer, Laura, Laura Charlott, Laura Emmeline, Laura mary, Laura stanley, Laurence, Laurence anthony, Lavina mary, Lavinia, Lawrance, Lawrence, Lawrence William, Lawrence edward, Lawrence walker, Lawrence wilfred, Leedham, Leonard, Leslie, Leslie Arthur, Lestor, Lethy, Leticia, Letis, Letitia, Letitia ann, Lettice, Lettis, Lettuce, Lettys, Levi, Levina, Lewis, Lewis Arthur, Lewis William, Lewis arthur, Lewis henry, Liddia, Liddiah, Liddy, Lidea, Lidia, Lidy, Lidya, Lilian, Lilian Mary, Lilian louisa, Lilian mary, Lillie, Lilly, Lily, Lily matilda, Lily may, Linda, Lionel, Lisabeth, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lloyd, Lois, Lois Mary, Lois Priscilla, Lois ann, Lois priscilla, Lomas, Lorance, Lot, Louie, Louis, Louis Wilfred, Louisa, Louisa Annie, Louisa C, Louisa Catherine, Louisa Emily, Louisa Lydia, Louisa P, Louisa alice, Louisa allen, Louisa annie, Louisa caroline, Louisa ellen, Louisa emily, Louisa jane, Louise, Louise Caroline, Lovina Ann, Low, Lowe, Lucas, Luce, Lucee, Lucey, Lucia, Lucie, Lucina, Lucinda, Luck, Lucke, Lucy, Lucy Ann, Lucy Annie, Lucy Margaret, Lucy Maria, Lucy ann, Lucy anne, Lucy annie, Lucy dorothy, Lucy hannah, Lucy margaret, Lucy mary, LucyKay, Lucye, Luisa, Luisa priscilla, Luke, Luna, Lusey, Luther, Lyddia, Lyddy, Lydea, Lydia, Lydia Ann, Lydia Ann Harriet, Lydia Harriet Ann, Lydia Matilda, Lydia agnes, Lydia ann, Lydia annie, Lydia gratton, Lydia hannah, Lydia harriet, Lydia jane, Lydia matilda, Lydia sarah, Lyth
M    (MENU)
Mabel, Mabel Amelia, Mabel Ann, Mabel Emily, Mabel Jane, Mabel ann, Mabel elizabeth, Mabel ellen, Mabel emily, Mabel maud E, Mabell, Mabella, Mabey, Mable, Machael, Madelena, Madellin, Maden, Magdalena, Magdalyn, Mage, Magery, Maggie, Maggie Edith, Mahala, Mahalah, Mahalah ann, Mahalaul, Mahalia, Mahaliel, Mahitabel, Maiden, Manual, Manuel, Marcellous, Marcellus, Marcus, Marer, Marganne, Margarate, Margareat, Margaret, Margaret A, Margaret Annie, Margaret Dakin, Margaret E, Margaret Emma, Margaret H, Margaret L, Margaret S, Margaret Swineston, Margaret Yaun, Margaret alice, Margaret ann, Margaret annie, Margaret devisme, Margaret e, Margaret elbeth, Margaret elizbth, Margaret emily, Margaret emma, Margaret jane, Margaret sarah, Margareta, Margarett, Margaretta, Margart, Margary, Margere, Margeret, Margeret Rutherfrd, Margeretta, Margerie, Margery, Margerye, Marget, Margit, Margreat, Margreate, Margreay, Margret, Margreta, Margrett, Margretta, Mari, Maria, Maria Ann, Maria Anne, Maria C, Maria Ellen, Maria H, Maria Louisa, Maria M, Maria ann, Maria jane, Maria mary, Mariah, Marian, Marian Emily, Marian editha, Mariana, Mariann, Marianna, Marianne, Marianne eliza, Mariare, Mariaria, Mariarie, Mariary, Marice, Marie mary, Marina, Marion, Marion elizabeth, Marion ethel, Marjoria, Mark, Mark A, Mark napoleon, Marke, Marlborough, Marmaduke, Marsellus, Marshal, Marshall, Marson, Martane, Marten, Martha, Martha A, Martha Ann, Martha Annie, Martha C, Martha E, Martha El Gratton, Martha Eliza, Martha Elizabeth, Martha Elizbth, Martha Ellen, Martha Emmie, Martha H, Martha H C, Martha Han Caroline, Martha Hannah, Martha Maria, Martha Millward, Martha Priscilla, Martha Smedley, Martha W, Martha ann, Martha ann neal, Martha anne, Martha annie, Martha eliza, Martha elizabeth, Martha elizbth, Martha ellen, Martha emily, Martha emma, Martha fanny, Martha hannah, Martha hannah ann, Martha mather, Martha priscilla, Martha smedley, Martin, Martine, Martyn, Martyne, Mary, Mary A, Mary Agnes, Mary Alice, Mary Amelia, Mary Ann, Mary Ann Eliza, Mary Ann Elizabeth, Mary Ann P, Mary Anne, Mary Anne Elza, Mary Anne L, Mary Annie, Mary B, Mary Batarick, Mary Bradbury, Mary C, Mary Chadwick, Mary Crich, Mary D, Mary Devinia, Mary Dorothy, Mary E, Mary Edith, Mary Eliz., Mary Eliza, Mary Elizabeth, Mary Elizabeth C, Mary Ellen, Mary Elliot, Mary Elzbth Ann, Mary Emma, Mary Evelyn, Mary Frances, Mary Gertrude, Mary Greatorex, Mary H, Mary Hall, Mary Hannah, Mary Hannah Phoebe, Mary Harrison, Mary Helen, Mary I, Mary J, Mary Jane, Mary Johanna J, Mary Littlewd, Mary Louise, Mary M, Mary Mabel, Mary Madan, Mary Maden, Mary Margaret, Mary Maria, Mary Maria Dean, Mary Martha, Mary Matilda, Mary Mellor, Mary O'D, Mary P, Mary Phoebe, Mary Radford, Mary Rodgers, Mary Rose, Mary S, Mary W, Mary Ward, Mary agnes, Mary alberta W, Mary alice, Mary alice revell, Mary allsop, Mary amelia, Mary ann, Mary ann spencer, Mary anna, Mary anne, Mary annie, Mary batty, Mary bestwick, Mary bishop, Mary blaney, Mary bradley, Mary caroline, Mary denston, Mary dorothy, Mary edith, Mary eleanor, Mary eliza, Mary elizabeth, Mary elizabeth E, Mary elizabth, Mary ellen, Mary else, Mary emma, Mary evelyn, Mary florence, Mary frances, Mary hannah, Mary hannah phebe, Mary henrietta, Mary hetty, Mary jane, Mary kate, Mary lavinia, Mary louisa, Mary louise, Mary lucinda, Mary margaret, Mary maria, Mary maria D, Mary maria dean, Mary matilda, Mary monks, Mary odgers, Mary patience, Mary phoebe, Mary planey, Mary radford, Mary rebecca, Mary rolley, Mary rose, Mary saxton, Mary seeds, Mary swindell, MaryAnn, Maryanne, Marye, Marye lizabeth, Maryjane, Matha, Mathea, Matheas, Mather, Mathery, Mathew, Mathewe, Mathey, Mathida, Mathie, Mathilda, Mathkhy, Mathy, Matilda, Matilda A, Matilda Elizabeth, Matilda Lillian, Matilda annie, Matilda elizbth, Matilde, Mattethy, Mattheus, Matthew, Matthew Bacon, Matthew T, Matthew john, Matthias, Maud, Maud ursula sealy, Maude, Maudlene, Maudlin, Maurice, Maurice warburton, Maurice william, Maxemillian, Maxemillion, Maximilian, Maximillian, May, Melicent, Meliscent, Mellicent, Mellicent ann, Melville, Mena, Merarim, Mercia, Mercy, Mercy agnes, Merell, Meriall, Meriam, Merral, Merril, Meshach, Micael, Micaell, Micah, Michael, Michael H, Michael J, Michael bradley, Michael brdly, Michaell, Michel, Michell, Mickell, Mighell, Mildred, Mildred james, Milecent, Miles, Miles Bacon, Milesent, Milicent, Milicent H, Milicient, Milisent, Milisente, Milissent, Milldred, Millecent, Millesant, Millescent, Millesent, Millesent ann, Millicent, Millicent Ann, Millicent Elizab, Millicent Hannah, Millicent Kilknny, Millicent alice, Millicent ann, Millicent annie, Millicent elizth, Millicent jane, Millisant, Millisent, Millizent, Milsent, Mina, Minnie, Minnie elizabeth, Minnie johnson, Mira Annie, Miriam, Miriam Ann Mry, Moay Elizabeth, Mode, Modelin, Modlin, Molly, Moode, Mordecai, Morell, Morgan O'D, Morice, Moris, Morrice, Morris, Moses, Murdoch, Murdy, Muriel, Muriel Evelyn, Mychael, Mychaell, Mychall, Myles, Myrtilla
N    (MENU)
Nancy, Nanny, Naomi, Naphthalina, Napoleon, Napthalin, Napthalina, Napthelin, Nathan, Nathanael, Nathanial, Nathaniel, Nathaniell, Nathanuell, Nathanyell, Neamiah, Nehemia, Nehemiah, Nellie, Nellie Blanche, Nellie rollin, Nelly, Nemiah, Nephthalina, Nethaniel, Newton, Newton wil jn, Nicalus, Nichalas, Nicholas, Nicholas Rice, Nicholaus, Nicholus, Nicolas, Nicolaus, Nicollas, Nimrod, Noah, Noah James, Noel, Nora, Norah ann, Norah annie, Norah le blanc, Norman, Norman Francis, Norman william, Nycholas
O    (MENU)
Obadia, Obadiah, Obedia, Obediah, Octavius, Octavius Brabazon, Offiler, Olive, Oliver, Olivia, Ollive, Olliver, Omar, Omar Partridge, Orah, Orm, Orphana, Oscar, Oswald, Owen
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Pamela, Pamela Andrew, Pamela Andrews, Pamela andrew, Parkin, Parkinson, Parnel, Parnell, Parnhil, Parthenea, Parthenia, Pasca, Pascha, Pasche, Paschey, Patcience, Pateince jane, Paticience, Patience, Patience Ellen, Patience Jane, Patientia, Patisutia, Patrick, Patty, Paul, Paul C, Paull, Pawlle, Peari, Pears, Peer, Peercifall, Peers, Peeter, Peetor, Peggey d'port, Peggy, Peirce, Peircefull, Peircyfull, Penellope, Penellopey, Penelope, Penelope cart, Penelopee, Penelopy, Pennellopie, Pennelopie, Percilla, Percival, Percivall, Percy, Percy Albert, Percy French, Percy Malden, Percy henry, Percy james, Percy malden, Persenia, Perseverance, Peter, Peter Edward, Pethena, Petience, Peveril, Phamiell, Pheabe, Pheba, Phebe, Phebe B, Phebe E, Phebe H, Phebea, Phebea E, Pheby, Pheebe, Pheobe, Phiby, Philip, Philip A, Philip Edward, Philip ernest, Philip henry A, Philipe, Philipp, Philippa Mary, Phillip, Phillipp, Phillis, Phily, Phineas, Phinehas, Phineus, Phinias, Phobe, Phoebe, Phoebe Ann, Phoebe Elizabeth, Phoebe Ellen, Phoebe Hannah, Phoebe Ruth, Phoebe ann, Phoebe annie, Phoebe elizabeth, Phoebe ellen, Phoebe hannah, Phyllis, Phyllis may, Pitar, Piter, Pitor, Polly, Poynton, Pricella, Pricilla, Prisallee, Priscilla, Priscillar, Prisilla, PrissJoyce, Prudence, Prudense, Pryce, Puella, Purley, Pyarea
R    (MENU)
Rachael, Rachel, Rachel cath, Rachel cath., Rachel mary, Rachell, Rachiel, Radulph, Rainey, Ralph, Ralph A, Ralph Hallows, Ralph T, Ralph W, Ralph anthony L P, Raney, Raph, Raphael, Raphe, Raymond, Raymond Gordon, Reanie, Rebeca, Rebecah, Rebecca, Rebecca Lillian, Rebecca Mary, Rebecca S, Rebecca bella, Rebecca ellen, Rebecca mary, Rebeccah, Rebeccha, Rebecha, Rebecka, Rebeckah, Rebecker, Rebeka, Rebekah, Reginald, Reginald Stanley, Reginald sugden, Reginald walker, Regnold, Reighnold, Renald, Rendle, Renold, Reuben, Reuben Samuel, Reuben alfred, Reuben samuel, Reumy, Reynolls, Rheuben, Rhoda, Rhode, Rice, Rich W, Richard, Richard B L, Richard Edward, Richard Elliott, Richard F, Richard Fowler, Richard H M, Richard H M R S, Richard Henry M, Richard J, Richard J D, Richard John, Richard M, Richard Nathan, Richard S, Richard Udale, Richard W, Richard William, Richard YATES, Richard arthur, Richard edward, Richard eusebius, Richard john, Richard lyons, Richard samuel, Richard thomas, Richard william, Richarde, Rickards, Rigby, Rium'h, Roas, Robeard, Robeart, Robearte, Robert, Robert A, Robert Adam, Robert Allsop, Robert Barker, Robert Boam, Robert C, Robert Dawson, Robert E, Robert Fern, Robert J, Robert James, Robert Joseph, Robert N, Robert Peirce, Robert Pierce, Robert S, Robert W, Robert adams, Robert charles, Robert cyril, Robert edward, Robert george, Robert goodall, Robert greatorex, Robert gregory, Robert henry, Robert james, Robert jesse, Robert lionel M, Robert mather, Robert serse, Robert smith, Robert william, Robert willis, Robert willm M, Robert wright, Roberta, Roberte, Robetha, Roby, Rodger, Rodgor, Roger, Roger stephen S, Rogert, Roland, Roland vincent, Rolant, Rolond, Ronearte, Roose, Rosa, Rosa Amelia, Rosa bullock, Rosaman, Rosamand, Rosamond, Rosamund, Rosanna, Rose, Rose Ann, Rose Mary, Rose May, Rose anna, Rose hannah, Rose lily, Roseaman, Roseamand, Roseanna, Rosetta, Rosetta haddy, Rosie Bullock, Rosina, Rowland, Rowland vincent, Rozamonde, Ruammah, Ruben, Rueben, Rumah, Rumateh, Rumey, Rumy, Rupert, Ruth, Ruth Adams, Ruth anne, Rychard, Rycharde, Rychart
S    (MENU)
Saberah, Sabia, Sabina, Sabirna, Sacheverel, Sacheverill, Saley Ann, Salley, Sally, Salome, Sam rose, Sam william, Samel, Samewell, Samiell, Sammuel, Sammy, Sampson, Sampson C, Sampson Emmanuel, Samson, Samual, Samuel, Samuel Arthur, Samuel B, Samuel Brooks, Samuel G, Samuel George, Samuel Harold, Samuel Henry, Samuel Herbert, Samuel J, Samuel James, Samuel John, Samuel Joseph, Samuel L, Samuel Lowe, Samuel Oliver, Samuel Peter, Samuel R, Samuel Robert, Samuel S, Samuel Thomas, Samuel William, Samuel alfred, Samuel andrew, Samuel bertram, Samuel boden, Samuel chambers, Samuel doxey, Samuel george, Samuel harold, Samuel james, Samuel joseph, Samuel kirkland, Samuel leslie, Samuel major, Samuel oliver, Samuel rains, Samuel richard, Samuel sydney w., Samuel thomas, Samuel wbstr, Samuel webster, Samuel william, Samuell, Samul, Samwell, Sanuel, Sara, Sara hann, Sara hanna, Sarah, Sarah Ada, Sarah Adams, Sarah Alice, Sarah Ann, Sarah Ann Wayne, Sarah Anne, Sarah Annie, Sarah B, Sarah C, Sarah Catherine, Sarah E, Sarah Elizabeth, Sarah Elizabth, Sarah Ellen, Sarah Ellen Percvl, Sarah Ellin, Sarah F, Sarah Hannah, Sarah Jane, Sarah Julie, Sarah L, Sarah Levin, Sarah Lois, Sarah M, Sarah Maria, Sarah S, Sarah T, Sarah adams, Sarah alice, Sarah allen, Sarah amelia, Sarah ann, Sarah ann roslnd, Sarah anna, Sarah anne, Sarah annie, Sarah annie Ebth, Sarah caroline, Sarah cath., Sarah eleanor, Sarah elizabeth, Sarah elizbth, Sarah ellen, Sarah ellen perc, Sarah gill, Sarah hannah, Sarah helen, Sarah jane, Sarah jane N, Sarah lizzie, Sarah lois, Sarah louisa, Sarah maria, Sarah matilda, Sarah rhoda, Sarahann, Sarai, Saray, Sary, Scipio, Scisley, Sebella, Sebra, Sele, Selena, Selicia, Selina, Selina Kate, Selina catherine, Selina elizabeth, Selina emily, Selina kate, Selina maria, Selwyn Philip, Sendenye, Septimus, Seth, Seymour fred A A, Shadrac, Sharon, Shusanna, Shusannah, Sibbell, Sibella, SibellaAnne, Sibill, Sibilla, Sicilia, Sidney, Sidney L, Sidney Leonard, Silance, Silas, Silence, Silences, Silencia, Silentia, Silience, Sillvestor, Silus, Silvanus, Silvester, Simeon, Simeon I, Simon, Simon peter, Simpson, Sisely, Siselye, Sisley, Sisly, Sislye, Soloman, Solomom, Solomon, Sophia, Sophia Jane, Sophia alethia C, Sophia s g, Sophina, Spateman, Spencer, Stanley, Stanley Ewart, Stanley herbert, Stanley malden, Stanley thomas, Steephen, Steevan, Steeven, Stephan, Stephann, Stephen, Stephen S, Steven, Steward, Stewart, Stiven, Storer John, Suanna, Sukey, Susan, Susan C, Susan Carol., Susan Emma, Susan M, Susan emma, Susan lydia, Susan maria, Susan maud, Susana, Susanah, Susand, Susann, Susanna, Susanna M, Susanna carter, Susannah, Susannah w, Susanne, Sushanah, Sushanna, Sushannah, Suslye, Suzan, Suzana, Suzanna, Suzanne, Sybill, Sybilla, Sydney, Sydney Ernest, Sylance, Sylence, Sylva, Sylvanus, Sylvester, Sylvia, Symon, Syndeny, Syshe, Sysley, Sysllye, Sysly, Syslye, Syth, Sythe
T    (MENU)
Tabitha, Tabithea, Tace, Tacey, Tacy, Tamar, Tamer, Temperance, Temperence, Temporance, Teresa c, Terry, Thamar, Thamer, Theodore, Theodore F, Theodosia, Theophila, Theophilas, Theophilus, Thersa, Thirza, Thirza Ann, Thoma, Thomas, Thomas Albert, Thomas B, Thomas Benjamin, Thomas C, Thomas D, Thomas Daniel, Thomas E, Thomas Frederick, Thomas G, Thomas George, Thomas Gillott, Thomas H, Thomas Henry, Thomas J, Thomas James, Thomas John, Thomas Leonard, Thomas M, Thomas Marsh, Thomas Massey, Thomas Milward, Thomas N, Thomas Nehemiah, Thomas Oliver, Thomas P, Thomas Parker, Thomas R, Thomas Rchd Cyril, Thomas Richard, Thomas S, Thomas S M, Thomas Sanders, Thomas Slack, Thomas Smith, Thomas Spencer, Thomas Swindell, Thomas T, Thomas Tunstall, Thomas Turner, Thomas U, Thomas W, Thomas Webb, Thomas Whilton, Thomas Willcock, Thomas William, Thomas Wm Dav, Thomas Wood, Thomas albert, Thomas anthony, Thomas ashton, Thomas benjamin P, Thomas charles, Thomas daniel, Thomas edward, Thomas edwin, Thomas gregory, Thomas harry, Thomas henry, Thomas james, Thomas john, Thomas kitson, Thomas merrll, Thomas millington, Thomas mllngtn, Thomas nehemiah S, Thomas newball, Thomas noel, Thomas orme, Thomas pepperdine, Thomas richard, Thomas robert, Thomas rolley, Thomas seymour W, Thomas spencer, Thomas tunstall, Thomas william, Thomasin, Thomasina, Thomasine, Thomasing, Thomasinge, Thomasiny, Thomazin, Thomazine, Thomes, Thoms, Thurchton, Thureston, Thurlston, Thursee, Thurstan, Thursthton, Thurston, Thyrsa, Tillana, Tillana A, Timisin, Timothe, Timothee, Timothy, Timothy marples, Timothy mrpls, Titus, Tobee, Tobias, Tobie, Tobit, Toby, Tobyas, Tobye, Tobyus, Tom, Tom John, Tomasin, Tomasing, Tomasinge, Tomason, Tomison, Treasa, Tripheena, Triphosa, Tristram, Trophisa, Troth, Trothe, True, Truth, Tryphena
U    (MENU)
Uriah, Ursila, Ursula
V    (MENU)
Valentine, Vallentine, Vanduran, Vandurance, Vandurant, Vernon arthur, Veronica violet, Viana, Vicktorian, Victor, Victor albert, Victorell, Victorian, Victory, Vienna, Vina, Vinah, Vincence, Vincent, Violet, Violeta, Violetta, Virginia, Virginia L D, Virginie l
W    (MENU)
Wallace, Walsingham, Walter, Walter M, Walter Prince, Walter Theodore, Walter adam, Walter bertram, Walter charles, Walter emmanuel, Walter empson, Walter ernest, Walter frederick, Walter george, Walter james, Walter joseph, Walter joshua H, Walter martin, Walter theodore, Walter thomas, Walter william, Walther, Wandale, Wandall, Wandel, Wandell, Water, Watkin, Wendel, Wigley, Wilfred, Wilfred Compton, Wilfred Henry, Wilfry, Wilhemine, Wiliam, Wiliam saunders, Willam, William, William Alfred, William Anthony, William B, William Banks, William Beeson, William Bernard, William Chas Rob, William E, William Earnest, William Edward, William Edwin, William Eusebius, William Fr., William Frank, William Frederic, William G, William G S, William Gamaliel, William Gordon S, William Gratton, William H, William Harold, William Harry, William Henry, William Hides, William J, William James, William John, William Joseph, William Josiah, William L, William Lees, William Leslie, William Lewis, William Longden, William M, William Marsh, William Morris, William P, William P., William Perry, William Ph, William R, William Robert, William Roper, William Ross, William Ross K, William Rutland, William S, William Samuel, William Smith, William Spencer, William Suthered, William T, William Taylor, William Thomas, William Toplis, William W, William Wardman, William Y, William alfred, William alsop, William anthony, William arthur, William bankes, William bernard, William douglas, William edmund, William edward, William francis, William fred, William frederic, William frederick, William gdfry, William geo S, William george, William godfry, William gratton, William green, William harold, William harry, William haynes, William henry, William henry S, William herbert, William hugh M, William james, William james H, William jessop, William john, William joseph, William lawson, William lees, William leslie, William longdon, William louis, William marsh, William nutall, William reginald, William rob, William roper, William ross, William rylnc, William salmon, William samuel, William sealy, William spencer, William surtees, William thomas, William thos, William tomlnsn, William victor, William webster, William wesley, Willie, Willim, Winefred, Winifred, Winifred Agnes, Winifred mabel, Winifred mary, Withnall, Wondale, Wondel, Woodruff, Woodwis, Wynefred
Z    (MENU)
Zaccheus, Zacharia, Zachariah, Zacharias, Zachary, Zacheus, Zechariah, Zecheriah, Zephaniah, Zilpa, Zilpha

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2001, John Palmer. All Rights Reserved.